How To Buy Non Maternity Clothes When Pregnant

What To Wear When Youre Pregnant But Hate Maternity Clothes

How to WEAR REGULAR CLOTHES While Pregnant and What MATERNITY CLOTHES TO BUY / Regrets & Essentials

Im about to be a third time mama over here and just the thought of maternity clothing is making my eyes roll.

Nope. Nuh-huh. Not doing it. Hard pass.

With two summer babies under my belt, Im heading into unchartered territory a little one who will be born in the midst of Chicago winter and a bump thats already started to sprout here as we head into fall.

Dont get me wrong. I did the maternity style thing my last two times. But because of the weather, I could get away with easy summer dresses even as my belly got bigger. Now, Im staring down freezing cold temperatures and zero desire to buy a new maternity wardrobe that fits the weather forecast.

So friends, Im going to attempt to go the next six months until baby is due without buying one maternity piece. Doable? Well find out.


I should mention, there are a few tips and tricks that will hopefully get me over the 40-week finish line, and its important I share those below for all of you considering giving this a go with me.

Check out a few of the pieces that Im adding to cart that are working for me with a tiny bump, giant bump, and no bump at all. Below, youll find all the stretch, pleats, and give for this wanna-be chic during pregnancy mama-to-be-times-three could ask for!

The Necessary Guide To Maternity Clothes

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Your body is going to go through a lot of changes during pregnancy but that doesnt mean you should buy needless and endless maternity clothes.

Ive seen so many mom friends rush out and buy a whole new pregnancy wardrobe and it makes me cringe a little.

I get that its pretty tempting to buy all the cute bump clothes but its needless and sure to break your budget.

There are a lot of baby products that arent needed and the same is true for maternity clothing theyre marketed to new moms but arent actually needed.

Ive been through two pregnancies now so Im going to share with you what maternity clothing items are necessary to get you through the next 9 months or so.

Remember youre only pregnant for a short time .

Here is the Necessary Maternity Clothing Guide to help you set up your maternity wardrobe without breaking the bank.

The key is finding the balance between maternity clothing essentials and going overboard

Fall And Winter Maternity Clothes

You dont need to go crazy buying all sorts of warm maternity clothes no matter what stage of pregnancy youre at during the colder months.

In this maternity clothing guide, youve probably noticed its all about buying pieces that can be layered and this section is no exception.

Youll notice no maternity sweaters have been included in this guide.

If you own cardigans and flowy sweaters you are set, mama!

Layer the following underneath:

Similar to the tank top suggestion for the warmer months, pick up long-sleeved maternity tops that can be used to layer or do well on their own.

You need 3 in general colors accessorize with jewelry and scarves.

Depending on where you live, youll need to invest in a maternity winter coat.

I love the one pictured above I still wear it!

Its perfect for cool Fall and Spring days so its pretty versatile.

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Five: Theres No Law That Says You Must Wear Maternity

The very word maternity garners a HUGE price premium , so if you must make purchases during your first trimester, you will save more money in the long run by finding workable options in non-maternity stores. With my first pregnancy, I refused to listen to this advice, reasoning that it made so much more sense to buy maternity stuff right off the bat since I would need it anyway. Why not get the most wear out of it? Well.I didnt, really. What fit in the first trimester was ALL WRONG for me by the end of the second. I waited longer this time, for the most part, but STILL have a handful of expensive maternity tops that just arent long enough to cover my third-trimester, fully-popped-and-high-high-up belly.

Its also tempting to assume that true maternity styles will be more flattering than regular clothes in the next size up, but honestly this isnt always true either. Theres still an awful lot of pink, crazy-patterned tent-like outfits in the maternity section, and with the current trends and styles being long and generous and non-waisted, youll be able to find regular clothing that works without the maternity mark-up.

Sure, Ive treated myself to some beautiful maternity clothing. There are even a few things Ill be terribly sad to pack up at the end of this pregnancy. But Im also keenly aware of the fact that SOMEHOW the human race survived and procreated for years and years before the recent boom in maternity fashion.


Getting A Lot Of Wear Out Of Your Clothes

How to Wear Non Maternity Clothes When Pregnant

From an eco-friendly perspective, its much better to invest in clothing that you know you will want to wear for a long time. My goal is always to build wardrobe collections that are both beautiful and useful for all the phases of life.

Another eco-friendly way to shop for maternity-friendly clothes is with second-hand thrift shopping. Its very common for women to donate their maternity clothing after theyve completed their pregnancy and postpartum journey. Keep the lifecycle of these clothes going strong by picking them up for yourself.

Thrift shopping also comes in handy for baby clothes shopping too. I have found so many brand new clothes for my kids from local thrift stores and online second-hand shopping on apps such as Poshmark. Babies and toddlers grow so fast and often dont end up wearing a lot of the new clothes you get gifted by friends and family.

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The Best Places To Buy Maternity Clothes That Wont Break The Bank

When youre shopping for maternity clothes online or in brick-and-mortar shops, youll probably notice they can get pretty expensive.

Luckily, though, affordable maternity clothes do exist!

When it comes to shopping for inexpensive maternity clothes, here are a few of our favorite options:

If youre shopping for the best maternity clothes online but still want to save some money, and Pink Blush Maternity are probably going to be your best options.

Maternity Clothing Basics & Favorites For Your Capsule

Here are the bare minimum maternity clothing basics I needed/ wanted by the time our 4th baby came around.

I didnt discover these until my 4th pregnancy. These are the exact maternity jeans I had and they are AMAZING! Favorite pair of jeans ever for maternity wardrobe building!

Sometimes they go on sale, but theyre well worth the $50 price tags! You can fold the panel down pretty easily, but its not itchy to wear up high either. The size that fit me well at 20 weeks was pretty tight by 30 weeks, so you might consider 2 different maternity sizes.

I wore the smaller size ones for a while postpartum, and I loved the comfy, non itchy band to tuck it all in!

Note- A belly band can make your regular jeans fit your growing bump & changing body before you actually have to buy maternity pants.

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Pregnancy Capsule Wardrobe From Non

Its been a whole new challenge to come up with cute outfits that fit my growing twin baby bump. Im not a fan of buying tons of maternity clothes that Ill only wear a few months and then never again. I much prefer non- maternity clothes that easily accommodate my growing bump that Ill enjoy wearing post-delivery too, like a tunic that I have in three colors. Ive gotten lots of comments on about my maternity style, so today I wanted to share my pregnancy capsule wardrobe.

1 // 2 // 3 // 4 // 5 // 6 // 7 // 8 // 9 // 10 // 11 // 12 // 13 // 14 // 15 // 16 // 17 // 18 // 19

Capsule wardrobes work best if you stick to a color scheme. My favorite color schemes are black and white with pops of red, pastels with white, or earth tones. Remember, capsule wardrobes are all about being creative with how you combine each piece of clothing and sticking to one color scheme.

I recommend buying as many of these items as you can from Amazon, since they have free shipping and free returns. Also I recently learned that Amazon offers a free baby gift box for creating a baby registry with them. Ours had a swaddle blanket, 30 diapers, and a onesie! Thus, my love affair with Amazon continues.

2-3 Tunics: These tunics were my favorite before I was even pregnant! I have them in three colors and want to get a fourth in the blush color. I wore them them throughout my pregnancy.

1 Pair Sneakers: Every woman needs a pair of sneakers. Enough said..

Places To Buy Cute Maternity Clothes In 2021

Maternity Clothes: Tips for Inexpensive Pregnancy Style (Maternity & Non-Maternity!)

// by Elisabeth McKnight//

Today were talking all about cute maternity clothes! Heres a list of all the best places to buy cute maternity clothes for pregnancy along with the best maternity jeans in 2021.

Congratulations on your pregnancy! Whether youre a few weeks or a few months along, its worth it to start thinking about your maternity wardrobe.

My first pregnancy I held out as long as I could until I got maternity clothes and that was the worst mistake. Second time around I was in maternity jeans by seven weeks.

Here is a pretty comprehensive list of maternity stores that you can order from online, as well as some new maternity renting options.

So, if youre hunting for a cute maternity clothes or picking up a gift card for a friend who is expecting, here are the best places to shop for clothes while pregnant:

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Summer Pregnancy Vs A Winter Pregnancy

My first pregnancy ran from September – May so I had a lot of Fall, Winter and Spring months. I run really hot during pregnancy, even in the winter months. For most of my outfits I could just throw on a winter vest or cardigan and I would be warm enough . Stretchy knit and sweater dresses over a pair of leggings also saved me a lot of time when throwing an outfit together.

My second pregnancy ran between April – January so it was very hot summer months in Sacramento with temperatures often over 100 degrees. I pretty much lived in baby bump friendly oversized and flowy boho style dresses. I also had terrible IBS with second pregnancy and had a hard time wearing any clothing that had a tight waistband.

My other go-to for my summer pregnancy was oversized jumpers that had no waistband. These are a little tougher to find but Free People is your best bet to find bump friendly jumpsuits. I still wear my favorite Free People jumpsuits all the time through postpartum and lounging at home with my kids.

Stop Comparing Yourself To Others

Too many times women worry about how their body looks in comparison to other women. The comparison game is cruel and doesn’t do you any favors. In fact, comparing yourself to others not only leads to insecurities but an overall dissatisfaction with your body. And that is the last place you want your mind going.

Instead, remind yourself that this is a season in your life one that you won’t be able to repeat when you’re older. So, don’t spend your time comparing yourself to others. Live in the moment and appreciate how your body is changing to accommodate the little life that is growing inside of you.

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The Thing Youre Really Going To Want To Figure Out While Youre Pregnant

One of the important things you could do while youre pregnant to prepare for baby is figure out how youre going to teach them to sleep and get them on a daily routine.Here is the basic method we started when our kids were newborns all 4 were happily sleeping 8-12 hours through the night by 12-16 weeks old

Its something I care a lot about for new moms because I was so shocked & tired & confused when our first baby was born!! Hope that post is helpful to you.

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How To Wear Non


The pee stick says youre pregnant! Congratulations!

Welcome to the first trimester.

You arent too sure about telling everyone yetthen, your waistbands start to cinch, your belly isnt as flat as it used to be, and your boobs are trying to take over your body. Is it time to buy maternity clothes?

While its tempting to immediately switch to maternity clothes in the new pregnancy excitement, not so fast. When you see the prices for maternity clothes youll want to stick to your normal wardrobe for as long as possible.

Another reason to hold off on those purchases is because the stuff you buy during your first trimester wont fit by the third, which is when you really need all the room you can get.

Save your money with these handy tips on how to extend your non-maternity wardrobe into the third trimester.

#1. Inventory your closet.

You have stuff that will work. Every girl has pants in a slightly bigger size, flowy tunics, empire waists or even super stretchy jeans that sit directly below your pooch. Pair those jeans with that flowy tunic and aha! Look at thatmaternity clothes!

#2. Get extra inches from your pants.

Shirts and dresses wont really be a problem during your first trimester, but pants will taunt you while your belly is so very close to buttoning yet not quite muffin top.

#4. Extend your bras.
#5. Dont be afraid to snip.
#6. You dont have to wear maternity clothes.
#7. Wear Jackets.
#8. Toupee tape.

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Figuring Out Your Maternity Clothing Size

A lot of women have no clue what their size would be in maternity clothing.

When I was first pregnant I was told that your maternity clothing size is the same as your normal size.

So, if youre a medium then youre a medium in maternity clothing.

Turns out it was sound advice.

I never had to return clothing items due to choosing the wrong size so staying with your current sizing is a good rule of thumb.

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When To Buy Postpartum And Nursing Maternity Clothing Faithfuls

Whew! You did it. Baby has arrived, and youre home and adjusting to life with a newborn. Lots of eating and sleeping is in order for mother and bebé as you settle in and enjoy these precious moments. For recovering and relaxing, you may want to add a few postpartum must-haves to your wardrobe. Spend the first few months living in leggings, relaxed fit joggers and roomy tees and sweaters. Loungewear is still one of our most treasured and comfiest trends and is guaranteed to keep you in style.

Dont forget about this important time when you are considering when to buy maternity clothes. You dont have to wait until the baby arrives to stock up on these essentials. If you choose to nurse your baby, add nursing bras and tanks to your shopping list. Since you began layering way back in your first trimester, youre a pro now. Stay fashionable, mama. Betweencottagecore tocabincore, these styles are all about ease and coziness. Embrace these ethereal trends with flowy nap dresses layered with soft grandpa cardigans. Nursing friendly and on-trend? Yes, please.

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Items That Work For Pregnancy Without Being Maternity Wear

FashionNobodys ChildAce & PrinceNew Balance

Its not that Im snobby about maternity clothes , its more that I want anything I wear to be something I love and wear for a long time. To paraphrase William Morris, Id like everything in my wardrobe to be useful and beautiful.

I also just dont have the money to buy a whole new wardrobe right now.

Maternity-wise, I pulled down all my saved clothes from last time but I was pregnant in the winter so those leather look leggings and thick jeans will have to wait until the colder weather hits! I have kept out the dungarees and joggers and then I went through my existing wardrobe. My tip is to remove anything from your wardrobe early on that wont last.for me, any trousers and button front jeans and anything restricting were taken out. If you remove these items early on it limits what you have to think about when dressing in the morning and you dont waste time a) trying things on that dont fit and b) feeling nostalgic about the clothes you cant wear. I kept hold of:

Shirts mainly oversized and shirt dresses.

Elasticated waist shorts Im almost 7 months pregnant now and theyre still clinging on .

And Other Stories

Loose dresses and kaftans I have shopped in places like Cos for a while now and luckily most of my pieces are loose. I found anything empire line, despite being told they were great for pregnancy, didnt work non maternity as my ribs stretched, too. No seams work the best.

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