Where To Buy Cute Pregnancy Clothes

How Many Maternity Outfits Do You Need


How much maternity wear do you really need to buy? Enough to get you started and then you can add pieces if you find gaps in your wardrobe.

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What You Dont Need

If youre pregnant during winter, then you may want to buy a warm coat that will fit. But you dont need special maternity cardigans to layer with, pregnancy vests, etc. You can just use the ones you already own as those items can be left open at the front and worn with basic maternity tops.

And while you need some good, versatile maternity tops , they dont need to be expensive. Unless youre snagging a support tank , buying basic mix-and-match items are the perfect way to shop for affordable maternity clothes and save some money!

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Best Cute Maternity Work Wear: Loft

If your job requires you to look professional and put-together , youll likely need some great work clothes to see you through your pregnancy when your go-to trousers and pencil skirts are feeling a little too snug. Head to Loft, a brand that can be trusted when it comes to workwear separates, printed blouses and a sharp blazer. Maternity Striped Crossover Back Yoke Utility Blouse, $91, loft.com

What Our Editors Say

The Best Places to Buy Cute Maternity Clothes at All Price ...

“Some of my favorite work pants and dresses came from Ingrid & Isabel. The fabrics held up well and stretched with my body. The brand also makes sexier, form-fitting dresses when I wanted to show off my bump. I felt like the investment was worth it since the clothes didn’t wear and tear.” Lauren Levinson, Editorial Director, Verywell Family

The unofficial home of designer maternity wear, A Pea In The Pod is a great place to shop for flattering styles at any stage of your pregnancy, including post-partum. If your budget is higher, you can shop fashion-forward denim, workwear, and more from brands like Frame, Citizens of Humanity, Splendid, and Paige.

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Best Online Maternity Clothes Stores In Canada

Not sure where to buy cute maternity clothes in Canada? Luckily, everything from comfy maternity bras to trendy dresses and rompers can be shopped online.

Shopping for clothing isnt always the easy and fun movie montage we want it to be. In fact, plenty of us struggle with fitting rooms and finding the time to shop and there are often more misses than hits, which is why its no surprise that more and more people are shopping online. Now, shopping for maternity clothes when youre pregnant or recently postpartum? Its likely not at the top of your list given a constantly changing body, and, did I mention that lack of time?

Dont fret. There are more online shops than ever that offer great and often affordable maternity clothes in Canadaand not just leggings and nursing tops . Were talking fun dresses, great work wear and comfortable lingerie. In many cases, online retailers like Thyme Maternity, H& M and Old Navy have even more to offer and better variety than their in-store selection. And with better return policies and lower shipping costs than ever, it would be a big mistake if you didnt dip your hopefully-not-too-swollen toes into the online retail scape. So, you might just want to carve out a bit of time to get shoppingfrom the comfort of your home, of course.

Where To Find Cute Maternity Clothes

Welcome to the Pregnancy Necessities Carnival!This post was written for inclusion in the Pregnancy Necessities Carnival hosted by Parenting God’s Children. Today, participants share what they simply cannot live without during their pregnancies or what to gather for their upcoming new addition. Please see the full list of links to the other carnival submissions at the end of this post. Enjoy! comfortablehugBut I believe you can be comfortable and chic, and happy in your maternity clothing.non-exhaustive list of places to shop for maternity clotheswork from home

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Where To Buy Affordable Maternity Clothes:

  • Facebook groups: This is the new version of yard sales. You can always find a Facebook groups in your local area for moms selling maternity clothes, used toys and baby clothes. This is where youll find clothes at the lowest prices and some of the clothes will even be brand new.If you dont know of any local Facebook groups then ask your friends or search for your city name on the Facebook search bar.
  • Zulily: This is a discount online site and they have very good deals on all kinds of things: baby, toys, kids, home, clothes, shoes and also maternity clothes. The downside is that shipping can take a while and the prices are still more than what Id like to pay for maternity clothes.I have a close friend that needs more formal outfits for work and has had luck finding a great selection here.
  • H & M: This is my favorite store to buy maternity clothes and for some reason most moms that Ive spoken to didnt know H & M sold maternity clothes. Ive bought from them: maternity underwear, pants, shirts, shorts and dresses. H & M maternity pants are the only ones I wear because theyre nice looking, fit great and are comfortable. You can find some of their selection online.
  • Old Navy: I love their maternity shirts, especially for every day use. I havent found much on their stores but have found a good selection online. Plus they run sales quite often so you can save money that way.
  • There you have it! Plenty of places where you can buy affordable maternity clothes.

    Pinkblush Maternity For Instagram

    Pregnancy Tips : How to Find Cute Maternity Clothes

    Maxi dresses, overalls, sweatshirts, oh my!

    For maternity clothes that are straight off your favorite influencer’s page, PinkBlush is the spot. The online boutique has an outfit for any and every occasion to keep you feeling good in your body throughout your entire pregnancy. Along with regular maternity sizes, PinkBlush also has petite-friendly, tall-friendly, and plus sizes. One of my favorite things on its website is the scrolling feed of Instagram photos at the bottom where you can see how other women have styled their purchases.

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    Dress Barn Best Place To Buy Cute Maternity Clothes

    WHY WE LOVE IT Super cute maternity clothes.

    One place that pregnant women on a budget have always been able to rely on is Dress Barn.

    Dress Barn offers lots of cute maternity clothing that you can buy online.

    While the company has closed down its brick-and-mortar stores, theyre happy to help you find plenty of good quality mother-to-be clothes on their website.

    Weve found it very easy to assemble a maternity wardrobe in minutes without spending a lot of money.

    Best Maternity Basics: The Gap

    Building a maternity wardrobe from scratch? I would start at The Gap. They have a big selection of well-made, comfy basics, and its large collection of classic staples means you theoretically could place one large Gap order and live off it your entire pregnancythe brand carries leggings, tees, jeans, dresses, pajamas, jackets, fitness gear, and basically anything else you could want. Sizing is generally XS-XL for tees, tops, and dresses, and 0-18 for bottoms. And be on the lookout for sales it has a lot of them!

    Our pick: Maternity Pure Body Tank Top

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    Tips For Finding Quality Maternity Clothes

    When youre shopping for affordable maternity clothes, there are some definite dos and donts youll want to follow.

    For example:

    Do shop at resale stores like Facebook Marketplace, Goodwill, Once Upon a Child, and local consignment shops. You can get great deals on gently used clothing without overspending at places like Motherhood Maternity.

    Do shop sales. Plenty of places have great maternity clothes that you can sometimes find on sale, which makes a huge difference and allows you to buy nicer items for less.

    Do accept hand-me-downs. Theyre great.

    Do stick to basics when possible, which will allow you to mix and match. Paying more for 3 good t-shirts or camisoles that will last can ultimately create more outfits with less moneyjust mix up paring them with different sweaters, scarves, camisoles, blazers, etc.

    Dont show up at the mall without looking for cheap maternity clothing sales, or with your credit card and no set spending limit.

    Dont try to buy everything at once. Start with the basics and expand as needed.

    Dont shop for pregnancy clothes that arent in season unless youll be within that season in the next month or so. You dont know what youll need even if you think youre snagging a deal, if its something you wont actually wear its a great way to overspend.

    Best Maternity Workwear: Of Mercer

    Pin on Summer Maternity

    If you work in an office environment that expects you to be in business or conservative attire, the already-tough task of maternity shopping gets even harder. Of Mercer, a female-founded brand, knew this when it added its line of maternity dresses, which are simple, chic, and workplace-friendly. Sizing is XS-XL, and many of the dresses are nursing-friendly for after your baby is born, too.

    Our pick: Bennet Dress

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    Best Plus Size Maternity Clothes: Universal Standard

    I spoke with a friend of mine, plus-size mom and influencer @MiaOMalley, and she told me that often the best bet for plus-size pregnant people is to simply size up in the brands you already know work for you. But among her favorite maternity lines during her own pregnancy was Universal Standard, which offers an inclusive, extended range of sizes, from 4XS to 4XL.

    Our pick: Iconic Geneva Dress Mom

    Boohoo Best Place To Buy Cheap & Trendy Maternity Clothes

    WHY WE LOVE IT Cheap, fresh, cute, and very cheap maternity fashion styles.

    BooHoos maternity clothes are especially suitable for days and nights out on the town.

    The online retailer has a wide range of distressed and ripped maternity jeans, original graphic t-shirts, leather maternity leggings, and off-the-shoulder tops and dresses.

    Here, you can also find some of the most usual maternity basics, from belly bands to nursing basics.

    Oh, last but not least, the prices are very inexpensive, starting from as low as $8.

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    Best Modern Maternity Clothes: H& m

    H& M is one of the best places to shop for modern yet wearable pieces even when you arent expecting, so it makes sense that this one makes the list of our favourite online maternity shops, too. There are free returns, and if you spend over $50 you get free shipping, which makes this almost completely foolproof. The best news? You wont have to sacrifice your signature stylewhatever it iswhile growing a human. MAMA Shirt Dress, $40, hm.com

    Trendy And Affordable Petite Maternity Styles

    Plus Size Maternity Clothes: Look Cute Without Going Broke!

    Ive always found that ASOS runs small in their regular clothing so I love that they carry a maternity line as well. Its great to find maternity clothes in small sizes that are trendy and affordable.

    I advise to still order a size up from your normal size as the UK/US sizing that they have can be confusing but for the most part, they tend to fit small.

    Arent the maternity dresses so beautiful? I love all of these and have ordered them already!

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    Maternity Leggings For Petite Ladies

    On the days where your belly is just feeling so big and you need extra support, theres nothing like a good pair of maternity leggings. Ive tried many that were not tight enough so that the belly area was still a little loose as well as in the thigh area. The material of these Belly Bandit leggings is a knit and not a spandex so it actually fits really well to your body and is so comfortable.

    Belly Bandit has the best belly wraps to help during pregnancy and also for recovery. I used the Belly Wrap in my last pregnancy and I plan on using it again! They have a great selection of belly wraps at Target if you want to save a little money too!

    Places To Buy Cute Maternity Clothes In 2021

    // by Elisabeth McKnight//

    Today were talking all about cute maternity clothes! Heres a list of all the best places to buy cute maternity clothes for pregnancy along with the best maternity jeans in 2021.

    Congratulations on your pregnancy! Whether youre a few weeks or a few months along, its worth it to start thinking about your maternity wardrobe.

    My first pregnancy I held out as long as I could until I got maternity clothes and that was the worst mistake. Second time around I was in maternity jeans by seven weeks.

    Here is a pretty comprehensive list of maternity stores that you can order from online, as well as some new maternity renting options.

    So, if youre hunting for a cute maternity clothes or picking up a gift card for a friend who is expecting, here are the best places to shop for clothes while pregnant:

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    Best Place To Buy Maternity Clothes

  • Love online boutiques? I think most women do! The best part of this one is its a deal site with boutique deals that make the latest styles affordable. They have a pretty great maternity tab that always has at least a handful of cute trendy items. You can also find plenty of knit non-maternity items to accommodate the bump too!
  • Zulily.comAnother deal site, but one that curates maternity wear daily! They have really customizable pieces, stuff for baby, and products to get you through pregnancy too. Youll love the cute clothes. Youll also love that they have amazing prices and they change their offerings daily.
  • H& M

    Showing 29 Of 29 Items

    The Best Places to Buy Cute Maternity Clothes at All Price ...

    The content of this site is copyright-protected and is the property of H& M Hennes & Mauritz AB. H& M is committed to accessibility. That commitment means H& M embraces WCAG guidelines and supports assistive technologies such as screen readers. If you are using a screen reader, magnifier, or other assistive technologies and are experiencing difficulties using this website, please call our TOLL-FREE support line for assistance. H& M’s business concept is to offer fashion and quality at the best price. H& M has since it was founded in 1947 grown into one of the world’s leading fashion companies.

    Become a Member you’ll enjoy exclusive deals, offers, invites and rewards.

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    Best Maternity Activewear: Beyond Yoga

    This is, without a doubt, the softest yoga stuff everand soft and cozy is a must during pregnancy. I highly recommend Beyond Yoga’s tops and pants even if you’re not a workout fanaticthis is the stuff pregnancy work-from-home dreams are made of. Sizing is XS-XL.

    Our pick: Spacedye Love The Bump Capri Maternity Leggings

    Where To Buy Cheap Maternity Clothes

    We already told you our favorite places for different types of maternity clothes some are inexpensive, while others offer high enough quality that you dont need to buy as many. Now, lets break it down a little more, telling you not just what stores we love, but also why we love them and what youre likely to find there.

    FYI: We only recommend brands we have personally tested and loved.

    So lets get to it! Here are our favorite affordable maternity clothing brands:

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    Zulily Best Flash Sale Site For Cheap Maternity Clothes

    WHY WE LOVE IT Good quality affordable maternity clothes.

    Love the thrill of a flash sale?

    Head to where maternity flash sales are plentiful and robust with great options.

    From yoga gear and comfy leggings to occasion dresses and workwear, stock up on all the basics and beyond.

    On the site, the brand has a cheap maternity clothes section labeled Under $20.

    Best Maternity Workout Clothes: Cadenshae

    Styling 1 Pair of Maternity Pants 7 WAYS | Pregnancy Outfit Ideas & Pregnancy Clothing Hacks |

    Workout gear is often stretchy, but you may find you need to reevaluate in the later months of your pregnancy, especially if you still want to get your stretch and sweat on. Consider Cadenshae, where you can shop maternity leggings, tops and sports bras so you can stay super comfortable in your skin while you break a sweat. Maternity Leggings, $90, cadenshae.ca

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