How To Boost Chances Of Getting Pregnant

How To Increase Amh Levels Naturally

How to get pregnant – Improve your chances of getting pregnant

We at Fertility Dost practice holistic management to boost your fertility health naturally by using ancient Indian techniques. It is still not clear whether AMH levels can be increased in numbers but researchers believes that lifestyle and personal health affects AMH Levels.

Hence, our Fertility Coach Program, focusses on improving your fertility health which directly affects the health of your reproductive function. It includes the 4 pro tips to improve your egg quality naturally. They are-

Why Should You Use B Vitamins For Fertility

Vitamin B6 aids with fertility in women by ensuring an egg is released during ovulation. It will also increase levels of progesterone, which helps to regular the natural cycles of a womans body. Vitamin B12, when included among daily fertility vitamins for men, has been known to increase low sperm counts.

Trying To Get Pregnant

Pregnancy happens when sperm enters a vagina, travels through the cervix and womb to the fallopian tube and fertilises an egg.

Youre more likely to get pregnant around the time you are ovulating. This is when an egg becomes ready and you are at your most fertile.

If you are under 40 and have regular sex without using contraception, there is an 8 in 10 chance you will get pregnant within 1 year.

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When Is My Fertility Maximum

You have maximum fertility near your ovulation period. If you have a males live sperms inside your body at the time of ovulation, you have the best chances to conceive and get pregnant. The males sperms can live for about 3 to 5 days inside a womans body. So, it is necessary to have them inside you through vaginal insertion within three to five days prior to the day of your ovulation and latest by one day after you ovulate.

Stay In Bed Right After Intercourse

Definitive Ways to Increase Chances of Pregnancy

You have probably heard this one — lie in bed with your feet in the air after having sex to increase your chances of getting pregnant. The verdict? Not true.

“It’s good advice to lay in bed for 10 to 15 minutes after intercourse, but you don’t need your feet in the air,” Goldfarb says. “Your pelvis does not move when you put your legs in the air.” Don’t go the bathroom during this time either, he says. “If you wait 10 to 15 minutes, the sperm that is going to get into the cervix will be in the cervix.”

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Research Best Sexual Practices & Disregard Myths

There is little evidence that certain sexual positions, having intercourse at a certain time during the day or maintaining certain positions after intercourse will improve the likelihood of becoming pregnant. Research does not support the belief that having intercourse more than every 2-3 days helps improve the chances of pregnancy . Additionally, a womans climax may help transport sperm, but there is little evidence to show that sexual climax improves the chances of pregnancy.

Despite the rumor that lubricants can help sperm reach the egg, some lubricants such as K-Y Jelly and some types of Astroglide can affect sperm survival and motility. In fact, some lubricants are spermicidal or are intended to kill sperm. For couples that prefer to use a lubricant, the American Society for Reproductive Medicine recommends using mineral or canola oils or hydroxyethylcellulose-based lubricants, as they do not have the same effect on sperm.

When To Seek Help

If you are trying to conceive, you should already be connected with an OBGYN doctor, if not, seek one out.

Having a doctor that specializes in pregnancy and baby making can help you to figure out what you can do to increase your female fertility. Check out my post on what to expect during your first prenatal appointment.

Your OB can perform a physical exam to ensure that there are no outstanding issues that might cause you to take longer to get pregnant.

Generally, if it is taking you longer to get pregnant, 6-12 months, depending on your biological age and family history, then you might want to reach out to a fertility specialist.

They can run some necessary tests to determine if there are other factors at play for you or your partner, such as issues with your reproductive organs, if your hormone levels are off, egg quality, or sperm production.

While some issues might be more difficult to spot and correct, things like hormonal imbalances can be easily managed through prescription medications.

There are so many simple lifestyle chances that you can implement that can drastically increase your chances of getting pregnant.

But dont feel that you have to go at it alone.

As they say, it takes two to tango, so make sure your partner is on board with your healthy lifestyle changes as well.

For more help check out these posts on Smart Mom Ideas about pregnancy:

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Dear Ladies Are You Worried About Infertility Worry Not We Spoke To Dr Vinita Das Consultant And Advisor Birla Fertility & Ivf Lucknow On The Issue Here Is What She Said

Written by Satata Karmakar | Updated : September 17, 2021 10:38 AM IST

Female health and fertility have always been highly discussed issues. Fertility issues are on a constant rise among people of both genders and in different age groups. Did you know that almost 15% of couples deal with fertility issues all over the world? Nearly 10% of the total female population faces fertility problems due to different factors regarding women. Issues like PCOS, endometriosis, tubal blockage, and fibroids are common fertility problems that prevent women from getting pregnant despite regular intercourse with their partners. Food and lifestyle choices impact female fertility directly and indirectly. Suffering from fertility problems does not mean that there is no option to manage it. TheHealthSite spoke to Dr. Vinita Das, Consultant and Advisor, Birla Fertility & IVF, Lucknowon the issue. According to Dr. Das, a few simple ways can boost female fertility and increase the chances of conceiving in the future. Here is what Dr. Gupta wants you to add to your daily habits to beat the odds of conception.

Staying A Healthy Weight

How to increase your chances of getting pregnant | How to get pregnant

Being either overweight or underweight can reduce fertility in women.

Some research that being overweight might disrupt a range of reproductive processes. This includes the development and quality of the fertilization process and embryo growth.

Losing weight could help people overcome some of these difficulties. A 2014 suggested that women who are overweight or obese can increase the success of their fertility treatment by losing weight.

However, it is important to maintain a healthy weight. Being underweight can also impact fertility. Some research that women who are underweight have a higher risk of ovarian dysfunction, infertility, and preterm birth.

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Natural Ways To Increase Your Fertility

Not everyone needs or wants medical intervention to get pregnant. There are natural things you can do to increase your chances of getting pregnant each month.

  • Timed intercourse during your fertile window. If youre tracking your cycle each month, youll know approximately when youre ovulating. Have sex every 1-2 days during your fertile window, which is about 5-6 days before you ovulate.
  • Avoid using lubrication. Most over-the-counter lubricants inhibit sperm. If you need lubrication during intercourse, use a lubricant specifically made for couples who are trying to conceive, like Pre-Seed. You can also use canola oil or mineral oil.
  • Healthy weight. If you are underweight or overweight, you may not ovulate or have a regular menstrual cycle. If you are overweight with frequently missed periods, decreasing your weight by as little as 5% can increase your chances of having regular periods and conceiving.
  • Limit alcohol to 2 drinks per day. Cut alcohol completely out when you are actively trying to get pregnant.
  • Reduce caffeine. At typical levels of caffeine intake, there does not appear to be an association between caffeine consumption and inability to conceive. Some studies suggest that going overboard may not be helpful, however, so try to limit to no more than two 8oz cups of coffee per day.
  • What Are Your Chances Of Getting Pregnant Every Month

    Generally, a woman whos trying to get pregnant has between a 15% and 25% chance of doing so each month. Despite those odds, most couples conceive within the first year of trying.

    Whether you will conceive depends on several factors such as your overall health, age, your and your partners fertility, and having sex at the right time during your cycle.

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    Demystifying The Question Of Postures

    Is it better to practice certain postures to get pregnant? There is no scientific evidence that certain sexual positions facilitate pregnancy, as sperm are able to travel from the entrance of the vagina through the vaginal discharge to the egg in question. Even if the man does not ejaculate from the inside, but does so close to the vulva, he can make the woman pregnant.

    In turn, the premoisture expelled before ejaculation may also contain sperm. Therefore, reversal is not a reliable method to prevent pregnancy.

    Don’t Worry About The Best Positions For Getting Pregnant

    How To Boost Your Chances Of Getting Pregnant

    Myths abound about the best positions for getting pregnant, but they are just that — myths. There is really no scientific evidence saying that the missionary position is better than the woman being on top when it comes to maximizing your chances of making a baby.

    “Very rarely, a woman’s cervix is in an unusual position where certain positions can make a difference,” Goldfarb tells WebMD.

    Certain gravity-defying positions, such as sitting or standing during intercourse, however, may discourage sperm from traveling upstream. “It’s a matter of gravity you don’t want all the semen to run out — and semen are quick little critters,” Hillard says.

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    Will Orgasms Help You Get Pregnant

    Some experts believe that uterine contractions during orgasm help propel sperm into the cervix, but one thing is for surethe tingles during orgasm definitely make you relaxed. And that means you’ve already cleared the biggest baby-making blocker: stress. “The better the sex, the better the chances of conception,” says reproductive physiologist Joanna Ellington, Ph.D., in the British documentary The Great Sperm Race. Men who are fully stimulated will ejaculate up to 50 percent more, according to research revealed in the program. “So if you have what I call ‘gourmet sex,’ where you really spend time and you make it fun for both partners, that is going to make the man more stimulated and he is going to ejaculate more and healthier sperm,” Dr. Ellington says. Sure, sex without female orgasm can result in a baby, too, but why not go for the gold?

    Dont Forget The Vitamins

    While its common knowledge to take prenatal multivitamins when youre actually pregnant, its a good idea to start early. Starting to take prenatal vitamins early helps your body get used to them as some pregnant women can experience nausea upon starting prenatal vitamins.

    This also gives you a head start on getting those essential vitamins and minerals even before you know youre pregnant. Taking prenatal multivitamin and other supplements like folic acid and B vitamins can help to prevent birth defects and assist in babys early brain development.

    If you arent sure what you should be taking, consult with your OB and have them write you a list of over the counter supplements or a prescription.

    These prenatal gummies are the best and the ones I took when I was trying to conceive.

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    Tricks To Get Pregnant Quickly

    10 TRICKS to get pregnant quickly.

    When you decide that it’s time to be a mother, you are overwhelmed with a huge desire to get pregnant quickly. But the human body is not an exact science and it is very difficult to know if you will get pregnant in the first month or if it will take a while, as it is not just up to you or your will. Diet, sexual intercourse, or your mood can significantly influence whether or not you have an early pregnancy.

    What is certain is that there are certain factors that favor conception and that we will see throughout this article for babies: tricks to get pregnant fast, techniques, tips and home remedies.

    Have Sex After Treatment

    How to Increase Your Chances of Getting Pregnant

    According to doctors, having sex after IUI treatment helps a lot. Wondering how? Thats because your uterus starts contracting during sex, pushing the sperm towards your fallopian tubes and eventually the egg.

    Note: If youre comfortable with any other language , suppose Telugu, you can check out the IUI success tips in Telugu and likewise from the relevant sources.

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    How To Get Pregnant Through Lifestyle Improvements

    Both men and women wishing to achieve pregnancy can do things to help give them the best chance for success. These include practices men can follow to ensure the health and vitality of their sperm and things women can do to increase their reproductive functioning.

    Maintaining a normal body mass index between 19 and 25 is essential for women trying to conceive. According to the American Pregnancy Association, being either underweight or overweight can affect fertility and the health of a pregnancy. Being obese or overweight can harm a mans sperm health.

    Exercise can also help women maintain optimum health, which can have an impact on the chances of pregnancy. Moderate aerobic exercise can improve lung capacity and blood circulation. Weight lifting can help women lose weight and increase muscle strength.

    A healthy, balanced diet can improve both mens and womens overall health. While there is little evidence that a specific type of diet can increase the chances of fertility, a diet of lean meats, fruits, vegetables, and whole grains is beneficial for everyone. Additionally, the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services recommends a supplement of 400 micrograms of folic acid each day for women trying to get pregnant.

    Incorporating healthy choices into a lifestyle also involves removing those things that can negatively affect a persons health. Here are some habits to limit or stop:

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    What If You Have Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome

    Polycystic ovarian syndrome , a hormonal disorder, is one of the most common reasons for female infertility. It affects between 6% and 12% of American women of reproductive age.

    There is no single test to identify PCOS, but a doctor will determine if a woman fulfills two of the following three criteria, the CDC said:

    • Irregular periods or no periods, caused from lack of ovulation
    • Higher than normal levels of male hormones that may result in excess hair on the face and body, acne or thinning scalp hair
    • Multiple small cysts on the ovaries

    It is not clear why some women develop this syndrome, although it is often diagnosed when they struggle to get pregnant.

    There is a strong link between PCOS-related infertility and weight. About 40% to 60% of women with PCOS are overweight or obese, and healthy eating and exercise have been shown to improve reproductive problems in women with PCOS. A number of prescribed medications may also induce ovulation and regulate insulin levels, such as letrozoleand metformin. High levels of insulin push the pituitary gland to release large amounts of hormones that disrupt ovulation.

    Doctors recommend in-vitro fertilization if other interventions have not worked, or as a primary treatment if monitoring, cost and accessibility are not issues.

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    Take A Prenatal Vitamin

    Pavone recommends that women who are attempting to conceive start taking a prenatal vitamin even before becoming pregnant. This way, a woman can find one that’s more agreeable to her system and stay on it during pregnancy, she said.

    Another possibility is to take a daily multivitamin, as long as it contains at least 400 micrograms per day of folic acid, a B vitamin that’s important for preventing birth defects in a baby’s brain and spine, Pavone said.

    The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention urges women to take 400 mcg of folic acid every day for at least one month before getting pregnant, to help prevent birth defects.

    Getting a head start on folic acid supplementation is a good idea because the neural tube develops into the brain and spine three to four weeks after conception occurs, before many women may realize they’re expecting.

    How To Naturally Increase Chances Of Getting Pregnant

    How to increase your chances of getting pregnant [ARTICLE ...

    While there might be a handful of things out of your control, there are many different lifestyle factors that you can control to increase your fertility and pregnancy outcomes.

    While we mostly think about how women can increase their fertility, lets not forget the role that guys play in the success rate of getting pregnant too.

    So lets take a look at factors that both men and women can do to increase fertility and sperm motility to increase your chances of getting pregnant naturally.

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    Avoid Stress & Find Ways To Relax

    Several recent studies have found a link between a womans day-to-day stress levels and lowered pregnancy chances. For example, women whose saliva had high levels of alpha-amylase, a marker for stress, took 29% longer to get pregnant than women who had lower levels.

    Our bodies are incredibly smart and recognize that periods of high stress are not good times to have a baby. Stressful periods can also have an impact on lifestyle, such as having sex less frequently and turning to unhealthy habits like drinking too much caffeine, smoking, and drinking too much alcoholall of which are detrimental to a womans overall health and lower her odds of conceiving.

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