Is It Safe To Get Braces While Pregnant

Morning Sickness And Braces

Can I Have Braces While Pregnant?

Morning sickness is a common condition experienced by many expectant mothers. Not only does it make you feel awful, but excess acid from stomach bile can weaken and cause permanent damage to teeth enamel. If you are expecting and considering braces, try to wait and start treatment after the first trimester of pregnancy if possible. By the second trimester, morning sickness symptoms typically decline.

If you already have braces, rinse your mouth with water after a bout of morning sickness to neutralize the acid in your mouth. Leaving this acid on your teeth may increase your risk for enamel erosion that is not noticeable until after the braces are removed. Our staff can also recommend fluoride mouth rinses and special toothpaste that can help protect your teeth.

You should contact your primary care physician or obstetrician if your morning sickness does not improve after the first trimester. It is also important to make sure your physician and orthodontist are coordinating their care. You should contact your PCP if the orthodontist wants to prescribe any medication, or if there has been a noticeable elevation in your blood pressure. Conversely, your physician can let the orthodontist know if there are any complications that could affect your treatment.

Are Braces Safe For The Baby

The main concern that many pregnant women have about getting braces while they are pregnant is whether the braces are safe for the growing child. Many of them are concerned about the bracket material. The good news is that braces are completely safe to wear during ones pregnancy. The only part of the process that could even be considered as remotely unsafe is the X-ray activity. If you have already had your X-rays taken, then you dont have to worry about a thing. Your orthodontist can discuss a wide variety of options for braces that will be perfect for you.

Back Brace For Pregnancy Back Pain

Over 50% of women will experience some sort of back pain during their pregnancy.

The good news is you dont have to be one of them. There are steps you can take to help prevent and relieve your back pain. Read on as we take you through the types of pains to look out for and the advantages of using a back brace for pregnancy.

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Importance Of Treatment To Women In Pregnancy

Maintaining good hygiene during pregnancy is imperative to avoid things like gum disease. This not only applies to the surrounding environment but also to ones body. Care for oral hygiene is particularly important during such a time due to various changes that occur in an expectant womans body.

The morning sickness experienced when expectant exposes the teeth to acid.

Can I Get A Root Canal While Im Pregnant

Steps to Take Care of Orthodontic Braces while Pregnant

root canal treatment is performed to treat or save a diseased or infected tooth from extraction. Though root canals are safe procedures in general, can a pregnant woman gets this treatment during pregnancy? Is it safe?

A lot of expecting moms get worried regarding the risks involved in the root canal treatment as they think that it may possibly affect the growth of the fetus. Obstetricians recommend that it is best to avoid getting such treatments if the risk is minimal.

The safest approach is to delay all kinds of dental treatments until the delivery. However, there are certain situations in which postponing the therapy can do more harm than any good, of course. Read about Is a root canal therapy necessary for me?

If anything harmful happens to a pregnant woman, it means that two lives are going to be affected. But it is not always going to happen in every procedure that one might need. Getting a root canal while you are pregnant involves three main concerns related to baby safety:

Read about: Root Canal Aftercare

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Free Braces When Pregnant

It is perfectly safe to get braces while pregnant. There are certain things to consider if you plan on getting braces treatment while you are expecting a baby: gum inflammation, headaches, and increased plaque growth are common side effects of both braces treatment and pregnancy. Talk to your orthodontist about when to begin braces treatment if you are also pregnant or planning on becoming pregnant.

If you qualify for Medicaid or another state-sponsored insurance plan, you may be able to get your braces covered as an adult. In the UK, the NHS specifically covers braces treatment for pregnant women, but in the U.S. your pregnancy does not impact whether or not your subsidized insurance will help pay for braces. If you have Medicaid or a state-sponsored insurance plan, schedule a consultation to find out if your condition may qualify for braces coverage.

Dental Braces And Pregnancy

During pregnancy, so many hormonal alterations take place in your body. While the effects of such changes vary from person to person, one common experience that most women go through is the swelling of gums. And since pregnant women are mostly discouraged from taking painkillers, you would not want to endure the increased sensitivity and agitation that come with braces.

Now, if you are planning to enhance your smile while at the same time you intend to get pregnant not far off, you need to make early preparations. The best time to meet your orthodontist to get the scans and x-rays done is now before you take a dive in the hay! There is no reason to put your life on pause just because you need to straighten your teeth.

Changes In Weight Will Affect How Your Braces or Aligners Fit

Pregnant women also gain weight, and this can change how often she needs to have her braces adjusted to fit properly. Fortunately, an orthodontist understands how to cope with changes in weight because the children and teenagers who wear braces also have this problem. However, if you are wearing plastic aligners to straighten your teeth, then you will probably need new molds to make the devices. When adults wear aligners, they have usually stopped growing, so an orthodontic office uses the original set of molds to create the series of clear plastic aligners. The size of a womans mouth might change as she is pregnant, but an orthodontist can collect a new set of molds for her customized aligners.

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Can I Get Braces While Pregnant

Although you may equate braces with adolescence, these dental devices can help align the teeth and improve their functioning at any age. Whether youve been dying to straighten your teeth since you were in middle school or its something youd suddenly like to check off your list before your baby arrives, you dont have to put off braces while you’re pregnant.

There is no contraindication to orthodontic care during pregnancy, says Andrea Chisholm, MD, a Massachusetts-based OB/GYN, and Verywell Family review board member.

Heres what else you need to get straight before settling into an orthodontists chair.

Most Pregnant Women Can Safely Use Braces

Invisalign while pregnant

The truth is that most pregnant women can safely use braces. There are a few problems that arise that cannot be overcome with the help of a skilled dentist. However, it is important to work with your dentist before you get braces to ensure that you are ready for them. Once they are on, there is no going back. So, make sure that you have the support that you need to get through it.

If you think you need braces, or you are having dental health problems while you are pregnant, call 667-8277 today to make an appointment at Greater Hartford Orthodontics.

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Braces In Pregnancy Common And Uncommon Questions And Answers

Q: Im Scheduled for Braces But Pregnant Is it Safe to Get Braces?

A: Yes, it is safe to get braces and wear braces throughout pregnancy. This includes metal braces, ceramic braces, Invisalign, and more.

Q: Should I Notify the Orthodontist About My Pregnancy?

A: Yes, it is a good idea to notify your dentist about your pregnancy. It is not considered safe for pregnant women to undergo X-rays, and youll want to make sure your orthodontist knows that theyll need to avoid X-rays with your procedure.

Q: Are There Any Other Issues with Braces I Need to Consider?

A: There are a few. Pregnant women may have gums that are more sensitive, and that can mean that you may experience greater discomfort especially with metal braces. Although nearly every orthodontic procedure is safe, there may be considerations your orthodontist will also want to make to ensure youre comfortable during your pregnancy.

Q: Will Metal Braces Cause Any Toxicity Issues?

A: There are no known toxicity issues related to metal braces or ceramic braces. The metal used is stainless steel, which is not known to be toxic to the body, and definitely not the baby.

Q: I Swallowed a Metal Bracket! Will My Baby Be Safe?

A: Swallowing metal brackets is uncommon, and if youre ever concerned about the safety of your baby at any trimester, it is a good idea to talk to your OBGYN. But a small piece of metal is unlikely to harm your baby. Your digestive tract is not directly connected to the placenta.

Periodontal Disease And Pregnancy

Approximately 65% of pregnant women have gingivitis, which is the early stage of gum disease or periodontal disease. Symptoms of gingivitis include red and swollen gums. This condition can worsen during pregnancy due to changing hormones. Besides discomfort and pain, untreated gingivitis can also cause bone loss in the jaw and infections in the gums. When teeth dont have enough bone support, they may even become loose and require extraction.

Furthermore, periodontitis can negatively impact the baby, causing preterm birth or too-low birth weight.

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Are Orthodontic Treatments During Pregnancy Safe

Youre right to ask this question. Are orthodontic treatments during pregnancy safe? The good news is your orthodontist is upfront with you about this during your visit. There are various factors considered prior to providing an answer to this question. Some orthodontic treatments are perfectly safe during pregnancy, and sometimes those treatments are not safe depending on personal factors during your pregnancy. There isnt a right or wrong answer for most procedures without first speaking to your orthodontist.

Most orthodontic treatments during pregnancy are safe for women. There are some issues you might face, but those issues are handled in a professional manner. You should never forgo mentioning to your dentist and orthodontist that you are expecting, even if you arent telling anyone else at the moment.

Which Method Is Best For Pregnant Women: Braces Or Invisalign

Can i get braces while pregnant ALQURUMRESORT.COM

Since pregnant women are already at such a high risk for gingivitis and gum disease, Invisalign is typically more convenient for expecting mothers. Invisalign, unlike braces, can be removed while eating to avoid any excess food getting stuck in your teeth. This method of orthodontics also makes it easier for you to brush and floss your teeth every day, keeping your gums as healthy as possible.

Keep in mind that having braces while pregnant is not technically frowned upon. If you are someone who already takes great care of your teeth, and will do so while pregnant, than either treatment option is doable!

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Visit Your Dentist Regularly

It is suggested that you pay a regular visit to your dentist if you have braces during pregnancy. This is because it may not only help you to monitor your dental health, but it may also help your doctor to establish any problems that may be commencing.

Getting braces may help you get that perfect smile that you may have always wished for. However, it will be a good idea to consult your doctor and learn about the procedure before you go in.

How Can Orthodontic Treatment Affect Pregnancy

Orthodontic devices may impact women suffering from morning sickness or hyperemesis gravidum. Women with morning sickness generally have to be careful about what and when they eat, and may even experience trouble eating. It can take a bit to get used to eating comfortably after orthodontic treatment, which may make this period more complicated for women coping with daily morning sickness. The stomach acids released in vomit can also erode teeth and cause etching and tooth decay, so maintaining good oral hygiene and getting regular cleanings are especially important.

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Benefits Of Orthodontics During Pregnancy

Believe it or not, pregnancy may actually be the right time to start orthodontic treatment. Getting braces during pregnancy means your treatment will likely be done by the time your child is a toddler, which can be a challenging stretch. Additionally, it is easier to schedule orthodontic appointments before a new baby arrives.

If you have always had good dental appointments in the past, it might come as a surprise to you if you experience some oral health issues during pregnancy. Hormonal changes often affect your bodys reaction to plaque and germs. While brushing and flossing are important for everyone, its especially important for expectant mothers undergoing orthodontia.

Additional issues may include gum inflammation or swelling between the teeth. Your teeth may also become slightly loose during pregnancy. This does not mean you are at risk of losing any teeth. They will reattach once the baby arrives, but our orthodontist will consider the possibility of these changes when developing a treatment plan. These minor complications may necessitate additional orthodontics appointments.

What Inconvenience Is Caused By Using Braces When Pregnant

Iâm Pregnant! Baby #2 and braces update

Anyone who plans to undergo an orthodontic treatment needs to be extra careful regarding their dental health. If you undergo any orthodontic treatment, such as getting braces during pregnancy, then you may need to be careful. This is because it may become difficult to clean your teeth with braces, which may make you prone to various gum issues such as gingivitis. Therefore, in order to stay away from any gum or tooth ailments because of braces, you must pay a regular visit to your doctor in order to avoid any dental complications.

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Can I Get Braces While Pregnant If I Have Morning Sickness

Most pregnant women suffer from morning sickness during the early part of their pregnancies. The acid in vomit can damage the enamel on your teeth and the metal on the braces. Thus, you need to neutralize your mouth after vomiting if this happens while wearing braces.

Mix a solution of water and baking soda and rinse out your mouth each time you vomit. You can also rinse with only water if you prefer.

While youll feel like brushing your teeth, you dont want to do that immediately. If you do, your toothbrush will rub acid into the enamel of your teeth and the brackets, potentially causing damage. Instead, rinse immediately and wait at least an hour before brushing your teeth.

Gum Problems Teeth Whitening And Pregnancy

One risk of teeth whitening is possible damage to gum tissue. The dentist places a protective barrier over the gums during whitening, but the process can still be hard on gum health. Some at-home products can also cause sensitivity and irritation, especially if theyre used incorrectly or too often.

Sore, red gums are sometimes associated with pregnancy. Compared to 30% of the entire adult population, 60% to 75% of pregnant women have gingivitis. Gingivitis is an early stage of periodontitis, commonly called gum disease. Fluctuating hormones contribute to the condition.

While having teeth whitened while pregnant may not be harmful to the baby, it can make a moms already inflamed gums worse. Periodontal disease is not only painful, but could require invasive procedures like periodontal scaling and root planing.

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Can Braces Affect Your Hormonal Health During Pregnancy

Pregnancy may make several changes in your hormones. Also, these changing hormones may lead to various dental problems during pregnancy. Therefore, you need to take care of your oral health in order to stay away from any kind of dental issues while pregnant. If you are wearing braces during pregnancy, it may increase your chances of having gingivitis or periodontal diseases, which may occur due to an accumulation of plague on the braces. Your hormonal health may be related to your gum health, which means if you have gum issues such as gingivitis, it may affect your hormonal levels.

Is It Safe For Baby

Getting Braces while Pregnant: Pregnancy &  Dental Health

The complications that can arise from getting a piercing during pregnancy are not safe for the baby. The potential risk to the baby from getting an infected piercing is a key reason why piercings during pregnancy are not recommended, explains Dr. Chisholm.

If a piercing gets infected, there is a small risk that the infection could be harmful to the fetus. In fact, studies show that certain maternal infections can impair fetal growth or cause preterm birth, congenital defects, miscarriage, or stillbirth.

According to “The Piercing Bible: The Definitive Guide to Safe Piercing,”which Saunders co-authored, “Getting pierced during pregnancy also unnecessarily exposes your unborn child to risks, including infection , allergic reaction, blood-borne disease, and medication used to treat complications.”

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Is It Safe To Get Braces While Pregnant

Most orthodontists agree there is very little risk associated with getting braces while pregnant. If you find yourself in a situation where you must ask, Is it safe to get braces while pregnant? during your pregnancy, you can expect your orthodontist to provide you with very specific information.

Getting braces has little to no impact on the health of your baby during pregnancy Getting braces while pregnant might make the entire process more painful because your teeth are more sensitive while pregnant The acid from pregnancy-related vomiting can seriously damage the elastics used on braces as well as retainers, so your orthodontist will need to help you learn how to thoroughly clean your mouth following bouts of morning sickness You may not be able to eat the foods youre so craving during pregnancy as braces do eliminate many foods you might love

There are few health risks associated with getting braces while pregnant, but you shouldnt have any teeth pulled while pregnant. If you need to have a tooth extracted prior to getting braces, its best to wait until your baby is born to eliminate the need for anesthesia and pain medications. Your orthodontist is going to go over all of this with you prior to giving you braces.

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