How To Stop Teenage Pregnancy

The Role Of Healthcare Providers

How Parents Can Help Prevent Teen Pregnancy

Adolescents consider healthcare providers a highly trusted source of sexual health information , with young men reporting providers as one of their main sources . However, young men may not have an opportunity to discuss sexual health topics with their provider as an average of 36 s is spent on sexual health during adolescents annual physical exams . This time is likely even less for young men as providers are half as likely to discuss sexual health with young men as young women .

If sexual health is addressed at all with young men, providers sole focus is often on condoms . Female-dependent methods are discussed even less with young men than women: studies report a range of discussion regarding female-dependent methods and/or emergency contraception from 20 to 60% . The vast majority of young men, and their older adult peers, want more information about different methods, including further details on proper condom use. However, less than half of these men are receiving such care .

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Young Mens Sexual Health Communication

Sexual health communication involves the exchange of knowledge, experiences, and views regarding sexual health. Young men and women with more open sexual health communication have increased condom use as well as more dual method use . However, less than half of adolescents report any such communication with their dating partners , and young men report less communication regarding sexual topics than young women .

Similar to patterns regarding views and use of contraception, young mens sexual health communication varies based on relationship status. In casual relationships, young men report feeling such conversations are irrelevant as they will likely use condoms , thus reducing their concerns for pregnancy and/or STIs. As relationships progress, young men are more likely to correctly report their partners use of contraception at last intercourse , suggesting increased communication between partners. However, these studies are based solely on a young mans self-report and therefore do not corroborate with their partners report. Young men may also make assumptions regarding their partners contraceptive use merely based on a willingness to have sex without a condom or withdrawal . Couple dynamics, such as each partners personality type, also affect contraception use. For example, an adolescent couple with moderate levels of assertiveness based on self and partner assessment is more likely to use condoms compared to those with very low or very high assertiveness .

Learn To Use Condom To Avoid A Teenage Pregnancy

Verify you know how to put on a condom. In case youre a young lady, dont surrender it over to the fellow to put it on, as he may question or have a go at talking you out of it. Play safe: If he says, I would prefer not to put a condom on, simply smile and react with, No stresses Ill put it on for you! Arm yourself with the knowledge of how to put one on appropriately and decline to take no for an answer. Also recall, if the gentleman youre going to have intercourse with cant be trying to secure his and your well being, escape from there and view yourself as lucky for evading a slug.

In the event that you are agonized over being gotten ill-equipped then the best thing to do would be to go on the birth-control pill and/or to always have a condom in your pack.

Remember that condoms are the best way to effectively secure yourself against Stis, or sexually transmitted diseases. Dont let yourself be induced into having unprotected sex!

Condoms are regularly doled out free of charge at spots, for example, schools, universities and family arranging centers. In numerous nations, birth control, for example, the pill or the infusion is additionally accessible for nothing.

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How To Prevent Teenage Pregnancy

Falling pregnant when you are a teenager will affect the rest of your life, but there are ways to keep yourself safe from an unplanned pregnancy.

There are various ways to prevent teenage pregnancy, including choosing not to have sex until you are married or ready to have children.

Some people think that abstinence is old-fashioned, while others think it is morally the best thing to do. Teenagers, however, need to decide for themselves.

Many people do not want to wait until they are married before having sex. They also do not want to rush into anything and make costly mistakes. They often decide that delaying having sex until they are older, more responsible, in a stable relationship with one partner and have a job, is the best thing to do.

If you choose abstinence or delaying sex, there are other things you can do to protect yourself:

  • Choose your friends carefully. Friends should want what is best for you and should respect your decision not to have sex.
  • Beware of situations that could be unsafe, like friends drinking or taking drugs, that could lead to unsafe sex.
  • Beware of partners who claim that you will sleep with them if you love them.
  • Listen to and learn from those who have gone through teenage pregnancy. They know the mistakes and disadvantages.
  • Listen to and learn from your parents about their life experiences.

What can I do if Im pregnant?

If you think you might be pregnant, take someone you trust with you to your nearest clinic to have a pregnancy test.

Causes Of Teenage Pregnancy Essay

Preventing Teen Pregnancy

The causes of Teenage pregnancy are the same as the cause of a normal Pregnancy . The Male egg that is Sperm meets the Female egg that is Ovum and when They both meet A zygote is formed which in 9 months grows up to be a complete Human baby . In most of the cases , Teenage pregnancy is unwanted and It can be prevented by proper use of contraceptives but in many cases even after the use of contraceptives , Pregnancies occur Why ?

While contraceptives are made to protect from unwanted Pregnancies , they dont gurantee 100% Protection . One should be careful in using them and shouldnt go for cheaper alternatives and Should buy contraceptives from trusted pharmacies , Going for cheaper alternatives or any type of carelessness can be very expensive in this case .

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Social And Economic Consequences

Social consequences for unmarried pregnant adolescents may include stigma, rejection or violence by partners, parents and peers. Girls who become pregnant before the age of 18 years are more likely to experience violence within a marriage or partnership.16Adolescent pregnancy and childbearing often leads girls to drop out of school, although efforts are underway is some place to enable them to return to school after child birth, this may well jeopardize girls future education and employment opportunities.19

Helping Your Teen Avoid Pregnancy

  • 1Examine your own values and attitudes about sex. Don’t avoid the subject. Before you have the talk, take some time to think about where you stand on the issues. For example, ask yourself if you are comfortable with teens having sex. If not, think about how you will encourage abstinence. You can also think about whether or not you believe in birth control for teens.XResearch source
  • 2Encourage open communication. Let your teen know that you are happy to talk to them about sex. In fact, you can even initiate a conversation. You could say something like, Lauren, since you’re heading to college, I wanted to talk about ways to practice safe sex. Is now a good time? You want your teen to know that they can come to you for help and support.XResearch source
  • 3Answer questions honestly. In order for communication to work, you need to be honest. That doesn’t mean that you have to reveal your entire sexual history to your teen. It just means that you should be prepared to answer questions like, Did you wait until you were married to have sex? If you’re honest, you’re providing your teen with helpful information that can help them make good choices.XResearch source
  • Your teen might also ask things like, “What should I do if I’m feeling pressured to have sex?” or “Can I get pregnant from oral sex?”
  • Try not to be judgmental. You don’t want your teen to feel embarrassed to talk to you. For example, don’t say, “Oh, you’re not really in love. You’re just a kid!”
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    Demographics Of The Respondents

    Table shows the demographic characteristics of study participants. Twenty five percent of the study respondents were adolescent mothers aged 1319. The number of other study participants include: 11 family members of the young mothers 19 health related personnel 16 school teachers and principals 19 leaders at the local council, sub-county and district 3 agriculture workers, 3 religious leaders and 5 staff members of area NGOs. The young mothers who participated in this study were unmarried. Family members of married/cohabiting teenage mothers who had agreed to participate in the study refused them to go on with the study while the fathers of their infant were not willing to give in their views. Although young mothers who were married/cohabiting and fathers of their infants refused to participate in the study, the views given by other young mothers, family and community members could be illustrative of what is happening in the communities.

    Role Of Drug And Alcohol Use

    How to Prevent Teen Pregnancy

    Inhibition-reducing drugs and alcohol may possibly encourage unintended sexual activity. If so, it is unknown if the drugs themselves directly influence teenagers to engage in riskier behavior, or whether teenagers who engage in drug use are more likely to engage in sex. Correlation does not imply causation. The drugs with the strongest evidence linking them to teenage pregnancy are alcohol, cannabis, “ecstasy” and other substituted amphetamines. The drugs with the least evidence to support a link to early pregnancy are opioids, such as heroin, morphine, and oxycodone, of which a well-known effect is the significant reduction of libido it appears that teenage opioidusers have significantly reduced rates of conception compared to their non-using, and alcohol, “ecstasy”, cannabis, and amphetamine using peers.

    Girls who mature early are more likely to engage in sexual intercourse at a younger age, which in turn puts them at greater risk of teenage pregnancy.

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    Recommendations To Reduce Teenage Pregnancies At The Social Level

    Stakeholders recommended parental and community involvement to openly advise their children and not shy away, sensitization of parents to support the girl child, counselling of both parents and learners about effects of early pregnancy and the responsibilities that come with it, community care and responsibility to keep girls in school, and using the law to legally prosecute offenders.

    Parents should openly talk to their children and tell them to abstain and inform them of the effects of early pregnancies and pre-marital sex without being shy. How can people just look on proudly saying those are President Musevenis children. Museveni is not the father of those children being born and the earlier our girls and communities wake up to this reality the better. Museveni has many national issues to take care of and so everyone who gives birth should know it is their responsibility not for Museveni. District Administrator 1.

    I remember when we were still at school, a child was looked after by the whole community which is not the case today. They worked together to make sure that students keep in school. If this was done as before, the girl child will be kept in school, thereby reducing their chances of getting pregnant while schooling. The boys/men who impregnate our girls should be strongly dealt with legally. Health-related Personnel 2.

    Government should broadcast talks and plays about the disadvantages of early pregnancies over the televisions and radios. Teacher 1.

    Teenage Pregnancy And School Programs

    Considering there are over 50 million children and teens attending public schools in the US, its important to emphasize the influence of schools in pregnancy prevention programs. Cooperating with parents is one of the best ways to provide the kids with the necessary information and education, but working closely with doctors such as the experts from the Worldwide Pediatrics Group can help come up with a program that will educate the kids and ensure they have a happy and healthy childhood.

    In addition to this, schools can adopt an inclusive way to this issue and help in four distinct ways:

    1. All schools should enforce programs that involve support, tutoring, education, and recreation as these programs can help decrease high-risk behavior among teens and preventteen pregnancy in schools.

    2. Schools should promote values that include academic success, self-worth, and connectedness to reduce the chances of high-risk behavior among teenagers.

    3. Schools should try to implement programs that promote positive youth development. These programs should be able to support resilience in children and provide more information about the following topics:

    4. Ultimately, people in and out of the educational system have to cooperate and share the same values and goals to be able to provide the kids with the necessary education and tutoring on preventing teen pregnancy.

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    Ways To Prevent Teenage Pregnancy

    More and more often we are seeing young girls getting pregnant and having to face major struggles as a result of becoming a teen mom. Having a child brings along a large number of responsibilities that some young women may not be prepared to face. Most girls should be thinking about finishing high school and going to college, yet some may be preparing to give birth while trying to make adjustments for the future. As young girls and boys start becoming sexually active it is important to make sure they are knowledgeable about how to prevent an undesired teenage pregnancy.

    In this OneHowTo article we share 5 ways to prevent a teenage pregnancy.

  • Understand the consequences
  • Prevent Teenage Pregnancy What Can Schools Do

    5 Ways to Prevent Teenage Pregnancy

    Although many dont talk about it, teenage pregnancy has become a serious issue in countries across the world. Raising children to stay out of trouble and avoid risky behavior is really hard, considering the influence of the society, surroundings, and the Internet. Parents sometimes dont even have control over their childrens lives and dont know what children do in schools and after school which makes it hard to provide them with adequate care and guidance. This is why teenage pregnancy prevention programs in schools are necessary they can provide teenagers with detailed information about everything they need to know, and with the help of their parents, help reduce the number of teenage pregnancies.

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    Learn How To Have Safe Sex

    As much as abstinence may be preferred, we know that taking a radical stance on the issue often doesnt help. Perhaps by looking at how teenagers can be correctly informed about safe sex might be a more successful approach. Many schools impart sex education courses, which along parental advice can offer teenagers trustworthy resources to take. When these options are not viable it may worth carrying some additional research on some of the most common sex myths such as if pulling out is safe enough to prevent getting pregnant.

    How To Avoid A Teenage Pregnancy

    How to avoid a teenage pregnancy? Teenage pregnancy is a fairly terrifying reality that can change your life in a moment. The uplifting news is that teenage pregnancy is avoidable: By not having sex, you never hazard getting pregnant. In the event that you do choose to engage in sexual relations, its best to stay educated about what you can do to avoid unwanted pregnancy. This aide will help illuminate you.

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    How To Stop Teenage Pregnancy In Nigeria

    PregnancyPregnancyPregnancyTeenagePregnancyQuick Stat On Teenage Pregnancy In Nigeria

    In 2008, Nigeria was the first African country with adolescent pregnancy: 121 live births out of 1000 births. According to information of 2006, more than 44 million of young Nigerians from 10 24 years were pregnant

    Factors That Contribute To Teenage Pregnancy In Nigeria

    1.Broken Families

    2.Curiosity And Over Confidence

    3. Ignorance Of The Consequences Of Sexual Activity

    4. Rape

    5. Poor Home Training

    6. Peer Pressure

    7. Traditions And Customs

    The health risks attached to teen pregnancy

    Other Consequences Of Teen Pregnancy

    • Tarnished self-image
    • Dropping out of school
    • Early/Single parenthood

    How To Stop Teenage Pregnancy In Nigeria

    1. Parental Training

    2.Introduction Of Sex Education In Nigerian Schools

    3. Other Sensitization Programs

    4. The Role Of Religious Institutions

    5.Abolition Of Early Marriage

    What Can Be Done To Solve The Problem Of Teenage Pregnancy

    How to Prevent Teen Pregnancy

    Pregnancy among America’s teenagers is now recognized as a nation-wide problem. What steps should be taken to solve the problem of teenage pregnancy?

    We must do something to stop children from having children. I think that parents should talk to their children about birth control or have the family doctor talk to their teenagers about birth control, and teenagers should look at how a pregnancy would affect them.

    There are certain questions teens should ask themselves regarding sex and pregnancy: If I get pregnant, how will I take care of my child feed it, clothe it, and keep it in good health? If I do have my baby, will people respect me how will I feel about myself? If a teenage girl has a baby, what are the odds of her and the baby’s father staying together to support the baby?

    Having a baby can be very costly, both in money and in education. When the baby comes, the female will miss some school and there is always the chance she will never complete high school. Without a diploma, she could have a hard time finding a good job and that means a bad life without money.

    My advice to other teenagers who are sexually active is to read these questions and then see how they feel about sex without birth control. TIMOTHY DAY D.C. Street Academy

    Teenagers are often afraid to even bring up the topic of sex with their parents. If teenagers had someone with whom they could talk about their problems, they would probably feel more comfortable talking about sex. GLORIA KEYS Ellington

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