Can You Get Laser Hair Removal If Pregnant

Other Reasons To Wait Until Youre Postpartum

Is laser hair removal safe during pregnancy? Laser Hair Removal Pregnancy

One of the more common changes that can happen during pregnancy is darkening of your skin a condition called hyperpigmentation.

According to doctors at Mayo Clinic, laser hair removal is most effective when theres a contrast between the color of your skin and the color of your hair. If hyperpigmentation has made the skin on your target zone closer to the color of your hair, treatment might be less effective.

In addition, pregnancy disrupts your normal hair growth cycle. For laser hair removal to be effective, you could need as many as six treatments. Ideally, these treatments would take place during the active growth phase of the cycle. But because pregnancy hormones can change the duration of some phases, you could end up having the procedure done in the wrong phase.

Then theres the question of skin sensitivity. Pregnancy increases the blood supply throughout your body. It also stretches out the skin on your abdomen and breasts. Having laser hair removal treatments while your skin is in this tender state may be uncomfortable.

I Had Laser Hair Removal Before I Knew I Was Pregnant

Of course, I underwent several sessions of laser hair removal before without having any issues. However, a few years ago, I had laser hair removal and found out later that I was already pregnant before the hair removal procedure. Honestly, I was scared because I knew how powerful laser light could be when used on some parts of the body.

But to be candid, I did not experience any side effects of the treatment throughout my pregnancy. Besides, my baby didnt have any anomaly caused by laser light at birth.

Nevertheless, I went ahead to research the possible effects of laser hair removal on pregnancy.

From my research, I wont advise anyone to go for laser hair removal during pregnancy. You dont want to put the life of your little one at risk because you would like to get rid of unwanted hair.

Instead of laser hair removal, you should think about going for at-home IPL while pregnant. For instance,

I have utilized Homiley IPL Hair Removal Handset numerous times while pregnant without any health challenges or complications.

Generally, for safety reasons, stick to shaving with a regular electric shaving device like Homiley Lady shaver. You may resume laser treatment after 6months of lactating.

What Happens If You Get Laser Hair Removal While Pregnant

To be honest, no one can tell you the specific things that will happen if you get laser hair removal while pregnant. This is because we dont know the effects of laser hair removal on pregnancy. It is noteworthy that there is a paucity of research on this subject.

Nothing happened to me when I got laser hair removal during pregnancy. However, it has been established that pregnancy differs from one person to another. So, other women might have experienced or could experience some side effects of the procedure.

The hormonal changes during pregnancy could lead to some complications such as skin burns. If a pregnant woman has burns, it will take a lot of time for them to heal properly. Besides, the changes may also make the procedure to be less effective.

Also, there is a risk of hyperpigmentation during pregnancy. Swelling, redness, irritation, and other common temporary side effects of the procedure may also be experienced.

Dont wait to see what will happen if you get laser hair removal while pregnant. You should rather buy Homiley IPL Hair Removal Handset to remove hair from your face, legs, hands, chest, pubic region, and so on.

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Is Laser Hair Removal Safe When Breastfeeding

Yes, laser hair removal is safe to receive if you are currently breastfeeding. Most clinics will be happy to perform laser hair removal for you after you have given birth, whether you choose to breastfeed or not.

However, for the safest course of action, it is advised that you do not get laser hair removal on or near your chest after you have given birth.

Once again, this decision is made with the health of your baby in mind, as there are currently no studies on if or how this treatment has an effect on your breastfeeding baby.

Excess Hair During Pregnancy

Can You Get Laser Hair Removal When Pregnant

If youve noticed excess hair growth during pregnancy, youre not alone. Especially in the third trimester, pregnant women can notice hair in areas it has never appeared before, including the arms, breasts, neck, face, and belly. This phenomenon is caused by naturally high levels of androgen and estrogen associated with pregnancy and is completely normal.

But dont worry the extra hair growth is temporary. Most women find that the excess hair is gone within three months after the baby is born.

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Hair Growth During Pregnancy

If you notice hair growing on your body in some unusual places, such as your stomach, you neednt worry about it! In fact, its very common to find downy, light hair growing in some unexpected places during this exciting time of your life.

This condition is known as Hirutism and many women may experience it during their pregnancy because they have higher than normal levels of androgen in their bodies, which can trigger Hirutism.

You might even notice your body hair getting darker too because this can happen due to heightened levels of melanin. This is the pigment in our bodies that is responsible for our natural colouring.

The excess body hair is typically found around the stomach, nipples and the face among other unusual areas and it can also cause your hair and nails to grow too. But, dont despair the good news is that this extra hair wont stay forever and will typically disappear around six months after your delivery. However, if it doesnt go away or is getting thicker or darker past this point, its a good idea to follow up with your doctor.

However, if you are concerned about the appearance of this excess hair and would like to remove it then waxing, shaving, plucking or threading are usually safe hair removal options for pregnant women.

How Soon After Delivery Can You Set Up Laser Hair Removal

The American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists claims you need to think about postpartum care as a long-term process, as opposed to simply one visit. During your first couple of months after distribution, talk with your obstetrician on a regular basis to discuss completely your body is changing.

Your physician is the very best person to aid you determine when your hormonal agents have returned to typical and also your skin is ready to receive laser treatments. These discussions will certainly be particularly important if you have wounds or cuts from an episiotomy or a cesarean delivery.

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Pregnancy Causes Extra Sensitivity

Pregnancy boosts the bodys blood supply and stretches out the skin on the abdomen and breasts. This makes the skin extra sensitive and tender to the touch, hardly making it an ideal time to have laser hair removal treatments. Even though numbing creams and cryogenic cooling systems can help make laser sessions more comfortable, it may still cause more discomfort while pregnant than it would otherwise.

Other Reasons To Wait Until Your Postpartum

Pregnancy And Laser Hair Removal

A common change that can happen during your pregnancy is the darkening of your skin a condition called hyperpigmentation. According to doctors, laser hair removal is more effective when theres a contrast between the color of your hair and the color of your skin. Treatment might be less effective if hyperpigmentation has made the color of your skin closer to the color of your hair. In addition to this, pregnancy disrupts your normal hair growth cycle and you could need as many as six treatments for laser hair removal to be effective. Theres also the question of skin sensitivity. Pregnancy causes an increase in blood supply throughout your body and also stretches out the skin on the abdomen and breasts. Having laser hair removal treatments while your skin is in such a tender state can be uncomfortable.

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What If I Had Laser Hair Removal Before I Knew I Was Pregnant

If you had laser hair removal before you knew you were pregnant, dont worry these things can happen. Stressing over it is probably not going to do your baby any good, but that doesnt mean you shouldnt be cautious.

As we already touched on, there is no safety data on laser hair removal and pregnancy. Its best that you let your doctor know. Its their job to monitor your pregnancy and make sure that both you and the baby are healthy and safe.

Has Your Teenage Son Or Daughter Been Asking For Laser Hair Removal

Most moms remember when their daughters asked if they can start shaving. It can be an emotional moment thinking, shes growing upand once she starts, she wont stop.

However, there is a right time for everything, and these days, just a few years after asking about shaving, many daughters are asking about getting laser hair removal. The idea of saving all that time that it takes to shave, not having to worry about razor burn or shaving bumps and getting rid of unwanted body hair permanently is a very attractive idea at any age.

Its not just daughters, either. With the progressive technology of laser hair removal, many teen boys are interested in getting treated for body hair, too .

But when the kids start asking about the treatment, some parents wonder if its safe. Are the kids too young? What are the risks involved? And will laser hair removal even be effective on such young skin? Heres some info.

How Young is Too Young for Laser Hair Removal?

Professionals Only

With laser hair removaleven when its an adult being treatedmake sure the individual operating the laser is a certified, professional specialist. So of course, do your research and check into the laser hair removal technicians first. Look at their reviews and experience, and perhaps even meet them. Its crucial to make sure the specialist treating your daughter or son knows exactly what he or she is doing, since laser hair removal done incorrectly can result in serious burns and damaged skin.

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Does Pregnancy Affect Hair Growth

If youre pregnant, your body is raging with hormones. Increased levels of androgen and estrogen can result in hair growth in areas where it was never seen before, particularly in the third trimester.

There is a chance that you will discover hair growing on your belly, face, neck, or breasts. You may also notice hair on your arms and shoulders. The good thing is that this development is fairly common and generally disappears on its own when the baby is born.

Pregnancy hormones also alter the cycle of growth that your hair goes through. It delays your falling out phase, this could be the reason you have thicker, more full hair. With the hormone-induced hair growth along with the increased difficulty of reaching certain areas in your body when your belly expands, you may be wondering whether you should make an appointment to have laser hair removal instead of shaving, waxing, or applying depilatory creams.

Its not difficult to understand why women might be interested in hair laser removal and pregnancy. When youre struggling for the first nine months of your pregnancy, a bit of grooming or pampering could make a huge difference in improving your mood.

Other Options For Hair Removal

Hair Laser Removal and Pregnancy: What You Need to Know

Waxing is an option that is safe for the baby. Just be very cautious when waxing the abdomen because:

  • Abdominal skin will be stretched thin from the fetus and may be sensitive and prone to damage
  • Waxing over deep stretch marks may cause pain and/or skin damage
  • Hair dissolving creams work to chemically dissolve the protein in hair so that it can be washed away. However, please consider that these products contain harsh chemicals.

    First, be aware that studies have not been done to investigate whether these chemicals are absorbed by the fetus or are safe to use during pregnancy. Second, your skin may be more sensitive during pregnancy, so your chance of having an allergic reaction is increased.

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    Feel Free To Postpone

    If you decide to postpone your laser hair removal treatments until after pregnancy, that can be easily done here at Canova Medical. Our specialists can pick up right where you left off, making your laser hair removal treatments quick and easy. The Soprano ICE laser hair removal machine can take custom settings and our laser technicians will remember which treatment works best for your skin type. After the breastfeeding phase is complete, your body should return to its normal balance of hormones, making hair growth predictable again. After this sensitive time period, it is easy to pick up laser hair removal treatments again.

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    Can We Get Laser Hair Reduction Done At The Bikini Area While Pregnant

    As mentioned above, laser treatment during pregnancy is not recommended due to its unknown effects on developing fetus and mother. It works by causing thermal damage to hair follicles and there is always a risk to affect the woman and baby theoretically, especially in sensitive zones like bikini area. That is why it is best to avoid during pregnancy.

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    Is It Safe To Have Laser Hair Removal While Breastfeeding

    Once you have had the baby, laser hair removal treatments can be started. For clients that choose to breastfeed it is recommended for a patient to wait 6 months from the time you stop breastfeeding to resume laser treatments. This allows your hormones to return to normal. In addition, laser treatments while breastfeeding can alter the melanin production in the body, and it may lead to hyper or hypopigmentation. The numbing creams like topical anesthetics applied to soothe the pain after laser procedure can enter into the milk through your bloodstream. It is best to postpone laser skin treatments until after you have stopped breastfeeding.

    Is Laser Hair Removal Safe For Pregnant Women

    Laser hair removal during pregnancy

    Many healthcare providers advise that you do not get laser hair removal while youre pregnant.

    Laser hair removal is safe, but are currently no long-term studies that analyze the effects of laser hair treatment on unborn children. For this reason, it is best to play it safe.

    Wait until after youve given birth to begin laser hair removal treatments.

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    So what are you supposed to do with all that hair? When youre pregnant, its best to err on the side of caution and stick to shaving. Waxing, depilatory creams, and other unconventional hair removal methods are also not recommended for pregnant women. If youre concerned about hair growth, consult with your doctor before using any method other than shaving.

    Were not saying that laser procedures are unsafe for pregnant women. There simply isnt enough research to make a determination.

    If youre seeing thicker hair growth or have hair growing in new places, dont worry. Once the pregnancy hormones subside, your hair should return to your normal growth cycle about six months after giving birth.

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    Brazilian Laser Hair Removal While Pregnant

    Brazilian laser hair removal is just one of the numerous types of laser hair removal methods. It also uses a strong light to penetrate the skin and get rid of the unwanted hair from its follicle.

    Like other types of laser hair removal methods, we dont know how Brazilian laser hair removal affects pregnant women or unborn babies. In fact, I have not seen any conclusive study with results on how laser light affects unborn babies and their mothers.

    Given this, you may want to avoid this treatment completely until you have given birth. With this, you can rest assured that you are not causing any harm to yourself or your baby.

    Laser Hair Removal And Pregnancy

    As mentioned, most women experience seemingly increased hair growth during pregnancy. With all the hormonal changes happening during those nine months, it is not surprising that your hair and nails are different.

    Your body will increase its estrogen and androgen production, which are the main culprits behind increased hair growth. These hormones impact the typical hair growth stages, prolonging the anagen phase and delaying the telogen phase. Your body holds on to the hair longer than it should, leading to your hair appearing thicker.

    Rest assured its only temporary! While you might have some unwanted hair on your chin, belly and even breast, it should all go back to normal a few months after delivery.

    In any case, its these changes to the anagen and telogen stages that can make laser hair removal pregnancy more complicated.

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    Skin Changes During Pregnancy

    Stretch marks: can develop even if you are not pregnant however during pregnancy your chances for developing them are much higher. Typically the breasts and abdomen grow at a rapid rate and the skin stretches, causing a breakdown and disruption with the collagen in the skin resulting in the dreaded stretch marks. Popular to contrary belief, there is unfortunately no real way of preventing these as some women will simply have more of a genetic predisposition to develop them than others. There are various creams and lotions on the market aimed at preventing stretch marks however none have been scientifically proven or have any real research behind them.

    Stretch marks may become less noticeable after delivery, however if they are still a concern, Skin Needling treatments can offer effective treatment of stretch marks. Topical products may allow the area feel smoother, however as they cannot penetrate to the deeper layers of the skin, they will not be effective at removing them.

    Linea Nigra: is a phenomenon that develops during pregnancy and is the appearance of a fine line on the outer abdomen. During pregnancy the melanocyte cells that produce pigment become much more active/reactive. This increase in pigment production in the skin is what is responsible for the dark line on the belly. Usually this line fades once you have your baby.

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