How To Take Care Of Myself During Pregnancy

How Take Care Of Yourself In The First Months Of Pregnancy

How do I take care of myself during pregnancy?

Pregnancy is a very important time in a woman’s life. During these months, you need to look after yourself, including during your first trimester. To see the detail what these care to ensure good health of both the mom as of the child, in oneHOWTO we explain how to take care of yourself during the first months of pregnancy, more precisely, during the first three months. With this guide, you can make this stage much easier and avoid unnecessary problems.

  • Personal care
  • Get In Touch With A Doctor As Soon As Possible

    Fix an appointment with a gynecologist for your first prenatal visit. Seek referrals from your friends and relatives. This will help you choose the right doctor and the best healthcare facilities during your pregnancy. Moreover, you can also register yourself for antenatal care online with your local maternity service.

    It is advised to sign up early for your prenatal care so that you can walk along with all the crucial steps right from the beginning of your pregnancy. Besides this, you get more time to schedule your routine for the tests and ultrasound scans.

    Be Prepared And Know Your Contact Numbers

    Pre-packing your hospital bag a little earlier than necessary will minimise the risk of having to run around looking for things when labour starts.

    Make sure youve bought plenty of nappies, maternity pads and other newborn essentials before the supermarkets opening hours are reduced or have sold out of things during the festive period.

    Also ensure that you have all of your important telephone numbers to hand ensure you have the contact numbers for your labour ward, birth centre, and day assessment unit.

    If you’re booked for a home birth, ensure you know how to contact your midwife on call, or you have an alternative plan if required.

    Please remember that all maternity services, including hospital labour wards, birth centres, and maternity wards, are open 24/7 and will want you to call if you have any concerns.

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    Throughout Pregnancy You And Your Baby Will Be Happier Healthier And Saner If You Do The Following:

  • Keep your blood sugar level up by eating whole, healthy foods and plenty of protein. Do this in small, frequent meals throughout the day. Vary your diet as much as possible.
  • Keep yourself hydrated. Plain water is great. If you are nauseated and cant keep water down, add a spoonful of sugar and a pinch of salt to it. This will rehydrate you quickly and ease much of your nausea.
  • Get plenty of rest. Pace yourself. Take a 10-minute break as often as you can. Take a nap before dinner. Take a nap around lunch time. Go to sleep early and rise as late as you can get away with. Get in the habit of grabbing bits of rest whenever you can-this will make parenting a newborn much easier!
  • Stay confident in your body! Look for positive information about birth and pregnancy. Avoid the birth horror stories people want to tell. Your body knows how to birth. Dont let anyone try to tell you it will fail. If someone wants to tell you about her horrible birth, invite her to share it with you after you have had your baby. If someone has advice about what you absolutely have to do, take it with a grain of salt. There is no one best way to give birth for every woman. You can find your best way, and you will have an easier time doing so if you hear about positive experiences.
  • Massage Oils Body Butter Creams And Bath Washes

    Self Care Activities for a Healthy Pregnancy with a Self ...

    You can apply massage oil after the shower to reduce itching and stretch marks due to the protruding belly. You can also use body butter after a shower. The body butter is very soothing and decreases stretch marks and itching. It also prevents the skin from getting dry.

    Companies like The Moms Co and Himalaya provide good quality massage oils, body butter creams, and bath washes.

    These are the few ways which are necessary to follow to take care of your own body during pregnancy. Remember in order to bring a healthy baby into this world you also need to be healthy and happy.

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    How To Practice Pregnancy Self Care

    Being pregnant brings plenty of physical, emotional, and mental changes.

    The responsibility of bringing a newborn to the family can be tremendous. Theres also a lot that needs to get done before the baby arrives, yet pregnancy self care should be a top priority. If youre not feeling good, then that affects your body, your baby, and your mental and emotional wellbeing.

    So, Im sharing a roundup of effective ways you, as a pregnant woman, can practice self care and give your body the extra TLC it needs.

    Here Are A Few Ideas On How To Take Care Of Yourself During Pregnancy

    • Diet

    During pregnancy, a woman should have an adequately nutritious diet. Adding about 200 calories a day, post-second trimester to the daily diet is usually considered sufficient to provide nourishment for both the mother to be and the foetus. Eating small, frequent meals throughout the pregnancy is important as you are expected to gain between 11-16 kilos, depending on your initial weight. Most of the extra calories should be protein as they are the building blocks.

    Do you want to know the “Estimated date of when your baby is due?” Check out Cloudnine’sPregnancy Due Date Calculator now!

    Below are some pointers that you should take care of- Your diet should be well-balanced, it should include fresh fruits, grains, and vegetables.

    – Cereals that are high in fibre and low in sugar are a good choice

    .- Commercially prepared food often contain an excessive amount of salt so these should be consumed sparingly.

    Dieting to lose weight, even for obese women isnât recommended. As some weight gain is essential for the normal development of the foetus.

    – Most doctors recommend that pregnant women should take prenatal multivitamins containing iron and folate daily.

    – Do not smoke, drink alcohol or do drugs as these may lead to growth retardation, mental deficiency and craniofacial or musculoskeletal abnormalities of the foetus.

    Ginger capsules may help with nausea in pregnancy, however consulting the doctor before ingesting any medicine is a must.

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    What Feelings Can Happen

    Mood swings are normal during pregnancy. But if you feel nervous or down all the time, it could be a sign of something deeper going on. Stress over being pregnant, changes in your body during the pregnancy, and everyday worries can take a toll.

    Some pregnant women may have depression or anxiety:

    • Depression is sadness or feeling down or irritable for weeks or months at a time. Some women may have depression before getting pregnant. But it also can start during pregnancy for a number of reasons for example, if a woman isn’t happy about being pregnant or is dealing with a lot of stress at work or at home.
    • Anxiety is a feeling of worry or fear over things that might happen. If you worry a lot anyway, many things can stress you out during pregnancy. You might worry that you won’t be a good mother or that you can’t afford to raise a baby.

    Pregnant women may have other mental health issues, such as:

    It’s important to treat mental health concerns during pregnancy. Mothers who are depressed, anxious, or have another issue might not get the medical care they need. They might not take care of themselves, or they may use drugs and alcohol during the pregnancy. All of these things can harm a growing baby.

    If you have a mental health issue, talk with your doctor so you can get the help you need during and after your pregnancy.

    First Trimester: Business As Usual

    How can I take care of myself during pregnancy? | Cloudnine Hospitals

    For most of your first month of pregnancy, you’re unlikely to notice much of a change in your body or your feelings. In fact, many women don’t begin to suspect they’re pregnant until close to the end of that first month. Soon enough, however, the physical changes make themselves felt. This can be a time of wonder and excitementbut it’s also the time of your most raging hormone-based symptoms .

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    Feel Healthy During Pregnancy

    As soon as you found out youre pregnant, the next possible thing youre going to do is schedule an appointment with your doctor. The doctor will look at your medical history to know if you have any pre-existing conditions that may be risky for your pregnancy.

    You will undergo various tests, so your doctor will know where to focus on your health. However, if you know how to live a healthy lifestyle, risks can be prevented. These are some tips that could help you in taking care of yourself during pregnancy.

    For more guides on pregnancy, parenting, and childcare, visit My Miracle Baby at

    Start Making Preparations For Baby

    If youre someone who likes having things organized and planned, this pregnancy self-care tip is for you. While you cant know what is going to happen throughout your pregnancy , putting together lists of things you need to get done before the baby arrives can help you feel like youre in control, which can reduce anxiety. Just make sure the list is manageable and realistic and dont stress on getting every item checked off. Focus on the most important things first.

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    Take Care Of Those Pesky Pregnancy Symptoms

    The lead up to birth can be beautiful, but it can also include less-beautiful things like morning sickness and all the aches and pains of carrying a baby around for 9 months! So here are a few of our favourite soothing, relaxing remedies to ease symptoms and give yourself a treat.

    If you are in need of a hot water bottle you need to try this full body bottle that can be cuddled, wrapped over the shoulders or worn as a belt around the lower back to target wherever you need it to warm the most.

    A cup of tea is truly the ultimate relaxer – but pregnant women are meant to avoid caffeine what’s a girl to do?! Well, Milkmakers crafted this caffeine free prenatal tea specifically for you. It helps to soothe the occasional heartburn and nausea which can occur during pregnancy, and its mild enough to keep you hydrated and nourished with its supportive natural ingredients – even when your stomach is so upset you can’t seem to keep anything down! Its vital to get your nutrients in, so if cravings are making your diet difficult this tea is a great option. For more information on caffeine in pregnancy, why not check out our past blog

    Exercises To Avoid In Pregnancy

    Pregnancy Self
    • do not lie flat on your back for long periods, particularly after 16 weeks, because the weight of your bump presses on the main blood vessel bringing blood back to your heart and this can make you feel faint
    • do not take part in contact sports where there’s a risk of being hit, such as kickboxing, judo or squash
    • do not go scuba diving, because the baby has no protection against decompression sickness and gas embolism
    • do not exercise at heights over 2,500m above sea level this is because you and your baby are at risk of altitude sickness

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    Schedule A Doctors Appointment

    Checking in with your doctor when you first find out youre pregnant is a good place to start. They may want to run some blood and urine tests, which can pick up things that might have you feeling a bit blergh, like low iron levels. Getting this info straight-up means youll be back to feeling better ASAP.

    Know When To Take Medicines And Vitamins

    Keep in mind that taking unprescribed medicines during pregnancy is strictly prohibited. Consult your doctor before taking any medicine, even if youre only taking vitamins because, some medicines can cause defects to your baby, especially if youre taking it during your first trimester.

    You must also ask for your doctors advice in taking vitamins. Pregnant women should only take 400 micrograms of folic acid a day. If you need more, then perhaps you need to ask your doctor. You should not take any supplements or vitamins without the approval of your doctor.

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    Follow Your Care Providers Instructions

    The first tip for pregnancy self-care we want to share is to listen to the advice of your prenatal care provider. After all, you chose someone who you trust with the health of you and your child, so take their recommendations seriously and follow guidelines they give you on exercise, nutrition, and general wellness. Always attend your scheduled prenatal visits and talk to your provider if you have questions or concerns about your pregnancy. They are a great resource you should take advantage of during this time.

    Final Tips For Pregnancy Self

    10 Pro Tips for Pregnancy Self-Care (How to Be Your Best Self During Pregnancy)

    While theres really no right or wrong way to self-care, whats important is that the actions you choose to focus on during pregnancy should empower you and lift you up to be a happier, healthier version of yourself.

    Get creative, experiment, and figure out what works best for you and your growing baby, all while sticking to whats realistic and feels good.

    You got this, mama!

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    Plan A Healthy Prenatal Diet

    Let’s talk food! It’s more important than ever to eat a healthy diet full of all the nutrients you and your growing baby need.

    While you’re technically “eating for two” now, the average woman only needs to take in about 300 more calories a day than usual, according to American Pregnancy. Weight gain guidelines depend on your initial BMI, so talk with your doctor about what is healthy for you.

    Keep in mind this list of foods pregnant women should avoid. If you’ve eaten some of these foods or had a drink in the weeks before you knew you were pregnant, don’t worry too much. Just pay attention to the “food rules” from now on.

    Dos And Donts Of Your First Trimester

    • Blog
    • Dos and Donts of Your First Trimester

    After finding out youre pregnant , you may start to feel a little anxious. What can you do? What can you not do? What foods and drinks should you avoid? With so much information out there, it can quickly become overwhelming. That is exactly why weve put together this list of dos and donts for your first trimester, so you can make the best possible decisions for you and your baby during this important phase of pregnancy.

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    The First Trimester Of Pregnancy

    What is the first trimester?

    A pregnancy lasts for about 40 weeks. The weeks are grouped into three trimesters. The first trimester is the time in between fertilization of the egg by the sperm and week 12 of a pregnancy.

    A womans body goes through many changes during the first 12 weeks of a pregnancy. Women often start to have concerns over:

    • what to eat
    • which types of prenatal tests they should consider
    • how much weight they might gain
    • how they can make sure their baby stays healthy

    Understanding a pregnancy week by week can help you make informed decisions and prepare for the big changes that lie ahead.

    Assess Your Exercise Routine

    Taking Care of Yourself and Baby During Pregnancy

    Finding out you’re expecting might inspire you to become a fitness fanatic. After all, exercise helps many pregnant women manage everything from mood swings to excessive weight gain to aches and pains. But moderation and consistency are vital to safe prenatal exercise.

    Generally in the first trimester, it’s safe to continue whatever exercise routine you had before, as long as it doesn’t involve heavy lifting, potential falls, extreme heat or humidity or abdominal twists. Walking and swimming are ideal forms of prenatal exercise for most women. Discuss your exercise routine with your doctor.

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    Movement Or Gentle Exercises

    Think you need to be sedated and refrain from exercising altogether during pregnancy? Oh no!

    Staying mobile during this time will benefit you in many ways, from your ability to better cope with the added weight imbalance and discomforts, and will also help your body prepare for labor and delivery.

    Just try gentle exercises, stretches or prenatal yoga which can help you become more centered and breathe properly for deep relaxation. Check locally for in-person classes, or even prenatal yoga online as an easy pregnancy self-care routine.

    Be sure to keep it simple and not over-exert yourself as pregnancy exercises need to be done cautiously to avoid injury.

    What Happens To A Womans Body During The First Trimester

    In the first trimester, a womans body goes through many changes. The body releases hormones that affect almost every single organ in the body. The first sign you may be pregnant is missing a period. As the first few weeks pass, some women experience the following:

    • tiredness

    You may need to rest more or eat smaller meals during this time. Some women, however, dont feel any of these symptoms at all.

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    Try To Manage Your Symptoms

    Every woman gets to tackle different symptoms at different stages of their pregnancy period. However, fatigue, breast soreness, constipation, mood swings are some of the common symptoms experienced during the first trimester.

    You can share a word with other mothers or talk to your doctor on ways to ease your symptoms. Or direct towards the self-exploration trail.

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