How To Cover Grey Hair During Pregnancy

What If You Don’t Want To Dye Your Hair While Pregnant

Can You Dye Your Hair While Pregnant? | #MOMLIFE

If a pregnant person decides not to color their hair during pregnancy, that is their choice. While you are growing a new life, you could choose to embrace your grays or get back to your rootsliterallyby letting your natural hair color grow out.

If you want a quick fix for a night out, there are root touch-up sprays and powders that are temporary options. They last one to three days or until you shampoo your hair.

There are drugstore options, like the L’Oréal Paris Magic Root Cover Up, which costs around $10. There are also more high-end offerings like dpHUE’s Color Touch Up Spray and Rita Hazan’s Root Concealer Touch Up Stick, both invented by celebrity colorists.

Select Alternative Hair Treatments

Hair dye is generally safe during pregnancy, but theres no harm in being cautious. If youre concerned about potential harmful effects, choose gentler hair treatments to minimize your exposure to chemicals.

Rather than dye your entire hair, ask your stylist about highlights, frosting, or streaking to avoid applying dye directly to your scalp or skin.

Herbatint Permanent Herbal Haircolor Gel

Best Permanent Safe Hair Dye For Pregnancy

The first on my list of the best safe hair dye for pregnancy is the Herbatint Permanent Haircolor Gel. I love this dye for two reasons.

For one, it contains mostly natural ingredients like rosemary and walnut extracts that nourish your tresses while covering up the greys.

Second, it is an ammonia-free hair color that is perfectly safe for your little one and you. The best part? Its also free of GMOs, gluten, parabens, artificial fragrances, and resorcinol.

So this natural hair dye for pregnancy can be used by expectant mothers without a second thought. Here

If youre a nature-lover, Ive got good news for you. This hair dye is vegan, doesnt test on animals, and comes in a completely biodegradable packaging too!

This is a permanent hair tint that stays on for a long time. You can use it to cover greys or get a pregnancy-safe root touch up. I especially love the darker shades by Herbatint.


  • Contains mostly natural ingredients for nourishing and covering greys Rosemary and Walnut extracts.
  • Ammonia-free for safe for you and your little one free of GMOs, gluten, parabens, artificial fragrances, and resorcinol.
  • Suitable for all hair types can be used on all hair colors!


  • None that I could see this

My Ratings:

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Loreal Inoa Ammonia Free Permanent Hair Color

Best Safe Hair Dye For Full Grey Coverage

LOreal hair colors are one of the more popular brands in the market.

But if youre wondering if Loreal hair dye is safe for pregnancy, then let us assure you that the Inoa hair color definitely is! The ammonia-free dye doesnt harm you or your baby at all.

The hair color doesnt contain any strong fragrances that trigger your morning sickness either. Its formula offers 100 percent grey coverage and intense color for up to six weeks.

Want a pregnancy safe root touch up? This mini pack is a perfect choice.

Can I Color My Hair While Pregnant

Cellophane Hair Treatment Pros And Cons

Cant eat sushi, no lunch meat, no roller coasters, and no alcohol.

Your belly is growing, your boobs are huge, your feet are swelling, and the stretch marks are starting to form on your hips.

As if there aren’t enough restrictions and bodily changes that happen while pregnant, now youre not sure if you can pamper yourself!

So, can you dye your hair while pregnant?

Im sure youre not the only one whose search history looks something like:

  • Can I dye my hair while pregnant?

  • Can pregnant women dye their hair?

  • Is it safe to dye your hair while pregnant?

Youre not alone! Finding this kind of information from a trustworthy source can be difficult.

We have all of the information you need right here!

At Motherboard, we use the most up-to-date evidence to guide you in the right direction throughout your pregnancy, birth and postpartum period.

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Consider Using Henna Dyes

Some people opt for safe-to-use hair dye such as henna dyes or vegetable dyes. Henna dyes and vegetable dyes are not highly toxic like the typical hair dye used in salons.

Not only can henna dye be used to change the color of your hair, its also great for strengthening and nourishing your hair .

Vegetable dyes may only offer natural hair colors and to help with covering grey roots.

You can mix vegetable dyes and henna dyes if youre looking for a specific color!

The good news is, you can experiment with colors as much as you want because they are totally nontoxic! However, as with all safe substances, sometimes people may have an allergic reaction, so its always best to do a spot test and see how your body reacts.

Henna dyes and vegetable dyes are similar to semi permanent hair dyes. You can expect them to last about 5-10 washes.

Henna paste:

  • Will give your hair a reddish colored glaze on top of your natural hair color. For example, if your hair is blonde, it will be very bright auburn, but if your hair is dark brown it will turn out a deep red.

  • Will permanently stain any skin that comes into contact with it until that skin exfoliates.

  • May react poorly to other types of hair color after use, for example bleach may not work until the henna grows out. Also, some henna hair colors add metallic salts to their formula that can react with other types of hair color, perhaps even causing a chemical reaction and making your hair smoke!

What Is The Easiest Way To Cover Gray Hair

Gray hair can be a natural part of the aging process, or it can be caused by genetics, thyroid issues, or chemotherapy. No matter the cause, gray hair can be cosmetically undesirable. Fortunately, there are several ways to cover gray hair.

One way to cover gray hair is to dye it. There are a variety of hair dye products available, both over-the-counter and from a hair stylist. Dyes are available in a variety of colors, so it is possible to find a color that matches your natural hair color. Dyeing your hair can be a time-consuming process, and it can also be damaging to your hair.

Another way to cover gray hair is to use a hair color spray. These products are available at most drugstores, and they come in a variety of colors. Color sprays are easy to use, and they do not require any mixing. However, they can also be damaging to your hair.

Finally, you can cover gray hair by using a hair colorant. These products are available at most drugstores, and they come in a variety of colors. Hair colorants are easy to use, and they do not require any mixing. However, they can also be damaging to your hair.

The easiest way to cover gray hair is to use a hair colorant. These products are available at most drugstores, and they come in a variety of colors. Hair colorants are easy to use, and they do not require any mixing. However, they can also be damaging to your hair.

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Is It Safe To Dye Your Hair During Pregnancy

The American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists deems it safe to dye your hair during pregnancy. Its website states: Most experts think that using hair dye during pregnancy is not toxic for your fetus.”

While the data on hair dye in pregnancy is limited, we do understand that the chemicals found in semi-permanent and permanent hair dyes are unlikely to be highly toxic, and thus are probably safe to use during pregnancy, especially after the second trimester, says Temeka Zore, MD, FACOG, who is a reproductive endocrinologist and OB/GYN at Spring Fertility, as well as a Modern Fertility medical advisor.

If you dyed your hair before realizing you were pregnant, the risk of harming your unborn baby is low. You should still discuss it with your or your healthcare provider, so they can provide additional guidance if needed.

Dye does contain chemicals, but very little is actually absorbed by the skin on your scalp. Hair that is past the follicle on your head is actually dead, so there is no way for it to absorb color into your body. Very minor amounts enter the bloodstream, if any. The risk of the chemicals reaching the fetus seems extremely limited, Dr. Zore says.

Some worry that if a color is sitting on your scalp for too long, it could go into your bloodstream, though again, Dr. Zore says that risk is minor. Studies have also proven that dye produces no significant systemic exposure in humans.

Onc Natural Colors Permanent Hair Color

The Secret To Gray Coverage With NO Brassy Red Roots

Best Ammonia-Free Safe Hair Dye For Pregnancy

Another name on our list of the best safe hair dye for pregnancy is the ONC natural colors permanent color.

Why do we like this dye? Well, its free of all the bad stuff that can enter your bloodstream and cause adverse effects, like ammonia, parabens, metals, and sulfates.

It instead contains argan oil, coconut oil, and vitamin E, which are super-nourishing, especially during the time of pregnancy.

We also loved the banana scent of this hair color. So you can use it during your pregnancy and later when you dye your hair with a baby in the house. No chemical smells to cause trouble!

When you get a hair color for pregnant women, the pH should preferably be acidic. And the ONC hair color has a low pH, which is great for sensitive scalps.

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Hair Colour Safety During Pregnancy

A lot of women who are used to covering their greys wonder if they should continue doing so when they are pregnant. Most obstetricians and gynaecologists advise pregnant women to avoid colouring their hair, especially during their first trimester.

Though there are no conclusive studies to prove that hair colour used during pregnancy can cause congenital defects in the foetus or cause a miscarriage, for safety, you are not allowed to colour your greys. The main concern about the safety of hair colours arises because most traditional hair colours and dyes are said to contain as many as 5000 chemicals in them including ammonia, peroxide, resorcinol, PPDs, parabens, among others. Most of these chemicals are harmful to your hair as well as the body in general. In fact, some are also said to cause endocrine disturbances in your body and for this reason, it is recommended to avoid colouring your hair during your first trimester.

Do Grays Feel Different

Gray hair is thinner than hair with natural color because its cuticle is thinner. Your hair needs that natural protection from water, ultraviolet rays from the sun, humidity, chemicals, and heat styling. Without that barrier, your hair loses water. So your gray will feel dry, fragile, and coarse. African American hair tends to be more prone to damage, compared to that of Asians and whites.

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Best Ways To Cover Up Grey Hair During Pregnancy

If you are pregnant and wish to colour your greys, heres are some Dos and Donts that you must follow, to safely do so.

· Use safe hair colours that are chemical-free. Due to the rising demand, there is a growing market for safe, natural hair colours. You can safely choose a hair colour from this segment

· Always do a patch test before going all out. This way you can avoid colouring your hair if you experience any side effects

· Even the mildest chemicals in hair colour can trigger nausea in a pregnant woman. So, it is best if you can choose a well-ventilated area for getting your hair coloured

· If you are colouring your yourself, use protective gloves on your hands and apply Vaseline to protect the skin on your face, forehead and nape of the neck

Pregnancy is a beautiful period of transformation during which a woman undergoes multiple physical and emotional changes. We do not wish you to stress over your greys but choose a chemical-free, safer hair colour option instead. Remember to speak with your obstetrician/gynaecologist before you go about colouring your hair. Also, read the constituents of the hair colour you choose to make sure it is safe and natural.

Can Grey Hair Turn Black Again Naturally

60 Elegant Gray Hair Styles &  Ideas â Beautiful Nature

Yes, it is possible for grey hair to turn black again naturally. This occurs when the hairs natural pigment production resumes. The pigment production can be restarted by a number of different factors, such as changes in hormone levels, exposure to sunlight, or specific hair products.

There are a number of different ways to encourage the natural production of pigment in the hair. One way is to use a product that contains ingredients like biotin, copper, or niacin. These ingredients are known to help stimulate the production of pigment. Another way is to get regular exposure to sunlight. Sunlight contains ultraviolet rays that can help to stimulate the production of pigment.

Changes in hormone levels can also cause the hair to start producing pigment again. For example, pregnancy or the use of birth control pills can cause a womans hormone levels to change, which can in turn cause the hair to start producing pigment again.

If grey hair has turned black again naturally, it is important to protect it from further damage. This can be done by using a product that contains sunscreen, like a hair oil or spray. Sunscreen will help to protect the hair from the suns harmful UV rays.

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Pregnancy And Graying Hair

Q: Hi! I am a young pregnant mother of 26 and have been graying since I turned 18. I am almost 40% gray in the top to middle sections of my hair. So, if I pull up my hair “voila” you see all my grays. My natural hair color is dark brown, and my eyes are dark brown too. My skin tone is fair. So I guess you would say I am “cool” or “silver” toned. I have been coloring my hair the same color as my natural hair color to cover the grays. I am unsatisfied with this because the grays are resistant and I would end up having to recolor my whole head every month to keep the grays covered. This is wreaking havoc on the integrity of my hair. Also, I feel that the dark brown shade is really making my look even paler and older than I am. Now being four months pregnant, I haven’t colored my hair, and I look like an old lady. What can I do to color my hair safely to cover the grays and lighten my over all “look”? Is foiling my whole head an option and how expensive can that get? I’m a young woman trapped in an old woman’s head of hair!

Spoiler Alert: You Can Get Your Hair Dyed While Pregnant

There is limited research on the safety of coloring hair while pregnant, but the research that we do have shows that hair dye does not have negative effects on a fetus when used appropriately.

You should avoid using hair dye frequently and avoid unnecessarily long applications of hair dye.

Although hair coloring contains chemicals and should be avoided if possible, we have enough evidence to prove that getting your hair dyed while pregnant is not going to cause any issues with you or your unborn baby.

If you do choose to dye your hair while pregnant, there are a few things you can do to make the process safer.

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Infographic: 6 Practical Ways To Embrace Your Grays

There are many ways to slow down the process of hair aging and the appearance of gray hair. However, aging and graying are both natural processes that cannot be avoided and will need to be accepted sooner or later.

Check out this infographic for some tips that will help you embrace greying hair without the distress.

Illustration: StyleCraze Design Team

Genetics, medical conditions, nutritional deficiencies, stress, smoking, and over-exposure to styling treatments may lead to premature graying of the hair. Drinking plenty of water, having a nutrient-rich diet, and avoiding smoking or other pollutants and harsh chemicals can help you delay the hair graying process. Also, incorporate oats into your diet as they are a rich biotin source. In addition, you can make herbal dyes to cover gray hair naturally. Amla, henna, black tea, sage leaves, coconut oil, curry leaves, potato peels, fenugreek seeds, coffee, and apple cider vinegar are some of the most popular and common ingredients used to make different natural hair dyes or hair rinse solutions for gray hair.

What Are The Best Ways To Cover Up Grey Hair When Pregnant


It is estimated that nearly 75% of women over the age of 18 have coloured their hair atleast once in their lifetime. However, there isnt much data about how many women colour their hair when pregnant. One reason for the lack of data is the belief that you must not colour or dye your hair during your pregnancy.

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Can You Dye Your Hair When Pregnant

If youre pregnant, youre probably getting a lot of conflicting beauty advice about the products you can and can’t use.

If you’re known for spending the majority of your Saturdays in your local salon and haven’t seen your natural hair colour since you were 15 years old, you may be itching to know if you can still dye your tresses now that you are expecting.

Heres our advice on whether you can still colour your hair during pregnancy.

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