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Dr. Raul Valdezcruz Explains OBGYN Visits During Pregnancy

There are many possible reasons why you may not be able to get pregnant, and sometimes infertility occurs for unknown reasons. But Dr. Brodnik has years of experience with infertility care and treatments and can create a personalized plan for you and your partner.

At whatever stage you are in your pregnancy or whether youre in need of infertility or family planning care Dr. Brodnik at Bluefield Women’s Center offers the highest quality services available. Call the office to get started, or schedule an appointment online.

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    • Weightloss Management

Get Ready To Answer Mental Health And Lifestyle Questions

Most prenatal healthcare providers will ask some questions about your mental health, both currently and in the past. Theyll want to know about risk factors, such as your history of anxiety, depression, eating disorders, schizophrenia and bipolar disorder. We want to identify if there is anything in this persons experience in the past that will affect their care going forward and if any additional supports are needed,says Murray-Davis. Your healthcare provider will also ask and answer questions about your diet, exercise routine, sexual activity and travel. Theyll talk to you about the importance of taking a prenatal vitamin with folic acid regularly to prevent neural tube defects and counsel you on avoiding certain foods and drinks . If youre wondering whether you can keep training for that 10K or book a babymoon in a tropical locale, now is the time to ask.

Postpartum Care: Breastfeeding And Coping With Your Newborn Baby

Once your baby is born its not time to forget your OBGYN just yet. In fact just the opposite. Book a few follow-up appointments with them to make sure that you are coping well at home both physically and mentally. Theyll answer any questions you may have about breastfeeding, childcare or any issues you may notice with the baby such as sleeping, feeding or growth.

You can also discuss birth control options if you are not looking to conceive immediately.

Your OBGYN will be a great guide during the entire process of pregnancy before, during and after. They come with a wealth of knowledge, experience and expertise so be sure to visit them as often as necessary to help keep your pregnancy progressing smoothly and safely.

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Your Obstetrician’s Role During Labour And Birth

If you have an uncomplicated birth at a public hospital as a public patient, you probably won’t need an obstetrician. But an obstetrician will be available to manage any complications or emergencies.

In a private hospital, your obstetrician may visit you during your labour, but you’ll mostly be cared for by midwives. Your obstetrician will manage any complications and some interventions, and will attend the birth .

Youre Bleeding In Between Periods

When Should You See An OB

Bleeding a little bit in between your period is called spotting and is normal for most women.

If you begin to bleed more than normal at this time, though, its important to keep an eye on. If your spotting becomes heavy, frequent, or painful, you should see your gyno right away.

This can be a sign of infection, cysts, and in rare cases, cancer. As discussed earlier, certain contraception methods can also result in period changes, and a different method might be needed.

These are questions your gynecologist can answer for you.

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How Much Does An Obstetrician Cost

If you need to see an obstetrician as a public patient, it will be covered by Medicare. If you are not covered by Medicare or by another arrangement, you’ll need to pay the full cost.

If you see a private obstetrician, you will need to pay the difference between any Medicare rebate and the obstetrician’s fees, hospital costs and other expenses. Some of this might be covered by private health insurance, if you have it.

Obstetricians generally charge a pregnancy ‘management fee’ at 28 weeks’ gestation. This is usually the highest fee component. They might charge you additional fees for antenatal consultations, the delivery and postnatal care. There may also be private hospital costs not covered by private health insurance.

After private health insurance rebates, the overall cost of an obstetrician, private hospital birth and postnatal care can range from $2,500 to $20,000. Without insurance, the cost can range from $9,000 to $30,000. The cost might be higher if you or your baby need special care or a long stay in hospital.

Know When To See A Gynecologist

While an annual pelvic exam is recommended, there are symptoms that warrant an extra visit to the gyno.

If youre wondering when to see a gynecologist, keep an eye on any changes you experience. Changes in the color or order of vaginal discharge sensations such as itching or burning painfulness of sex or heavy bleeding in-between periods mean you should set up an appointment.

Even symptoms you may have experienced your entire life, from debilitating cramps and unusually intense mood swings can be helped with a visit.

Every person is different, and it takes a specialized doctor to make sure your female reproductive organs are in top health and treated according to those differences.

If you live in New York, be sure to check out our gynecological services.

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Choose A Caregiver And Make Your First Appointment

If you opt for private care then you have a few choices to make. Who your prenatal caregiver will be is a highly personal choice, whether its an obstetrician, GP or midwife.

Your first appointment is usually scheduled for around the eight week mark. The heartbeat is usually visible from six weeks, or two weeks after the missed period, and many doctors will schedule the first appointment after this, says Dr Zinn.

When it comes to government hospitals, youll need to go to the one nearest to where you live. Or you can visit a Midwife Obstetric Unit if there is one nearby.

Either way, you will most likely give birth with the help of a midwife, unless your pregnancy runs into complications. In this situation you will be transferred to an academic training hospital. At your first appointment you will get your clinic card.

This card will be filled out at each appointment and must remain with you throughout the pregnancy. When given an appointment date, make sure to stick to it as there are long waiting lists if you miss one.

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You Don’t Have To Swear Off Beauty Products During Pregnancy

MY FIRST PRENATAL VISIT | First Sonogram Footage, & What to Expect for your First OBGYN visit

There is so much information and misinformation about using beauty products during pregnancy. Dr. Sherry Ross, an OB/GYN at Providence Saint Johns Health Center in Santa Monica, California, says dont sweat it.

“When you use hair dye or hair-coloring preparations, a small amount of dye can penetrate the skin of the scalp but there is no harm to a developing baby,” she explains. “Most researchers agree it is unlikely that use of hair products before or during pregnancy would increase risk of any problems to an unborn baby.”

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Find A Healthcare Professional That Best Suits Your Needs

Who you see for your prenatal check-ups depends on what type of care you want, where you want to give birth and if you have any health complications to consider. You couldcall your family doctor first, but you may want to book directly with a midwife or an OB/GYN because theyre often in high demand. Generally, most healthcare practitioners recommend that you book your first prenatal appointment at around eight to 10 weeks.

What Can I Expect At My Initial Obstetrical Visit

At this first visit you can expect to have an ultrasound in order to ensure that the dating of your pregnancy is what we expect from your period. For those patients who are not certain of their last period date the dating will be established from the initial ultrasound. The optimal dating ultrasound is obtained during the 7th week up to the 12th week of pregnancy. We typically would like you to schedule your initial visit during your 8th to 10th week. If you previously had a miscarriage or an ectopic pregnancy we would like to see you during your 6th to 8th week of pregnancy. By your 11th to 12th week we are typically able to obtain the fetal heart rate by doppler. An ultrasound will be done at each visit until that point.

Your doctor will go over in detail your medical, surgical, social and family history. We will ask detailed questions about any chronic medical problems such as diabetes, hypertension, and thyroid disorders. We will also need to know specific information about your menstrual period and prior pregnancies. Your social history such as whether you smoke or drink alcohol will also be assessed. We will go over your nutritional goals. A medical assessment will be done and blood work as well as cultures will be done at the first visit.

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Questions To Ask Your Obgyn At The First Prenatal Visit

Congratulations, you are pregnant! After peeing on countless sticks, you are ready to see your OBGYN for that first prenatal appointment. A new pregnancy can fill you with so many emotions, ranging from excited to nervous to anxious. But, the first prenatal appointment can be an excellent time to get to know your OBGYN or Midwife as well as answer all your questions about what to expect in the coming months and hopefully relieve some of your anxiety.

As an OBGYN/fertility doctor and also having been in the shoes of a pregnant patient myself in the past , I have a unique perspective for what is typically discussed at the first visit as well as what questions may still arise.

As you get ready for your first visit, consider asking the following 10 questions as you embark on your pregnancy journey:

1. Confirm your due date

You may be 1000% sure of your due date because you were tracking your periods and ovulation and timing intercourse , but you should confirm your dates with your OBGYN as they may change depending on when ovulation and implantation occurred.

2. What lifestyle changes should be made?

Important questions to ask include: which foods should be avoided in pregnancy, exposures to environmental toxins, avoidance of certain beauty products , recommendations on sleep and travel, etc.

3. What is an appropriate amount of weight gain in pregnancy?

4. What pregnancy symptoms can you expect each trimester?

5. Which vitamins and/or supplements to be on

Lungs Heart Breasts And Abdomen

How Often to See Your OBGYN During Pregnancy: Glow ...

Your doctor will listen to your heart and lungs with a stethoscope. They may suggest additional tests, such as an electrocardiogram or chest X-ray, if any abnormalities in breathing or heart rate are detected.

Your breasts will be examined for the presence of lumps. If a lump is found, your doctor may perform an ultrasound, mammography, or biopsy.

During an examination of the abdomen, your doctor will gently press on your liver and spleen to determine whether they are of normal size. An enlarged organ can be a sign of a serious medical condition.

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Group Beta Strep: Between 35 To 37 Weeks

According to the American Pregnancy Association, 25% of all healthy, adult women test positive for the Group B streptococcus bacteria. Although this is not usually a threat to their health, it can be passed to the baby during delivery and put the baby at risk. Your doctor will prescribe antibiotics to protect your baby.

Gestational Diabetes And Anemia: Between 26 To 28 Weeks

Diet and exercise can reduce your risk of gestational diabetes. However, some women still develop gestational diabetes for reasons that doctors do not fully understand. If you develop gestational diabetes, your doctor may recommend treatments ranging from diet adjustments to insulin injections. See this helpful Mayo Clinic guide for more information.

Anemia, or a lack of healthy red blood cells, often develops during pregnancy as your blood volume increases. This deficiency can usually be remedied with iron supplements or vitamins. See this American Pregnancy Association guide for more information.

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Ob/gyn Located In Princeton Wv

Whether youre thinking about getting pregnant, or whether youre well on your way, its important to take care of yourself and your baby throughout the entire pregnancy process. Randy Brodnik, DO, FACOG, at Bluefield Women’s Center provides services for pregnant women and their families before, during, and after pregnancy. Located in Bluefield, West Virginia, Dr. Brodnik offers family planning services, prenatal care, postnatal care, and more in a comfortable and friendly environment. No matter what stage of pregnancy youre in, Dr. Brodnik can help: Call or book an appointment online to get started.

Your Doctor Will Ask For Your Medical History Including:

OB-GYN Gets Pregnant! | VLOG: Conceiving in a pandemic, Pregnancy Tests, and More!
  • Medical and/or psychosocial problems
  • Blood pressure, height, and weight
  • Breast and cervical exam
  • Date of your last menstrual period
  • History of abortions and/or miscarriages
  • Hospitalizations
  • Medication allergies
  • Your familys medical history

Your healthcare provider will also perform a physical exam which will include a pap smear, cervical cultures, and possibly an ultrasound if there is a question about how far along you are or if you are experiencing any bleeding or cramping.

Blood will be drawn and several laboratory tests will also be done, including:

  • Hemoglobin/ hematocrit
  • Rh Factor and blood type
  • Rubella screen
  • Varicella or history of chickenpox, rubella, and hepatitis vaccine
  • Cystic Fibrosis screen
  • Specific tests depending on the patient, such as testing for tuberculosis and Hepatitis C

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Ask For Testing Or A Referral

According to the American Society for Reproductive Medicine, if you’ve been trying to get pregnant for more than a year, even if you have no other symptoms of infertility, you should talk to your doctor about having fertility testing done. If you’re over 35 and have been trying for at least six months, you are 40 years old or older, or if at any age you have a condition known to cause infertility, you will need to have prompt testing and treatment.

Most doctors will take your concerns seriously and either start testing or refer you to a fertility specialist, but not all doctors are willing to take action when they should. You might be told that you are “too young” for infertility and that you need to try to get pregnant for longer than a year. Some people are told that they are overweight and therefore need to lose weight to conceive and to only return to their doctor if weight loss doesn’t help them get pregnant.

The problem with putting off testing is that some causes of infertility worsen over timeeven when you’re young. You can still decide to lose weight or try a little longer to get pregnant after you have had testing.

What Is Prenatal Care And When Should I Make An Appointment

Prenatal care is the health care that you receive while youre pregnant. It includes regular checkups and testing to monitor the health of you and your baby. Getting early prenatal care improves the chances of a safe and healthy pregnancy.

If you suspect you may be pregnant, you should schedule a visit right away with Dr. Brodnik to begin prenatal care. If youre not yet pregnant but are thinking about it, you should schedule a preconception care visit with Dr. Brodnik ideally at least three months before you start trying to conceive. During this visit, youll learn what you can do to prepare your body for pregnancy.

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Your Pms Is Out Of Control

While some women experience more intense cramping, others have extreme PMS symptoms.

If your emotions before or during your period seem more heavily impacted than others you know, you might have premenstrual dysmorphic disorder .

PMDD can negatively impact your life as symptoms can include increased conflict with others, depression, anxiety, and fatigue.

A gynecologist can discern if youre suffering from PMDD and give you the help you need.

To Monitor Your Progress And The Health Of Your Baby

Swerve vs Stevia

As your pregnancy progresses you will likely have monthly appointments with your doctor just to check how youre doing and how the pregnancy is advancing. If youre suffering from things like morning sickness, heartburn, constipation or swollen joints its also another good reason to visit your doctor. OBGYNs have seen just about everything and can give helpful advice on how to best manage your symptoms.

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Pregnancy Is Seriously Stressing You Out

Stress not only affects our body physically, but also our emotions and behaviors. And if you’re carrying a passenger in the womb, stress’s negative consequences can affect you both. “When a newly pregnant mom is stressed, chemicals are released that can affect her growing baby, putting the child at greater risk for depression, irritability, and a more sensitive temperament,” says Sherry Ross, M.D., OB/GYN in Santa Monica, California. Whether it’s your first term or third term, speak with your doctor about the levels of stress in your life so he or she can suggest activities that help lower stress, like taking warm baths, practicing breathing exercises or attending yoga classes.

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Calculate Your Due Date

Human gestation takes 38 weeks, so you can calculate your due date by counting 40 weeks from the first day of your last period. Why?

Because conception typically occurs about two weeks after a womans last period begins, explains Cape Town obstetrician Dr Manasri Naiker. Most women realise theyre pregnant after they miss their next period, which means that conception took place two weeks before.

If youre absolutely sure of the date of conception, by all means use that, and to get an exact due date, add 266 days. Remember, though, that your baby will likely make up his or her own mind exactly when to make an appearance.

Try: Due date calculator

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