How Fast Can I Get Pregnant After Nexplanon

Great Long Term Protection

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Depending on where you are in your menstrual cycle when you get the implant, it provides protection beginning either immediately or within a week of the date of insertion.

Nexplanon remains effective for three to four years. You will want to keep track of the scheduled removal date and make an appointment with your doctor to remove it just before the expiration date. Once it expires, it no longer protects against pregnancy. To continue having effective birth control, you can have a new Nexplanon device implanted or begin using another form of birth control.

Contraception And Future Fertility Our Conclusions

Contraception doesn’t generally affect future fertility. Its not something to be afraid of, and you can discuss any concerns you have with us in greater detail so that you know your future pregnancy plans wont be challenged by contraception.

O& G is a team of obstetricians, gynaecologists and womens health professionals based in Adelaide, Australia. However, the information in this blog is not a substitute for personal medical advice. We designed it to prepare and guide you, not take the place of a consultation. Always talk to your doctor or call O& G to arrange an appointment.

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What Should I Expect After I Get My Implant Removed

Overall, you should feel completely normal after getting your implant taken out. Your arm may feel tender or swollen around where the implant was for a few days. It may look bruised for a week or two. Your doctor or nurse will tell you how to wash and take care of your skin for a couple of days after removal. Any side effects that you may have had while on the implant will eventually go away after the implant is out. Unless you start another hormonal birth control method after removing the implant, your period will go back to how it was before you got Nexplanon. You can keep track of your period after removal using our app.

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How Does Birth Control Work

All birth control methods help prevent an egg and sperm from meeting. If sperm cant reach the egg or an egg isnt released, pregnancy cant happen.

But each birth control method works a little differently, and some can affect your fertility or fertile window differently.

When we say fertility, we mean your bodys ability to conceive. And your fertile window is the time in your cycle when your chances of conceiving are at their highest.

Some types of birth control just act as a barricade, while others use hormones to help you skip your fertile window or make it difficult for your partners sperm to reach their desired destination.

Does The ‘depo’ Contraceptive Injection Affect Fertility

How I found Out I Was Pregnant On The Nexplanon Birth ...

The short answer: Contraceptive injections can have lingering contraceptive effects for up to 1.5 years but do not affect long-term future fertility.

The long answer: Depo-Provera or Depo-Ralovera is a contraceptive injected once every three months. Like other hormonal contraceptives, it works by preventing ovulation. Because it is designed to last longer than the contraceptive pill, the contraceptive injection may not be the best option if youre hoping to become pregnant fairly soon. Though the injection is unreliable as a contraceptive after three months, it can potentially remain in muscle tissue for much longer. Ten months is the median time it takes to return to fertility. By 1.5 years after the last contraceptive injection, fertility rates are the same in Depo users as in the general population.

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Is It Normal Fo Be Nauseous After Nexplanon Removal

Not nexplanon: The nausea is not a normal side-effect of nexplanon removal done with local anesthesia. If you had anything else for anesthesia it could cause nausea. How long it will take to heal depends in part on how hard it was to remove and how much dissection had to be done and in part on how fast you heal.

Why Does It Take This Long After Nexplanon Removal To Get Pregnant

This is a birth control implant that only contains progestin. Nexplanon is a three-year progestin delivery system. This birth control implant can be removed at any point during the three years. After getting Nexplanon removed, you can expect a rapid return to your fertility. Usually within one month. Furthermore, the length of time you used Nexplanon has no bearing on how easily your fertility returns. This is why it takes a long to get pregnant after the removal of Nexplanon.

The Nexplanon implant removal technique necessitates caution and attention. The post-removal treatment is also crucial. Once the implant has been removed, regardless of how, it is critical to pay attention to the incision area and read any indications that the body can offer following the operation.

There is no longer any defense against pregnancy once the implant has been removed. If a woman does not wish to become pregnant, she is encouraged to use other birth control measures such as contraceptive pills or condoms. For the first seven days after removal, you can use a backup form. Its radiopaque, which means it can be seen on X-rays, making it easier to find the implant. This X-ray capability is allowed by the presence of barium sulfate in a small amount in the implant.

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Getting Pregnant On Nexplanon

Although the chances of getting pregnant while on Nexplanon implantation is very rare, it is still possible. If you are pregnant while on Nexplanon than you have higher chances that you pregnancy will be ectopic than the women who do not use birth control. Ectopic pregnancy occurs when the fertilized eggs gets attached to any place other than the uterus .

The symptoms of an ectopic pregnancy are vaginal bleeding which is heavier or lighter than your usual period, sharp or stabbing pain that will come and go and vary in intensity usually in the abdominal or pelvis region. Ectopic pregnancy can cause serious internal bleeding, infertility and even death. It is highly advised to contact you health care provider if you think you might be pregnant.

How Long After Implanon Removal To Get Pregnant

Trying To Get Pregnant After Nexplanon Removal
Barrier methods Can get pregnant immediately once stop using barrier method
Combination hormonal methods Get pregnant right away after stopping the use of regular dose
Progestin-only hormonal methods 3 to 18 months to get pregnant after the implant removal
Intrauterine devices Fertility returns after first menstrual cycle

The answer to this question is dependent on many factors, but one thing anyone knows is that you can get pregnant very quickly. Many people who use Implanon get pregnant within a few months of getting the implant removed.

However, some women take longer than that or dont have much success in conceiving after removing an Implanon. Other considerations include naturally slower conception rates due to age . In addition, stress, smoking, even conditions like hyperthyroidism and PCOS can be indirect causes of fertility issues when they are present with ovulatory disorders and menstrual irregularities.

Implanon removal surgery is a procedure done to remove the implant from the womans body safely.

Dont hesitate to contact your doctor or healthcare provider for more information, and make sure you are fully informed before making any commitment. The most common side effect is usually just an itchy feeling in the same arm that the implant was inserted until it heals up. The discomfort should disappear once healed and can generally be avoided by taking ibuprofen.

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How Long Does The Implant Last And Can You Get Pregnant On Nexplanon If It Has Expired

Nexplanon can be used for three years, at which point it should be replaced to maintain its effectiveness. We recommend contacting your GP or sexual health clinic to discuss the replacement of your contraceptive implant prior to the date it is due to be replaced . Due to Covid-19 restrictions you may not be able to attend for a face to face appointment to replace your implant. There is some evidence to say the implant remains effective up until four years, but a discussion with your doctor or nurse will help you work out what is best for you.

Myth: Who Can Use The Method

Some women who seek family planning believe that implants should not be used by women who are young or who have not had children.

Fact: Nearly all women can use implants safely and effectively

Implants are suitable for women of any age, regardless of whether they have had children or not. Implants do not make women infertilefertility returns as soon as implants are removed. Breastfeeding women can use implants if at least six weeks have passed since they have given birth.

Implants may not be suitable for women who require a family planning method without hormones. For example, women who have or have had breast cancer and women with active, serious liver disease should choose an alternative method.

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Can You Ovulate On Nexplanon

Nexplanon is a hormone implant that prevents ovulation . This medication also causes changes in the cervical mucus and uterine lining making it harder for sperm to reach the uterus and harder for a fertilized egg to attach to the uterus.

The implant is very safe for most people but all medications have some risks and side effects. The doctor will figure out if the implant is safe or not. This is 99% effective.


What Is The Contraceptive Implant

Nexplanon: What You Should Know About the Birth Control ...

The implant, also known by the brand name Nexplanon, is a small plastic rod that is placed in the upper arm by a doctor or nurse, and is used for contraception.

The plastic device is about the size of a matchstick. The implant is a highly effective method of contraception but can have some side effects which can include changes to your periods, as well as tender breasts and mood swings for example.

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Myths And Facts About Implants

This page was originally published in 2012 and has since been updated.

Contraceptive implants are thin, small , flexible rods which are implanted under the skin of the upper arm by a doctor or a nurse. They are 99% effective in preventing pregnancy.

The implant rods contain progestins which are steadily released into the womans bloodstream. Progestins are like the hormone progesterone, which is produced naturally within a womans body.

The continuous release of progestins stops a woman releasing an egg every month , and thickens the mucus from the cervix , making it difficult for sperm to pass through to the womb and reach an unfertilized egg.

Implants protect against pregnancy soon after as they have been inserted. Depending on the type of implant, they last between 3-5 years, but can be removed at any time. Fertility returns when the implant is removed.

Some women experience side effects form implants. It is common, but not harmful, to experience changes in menstrual bleeding patterns. Other possible side effects include abdominal pain, headaches, breast tenderness and acne. Side-effects often diminish over time, especially after the first few months to a year of use, but if you are concerned about side effects, you should go and talk to your provider.

When fitting the implant, a local anaesthetic is used to numb the area. It makes a small wound in the arm, which is closed with a dressing and does not need stitches.

How Quickly Can I Get Pregnant After Nexplanon Removal

16 Sep 2017 by babesss
birth control, contraception, pregnancy, period, nexplanon, implant

Hi everyone! I need help. I had my Nexplanon implant removed 9/11/17. It was due on 10/2017 since i had it for the full 3yrs. I never had my period throughout it. Now, I am just wondering how quickly i can get pregnant or how easily. I want a baby now but just want to know what to be prepared for. I know everyone is different but if you relate, let me know your story! I would love to get a better idea on this topic.

Thank you!

Stephen Treloar

Fertility has been known to be restored in as little as a week and as long as 18 months. It’s just one of those things where there is no definite rule.


My first baby when i had the nexplanon removed only took about a month. I did have the first one in for the whole 3 years to the date. I am now trying for a second baby but it has now been 7 weeks i had my first period 2 weeks ago but still nothing i only had this one in for about a year. It hits everyone differently and i guess each time is diffrent to.


I just got mine out July 2019 after marrying my husband. I know prior to nexplanon I was extremely fertile but still now 4 months later after removal still only one line on my pregnancy tests. Not sure how long it can take but I am starting to worry nexplanon may have damaged something making it harder to conceive.


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Myth: Complications With Method

Some women who seek family planning believe that implants can cause complications in the arm in which they are inserted or that they can travel from the insertion site to other parts of the body.

Fact: Implants cannot travel to other parts of the body

They remain where they are inserted until they are removed. In rare cases, a rod may start to come out of the skin, usually during the first four months since insertion. This typically happens because the implants were not inserted well or because of an infection at the insertion site. If expulsion occurs, the woman should return to the clinic as soon as possible and use a back-up family planning method in the meantime. Providers can replace the rods.

Nexplanon Implant And Fertility After Its Removed

How I Got Pregnant The First Month After Nexplanon

Ok. I’m absolutely terrified. I was on the nexplanon implant from January 10, 2013 until October 3, 2014. It is now the end of April and the only cycle I’ve had was forced by my Obgyn. My fiancé and I have been quite careless in having sex because we are going to get married and we want kids. We dont care if I get pregnant before or after. But it hasn’t happened. And I’m still not having my cycle. I’ve heard of women being infertile and having problems after the nexplanon. I also gained weight on the implant, and I’m having a very hard time losing it. My main concern for the moment is my fertility. But I want to get back down to 120 lbs too. HELP ME! I’M DESPERATE!

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Tldr Whats The Lowdown

  • The implant is more than 99% effective so the chances of getting pregnant with the implant in your arm is fewer than 1 in 100
  • You should be protected against pregnancy immediately if the implant in inserted into your arm during the first 5 days of your cycle any later and youll need to use a barrier method
  • The implant can cause lighter or fewer periods which is why some women may be concerned they are pregnant dont worry, it is a common side effect!
  • Certain medications can make the implant less effective so always ask your doctor or get in touch with the Lowdown contraceptive experts
  • Nexplanon should be replaced after three years to maintain effectiveness

The contraceptive implant is a method of contraception that stays in the upper arm for three years perfect for those who dont want to have to remember to take a daily pill.

But how effective is it, and can you still get pregnant on the implant?

In short, the implant is more than 99% effective. This means that fewer than 1 in 100 women with the implant will get pregnant each year.

There are some other factors to consider when using the implant as contraception such as side effects and its use with other medication.

Below our medical experts answer your most common questions covering the below topics

What About If I Am Being Prescribed Certain Medications

There are certain medications that will make the contraceptive implant less effective. This includes some HIV, epilepsy and tuberculosis medications, St Johns Wort and certain antibiotics such as rifabutin or rifampicin.

We recommend having a conversation with your doctor to ensure that any medication you are taking will not affect the effectiveness of your implant. If your medication does affect this method then we would recommend looking for another method of contraception that isnt affected by your medication.

Unsure which method is right for you? Speak to our doctors at The Lowdown and get personalised contraceptive advice.

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How Long Will It Take To Get Pregnant

Most hormonal birth control methods stop you from ovulating, or releasing an egg. If you do not release an egg, there is nothing for sperm to fertilize. This is why you do not get pregnant.

When you stop using hormonal birth control, you will start ovulating again. When you are ovulating, you are fertile. But a return of fertility does not automatically mean you will get pregnant.

What Are The Side Effects Of Nexplanon

Can You Get Pregnant on The Implant (Nexplanon)?

The common side effects that a lot of implants face are Changes in menstrual bleeding, Headache, Vaginal infections, Acne, Weight gain, Breast tenderness or pain, hair loss, nervousness, dizziness, increased appetite, Irritation or pain at site of implant. In a few cases there might be few more severe and uncommon side effects such as breast enlargement, vomiting, diarrhea, insomnia, oedema and constipation. In very rare cases side effects can also be blood clot formation, liver disease and rise in blood pressure.




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