What Lotion Is Good For Stretch Marks During Pregnancy

Best Organic Stretch Mark Cream

How to Prevent and Treat Stretch Marks During Pregnancy

Price: $$$ Made without parabens, sulfates, synthetics, or artificial fragrances, this organic skin butter is formulated to prevent stretch marks and improve skin elasticity. It contains macadamia nut, shea and cocoa butter along with grapeseed and sweet almond oil. These natural ingredients create a light, subtle scent, making it ideal for mamas-to-be with sensitive noses.Fans of this butter say it locks in moisture and soothes dry, itchy skin. They also warn that, due to its thick, buttery consistency, you need to use the heat of your hands to melt it before applying it to your skin.

Try Enhanced Silicone Fusion Stretch Mark System With Mustela

As mentioned earlier, a topical stretch mark treatment cream is only effective to soothe and moisturize the top layer of the skin. Since stretch marks form because of structural dermal changes, its imperative to treat them at the deeper skin layers of the dermis. When moisture is only applied to the top of the skin, and not retained in the deeper skin layers collagen production cannot be increased.

An increase in collagen production, as well as a strengthening of collagen and elastin fibers, helps the skin to heal and reduces the appearance of stretch marks.

A great product to use in combination with Mustela Stretch Marks Cream, or by itself, is the Enhanced Silicone Fusion Stretch Mark System from dermaclara.

These 100% medical-grade silicone patches have been used by surgeons to remove scars for over 30 years. Now, this breakthrough technology is used as an effective stretch mark prevention, treatment, and removal solution.

Best Multiuse Stretch Mark Cream

Price: $ Free of mineral oils, parabens, and phthalates, this hydrating lotion was created specifically to prevent and treat stretch marks. Its ingredient profile includes cocoa and shea butter along with sweet almond and argan oil. This sweet-smelling lotion moisturizes your skin to improve skin elasticity, texture, and tone.Even though its thick and creamy, reviewers say it absorbs well so you wont have any stickiness after application. In addition to targeting areas of your body prone to stretch marks, it doubles as a body moisturizer that you can use everywhere.

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Best Overall: Burt’s Bees Mama Belly Butter With Shea Butter And Vitamin E

  • Thick texture takes time to rub in

  • Requires three applications a day to see results

For something sensual and hard-working, check out Palmers Cocoa Butter Formula Massage Lotion for Stretch Marks. Another Amazons Choice product, this crowd favorite is made with a special skin-strengthening formula thats safe for all skin types and has the results to back it up. Let the vitamin E work its magic while you enjoy a massage that smells great, thanks to shea butter and cocoa extracts.

Formula Type: Lotion | Quantity: 8.5 oz

When Should I Start Using A Stretch Mark Cream In Pregnancy

Top 7 Best Lotions For Pregnancy Stretch Marks

A stretch mark treatment regimen requires daily self-care and should be a part of an everyday skincare routine pre, during, and post-pregnancy. This helps the skin look smooth, healthy, toned, and stretch-mark-free.

If you are planning a pregnancy, it is best to start moisturizing the skin right away as a preventative stretch mark treatment. Deep hydration helps with collagen production and skin elasticity.

Stretch marks typically appear between 13 to 21 weeks of the pregnancy, and they will affect 8 out of 10 pregnant women. This is the perfect time to begin applying deeply hydrating creams that can help fade stretch marks before they mature and become more difficult to remove.

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Fantastic Cream No Smell No Stickiness

Adore this cream. I dont like unnecessary fragrances, and this is truly fragrance-free. It also soaks into the skin instantly without leaving any sticky, sweaty, or creamy residue. Im weeks away from my due date and have no stretch marks. Will likely keep using this cream as a moisturizer post-pregnancy.~Anon

National Brands With Pregnant

Palmer’s is the most widely used brand that treats stretch marks during pregnancy. Their stretch mark lotion contains shea butter, cocoa butter, and vitamin E, all benign enough not only to be safe for you and baby but also hypoallergenic. However, there are other top-selling brands that have products suitable for pregnant ladies, such as Curel’s Hydratherapy and Aveeno’s 24-hour Moisturizer.

Dermatologists also recommend Cetaphil for pregnant women. Shea butter is the primary ingredient in this as well, which has a host of benefits that can help pregnant women with the physical challenges that come with hormone fluctuations, including acne, stretch marks, dry skin, and “restoring skin elasticity.”

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Which Cream Should I Use For Stretch Marks

  • BioOil skin care oil. If you’re looking for this product that can be used as a massage, conditioner, and moisturizer, your search ends here.
  • Burts Bees Mama Bee Belly Belly Butter. This stretch mark lotion is a great option for those looking to add extra nutrients to their skin.
  • Merry Cream body cream for stretch marks and scars.

Who Do They Affect Most

Best HACK To Prevent Stretch Marks During Pregnancy (NO EXPENSIVE CREAMS!!)

Since stretch marks are genetic, they typically affect women who have mothers or sisters with stretch marks. If the other women in your family did not get stretch marks during pregnancy your risk is a lot lower!

If you noticed you got some stretch marks while you were going through puberty, youre also at a higher risk for having them during your pregnancy.

In addition, stretch marks affect women of darker complexion more so than lighter complexion.

If you have any reason for your stomach to be getting larger, quicker, youre also at a higher risk for development. This would include twin pregnancies, gestational diabetics, and women who carry more amniotic fluid.

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How To Fade Stretch Marks After Pregnancy Pictures

Exfoliating products effectively stimulate the skin’s regeneration process and are one of the best ways to get rid of stretch marks after childbirth. Combine two tablespoons of raw milk, a few drops of lemon juice and cucumber juice, and half a tablespoon of sugar. Apply to stretch marks and rub in circular motions for about five minutes.

What Are Stretch Marks And How Do They Form

Stretch marks are basically small scars located in the middle layer of your skin that are visible in the top layer of skin . They form when rapid weight gain or hormonal changes stretch the skin beyond its ability to repair itself. Thats why theyre called stretch marks.Your skin has an amazing ability to stretch and adapt thanks to its collagen and elastin fibers. But when your skin stretches too fast or too far, it can tear slightly. When this happens, your body will immediately start working to heal the new scars. Despite our bodys natural defense mechanisms, small scars can still show up once everything is healed.

Any sort of quick weight gain or rapid growth spurt can lead to stretch marks, which means stretch marks arent just for pregnant womenStretch marks are most often associated with pregnancy because pregnancy hormones, like cortisol and estrogen, reduce the activity and effectiveness of the fibroblasts in your skin. This, in turn, reduces the collagen and elastin that give your skin its stretchiness. Couple that with your growing belly, thighs, and chest, and conditions are just right for stretch marks to form.

Every womans body and every pregnancy is different, but if you do develop stretch marks, youll probably start noticing them at the end of the second trimester or sometime during the third trimester. They usually form on a pregnant moms stomach, thighs, bottom, hips, and chest.

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Take Care Of The Rest Of Your Skin

When youre on a mission to eliminate the stretch marks left over from pregnancy, its important not to neglect the rest of your skin in the meantime! Your new-mom body is still going through a lot and under a lot of stress.

As you figure out breastfeeding, dont forget to take care of your tender nipples with Nursing Comfort Balm. Also, show some TLC to your breasts, neck, and neckline with Mustelas Bust Firming Serum, which hydrates to tone and give your skin a firmer look and feel.

Drink Plenty Of Water

8 Best Stretch Mark Prevention Cream During Pregnancy ...

Youll hydrate your skin from the outside with a moisturizing balm, but you should also hydrate your skin from the inside-out. Thats right, were talking about drinking lots of water!

Staying well-hydrated helps your entire body work like its supposed to and that includes your skin. Drinking plenty of water helps your skin cells function correctly, repair themselves, and ward off stretch marks.

If you find that you cant quite drink the recommended eight glasses of water each day, try sipping on hot tea throughout the day or whipping up your own lemon water or cucumber water to keep things interesting.

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Do Stretch Mark Creams Really Work

As mentioned earlier, stretch marks canât be prevented 100 percent, but thousands of mums have tried and tested some of the best stretch mark creams in the market and based on their reviews as well as clinical studies, most of them are found to be effective in reducing the appearance of stretch marks.

The trick is to start early on in your pregnancy. Consistent use of an effective stretch mark cream can help reduce the visibility of stretch marks. Find a good stretch mark cream that not only comforts your skin, but also provides the essential skin-loving nutrients it needs to stay hydrated, soft and healthy. Based on extensive research, stretch mark creams should provide you with:

  • Moisture and Hydration to prevent dry skin and formation of stretch marks
  • Skin Tightening Properties to tighten, repair and bring back supple skin
  • Safe Ingredients for both mum and baby

Key Ingredients To Look For In A Topical Pregnancy Stretch Mark Cream

Almond Oil is an oil expressed from bitter almonds. It is rich in vitamin D, and E. Almond Oil helps to maintain skin elasticity and hydration

Cantella Asiatica is a small herbaceous plant native to the wetlands in Asia. It prevents the progression and the appearance of stretch marks and stimulates fibroblasts cell production. Fibroblasts help to synthesize collagen.

Chamomile is a European plant from the daisy family. When placed directly on the skin, it reduces skin itchiness and irritation that may be associated with stretch marks.

Cocoa butter is a fatty substance obtained from cocoa beans. It’s great for reducing hyperpigmentation and has moisturizing effects.

Coconut oil is a fatty oil obtained from a coconut. Coconut oil has anti-inflammatory properties and it increases the skin capacitance

Collagen and elastin hydrolysates promote cell adhesion.

Crow Berry is a fruit which contains mostly water. It has strong antioxidant properties.

Darutoside is a botanical ingredient that improves skin elasticity and a more regular alignment of the collagen matrix.

Hyaluronic Acid helps with hydration and anti-inflammatory effects.

Licorice extract is from the licorice plant and it helps to reduce pigmentation.

Olive oil is rich in vitamin E and softens the skin. However, no positive effects have been demonstrated on stretch marks in clinical trials.

Vitamin E comes from a group of lipid-soluble compounds that work as an antioxidant and skin barrier stabilizer.

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Massage Your Skin To Reduce The Appearance Of Stretch Marks During Pregnancy

Moisturizers and stretch mark creams only take a few minutes to apply. But if you take just 10 more minutes to massage these products into your skin, you can supercharge your bodys stretch mark prevention potential.Gently massaging stretch mark-prone areas offers four benefits:

  • It keeps skin supple and elastic
  • It pushes the cream deep into your skin where it can do the most good
  • It breaks up any stretch marks that may have started to form
  • It directs blood to the skin to keep everything healthy

To get the most from your stretch mark massage, we recommend first applying a healthy dollop of cream to your fingertips. Then, massage this cream into your skin using gentle pressure and small circular movements. Do this every day for amazing results.

Who Gets Stretch Marks

When to Use Stretch Mark Cream During Pregnancy

Women tend to get them more than men, though men can get them too. They most commonly affect women in pregnancy particularly in the second and third trimester when your bump is growing most quickly but also affect children in puberty and anyone gaining weight quickly.

Annoyingly, they can also suddenly appear as you lose weight. Stretch marks are also genetic, so if your mum got them, chances are you will too.

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Best Budget Stretch Mark Cream: Palmers Cocoa Butter Massage Lotion For Stretch Marks

Palmers Cocoa Butter. Smells amazing and keeps you moisturised literally all day you can feel it when changing before bed.

With its distinctive chocolatey scent, Palmers Cocoa Butter has been a favourite among mums with growing bumps for years and it continues to impress today.

It may not have fancy packaging or premium credentials, but you can pick up a bottle in most supermarkets and, for less than £4, you can afford to slather it on with impunity. It also seems to improve the skin’s condition and possibly prevent stretch marks.

Cocoa and shea butters keep your skin moisturised and supple for up to 48 hours and, in tests, 98% of women saw improved elasticity within eight weeks.

What Causes Pregnancy Stretch Marks

In short, pregnancy stretch marks are caused by stretching skin!And like Ive said, there are a few different instances people will develop stretch marks, but pregnancy is definitely a prime time for it to happen because in some cases, your skin can stretch very rapidly.

Theres also research that shows the way an increase in cortisone can cause stretch marks to appear. In other words, an increase in cortisone levels can increase the probability or severity of stretch marks by reducing the skins pliability. A cosmetic way that non-pregnant people combat this is with collagen injections that increase pliability!

During pregnancy, more and more women are starting to add collagen into their diets to help with this. This is certainly not my area of expertise, but something I encourage you to discuss with your provider!

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When Should I Start Using Mustela Stretch Marks Cream

This is a great product to use in the first month of your pregnancy through postpartum to help skin appear noticeably smoother, restored, and refreshed. Use it twice a day, each morning and in the evening. Its best to apply Mustela in thin layers, onto stretch mark prone areas like the abdomen, hips, thighs, and breasts.

Brands That Are Just For Pregnant Women

Top 7 Best Lotions For Pregnancy Stretch Marks

Earth Mama Organics brand is just for you and your baby. As a nurse-turned-botanical genius, Melinda Olson grew her business from her garage and provides all women with safe, effective products. She even provides a pregnancy planner. Bonus! If there was ever a company that went through the effort of meeting all of its target market’s needs, Mamma Mio is it! The brand is an offshoot of Mio skincare, but when they thought of pregnant women and their skin, they thought of everything. The company even offers the option to shop for skincare products by trimester on their site.

So, enjoy using lotions, but just use the right ones that do not contain any ingredients that could potentially harm your baby. This way, you can engage in the most important activity before your baby’s delivery date: spoil yourself! Go ahead. You deserve it.

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What Are The Benefits Of Almond Oil In Pregnancy

Almond oil is one of the most effective natural remedy in controlling stretch marks. The results are very prominent in women who were regular in applying almond oil for pigmented skin during pregnancy.

Sometimes the chemical lotions or creams available in market may induce allergy and cause rashes in pregnant woman. In such scenarios, applying natural remedies for stretch marks is much suggested. This is why almond oil is most simple and natural cure for marks.

How To Avoid Getting Stretch Marks In Your First Trimester

Once that you are expecting, start moisturizing the areas where stretch marks are most likely to occur like your stomach, lower back, breasts, and hips. Stretch marks happen when the fibers just underneath the skins surface break apart due to the pressure of rapid weight gain. A good moisturizer helps support the skins elasticity, making it less prone to tear when your body starts growing.

In the morning, apply on a rich cream that gives lasting hydration. You could opt for natural products like coconut oil, shea butter, or creams that consist of vitamin E. Another right way to defend your skin is to manage your weight gain during this trimester. Keep an eye on your weight. Gaining a healthy amount of pregnancy weight may help keep pregnancy stretch marks to a minimum since this prevents your skin from overstretching.

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Best Stretch Mark Prevention Cream: Clarins Stretch Mark Minimizer

As a manufacturer of luxury skincare and cosmetics, Clarins is a brand you can trust. Thats why we have confidence in their Stretch Mark Minimizer, a targeted and effective treatment for the reduction of stretchmarks due to pregnancy, puberty or weight changes. It increases your skins suppleness and fades discoloration, gradually reducing the appearance of stretch marks whilst soothing and comforting your skin.

The cream spreads well and the whiteness disappears quickly, absorbing fast into your skin without leaving any residue. It isnt sticky but feels soft and silky. It leaves a slight glow, but isnt too shiny.

It has a fresh, clean smell, although as you massage it in it changes into a slightly more chemical or clinical aroma. However, overall this is a good choice for someone who doesnt like scented products. It is also worth bearing in mind that although you can use this for stretch marks caused by pregnancy, it is not clear whether it is safe to use during pregnancy or while nursing.

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