How To Use Clearblue Pregnancy Test

What Is The Clearblue Digital Pregnancy Test

How to use Clearblue Digital Pregnancy Test

The Clearblue Digital Pregnancy Test is the only pregnancy test that also comes with a weeks indicator, letting you know how many weeks pregnant you are at a glance. The Clearblue Digital Pregnancy Test uses clear words to tell you if you are pregnant or not pregnant, so you know your test results right away without having to decode any confusing lines and indicators.

Do Expired Pregnancy Tests Work

Once a pregnancy test expires, the antibodies it uses to detect hCG levels begin to break down. This means the test may not be able to detect hCG levels that a nonexpired pregnancy test could, which could lead to a false negative result. A false negative can delay decision making, and care.

You may be wondering if an expired pregnancy test can result in a false positive. Pregnancy tests work by detecting the hCG hormone, which is usually only present if youre pregnant. False positives are extremely rare. If you use an expired pregnancy test and its positive, chances are youre pregnant. But because the test was expired, its not considered accurate and you need to test again with a non-expired test. Whenever you see a positive result, whether the test is expired or not, its important that you see your healthcare professional.

So the next time youre cleaning out your bathroom drawers, check the expiration dates on any home pregnancy tests you have on hand. Make sure to store your tests appropriately and take the tests as per usage instructions. This includes being mindful of expiration dates. Disposing of expired tests will give you some peace of mind and ensure accuracy the next time you need to test.

What Do My Pregnancy Test Results Mean

When your Clearblue Digital Pregnancy Test is complete you will see your pregnancy test results right away, which will display the words pregnant or not pregnant clearly on the indicator. Your weeks indicator test result may take a little longer to display, but when it does it will display one of three options:

  • 1 2: this means you are pregnant and conceived approximately 1 2 weeks ago.
  • 2 3: this means you are pregnant and conceived approximately 2 3 weeks ago.
  • 3+: this means you are pregnant and conceived more than 3 weeks ago.
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    Best Overall: First Response Early Result Pregnancy Test 3 Tests

    • Early detection

    • App converts line results into words

    • #1 best selling

    • Expensive

    This bestselling pregnancy test can provide results up to six days before your missed period so you dont have to sit around wondering. Data shows that the First Response Early Result manual tests findings are also especially accurate, likely because it can detect all four of the different forms of hCG found in urine. Your result should appear in three minutes. And if you are taking the test the day of your expected period, you can expect to get a 99 percent accurate reading.

    Reviewers say that this brand is the gold standard of pregnancy tests, and many add that they wont use any other brand. They also liked that you get three individually-wrapped sticks in a pack, so you can try again if need beor just hold onto the extras for next time you need to take a test.

    Number of tests: 3 | Display method: Line test | Result time: 3 minutes

    How Do I Know If My Pregnancy Test Has Expired

    How To Use Clear Blue Pregnancy Test : 6 Best Pregnancy ...

    All Clearblue® pregnancy tests have clearly marked expiration dates on the bottom of the box and on the foil wrapper of each test. So its fine if you take tests out of the box and then discard it, but you should never unwrap a test until youre ready to use it. Clearblue® pregnancy tests are meant to be stored in their foil wrappers until theyre ready to be used immediately.

    The expiration date is based on when the test was manufactured. Its important to check the expiration date when you buy your test as the expiration date may be sooner than you expect. Make sure to check the expiration date every time you test as well. A two-pack of tests you purchased more than a year ago could have unexpectedly expired.

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    Make Sure You Follow The Instructions

    Make sure you read the instructions on any Clearblue® or any other brand of pregnancy test first. Although many tests will have a similar procedure to follow, other details, like how long you need to wait for the results, interpreting the results, and even when you can take the test will vary. If you need the instructions for any of our tests, you can download them below.

    When Can I Test With Clearblue Rapid Detection Pregnancy Test

    Clearblue® Rapid Detection Pregnancy Test can be used as early as 5 days before your missed period . If you test before your expected period and get a ‘Not Pregnant’ result, there is still a chance that you may be pregnant. See the chart below for results from lab testing of Clearblue® Rapid Detection with early pregnancy samples.

    Number of days before the expected period -1
    % of samples from pregnant women giving a ‘Pregnant’ result 98% 56%

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    What Other Types Of Pregnancy Tests Are There

    Pregnancy tests are either performed at home or in an office. At-home tests use a plastic-encased testing strip with an exposed tip that you place in your urine for five seconds. You can do this midstream while going to the bathroom or collect a urine sample in a cup and dip the strip.

    In-office pregnancy tests are offered at a doctors office, health clinic, hospital, urgent care clinic, or other healthcare center. You will get a clinical urine test or blood test. The urine tests used in an office are not necessarily better than ones you would take at home, whereas a blood test can provide more information than a urine test, especially early on. These tests determine whether hCG is present and in what amount.

    Clearblue With Colourchange Tip

    How to use Clearblue Early Detection Pregnancy Test

    The Clearblue withColour Change Tip pregnancy test is the first test to give a clear +or sign to indicate whether or not you are pregnant thereare two windows, one is a control window which shows that you have donethe test properly and the other is the results window if you are pregnanta blue plus sign will appear and if you are not pregnant, a blue minussign will appear. The system has been designed to prevent any confusionand make results easier to interpret.

    As with all other homepregnancy tests, the colour change tip test tests for the presence ofHCG the test can be used up to four days before your period is duebut you are less likely to get an accurate result as the concentrationof HCG may be too low to show up on the test. Clearblue pregnancy testscome in packs of two, which offers better value for money and enablesyou to keep one test for a few days later, when the levels of HCG shouldbe higher. If you get a positive test, this is almost certainly reliable however, if you get a negative result, you may wish to repeat the testas you may not have done it properly or you may have done it too early.

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    Pregmate 100 Ovulation And 20 Pregnancy Test Strips

    • Has both pregnancy and ovulation tests

    • Budget-friendly

    • No applicator

    For couples trying to conceive, this pack of ovulation and pregnancy tests can be a massive help. You can use the much-loved Pregmate ovulation strips to figure out when the ideal time for intercourse is, and afterward, you can easily determine if you were successful with the pregnancy test strips. This product is no-fuss, accurate, and budget-friendly, making it a no-brainer.

    People who purchased this kit loved how easy it was to read their results and track their cycle. A few even called it the best item theyd ever purchased!

    Number of tests: 20 pregnancy / 100 ovulation | Display method: Line | Result time: 5 minutes

    Confidence With The Clearblue Pregnancy Test Early Detection

    If a woman has a feverish pregnancy, the time until the missed period can pass painfully slowly. With the special Clearblue early detection pregnancy test, however, you can shorten the waiting time and test whether you are pregnant or not 5 days before your period is due . With a sensitivity of 10 mIU / ml, Clearblue Early detects tiny amounts of the pregnancy hormone hCG in the urine, so that you can prepare for pregnancy as soon as possible and plan your first visit to the doctor.

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    How Early Can You Take A Pregnancy Test

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    When youre trying to conceive, taking a pregnancy test can be more exciting than attending your favorite bandsconcert or tasting the most amazing new dish. After taking this test, youll either keep tryingor youll move on toOvia Pregnancy!

    After getting busy during ovulation, its normal to be champing at the bit to take a test, but if you test too early, it could be misleading. So, how soon can you get an accurate result?

    You can test once hCG can be detected

    After the egg is fertilized, it travels to the uterus and implants itself in the uterine wall. At this stage, tiny amounts of the pregnancy hormone, hCG, start to appear in your urine. hCG is the hormone that all home pregnancy tests detect. Certain pregnancy tests like the Clearblue Early Detection Pregnancy Test can detect hCG in the urine up to 6 days before a missed period .1

    The benefits of testing early

    Ovia can help you determine when youre approaching the right time to test and from then on, youre free to test whenever your heart desires. Finding out youre pregnant early is a huge plus for several reasons. You can quell those Am I pregnant? jitters, start preparing to try again, or get a head start on pregnancy preparations.

    Finding a pregnancy test that works for you

    How Do Home Pregnancy Tests Work Differently From A Pregnancy Test At The Doctor

    How To Use A Clearblue Pregnancy Test : Clearblue Triple ...

    The short answer to this question is that for urine tests, the home pregnancy test is not very different than the one you get at your doctor or midwife’s office. A test kit that you buy may come with more packaging and more detailed instructions, like how to collect urine, but it is essentially the same kit that you will find in any medical office.

    Now, there are also blood pregnancy tests. A blood pregnancy test is also looking for the hormone hCG, though it is screening your blood. These are ordered by your doctor or midwife. It can be ordered in two varieties: quantitative or qualitative . A qualitative blood test is basically the same as a urine testit determines whether or not there is hCG. Though a blood test can usually find slightly smaller levels of hCG, so it can usually help you find out a day or two sooner.

    A quantitative blood pregnancy test will actually give a number, a measurement of how much hCG is found. This number is given typically in mIU/ml . This number can be used in a number of ways. One way is that a certain number can correlate to the length of your pregnancy. This may be helpful in dating a pregnancy.

    Blood pregnancy tests are generally only done for women who are having problems in their pregnancy or require special testing.1 Even if you go to your doctor’s office for a pregnancy test, the vast majority of them will offer you a urine test.

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    Can You Have 3 Positive Pregnancy Tests And Not Be Pregnant

    Chemical pregnancy Its possible to have a positive pregnancy test even if you arent technically pregnant. This is called a false positive. Its sometimes caused by a chemical pregnancy. A chemical pregnancy occurs if a fertilized egg, known as the embryo, is unable to implant, or grow, very early on.

    Which Test Is Right For Me

    All Clearblue pregnancy tests are designed with women in mind, and include unique and innovative features to make them easy to use and easy to read, so you can be confident in your result, helping reassure you when you need it most.

    There are other tests out there that dont tick these boxes.

    Strips and Cassettes are the most basic types of test. They are often small, and not easy to use as they involve multiple steps, including collecting a sample before testing. When you are excited or anxious , it can be easy to make a mistake or worry you have made a mistake. And studies have shown that 1 in 3 women can misread these types of tests, making them some of the most difficult types of tests to use and read.6

    Nearly three-quarters of women prefer to test directly in their urine stream. Studies have shown midstream tests like Clearblue are convenient, hygienic and easy to use.6

    With Clearblue you can also choose to test early Clearblue Digital Ultra Early Pregnancy Test gives results from 6 days before your missed period.1 Or for the most information about your pregnancy of any test, try Clearblue with Weeks Indicator, the only test that can also tell you how many weeks since you conceived. However, if youve already missed your period and just want a fast result, then Clearblue Rapid Detection could be the test for you.

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    How Does The Clearblue Pregnancy Test Work

    • The Clearblue Pregnancy Test work on the principle that hCG hormone starts coming in a womans urine after she has conceived.
    • The level of the hCG hormone doubles after every 48 hours. The hCG antibodies are present on the test strip.
    • When urine reaches these hCG antibodies, they attach to the hCG particles if present in the urine and give color.
    • This is what you see as the test lines.
    • The control lines just react with your urine contents and show the color to validate the functionality of the apparatus.

    Clearblue Pregnancy Test Results

    How to Use Video: Clearblue Pregnancy Test with Weeks Indicator (UK)

    When you take the Clearblue pregnancy, test one line immediately turns blue. It is the control line, and it only shows that your pregnancy test is working correctly.

    The Clearblue digital pregnancy test shows an hourglass until results appear. The rotating hourglass in the Clearblue, digital pregnancy test, is a sign that the pregnancy test is in working condition.

    • Clearblue pregnancy test positive: Clearblue pregnancy test shows a positive pregnancy test in many ways. Even if you ever took Clearblue pregnancy test, you need to read instructions. It is because the Clearblue Advanced pregnancy test and standard test are very different. The Clearblue Advanced pregnancy test writes the weeks along with pregnant. The Clearblue early pregnancy test shows a plus sign which means you are pregnant. You must check with your doctor.
    • Clearblue pregnancy test negative: Negative Clearblue pregnancy test is the result when you are not pregnant. The Clearblue Advanced pregnancy test will show not pregnant.
    • Clearblue pregnancy test false negative: If you take the Clearblue pregnancy test too early, then you may get a false negative result. There is nothing to worry about. It merely shows that you took the test too soon. You can repeat the test a little later after a day or two.

    Faint line in pregnancy test is a sign that you are pregnant. No matter how faint positive Clearblue pregnancy test it means you are pregnant.

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    Clearblue Digital Pregnancy Test

    • Easy one-step test
    • Clear No more interpreting lines the display will show an unmistakably clear Pregnant or Not Pregnant result in words
    • Accurate Over 99% accurate from the day your period is due.
    • Brand most recommended by Doctors in the UK
    • 4 days early can be used up to 4 days before your period is due.

    The first sign of pregnancy for most women is when a period doesnt start. Other signs, such as morning sickness, breast swelling and tiredness generally appear later.You can quickly check if you are pregnant with a pregnancy test. Pregnancy Tests detect human Chorionic Gonadotrophin , a hormone that starts to be produced about a week after conception and can be found in your urine .Clearblue pregnancy tests work by detecting the presence of hCG in urine. They are all over 99% accurate in laboratory tests when used from the day your period is due. Some of the tests in the range are so sensitive that they can be used up to 4 days before your period is due .Whether you are trying to get pregnant or trying to keep from getting pregnant, when you miss your period you want to know immediately if you are pregnant or not. Clearblue are the market leaders and these tests are fast, accurate , reliable and an easy alternative when you require immediate discreet results in the privacy of your own home.

    How do I do a Clearblue Digital Pregnancy Test?

    Please note, these are abbreviated instructions. Always read the in-pack leaflet before carrying out a test.

    An Overview Of Home Pregnancy Tests

    By Robin Elise Weiss, PhD, MPH

    Home pregnancy tests are sold almost everywhere. You can find them in most stores, from your major retailers to your grocery store, convenience store, and even discount stores.

    Simply having pregnancy tests readily accessible, however, doesn’t help you decide whether or not you should take a pregnancy test, nor does it tell you whether or not you should believe the results. So, how do these things work? And which one should you take to get the most accurate answer? Yes, there are a lot of questions about home pregnancy test kits. Here are some answers.

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