Are Protein Shakes Safe During Pregnancy

Can You Eat Protein Powder When Pregnant

Protein powder during pregnancy: is it safe? | Nourish with Melanie #98

An organically derived protein powder flavoured with wholefoods is safe to consume during pregnancy as part of a healthy balanced diet.

There are definitely ingredients, as listed below, that we would avoid and also some pointers on what to look for if you decide to include a protein powder into your day.

Are There Other Risks

The other risk not yet mentioned is possible contamination with heavy metals like lead, arsenic, cadmium, or mercury. This is because the supplement industry is not well-regulated.

The FDA leaves this up to the individual manufacturer and theres no way to tell if they are being truthful in its safety, quality, or quantity of ingredients.

This is why choosing supplements that are third party tested is essential, especially for prenatal vitamins. This is voluntary testing some companies choose to partake in to verify their products is, in fact, safe and quality.

Keep in mind that detectable heavy metals in products like protein powders do not necessarily correlate to harmful levels.

What ingredients should you avoid in protein powders?

Added sugar

A diet high in sugar can lead to excessive weight gain, blood sugar imbalances, a large baby, and increases your chances of developing gestational diabetes .

While we dont need to completely eliminate sugar from our diet, we do need to be aware of where it is coming from. The American Heart Association recommends limiting added sugar to 25 grams or less per day for women . Id much instead save my sugar intake for a sweet treat, not for my protein powder.

Processed soy

Soy is a hotly debated topic in the nutrition world, and rightly so, its confusing with new research coming out every day. Not all soy is created equally, and unfortunately, you probably havent been told the whole story.

Artificial sweeteners


What Are Some Pregnancy

You might scrutinize every ingredient listed on a products label still, theres no way of being 100 percent sure that the protein powder is safe for pregnancy. You can do your own research, but no brands specifically make protein powders for pregnant women. Thats why its ideal to choose from a trusted protein powder brand when you need one. Here are a few brands that you can trust to meet your protein intake requirements during pregnancy and breastfeeding.

  • Orgain organic plant-based protein powder
  • Vega protein plant-based powder
  • Olly protein powder
  • During pregnancy, your low appetite may make you picky. Pregnant protein powders are a solution. If you want to try protein powders during pregnancy, there are plenty of options for you. From natural sources to protein supplements, its easy to pick one. You need to make sure you are choosing the right nutrition thats safe for you and the baby. Thankfully, our selection offers all the answers to your concern.

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    What Is The Best Pregnancy Safe Protein Powder

    The protein powder that is best for your nutritional needs is going to depend on your body weight, dietary restrictions and what type of protein you need.

    For example, if you have a milk protein allergy or lactose intolerance then a plant-based proteinmight be a better alternative.

    These are the protein powders I have used and loved during all four of my pregnancies and postpartum.

    Are Protein Powders During Pregnancy Safe

    What Protein Shake Is Safe During Pregnancy

    Of course, its important to speak with your OBGYN, Midwife, or health care practitioner before you consume anything youre unsure about.

    I spoke with my OB and she advised that it was safe for me in small amounts. However, each woman and each pregnancy is different, so please do speak with your doctor if you have questions. However, based on the below research, it is generally safe to consume protein powder, with a few precautions.

    Andrea Eisenberg, MD Obstetrician/Gynecologist, shared her thoughts with us:

    Yes, for the most part, protein shakes are fine in pregnancy. In fact, patients whoare malnourished or have a calorie deficitI encourage them to drink to add healthy calories to their dietI would caution patients aboutprotein drinks with caffeine and a high amount of Vitamin A.

    Additionally, she pointed out that if a woman already consumes a healthy diet with adequate protein, protein shakes may not be needed as it is preferred to consume protein from actual food sources like lean meats, dairy, nuts, and beans.

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    Mommi Prenatal Protein Shake Chocolate Powder

    The yummy and wholesome chocolate tasting vitamin and protein mix was formulated by OB/GYNs and nutritional scientists. We made each serving to provide mother and baby the best number of nourishment for a healthy pregnancy and a wholesome baby. Supplement your pregnancy and post pregnancy diet with this healthful and tasty protein powder.

    Each serving is jam packed with 15 grams of protein, while still being a light low calorie meals. Protein is necessary for your childs growth and development. In addition, we utilize 100% daily prenatal recommended vitamins, minerals and nutrition.

    This is excellent since it means you are giving your growing baby all of the great things he or she wants including iron, calcium, vitamin C, folate and far more!

    Does Protein Powder Increase Weight During Pregnancy

    Protein powder by itself does not increase weight gain in pregnancy.

    Excessive consumption of calories is the biggest cause of weight gain.

    So what should you do?

    It is important that you only increase your caloric intake by about 400-500 calories per day to support your growing baby.

    If you consume more than 2200-2400 calories per day, then adding protein powder on top of that can certainly increase your weight.

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    Nuzest Clean Lean Protein

    Prices pulled from the Amazon Product Advertising API on:

    Product prices and availability are accurate as of the date/time indicated and are subject to change. Any price and availability information displayed on at the time of purchase will apply to the purchase of this product.

    The Nuzest Clean Lean protein comes from peas, making it a suitable choice for vegans or anyone who is lactose intolerant.

    However, some people have found that it tastes too sweet so you might want to consider other options if you dont like sweet drinks.

    What Types Of Protein Powder Should You Definitely Stay Away From During Pregnancy

    Safe protein shakes for pregnancy and breastfeeding

    Though protein powders have always been touted as a health food and weight loss supplement, most are a far cry from it.

    Many protein shakes are loaded with fillers, artificial ingredients, and chemicals. When choosing a safe protein powder for pregnancy there are a few common protein powder ingredients that you need to watch out for.

    Common ingredients in protein powders you never want to eat, especially while pregnant:

    • Artificial sweeteners
    • Added sugars
    • Artificial flavors
    • Casein
    • Vegetable oils and fats

    You also want to aim for an ingredient list you can pronounce and are familiar with. Reading something like, whey, spirulina, and organic quinoa is great! While an ingredient list that sounds like, maltodextrin, natural and artificial flavors, and sucralose is something you need to leave on the shelf. The foods you should completely avoid during pregnancy to grow a healthy baby may surprise you!

    Just because a protein powder says on the label that it is approved and recommended for pregnancy, does not make it an ideal choice at all. Use your own discretion. Read the labels carefully.

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    Protein Powder During Pregnancy: Is It Safe

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    During my first pregnancy, I went from eating eggs every single morning to not being able to stand the smell of them.

    I needed protein, especially with my workout routines.

    But struggled to meet the recommended amount because of strong food aversions and nausea.

    So I started adding nutrient-rich protein shakes to my diet to help bridge the gap.

    I was skeptical at first because I was unsure if they were safe to consume during pregnancy, but protein shakes really helped me meet protein needs without having to choke down eggs every morning!

    If food aversions and nausea are making it difficult for you to get enough protein during pregnancy, then protein shakes might be a great option for you.

    However, before taking my advice, you might want to run that by your obstetrician, just to be sure that she agrees with my assessment, in view of your individual situation.

    Before we talk about safe protein powder during pregnancy, lets first talk about protein requirements.

    Disclosure: Although I am a certified prenatal/postnatal exercise specialist and personal trainer, I am not YOUR trainer. The content on this blog is for informational purposes only and should not be a substitute of the information and advice you receive from a healthcare professional.

    What Are The Risks Of Drinking A Protein Shake During Pregnancy

    When you are pregnant, you need to be more cautious about exposure to contaminants like BPA, lead, and mercury.

    Exposing your baby to too many toxins during development may result in some serious outcomes such as:

    • Increased risk of preterm birth
    • Developmental defects
    • Miscarriage
    • Hearing challenges

    The FDA considers protein powders a dietary supplement. Thus, the governing body does not regulate them to make sure they are safe or effective.

    Luckily, non-profit groups like the Clean Label Project have brought transparency to the consumer. This group independently tests products like protein powders for environmental contaminants and brings the results to the public.

    Surprisingly, the group found that many organic protein powders contain more contaminants when compared with their conventional counterpart!

    Additionally, many protein powder manufacturers are verifying the purity of their product by using third-party companies. You can find this information on the label.

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    Why Drink Protein Shakes

    Getting protein into your system is important because protein is the building block of the entire system. A sufficient protein intake is not just good for the mother, but for the baby as well. Ample protein intake ensures that the baby is growing healthily and well, and that the mothers immunity is not compromised. It also ensures that there is less chance of complications arising in the pregnancy. Delivery will be easier as well, and post delivery recuperation will also be faster and smoother, thanks to the protein that will help your tissues heal faster.

    Final Words On Protein Supplementation In Pregnancy

    Pin On Prego Meals

    Protein powder supplementation in pregnancy is generally safe, but it is important for you to decide if you actually need it.

    Aside from convenience and ease of use, protein supplements dont have any other beneficial effects on your pregnancy.

    In other words, it is still important that you consume a healthy, well-varied diet.

    Have you taken protein powder in pregnancy?

    Why or why not?

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    Best Flavor: Ritual Essential Protein

    • Free of gluten, dairy, and soy

    • Vegan

    • More expensive than other brands

    • Only available on Rituals website

    Rituals Essential Protein Pregnancy & Postpartum protein powder is Made Traceable, which means Ritual is transparent about where the ingredients come from and sources the best of the best for pregnant mamas. Not only that, it tastes amazing. Ritual sweetens this protein powder with natural vanilla bean extract from Madagascar, monk fruit, and fermented sugarcane . There are zero grams of sugar.

    Ritual Essential Protein has 20 grams of organic pea protein from organic, non-GMO peas grown in the United States. The other added ingredients include 250 mg of choline and L-Methionine. L-Methionine provides a complete amino acid profile, and choline supports fetal development. Ritual Essential Protein is third-party tested, Informed-Sport Certified, vegan, and free of gluten, dairy, and soy. For best results, shake or blend instead of stirring.

    Servings per container: 15 | Type of protein: Pea | Grams of sugar per serving: 0 | Grams of protein per serving: 20

    • Contains 5 grams added sugar

    • Not lactose-free or dairy-free

    Servings per container: 12 | Type of protein: Whey | Grams of sugar per serving: 5 | Grams of protein per serving: 25

    Don’t Add Extra Sugar Or Calories

    Also take care not to add high-calorie or high-sugar ingredients to jazz up your protein shake. Adding lots of fruits can turn your shake into a high sugar smoothie. According to a , processing fruit breaks down the plant cell walls, causing quick release of all the sugar. This is in contrast to eating the whole fruit where the sugar is released over time.

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    Is It Safe To Take Protein Powder While Pregnant

    It is generally safe to take protein powder during pregnancy. But before you take any kind of supplement you need to do two things.

    The first is to make sure to ask your doctor first.

    Secondly, protein powder should be treated as a supplement,and not as a neccessity.

    Ask yourself: Do you actually need to take protein powder?

    You may or may not need it.

    Are Special K Protein Shakes Safe In Pregnancy

    PREGNANCY and Breastfeeding SAFE Protein Powder

    Special K protein shakes are available in three flavors — milk chocolate, strawberry and French vanilla. Kelloggs manufactures these ready-to-drink protein shakes that are available for purchase in grocery stores nationwide. During pregnancy, Special K protein shakes may help you achieve the required protein intake needed for maternal and fetal health. Always consult with your midwife or doctor before adding nutritional supplements during pregnancy, including Special K protein shakes.

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    Prenatal Vitamin Supplement Shake

    Baby Booster will help take the stress out of what you are eating. You are your childs hero and that which you decide to eat supplies the ideal start. Our Baby Booster mommas understand that organic is a fantastic thing and as soon as it comes to supplying the most appropriate for their growing infant, they favor the most organic components found in Baby Booster.

    When you utilize Baby Booster as part of your everyday diet, you can rest assured you and your child will be getting the nutrition that you need, the protein and DHA crucial for embryonic growth, and also none of the harmful substances and synthetic ingredients found in other nutritional supplements

    Our high protein, low carb formula is manufactured by an OB/GYN also Gives the Vital ingredient known as DHA Thats essential during your entire pregnancy to babys brain growth

    Premier Protein Shakes While Pregnant : Worth It Or Not

    Melissa Weimer is a nutrition expert who has helped thousands

    Most people take protein shakes as they want to grow and develop their muscles. Your muscles tend to grow when your body starts to synthesize proteins into the muscle tissues.

    Moreover, exercising also energizes the entire protein synthesis process, which occurs most dramatically during rest after a session of workout.

    However, are protein shakes necessary or even safe for pregnant women? It has been found that high-quality protein shakes can indeed be very beneficial. Especially, taking Premier Protein Shakes while pregnant can be one of the best choices for many women.

    So, here in this article, well be knowing all the ins and outs of how premier protein shakes can be of benefit, especially during pregnancy!

  • Frequently Asked Questions
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    Best Pregnancy Safe Protein Powder In 2021

    As one who is carrying another life, you are expected to eat for two. Now, you do not think of only you when eating, and you have to adjust your diet to be more suitable for the baby you are carrying. The problem is that for many expectant mothers, eating can be a battle. Hormonal changes cause morning sickness for some mothers, further leading to poor appetite. If you do not eat properly while pregnant, you could have a low weight baby or one that is malnutrition.

    Though youll be unable to get the required nutrients from eating food, there is an alternative for you to get the necessary nutrition for your body. One of the best ways expectant mothers can augment their food intake is by using protein powders. Protein mothers provide the building blocks needed for your bodys cells and the babys. Protein powders during pregnancy will also provide you with the required strength you need for your baby.

    Yes, there are protein powders available for you to choose from, but you cant just choose any protein powder as not all are safe for pregnant women. In this article, you will find 10 of the best pregnancy-safe protein powders in 2022. Read on to discover what is safe for you and your baby.

    What Is Protein Powder

    Protein shakes during pregnancy?

    When you think of protein shakes and powders you probably think of bodybuilders. While they use them too, but theyre not the only ones to use them, and for good reason. Protein powders are powdered forms of protein that come from a variety of sources. They typically come from soybeans, peas, rice, eggs, or milk.

    To appease consumers a lot of protein shakes have other ingredients such as added sugars, artificial flavoring, thickeners, vitamins, and minerals. Depending on the type of protein powder you get, a scoop usually has around 10-30 grams of protein.

    The shakes and powders used by bodybuilders are closer to the 30-gram side, while the shakes for everyone else tend to be in the middle or closer to 10 grams.

    So now you know how much protein you can expect from the shakes and powders you need to know how much protein you need.

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    Benefits Of Protein Powder During Pregnancy:

    • Protein which is a very important macro nutrient during pregnancy
    • Folate for developing baby
    • Chromium for blood sugar control
    • Spirulina and Chlorella for iron and antioxidants
    • Omega-3s from chia seeds, flax seeds and pumpkin seeds
    • Vitamin B 12 for energy and babys development
    • Red Raspberry Leaf for uterus health and strength
    • Turmeric for blood sugar control and antioxidants
    • Chromium for fluid balance and blood sugar control
    • Magnesium for fluid balance and swelling

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