Can You Get Laser Hair Removal While Pregnant

Can Pregnant Women Undergo Laser Hair Removal

Is laser hair removal safe during pregnancy? Laser Hair Removal Pregnancy

Whether planned or unexpected, pregnancy brings a lot of changes into ones life. If you are going through a laser treatment, you may wonder whether your treatment will be affected. You may also experience unusual hair growth during your pregnancy, tempting you to try permanent hair removal. Can pregnant women undergo laser hair removal though?

Brigstock Skin & Laser And Pregnancy

Our own policy is to stop treating you as soon as you tell us you are pregnant. We will advise you to have your baby, finish breastfeeding and come back to resume your course of treatments after this.

If you have had a baby and would like to talk to us about when to start or restart hair removal treatment simply call now on 020 3820 4822 for free advice.

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Can Laser Hair Removal Cause Infertility

To date, there is no evidence suggesting laser hair removal causes infertility. The lasers used are designed to penetrate into the first few millimeters of the skin only. They do not reach any other organs. Laser therapy has been cleared as safe for sensitive areas of the body as well, including the bikini area. So, if youre trying to get pregnant, having laser hair removal in the interim is safe.

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Laser Hair Removal & Pregnancy: What You Should Know

With pregnancy comes a host of new concerns about whats safe for your body and what might be detrimental to the health of your growing baby. Even things like your regular grooming and hair removal practices may come under scrutiny when youre pregnant. Many of our patients who are pregnant or are thinking of becoming pregnant have questions about whether or not certain beauty treatments are safe during pregnancy. One of the most commonly asked-about treatments is laser hair removal.

Is Laser Hair Removal Safe For Pregnancy

Can You Get Laser Hair Removal While Pregnant

You may notice downy excess body hair growing during your pregnancy but dont be alarmed, this is quite normal and will typically go away around six months post-partum. However, what about using laser hair removal treatments during your pregnancy?

Many women find out theyre pregnant after theyve started a course of laser hair removal and are keen to know if its safe to continue. We discuss the important considerations below.

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Is Ipl Safe During Pregnancy

IPL is one of the latest technologies to help remove unwanted hair completely. It is likely to be less effective than laser since the energy is produced by a small light bulb which might produce a variety of less powerful and more diffusing light waves. It is limited to use only on fairer skin.

There is no evidence about the safety of IPL on pregnant women. Therefore, it is better to wait until your delivery to get an IPL treatment. The hormonal changes during pregnancy might alter skin pigmentation, and they are unpredictable.

Youre Not Just Growing A Baby Youre Also Growing Hair Lots Of It

That hair sprouting in weird places like your belly, boobs, face, or neck got you freaked out? Fret not, friend: Its totally normal

Thanks to the extra boost of hormones that come with pregnancy, youll notice an extra boost of hair, both in places youre used to and places youre not. This becomes especially noticeable during the third trimester.

On the flip side of awkward new fuzzy friends on your body, pregnancy can make the hair on your head reach new levels of #HairGoals.

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Can A Woman Get Laser Hair Removal When Breastfeeding

Laser hair removal is not recommended while you are breastfeeding as well. Though there is no scientific evidence showing a link between the treatment and the harm they may have on your baby, it is better not to undergo any radiation treatments during this phase. Also, some medical specialists may not allow you to go for laser hair removal procedures while breastfeeding because the nursing mother might still have a body full of hormones, which could cause side effects.

Also, the laser treatment while breastfeeding might alter the melanin production in the body, and it may lead to hyper or hypo pigmentation. The numbing creams like topical anesthetics applied to soothe the pain after laser procedure could enter the milk through your bloodstream. So, it might be preferable to postpone laser skin treatments until after you have stopped breastfeeding due to a lack of research on the safety of laser use amongst nursing mothers.

Pregnancy lasts only for about nine months. You could put a hold all procedures like electrolysis, using creams, and waxing, and resort to the safest methods. Laser, electrolysis, and creams et al., might be used after pregnancy.

What are your thoughts on laser hair removal during pregnancy? If you have had any laser treatment, do share your experience with other mommies.


Can A Woman Get Laser Hair Reduction While Breastfeeding

Laser Hair Removal While Pregnant

Laser hair reduction is not recommended while you are breastfeeding as well. Though there is no scientific evidence showing a link between the treatment and the harm they can have on your baby, it is better not to undergo any radiation treatments during this phase. Also, some medical specialists will not allow you to go for laser hair removal procedures while breastfeeding because the nursing mother will still have a body full of hormones, which can cause side effects.

Also, the laser treatment while breastfeeding can alter the melanin production in the body and it may lead to hyper or hypo pigmentation. So it is best to postpone laser skin treatments until after you have stopped breastfeeding.

There are no scientific evidences that laser hair reduction affects pregnant women however, we avoid avoiding the treatment during pregnancyto prevent any damage risk to you or the baby.

In case you want to start or continue with the laser treatment while you´re pregnant, Renew Esthetic asks for you to have a signed permission from your doctor in order for us to proceed.

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I Am Pregnant Now But I Had Laser Hair Removal Before I Was Pregnant Did It Go To Waste

Hair growth is something passed on through your genetics, through your lineage. Passed down from both parents to their kids. Hair growth is also determined by your age, medicine, and your hormones.

Your hair growth may vanish completely once you are done with your pregnancy. But if your current treatments werent enough, you can proceed with them only after you are done with breastfeeding your child .

At times maintenance treatment will be required for after you are done with the initial treatments. Then you may address any additional concerns with your dermatologist or technician.

BOTTOM LINE: I think the only thing you would have to worry about is any topical anesthetics the doctor may give you before you do this procedure. Only because these can actually go into your bloodstream, thus, causing problems for yourself and your unborn child.

Can You Get Laser Hair Removal While You Have Hemorrhoids

Is it possible to have laser hair removal done if you have hemorrhoids. Short answer? In most situations, yes. If you are having laser hair removal on your bikini area, it is not likely that the area that the hemorrhoids are in will be affected. If the hemorrhoids are severe or are unusually placed, it may be a good idea to mention your situation to your doctor, and ask for their opinion.

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Is It Safe To Do Laser Hair Removal While Breastfeeding

Now you are nursing. This is a wonderful thing. Therefore, IPL or laser hair removal isnt recommended. There is no evidence of the effects of the lasers affecting a woman while she is breastfeeding.

But I would say to be on the safe side it is best to avoid any radiation during this phase after pregnancy. There may be some side effects because of the hormones still inside the nursing mother. These lasers can cause either hyper/hypo-pigmentation because it can interfere with the womens body production of melanin.

Also, some doctors will give their patients numbing creams for any pain. There isnt much pain . Maybe a little stinging. But the creams that they give you, the chemicals can seep into your breast-milk by way of your bloodstream. So, I think the best choice is to postpone any more treatments till you are done breastfeeding.

Laser Hair Removal Is Safe

Can You Get Laser Hair Removal While Pregnant?

Aside from pregnant women, laser hair removal is a low-risk procedure for most people. There are no long-term side effects of this hair removal method. Some women will experience mild erythema however, this is a positive reaction that shows the treatment is working effectively. This feeling typically lasts no more than an hour or two.

Note, though, that not all laser treatments are the same. Different technicians have various methods of cooling the skin. One thing to search for is LightSheer technology. Clinics with LightSheer systems benefit from having two laser technologies in one machine. Their high-speed vacuum-assisted technology is suitable for larger body areas, as well as the XC Chilltip, which benefits from inbuilt cooling technology. The integrated cooling system concentrates the laser on a small spot.

Finding a certified laser technician and clinic also dont assume that people are qualified to perform all the services advertised on their website. If possible, check with friends or family and ask them if theyve had treatments at this clinic. If no one you know has been to this treatment Centre, read reviews of other customers experience, check online ratings, and look for the technicians credentials.

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Can We Get Laser Hair Reduction Done At The Bikini Area While Pregnant

As mentioned above, laser treatment during pregnancy is not recommended due to its unknown effects on developing fetus and mother. It works by causing thermal damage to hair follicles and there is always a risk to affect the woman and baby theoretically, especially in sensitive zones like bikini area. That is why it is best to avoid during pregnancy.

If Im Pregnant Can I Still Have Ipl/laser Hair Removal Treatments In The Bikini Area

Just like the same thing I mentioned above. Its always better to be on the safe side. So, doctors wouldnt be too willing to perform the procedure while you are pregnant since not much is known about what would happen to you or your fetus.

And the process of the IPL destroying the hair follicles in places such as your bikini area may be too much of a risk for some technicians. Its like going into uncharted waters.

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Pregnancy And Excess Hair

Some women find that their hair is the best it has ever been while they are pregnant this is because during pregnancy you are not shedding as many hairs, making your hair feel fuller and thicker. On average women will lose approximately 100 hairs a day and these hairs fall out naturally, usually when you are bushing or shampooing your hair and these are replaced by new hair growth. Hair growth undergoes 3 cycles, anagen catagen and finally telogen however during pregnancy the anagen phase is prolonged, this is due to the increase in estrogen levels. Some women also find that their hair texture changes, for example curly hair may become straighter.

Unfortunately while the hair on your head may be at its best, an increase in hair growth on the body, on areas such as the face, chest, back, stomach and breasts is very common and all of this is due to the erratic hormonal changes. Even if you have had laser hair removal treatments prior to becoming pregnant you may experience an increase in hair growth however this will be new hair growth that has been stimulated as a result of changes in hormones and not the hairs that were destroyed. Usually this increase in hair returns to normal after delivery and once all of the hormones have balanced and returned to pre-pregnancy levels.

Has Your Teenage Son Or Daughter Been Asking For Laser Hair Removal


Most moms remember when their daughters asked if they can start shaving. It can be an emotional moment thinking, shes growing upand once she starts, she wont stop.

However, there is a right time for everything, and these days, just a few years after asking about shaving, many daughters are asking about getting laser hair removal. The idea of saving all that time that it takes to shave, not having to worry about razor burn or shaving bumps and getting rid of unwanted body hair permanently is a very attractive idea at any age.

Its not just daughters, either. With the progressive technology of laser hair removal, many teen boys are interested in getting treated for body hair, too .

But when the kids start asking about the treatment, some parents wonder if its safe. Are the kids too young? What are the risks involved? And will laser hair removal even be effective on such young skin? Heres some info.

How Young is Too Young for Laser Hair Removal?

Professionals Only

With laser hair removaleven when its an adult being treatedmake sure the individual operating the laser is a certified, professional specialist. So of course, do your research and check into the laser hair removal technicians first. Look at their reviews and experience, and perhaps even meet them. Its crucial to make sure the specialist treating your daughter or son knows exactly what he or she is doing, since laser hair removal done incorrectly can result in serious burns and damaged skin.

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Can Laser Hair Removal Affect Getting Pregnant

Theres no evidence that laser hair removal affects your chances of becoming pregnant. If youre trying to get pregnant, check with your doctor before beginning laser hair removal treatments.

For most people, successful reduction of hair growth takes several treatments spaced out over a period of up to nine months. Its possible you could undergo a treatment before you realize you are pregnant, exposing you to the risks associated with the procedure, including:

  • skin irritation
  • changes to your skins color
  • blistering

Laser Skin Treatment During Pregnancy

No, it isnt. By now youve realized that your body responds to a lot of things differently since youre pregnant. And while youre expecting, getting a laser treatment could actually lead to a permanent discoloration of the skin. So for now, just stick to a basic facial.

Also remember that laser treatments can be very painful, and many believe that pain and stress can affect a mom-to-bes growing baby in a negative way. Research shows that stress during pregnancy has been connected to ADHD and, in severe cases, miscarriage, premature delivery and low birth weight. So you might want to skip that Brazilian bikini wax too. Just in case.

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Laser Hair Removal Pregnancy Facts And Concerns

1. Laser treatment uses non-ionizing radiation, which produces intense heat to destroy unwanted hair at the roots without causing cell mutation. Laser light beams only penetrate the skin a few millimeters. However, non-ionizing radiation can be absorbed by surrounding tissue. While it has been proven to have no adverse effects on the patient, doctors are not sure how it could impact the fetus.

2. Hair removal treatments can be slightly painful, and some clinics will apply a numbing cream. Of course, since the body absorbs anything applied to the skin, it is not recommended that you use this cream if you are pregnant. This can make the procedure unpleasant and maybe a good reason to wait until after the baby is born.

3. Skin can become more sensitive during pregnancy, so you may be more likely to experience pain, redness, or irritation.

4. The number of treatments required and the length of time between re-treatments depends on the duration of your hair’s growth cycle. Since hormone changes associated with pregnancy can stimulate the maturation of dormant hair follicles or shorten the growth cycle, some women find that re-growth appears much more quickly when they are pregnant. Since laser hair removal can be costly, why not wait until your hormones have returned to normal before undergoing treatment?

Although you will be putting the process “on hold”, you will not ruin the progress achieved during the first treatments.

Why Should Pregnant Women Wait

Can you get Laser hair Removal While Pregnant?

In the absence of research and information on the negative effects of the procedure on pregnant women as they grow, most doctors and clinicians suggest stylistically postponing laser hair removal until after childbirth. Since lasers can be used to treat diseases such as kidney stones and genital warts in pregnant women, it is recommended that you wait until the baby is born before taking part in cosmetic laser treatments.

The laser treatment during pregnancy is not recommended because of its unknown effects on the developing fetus and mother as mentioned above. During pregnancy laser treatments can cause thermal damage to hair follicles and risk affecting both the woman and the baby, especially in sensitive areas such as the bikini area.

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