What Is Best To Prevent Stretch Marks During Pregnancy

Benefits Of Using Preventative Stretch Marks Cream During Pregnancy

Best HACK To Prevent Stretch Marks During Pregnancy (NO EXPENSIVE CREAMS!!)

Aside from getting rid of unwanted stretch marks, there are some benefits that you can get from using such preventive creams. Check them out and be aware of the advantages of these creams.

  • Most stretch marks cream enhances collagen production which renews the skin and makes it tighter, firmer and younger-looking!
  • The hydraulic acid ingredients are an effective safe formula in keeping your skin hydrated and fresh.
  • It evens out the tone of your skin which makes it look healthier.
  • Aside from those, these creams enhance skin elasticity that compress your skin into its original shape.

Palmers Cocoa Butter Formula Skin Therapy Oil

LittleBabyGear Verdict: Cheap & Good Moisturizer With Some Drawbacks

This is one of the best-selling moisturizing body oils. It has 13K+ positive reviews on Amazon, but not all of them are from expecting mamas.

Thanks to nutrient-rich formula, Palmers Oil relieves damaged and dry skin, improves skin tone, reduces the appearance of wrinkles, scars and stretch marks. Its also suitable for skin with eczema and lots of people who have eczema scars has testified its effectiveness.

Another advantage of this product is its non-greasy and non-staining formula. You wont have to worry about oily stains on your PJs or clothes!

This moisturizer is a composition of oils from: canola, sesame seed, cocoa seed, argan, sunflower seed, and rosehip. They hydrate the skin deeply and leave it silky soft and firmer. They also reduce the appearance of marks which helps to even skin tone.

Moreover, thanks to vitamins A and C, and essential fatty acids contained in rosehip oil, skin cell regeneration is improved. It includes vitamin E too, which reduces the visibility of scars, stretch marks and other skin imperfections.

Nevertheless, there are some synthetic ingredients that I dont like, e.g. isopropyl myristate, cetearyl ethylhexanoate and fragrance. Use your own mama instinct and make your own decision if youre okay with that. On the positive note, Palmers brand states that this tummy oil is phthalates-free and paraben-free.

Best Stretch Mark Cream For Sensitive Skin

Price: $$This lightweight, creamy body butter aims to prevent and relieve dry, itchy skin without leaving a greasy residue. Free of petroleum, parabens, and artificial fragrances, this lush lotion is formulated with organic herbs and oils geared especially toward preventing stretch marks, such as aloe and shea butter.Since its been clinically tested for irritation, its ideal for people who have skin sensitivities. Many reviewers prone to rashes, eczema, or breakouts report that they were able to use this cream with success, and a handful say its light, refreshing scent is reminiscent of a Creamsicle or fruity cereal.

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Avoid Brisk Weight Gain

When you gain a lot of weight rapidly, your skin pulls in all directions. This mechanical stress on the skin often leads to tissue tears, contributing to the formation of stretch marks.

Its completely normal and healthy for you to gain weight when a baby is growing inside you, but it is best if it happens gradually and in a controlled manner. Sudden and excessive weight gain will not give your skin enough time to adjust to the growing body and will put you at a higher risk of stretch marks.

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Its no secret that with pregnancy often comes the possibility of stretch marks. In addition to making some people feel self-conscious, all of the stretching skin can also be very uncomfortable for pregnant people, and a high-quality stretch mark cream can often help in both of these situations.

When shopping for a stretch mark cream during pregnancy, consider the ingredients and your skin type, and how the two will work together. Moreover, because stretch mark creams typically have to be used more than once a day, dont forget to keep cost in mind as you may be buying often. There are several different types of stretch mark creams and belly moisturizers from super thick cocoa butter-based to oil, because of this it can be tough to know what to get.

Weve gathered some of the best ones on the product to help you narrow down your options and determine which is the right one for you.

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Use Natural Ingredients To Fight Stretch Marks

If you notice those hideous red lines starting to appear on your belly, dont panic, it is best not to let the problem get worse. For it you can prepare at home a mixture of coconut oil, shea and almond oil. Once ready, smear it on your skin at least four times a day, during the entire pregnancy stage.

Side Effects And Risks Of Using Stretch Marks Oil

If youll skip label check, theres a possibility that youll encounter some side effects and risk in using stretch marks oil. Chances are, youll pretty much experience some kinds of allergic reactions. Here are some of the symptoms to let you know better:

  • Rashes
  • Redness
  • Itchiness

So as to avoid experiencing these symptoms of allergic reactions, always do a label check and only purchase oils from the trusted and well known brands.

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What Causes Stretch Marks During Pregnancy

Stretch marks are actually tiny tears in the supporting layers of tissue under your skin as it’s pulled tight during pregnancy.

Whether or not you get stretch marks has a lot to do with the elasticity of your skin. You can mostly thank genetics: If your mother had stretch marks, chances are greater that you probably will too. Lifestyle habits, including eating well and exercising regularly, also promote skin health and elasticity.

One last important factor affecting the likelihood of stretch marks is how much weight you gain during pregnancy and how quickly. Rapid weight gain makes you more prone to this badge of pregnancy. The faster your skin stretches, the more likely it is to leave a mark.

How 8 Sheep Organics Body Lotion Works

How to Prevent Stretch Marks During Pregnancy!

Well, two of the main ingredients in the lotion are coconut oil and mango butter. As you now know after reading the article above, these are two incredible agents for fighting stretch marks.

The best part of implementing this product into your skin care routine is it doesnt just minimize the appearance of stretch marks and leave your skin moisturized, feeling silky smooth.

It brings an array of other benefits to the table as well. The magnesium in it is part of what makes it so magical. This is what helps with insomnia. And as you are likely aware, motherhood means you will have to compromise on sleep. Unless of course, you use Sleepy Body Lotion! Additional benefits of the lotion include:

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Question: Does Wearing A Bra During Pregnancy Prevent Stretch Marks

  • Which brand bra is best?
  • Wearing a fully-supporting maternity bra will reduce your chances, or reduce the severity, of stretch marks.

    Having proper support for your breasts during pregnancy and nursing will prevent sagging, which in turn will help prevent stretching, damaging, and tearing skin tissue all of which will cause stretch marks.

    How Do Stretch Marks Form

    Skin is naturally pretty stretchy due to the collagen that makes up our skins structure. When it is stretched too quickly or too much , it does not give the collagen enough time to do its job, causing breaks in the skins connective.

    These breaks are what we see as the dreaded stretch mark. Stretch marks are considered scars. And we all know scars do not like to go away. So prevention is key!

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    Choose Loose Clothing And Citrus

    Another way to combat stretch marks is wear loose cotton clothing to allow good circulation to your skin. Fitted clothing does not help you at all, much less pants or garments that tighten the belly. This will undoubtedly cause more and deeper stretch marks to appear. Eating citrus fruits or applying a cream that contains them also helps to combat the appearance.

    Supplement Your Skin From The Inside

    6 Easy Ways To Remove Pregnancy Stretch Marks  [An ...

    Healthy skin is the result of collagen, a natural-occurring substance in your body, which keeps skin firm and elastic.

    To keep a healthy supply of collagen, you need to each a nutritious diet and get enough vitamin C in your diet, as its important for boosting your own production of collagen. Vitamin C is found in many vegetables and fruits, which are also part of a healthy diet.

    Vitamin D is also important for reducing stretch mark risks. You get vitamin D naturally from spending time in the sun or from dairy products and supplements.

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    How To Reduce The Appearance Of Stretch Marks During Pregnancy

    We firmly believe that nothing makes you feel more like a woman than being pregnant. Youre growing a new life inside you!

    Your body is changing to make that possible. Youre preparing yourself mentally and physically to love and nurture your new little one into a happy and healthy baby… What could be better?

    But some of the changes that come with pregnancy can be less than appealing. Stretch marks are one such change that were sure youd rather do without.

    What exactly are stretch marks? How do they form? And, most importantly, youre probably wondering how to reduce the appearance of stretch marks during pregnancy.

    The baby experts at Mustela are here to answer your questions about stretch marks and give you pointers for treating them. Lets jump in.

    Use Proper Sun Protection

    Sunscreen alone cannot prevent stretch marks, but it does improve the skins overall health and appearance in general.

    Sun exposure may make existing scars and marks more noticeable. It also significantly increases the risk of skin cancer. Use an effective sunscreen when out in the sun.

    In addition, , making a person more at risk of stretch marks.

    A range of sunscreen products is available for purchase online.

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    What Causes Pregnancy Stretch Marks

    In short, pregnancy stretch marks are caused by stretching skin!And like Ive said, there are a few different instances people will develop stretch marks, but pregnancy is definitely a prime time for it to happen because in some cases, your skin can stretch very rapidly.

    Theres also research that shows the way an increase in cortisone can cause stretch marks to appear. In other words, an increase in cortisone levels can increase the probability or severity of stretch marks by reducing the skins pliability. A cosmetic way that non-pregnant people combat this is with collagen injections that increase pliability!

    During pregnancy, more and more women are starting to add collagen into their diets to help with this. This is certainly not my area of expertise, but something I encourage you to discuss with your provider!

    Stay Hydrated And Moisturised


    The skin is damaged easily , with dry skin which makes it more vulnerable to stretch marks. Thus, keeping the body hydrated helps your skin and keep it supple and elastic.

    Keeping your body hydrated during pregnancy is one sure way to reduce and prevent the onslaught of stretch marks on your body. When your body is moisturized well and supple, it gets flexible, and it increases without stretching too much to cause scars and stretch marks.

    To best way to stay moisturized is to apply StretcHeal stretch marks cream on your abdomen, thighs, buttocks, and every other part of your body that is experiencing growth. So, you need the best stretch mark prevention cream during pregnancy.

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    What May Help: Retinol Products

    Retinol, which comes from vitamin A, may help make stretch marks less obvious. It makes your skin cells shed, or turn over, faster and may make new skin grow faster, too. The catch: You have to start using it soon after stretch marks show up, and then use it regularly for it to work. And the type of retinol thats been shown to work is only available by prescription. Talk to your dermatologist about whether you should try it.

    What May Help: Laser Therapy

    The American Society for Dermatologic Surgery says laser or light therapy can make stretch marks less noticeable — light triggers skin changes that help stretch marks blend in. Research shows theyre most effective for medium-tone skin. Laser treatments can be expensive, and it can take 20 sessions to see results. If you go the laser route, see a board-certified dermatologist or plastic surgeon who has worked with your skin tone.

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    Laser Or Light Treatment

    Laser as well as light therapy are verified methods to dramatically boost the look of stretch marks, although they are very expensive.

    Laser therapy is one of the newest therapies for stretch marks that appears to be effective in minimizing their look.

    Pulsed color lasers and extreme pulsed light can improve the appearance of stretch marks as well as enhance collagen production gradually.

    A plastic, cosmetic, or skin doctor will certainly accomplish these procedures. Prevent Stretch Marks From Pregnancy

    Make certain to use a completely trained as well as certified health care professional.

    An individual might need up to 20 treatments to see a 20- to 60-percent improvement in their stretch marks. Treatment can be costly.

    Getting The Best Stretch Marks Oil For Pregnancy

    How to Prevent Pregnancy Stretch Marks

    When I was pregnant, massaging my tummy was one of the mostrelaxing things to do at the end of the day. That relaxation was best paired upwith a reliable stretch marks oil, to prevent the stretch marks from appearingaround your tummy.

    Stretch marks oils give moisture and reduce the chances of you getting stretch marks. They are also effective in lightening your previous stretch marks. It is best to choose an oil that is packed with vitamins and minerals, making your skin supple and less inflamed as you go on with your wonderful pregnancy journey.

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    Moisturize From The Inside Out

    Eating lots of good quality high fats like avocado, nuts, seeds, fish and oils will help lubricate your skin from the inside. Adding flexibility to your cells will reduce damage when your baby starts taking up all the room in your womb, and your belly expands.

    Moisturize With Oils And Butters

    Olive oil, coconut oil, and cocoa butter are natural moisturizing agents that can help hydrate your skin without getting absorbed into the bloodstream or causing any side effects such as rashes or irritation. The better lubricated the skin, the less likely it is to tear.

    While these topical products are quite popular and may provide short-term hydration, none of these have been proven to significantly impact the long-term appearance and persistence of stretch marks.

    Olive oil and cocoa butter, in particular, have been well studied and not found to help reduce stretch marks.

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    Apply A Stretch Marks Cream Or Oil

    The best way to prevent stretch marks during pregnancy is to use a specially formulated Stretch Marks Cream or Stretch Marks Oil. These products feel great when applied and they go a long way toward keeping your skin soft, supple, and stretch mark-free during pregnancy.We suggest a product with natural ingredients like avocado peptides, beeswax, shea butter, pomegranate, and baobab. Bao-what? Yes, some of these ingredients sound sort of strange.

    But though you may have never heard of them before, they are outstanding at helping your skin withstand stretching, improving its elasticity, and keeping it feeling soft, smooth, and silky.

    Best Drugstore Stretch Mark Cream

    How to prevent stretch marks during pregnancy!

    Price: $$ This unscented drugstore find from Burts Bees is great for moisturizing your skin both during and after your pregnancy. Its formulated using 99 percent natural ingredients and is free of phthalates, parabens, petrolatum, and sodium lauryl sulphate .In addition to moisturizing ingredients like cocoa, shea, and jojoba butter, this cream also contains sweet almond, sunflower, and coconut oil, which makes it ideal for soothing sensitive skin.Reviewers rave that this cream helps to nourish stretched skin and prevent stretch marks from forming, and that its creamy consistency is absorbed easily so you wont feel greasy or sticky after application.

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    Are Stretch Marks Painful Or Dangerous

    If youve never had stretch marks before, you might wonder if theyre painful or dangerous. The good news is that while theyre unsightly, stretch marks are neither painful nor dangerous.

    In fact, the majority of women will get stretch marks during their pregnancy . And theyre no worse for the wear!

    If you have the urge to scratch your stretch marks, this is also common. Itchy stretch marks probably mean you have dry, itchy skin.

    But another cause of itching is a pregnancy rash called PUPPP or PEP. This itchy rash begins in stretch marks and spreads to other areas. While its fairly common, doctors arent quite sure what causes PUPPP.

    Regardless, this annoying rash is harmless to both mom and baby and goes away by itself within a couple of weeks after delivery.

    But enough of the technical stuff! Lets get to the best ways to reduce the appearance of stretch marks during pregnancy.

    Palmers Cocoa Butter Lotionfor Stretch Marks

    Another best stretch marks cream for pregnancy is this one from Palmers. Take care of your pregnancy skin as you take good care of the baby inside you. The Palmers Cocoa Butter Lotion for stretch marks can be your favorite go-to lotion! What I love about this lotion is its non-greasy, so it is perfect for a pregnant womans always hot and sweaty body.

    This lotion dramatically improvesskin elasticity, texture, and tone to prevent the occurrence of stretch markseffectively. It is recommended that you continue using this product even afteryour pregnancy to ensure that your skin is well nourished.

    The Palmers Cocoa Butter lotionis made out of the finest materials, which are explicitly made to protect yourgentle preggy skin.

    Other Features:

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