How To Get Pregnant At 17

As A Minor How Can I Get Responsibility For My Child


As a rule, you must be 18 or over before you can exercise responsibility fora child. In other words, you must be legally an adult. But if you are a motheraged 16 or 17, you can ask the court to declare you an adult so that you can getresponsibility for your child. If you are pregnant at the age of 16 or 17, youcan get responsibility for your child by marrying or entering into a registeredpartnership.

What Prenatal Tests Will You Need If Youre Pregnant At 45 Will There Be More Than Usual

Youll likely get poked and prodded more than your younger-mom counterparts, but you may find the additional testing and extra attention reassuring.

Youll be scheduled for routine prenatal testing, including NIPT for chromosomal conditions and the glucose test for gestational diabetes .

Youll also be closely monitored for high blood pressure and preeclampsia, which also crop up more often in older pregnancies. And you may have additional ultrasounds to monitor the babys growth, since low birth weight is another pregnancy complication that is more common in older expectant moms.

Because the rates of Down syndrome and other chromosomal conditions are greater in babies of older moms-to-be, youll likely be encouraged to undergo chorionic villus sampling between 10 and 13 weeks of pregnancy or amniocentesis, which is done between weeks 15 and 20 of pregnancy and most often between 16 and 18 weeks.

If you conceive with a donor egg or your own eggs that were previously frozen, the risk of chromosomal abnormalities in your baby would be based on the age of the donor or your age when your eggs were frozen. It’s a good idea to inform your doctor of those details so he or she can provide an accurate assessment of that risk.

Start Taking Prenatal Vitamins

Its never too early to start taking prenatal vitamins. Among other important nutrients, they contain folic acid, which numerous studies have found to be critically important for baby at every stage of developmentplus, it helps promote ovulation, encourages fertilization and supports early embryo survival, says Audrey Gaskins, ScD, an instructor of nutrition and dietetics at Harvard Medical School. Your ob-gyn can prescribe a prenatal vitamin or offer recommendations for some good over-the-counter options. Foods like strawberries, spinach, beans and orange juice are also naturally high in folate.

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Use A Fertility Monitor

If you have been trying to conceive for over 6 months, consider investing in a fertility monitor. I like the Ovacue Fertility Monitor because it measure the electrolytes in your saliva that correlates with the hormonal changes that occur in your cycle just prior to ovulation and it is very accurate.

The Ovacue fertility monitor is very popular because it’s easy to use. In my opinion, using Ovacue doubles, will double your chances of conception each month.

This monitor is the only one that can tell you 5-7 days in advance when your are about to conceive. Ovacue is recommended for all women who are trying to conceive with low ovarian reserve to help increase the chances of conception.

So Why Do We Think This Is So Easy

What I Did to Get Pregnant Naturally at 43? # ...

Our early days of sex ed set us up with this belief, but pop culture, social media, and the linear view of stories told about conceiving really help solidify this perception as we age. We see celebrities conceive in their 40s without hearing the backstory. Some people are fertile in their 40s, but a lot of women who conceive in their 40s either have embryos they froze from IVF , or the process required a couple of cycles in order to get one normal embryo, Noyes explains. But stars might say, I just rubbed a Buddha belly at 43. No, you went to a fertility doctor.

And while people are entitled to their privacy, keeping these struggles a secret is part of the larger problem, says Nicole Lippman-Barile, PhD, a clinical psychologist and certified nutritional therapist consultant with Northwell Health Physician Partners CBT Practice. Its very narrow to just focus on the success of women who can easily conceive when thats not the majority of womens experiences, she says. Talking about the other realities that exist is the only way we can educate people.

Steinhilber echoes this sentiment. Promoting family planning as something you do earlier than when you are actually ready to have kids could be helpful, so that you sit down with your doctor, get all the facts, and make a more educated decision about when to start trying, how long that process takes on average, what kind of infertility issues you possibly could run up against, and what those mean.

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Planning To Conceive Start Right

When planning to get pregnant your diet, your ovulation cycle, your life style are all very important. Your ability to get pregnant can be affected by many factors.

If you want to know more about how to get pregnant fast & naturally, I recommend reading this eBook. This eBook clearly teaches all the Do’s and Dont’s of how to get pregnant.

I really like it because it is easy to follow and provides a real plan to help you get pregnant starting from your diet, your fertility signs and all the important things you need to know before conceiving a baby.

This eBook teaches all the things and tips you need to know to dramatically increase your chances of conception and have a healthy baby. Fertility Blessings!

Don’t Worry About The Best Positions For Getting Pregnant

Myths abound about the best positions for getting pregnant, but they are just that — myths. There is really no scientific evidence saying that the missionary position is better than the woman being on top when it comes to maximizing your chances of making a baby.

“Very rarely, a woman’s cervix is in an unusual position where certain positions can make a difference,” Goldfarb tells WebMD.

Certain gravity-defying positions, such as sitting or standing during intercourse, however, may discourage sperm from traveling upstream. “It’s a matter of gravity you don’t want all the semen to run out — and semen are quick little critters,” Hillard says.

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How Can Teenage Pregnancy Be Prevented

The only way to be sure you wont get pregnant is to not have sexual intercourse. However, there are many methods to reduce your chances of becoming pregnant if youre sexually active.

According to a study published in the journal PLoS One, an abstinence-only sex education was positively correlated with an increase in teen pregnancies.

Many communities offer counseling and support programs that help prevent teen pregnancy.

These groups can provide information on birth control and help teens understand their own sexual limits so they dont get into situations where they might have unprotected sex and get pregnant.

Some programs offer peer counseling, since it might feel more comfortable talking to someone your own age. Contact your health department for information on programs in your area.

Prescription birth control is available through your doctor or a womens health clinic.

How Does Teenage Pregnancy Affect Teen Fathers


Fathering a child as a teenager can be a frightening and life-changing event. Teen fathers dont have to worry about the health implications of pregnancy and childbirth, but they could face similar difficulties staying in school and earning a living.

State laws vary on the legal age for people to have sexual intercourse.

Arrest or legal action against teens who are sexually active can have devastating effects. A young man may be required to register as a sex offender if he has reached the legal age and his partner has not .

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Blockage Of The Fallopian Tubes

Dr Nandi says that in connection with ovulation, blockage of the Fallopian tubes, which could be due to pelvic inflammatory disease, previous chlamydia infection or previous abdominal surgery, is another main issued faced by those struggling to get pregnant.

If your fallopian tubes have become blocked or scarred through these incidences, then surgery might be required to break up the scar tissue in the fallopian tubes, making it easier for eggs to pass through.

However, the success of this is very much dependent on the damage to the fallopian tubes and, following surgery, there can be some complications including an ectopic pregnancy so its always important to fully understand the risks before undertaking any fertility procedures.

Chapter 4teenage Pregnancy And Its Resolution

Sandra L.Hofferth

One major source of confusion in the literature dealing with teen pregnancy and childbearing is precisely the distinction between pregnancy and its outcomes. People often say they’re referring to teenage pregnancy when they only have information on births. Pregnancy can be resolved in a number of ways, only one of which is a live birth kept by the mother. However, in talking about the problems of teen pregnancy, the problems that have been well-documented to date are those associated with that one outcomebearing and raising a child as a teenager. Another set of confusions revolves around the process which leads ultimately to childbearing and its implications for policy and programs. For example, an agency may be interested in developing a profile of young women at risk of teen childbearing to target them for intervention. As discussed in earlier chapters, in order to become a teen mother, a young woman must first become sexually active, next, not use contraception or fail in its use in some way , and, finally, once pregnant, decide to bear and raise the child herself. There are several points at which alternatives present themselves. Some teens choose one way, others choose another. Thus the agency has several possible points at which to target its interventions: at initiation of sexual activity, at contraceptive use, or, at the resolution of a pregnancy.

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Learn Methods To Control Stress

Well-meaning folks like to advise that if you just stress about it less, youll instantly conceive. Easier said than done. To put the level of stress into perspective, according to Noyes, studies have shown that finding out you may not be able to have a baby garners the same stress response as being told you have cancer.

Focus on what you have right now, versus going into the stories in your mind about potentially never being able to conceive, says Lippman-Barile. Mindfulness works differently for everyone , but one easy place to start is by focusing on your breathing. Lippman-Barile also suggests alleviating stress through activities like yoga and physical movement, taking up a hobby, and spending time with those you care about.

Lower Back And Pelvic Pain

17 Best images about Trying to Conceive on Pinterest ...

With a growing uterus, stretching muscles, and changing hormones that affect your joints and ligaments, it’s no wonder that backaches and pelvic aches are some of the most common pregnancy complaints. Studies show that about two out of three pregnant women have low back pain, and one out of five have pelvic pain.

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How Long Should You Keep Sperm Inside To Get Pregnant

It’s important for everyone to know you can most certainly get pregnant even if the sperm comes out as one of those 250 million little swimmers could still come in contact with the egg .

It takes seconds for sperm to get to the cervical mucus and then into the fallopian tubes after ejaculation, and from then sperm can live for seven days inside a woman’s body, so it’s possible to get pregnant for a few days either side of ovulation.

Not Getting Enough Vitamins And Minerals

Part of the overhaul in the lead up to pregnancy should include a look at your diet, Dr Nandi of Lister Fertility Clinic which is a part of HCA Healthcare advises.

Research shows that increasing intake of fruits and vegetables and reducing fast food increases chances of getting pregnant. In addition, you should take folic acid from at least a month before starting to try for pregnancy. If you have medical conditions or are taking medicine, you might need higher dose folic acid and hence you should consult with your GP.

But while its essential to up the intake of certain vitamins and minerals, its vital to stay away from some. Avoid certain vitamins like vitamin A, she says as large amounts can harm an unborn baby. To this end, staying away from foods containing liver or liver products, such as pâté which is high in vitamin A, is also a good idea.

For men, its important to avoid red meat, processed meat and full fat dairy as these have been associated with a lower sperm quality, whilea diet rich in omega-3 fatty acid, antioxidants is associated with better sperm production.

As with all changes to diet, speak to your GP if youre unsure about what which foods to eat during the conception process.

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What Your Teen May Be Feeling

Just a short time ago your teen’s biggest concerns might have been hanging out with her friends and wondering what clothes to wear. Now she’s dealing with morning sickness and scheduling prenatal visits. Her world has been turned upside down.

Most unmarried teens don’t plan on becoming pregnant, and they’re often terrified when it happens. Many, particularly younger teens, keep the news of their pregnancies secret because they fear the anger and disappointment of their parents. Some might even deny to themselves that they are pregnant which makes it even more important for parents to step in and find medical care for their teen as early in the pregnancy as possible. Younger teens’ pregnancies, in particular, are considered high risk because their bodies haven’t finished growing and are not yet fully mature.

Teen boys who are going to become fathers also need the involvement of their parents. Although some boys may welcome the chance to be involved with their children, others feel frightened and guilty and may need to be encouraged to face their responsibilities .

That doesn’t mean, however, that you should pressure your teen son or daughter into an unwanted marriage. Offer advice, but remember that forcing your opinions on your teen or using threats is likely to backfire in the long run. There’s no “one size fits all” solution here. Open communication between you and your teen will help as you consider the future.

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Pregnant Teens Under Age 15 Face Unique Risks: Study


By Kathleen Raven, Reuters Health

5 Min Read

NEW YORK – Girls who became pregnant before age 15 were more likely to report having sex with much older partners and initially forgoing contraception than their slightly older peers, according to a new study.

Nearly 36 percent of girls who first got pregnant before age 15 had sex for the first time with a partner at least six years older, compared to 17 percent of girls who got pregnant between 15 and 19.

That statistic is very serious and represents complicated relationships with unequal power, said lead author and obstetrician Dr. Marcela Smid, from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. She worked on the study while at the University of Chicago.

To make better use of public health awareness and intervention campaigns, Smid and her team wanted to know more about how very young teens were at risk of becoming pregnant.

They used data from the National Survey of Family Growth collected between 2006 and 2010. A total of 3,384 women reported on the survey that they had their first pregnancy before age 20. Within that group, 289 women had become pregnant before age 15 and the rest between 15 and 19.

Girls who became pregnant before age 15 were twice as likely as older girls to be Hispanic or black, the researchers found.

Younger pregnant teens were less likely to have been living with both biological parents at age 14 and less likely to have been brought up within the Catholic or Protestant religions.

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Know When To Seek Help

‘If you have been trying to conceive regularly for over a year, and haven’t had any success, you should seek medical advice,’ says Dr Nargund. ‘Women aged 36 and over, and anyone who is already aware that they have fertility problems, should see their GP sooner, usually after about six months.’

On the flip side, don’t rush to an expert as fertile couples can take a few months to become pregnant.

Maintain A Healthy Weight

Maintaining a healthy weight is an important part of pregnancy. Being overweight reduces your chances of getting pregnant because it may interfere with ovulation.

Being underweight can also hurt fertility body fat levels that are too low interfere with cyclical hormonal changes. So if youre thinking about how to get pregnant quickly and naturally within two months, you might want to start a healthy exercise regimen that meets your weight goals and activity preferences.

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I Want To Tell You What It’s Like To Get An Abortion At 17 Weeks Because It Matters

There is nothing more silent than an ultrasound exam room when the technician is looking at a sick baby.

This is my third pregnancy and I am 12 weeks pregnant, so I expect the idle chatter and jokes about jelly and the wiggling baby inside me. The ultrasound technician does not ask us what format we want our ultrasound DVD in Mac or PC.

After the technician is done, the doctor reviews the scans. He delivers the news. I think about how it must feel to deliver this news. To watch faces and tears and hopes fall and spill all over the exam room floor. He informs us that our baby has an 80 percent chance of having a chromosomal abnormality. We are directed to meet with genetic counselor in a dark office at the back of their practice, where we are walked through the upcoming testing and diagnostic procedures available to us. She spares us having to go back into the waiting room with the other expectant parents, showing us out the back door.

I cry quietly on the drive home. Once there, I all of the different genetic disorders that our baby could be suffering from Trisomy 13, Trisomy 18, Trisomy 21 , Turner Syndrome and become fluent in the associated outcomes.

We return to the doctor soon after for invasive testing a big needle plunged deep into my abdomen to capture some of the babys cells and solve this tortured mystery.

The genetic counselor calls with our initial results. I break down sobbing. She doesnt acknowledge it, and neither do I.

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