Can I Have Braces While Pregnant

Pregnancy And Dental Health

Can I Have Braces While Pregnant?

Another consideration regarding braces and pregnancy revolves around dental health. Due to a variety of factors , you may experience an increase in tooth decay during and after pregnancy. Sometimes your gums may feel sore or bleed easier. Orthodontic care will not cause decay or gum disease as long as you take proper care of your teeth and gums. Brushing and flossing are vital to your oral health with or without braces. If you are careful to brush and floss around your braces you should have no greater risk of tooth decay than you would have otherwise, and if you choose aligners you remove them to brush and floss so it is very easy.

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Visit Your Dentist Regularly

It is suggested that you pay a regular visit to your dentist if you have braces during pregnancy. This is because it may not only help you to monitor your dental health, but it may also help your doctor to establish any problems that may be commencing.

Getting braces may help you get that perfect smile that you may have always wished for. However, it will be a good idea to consult your doctor and learn about the procedure before you go in.

A Solution That Works Around Your Pregnancy Schedule

With Straight Teeth Direct everything is done at your own pace. All the communication and reviews with your orthodontist are done via your secure account where you can consult your conversation history anytime, anywhere.

At the beginning of the process youll be given the option to share your most recent dental records including x-rays and gum scores taken before pregnancy. The most important thing here is that youve seen your dentist recently and your teeth and gums are healthy.

Heres what Katie was able to achieve during her pregnancy:

Ive found the whole transformation incredible, little effort and fast results and all for a fraction of the cost that Id been quoted elsewhere. I thought going for the lower cost option maybe wouldnt give me quite as good results but its clear to see thats not the case. Couldnt recommend Straight Teeth Direct more!

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Can You Have Braces Fitted When Pregnant

The simple answer is yes even while you are pregnant, wearing braces will not affect your health or endanger the life of the fetus in your stomach. But there are still things you need to be informed about. Because a top priority for all pregnant women is safety theirs and that of the growing child. Facts about braces When you are pregnant, the life you are living belongs to two people. You do not want to push yourself to extremes or take unwarranted risks just for beautys sake! Women wearing braces is a must have wether pregnant or not.

But misaligned, crooked or malformed teeth can bring a heavy toll to bear on your emotions during pregnancy, which according to those who know better than we do, might not be safe for the two of you. Yes, you and the baby.

However Will Pregnancy Affect Your Orthodontic Treatment

How To Wear A Back Brace While Pregnant

Keep the following in mind:

Orthodontic treatments have no impact on the developing fetus. It is therefore perfectly advisable to pursue an orthodontic treatment plan during pregnancy. Whether it is a treatment with classic or lingual rings or even a treatment with Invisalign aligners, you can perform them without any problem during your pregnancy. You are pregnant and planning to start orthodontic treatment, here are 7 questions and their answers that may interest you before you start:

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Things To Consider For Orthodontic Treatment During Pregnancy

While having braces while pregnant is not technically frowned upon, there is one precaution that should always be taken for pregnant women: x-rays should be avoided until the pregnancy is complete in order to protect the baby from potential radiation exposure. Otherwise, having or getting braces usually wont affect your pregnancy in any way.

If you have already had x-rays taken of your teeth recently, you will likely not have to worry about them at all. Sometimes, an x-ray of certain teeth may be crucial for treatment. In cases such as this, your orthodontist will ensure that you have permission from your obstetrician before taking the teeth x-rays.

Below are some other important things to consider before getting braces while pregnant:

Why Its Worth Getting Braces While Pregnant

Getting braces when pregnant is a good opportunity for practical reasons. It allows you to attend your regular orthodontic appointments without having to bring your newborn baby with you.

Plus, now is a good time to receive orthodontic treatment especially as your teeth have a tendency to move due to fluctuations of hormones that occur during pregnancy.

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How Can Pregnancy Affect Straightening Teeth

While orthodontic devices are safe to wear while pregnant, there are some other factors that may make treatment more challenging for patient and orthodontist alike. Pregnancy hormones can cause teeth to be looser than usual, which may necessitate some changes in the patients orthodontic treatment plan. These same hormones also affect how the body responds to plaque and oral bacteria, leading to swollen gums which may cause more discomfort than usual.

What About Medications And Orthodontic Treatment

Can Pregnant Women Wear Orthodontic Braces, Brackets or Appliances by Dr Mike Mew

If youre worried about taking medications as youre undergoing orthodontic treatments, know that youll never have to undergo any surgery or anesthesia to get braces. However, you could experience some discomfort in your gums from the wires. Your orthodontist can recommend some soothing gels that wont cause any danger to you or the baby. The majority of pregnant women will need to use Invisalign aligners as they only have minor dental issues. These aligners wont cause you any pain, and you can quickly take care of them.

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More Difficult To Clean Teeth

Cleaning your teeth while pregnant is more difficult. Because your body chemistry is changing, your teeth are undergoing changes too. Because of this, your teeth may see increased wear due to many changes including reduced calcium. This makes your teeth harder to clean since your teeth are wearing at a higher rate. However, it is still possible to get a good cleaning with the proper tools and experience.

Ingredients In Rum Cake That Can Be Harmful For Pregnant Women

As the name suggests, rum cake contains alcohol. Lakshmi said that it is best for pregnant women to avoid any food containing alcohol, and one food item that has both alcohol and high amounts of sugar in it, is rum cake. Rum cake might seem like a harmless treat during Christmas. But if it is consumed by pregnant women, there is a risk of harming their unborn child with exposure to alcohol while they are still developing in the womb. The doctor warned about the side effects of alcohol during pregnancy on the unborn babys development and can even lead to fetal alcohol spectrum disorders. There is another reason for pregnant women to avoid rum cake and other foods containing high levels of sugar. They might lead to gestational diabetes if they are consumed when pregnant.

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How To Protect Your Oral Health While Pregnant

Morning sickness is as well known as it can be uncomfortable. Different women experience different levels of morning sickness. Anything that is highly acidic coming into contact with your teeth will cause acid erosion of your teeth. This needs to be managed carefully. If you have very severe morning sickness day after day, this will have a compounded effect on your teeth, causing thinning day after day unless you manage this proactively.

So after an episode of morning sickness the best thing to do is to hydrate and neutralise your mouth. You shouldnt brush your teeth right away as that will remove the softened enamel layer. Instead, you should rinse your mouth with water or baking soda to neutralise the acid in your mouth thus minimising further erosion.

There are also remineralising toothpastes that get absorbed into the tooth surface. Using pastes like Regenerate in trays or aligners can help bathe the tooth to absorb the minerals it needs after an acid attack.

Can I Get Invisalign Aligners While Pregnant

Best Maternity Back Brace Support

You might have to wear Invisalign aligners while you are pregnant. Most pregnant women do have minor dental malocclusion issues because their teeth do not mesh normally. If you have that condition, you will have to wear these aligners.

Dont worry about wearing these devices though. They are made of a soft plastic material that wont cause you any discomfort. Youll find that this type of aligner is easy to be maintained daily. How about weight gain during pregnancy that can change the size of your mouth? Check below for a whole forum to answer any question you have.

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Can You Get Dental Work If Pregnant

Yes, you can. Dental treatment is considered to be safe at any time during pregnancy. That includes orthodontic work and routine dental treatments. In fact, your dentist will probably urge you to go in for a visit while youre pregnant to make sure that you stay on top of cavities and gum disease. There are some things though that you may want to avoid or should be avoided during pregnancy.

Are Orthodontic Treatments During Pregnancy Safe

Youre right to ask this question. Are orthodontic treatments during pregnancy safe? The good news is your orthodontist is upfront with you about this during your visit. There are various factors considered prior to providing an answer to this question. Some orthodontic treatments are perfectly safe during pregnancy, and sometimes those treatments are not safe depending on personal factors during your pregnancy. There isnt a right or wrong answer for most procedures without first speaking to your orthodontist.

Most orthodontic treatments during pregnancy are safe for women. There are some issues you might face, but those issues are handled in a professional manner. You should never forgo mentioning to your dentist and orthodontist that you are expecting, even if you arent telling anyone else at the moment.

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Can I Get Invisalign Teeth Aligners While Pregnant

If you are looking to an alternative to traditional braces, you may benefit from pursuing Invisalign teeth straightening treatment.

In fact, many women may agree that Invisalign treatment is a bit more enjoyable during pregnancy, as there are no metal brackets or wires to contend with and the clear Invisalign trays can be removed at any time.

There are also less in-office visits and very little dietary restrictions during Invisalign treatment two major drawing factors for anyone, let alone pregnant women.

Because the Invisalign trays can easily be removed, brushing and flossing the teeth can be carried out as normal. This helps avoid the development of tooth decay or gum disease during treatment. The trays are completely BPA-free another positive aspect of treatment that ensures the safety and health of both you and your baby.

Invisalign is also incredibly discreet, which will allow you to straighten your teeth with little to no change to your overall appearance. Pregnancy can be an incredibly vulnerable period of time in a womans life, so the ability to discreetly pursue orthodontic treatment during this time is absolutely invaluable.

When it comes to the official debate of braces vs. Invisalign during pregnancy, it comes down to your personal preferences, as well as what you need and want to achieve with your orthodontic treatment overall.

How Does Being Pregnant Affect My Teeth

Vlog–Last day in braces, getting my braces off, retainers, and before and after pictures

You might be surprised to learn that being pregnant can significantly affect your dental profile. Even if you have not had a problem with your teeth before pregnancy, you might notice some changes or annoyances while youre pregnant. For example, pregnancy causes some women to develop inflammation in the gums.

When you think of your body changing during pregnancy, probably the last thing you imagine are differences in your mouth. However, because pregnancy causes swelling, you may actually notice a dental phenomenon called pregnancy tumors. This is nothing dangerous or malignant. It is just temporary excessive swelling that occurs in between your teeth.

Hormones during pregnancy also can loosen teeth. This does not mean your teeth are at risk of falling out nor that they will wiggle permanently. Your teeth should anchor back just fine after the baby comes, but its very important for the orthodontist to consider the possibility of such changes when creating your treatment plan .

Because of these minor complications, you might experience during your pregnancy, you may need to schedule appointments with your orthodontist slightly more frequently. The average patient needs to see the doctor close to every eight weeks, but you might need checkups closer to every five or six. Your orthodontist will determine this as your treatment progresses.

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Can I Get Braces While Pregnant The Answer Is Yes

If you want to get braces while pregnant, nows an excellent time to start the process. Dr. Scott Kesselman of Riverside Orthodontics offers Radiance braces as well as traditional metal braces and Invisalign. Call Riverside Orthodontics in Riverside, CT, at to schedule a free consultation. Remember to let Dr. Kesselman know that youre pregnant or trying to get pregnant.

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Importance Of Oral Hygiene When Wearing Braces

Oral hygiene is always of the utmost importance when wearing braces. However, its even more crucial when youre pregnant. Since your mouth will undergo some changes during the pregnancy, youre at risk if you dont stay on top of your oral hygiene.

Youll need to brush and floss your teeth after meals. Because the process is a bit different when wearing braces, your orthodontist will go over it with you.

Additionally, you need to maintain appointments with your dentist to check your overall oral health. Your dentist and orthodontist can work together to help you maintain your oral health while undergoing orthodontic treatment.

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Can I Get Braces While Pregnant At Palo Alto Orthodontics

Pregnancy is stressful enough without having to worry about fixing your teeth. If you are asking Can I get braces while pregnant? Palo Alto Orthodontics wants to help you decide what kind of treatment is right for you. To make an appointment, call our office at 650-327-2310 or visit our website today!

Will Braces Be More Painful While Im Pregnant

How To Wear A Back Brace While Pregnant

Unfortunately, in some cases, pregnant patients might experience slightly more discomfort in braces than average. This results from the increased nerve sensitivity that pregnancy causes, as well as increased inflammation in the gums. This will not happen to everyone, but it is good to know upfront that its a possibility.

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Is It Safe To Get Braces During Pregnancy

Experts agree that there is no medical reason to avoid orthodontic treatment during pregnancy. As with any patient ready to undergo orthodontic therapy, the health of their teeth and gums is what will determine whether they are good candidates for orthodontic treatment, Dr. Dillehay says.

One consideration is that orthodontic treatment often requires diagnostic oral X-rays experts disagree on whether small amounts of radiation can interfere with a fetuss rapid cell division and development, which could increase the risk of birth defects or illness down the road.

Overall, the amount of radiation exposure from dental X-rays is considered very low and not considered to be harmful to you or your unborn baby, says Dr. Chisholm, adding that your orthodontist should still place a lead shield over your abdomen and thyroid.

Every pregnancy is different. Be sure to consult with a healthcare provider about your circumstances if you have any questions about getting braces during pregnancy.

Bleeding During Pregnancy And Miscarriage

You may have heard of

Most miscarriages happen during the first 12 weeks of pregnancy. The main sign is bleeding, along with cramping and pain in your lower tummy. If youre having these symptoms its important to contact your doctor straight away. They may send you for tests, such as an ultrasound scan to check on the baby.

Around 1 in 8 pregnancies end in miscarriage among people who know they are pregnant. Many more miscarriages happen before people know they are pregnant.

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Braces During Pregnancy: Is It Safe

Pregnancy is the most beautiful as well as a very crucial stage in a womens life. Women are expected to keep special care of themselves while carrying. During pregnancy, women are advised against many things that they normally do. They are said to undertake certain changes in their diet, medication and daily routine as well. There are several hormonal changes that occur during pregnancy.

These hormonal changes lead to many gum problems which may in turn affect the growing baby. Sensitivity and toothache is a common problem. But use of certain painkillers is extremely prohibited during pregnancy. However, doctors do not see much problem in taking orthodontic treatment during pregnancy. But, there are some obvious precautions that a pregnant women must take while using braces. Like, x-rays are prohibited during pregnancy by many doctors, so you should get the x-ray before pregnancy only. Thus, Using braces during pregnancy is indeed safe unless you are motivated enough to take an orthodontic treatment and carry on with the precautionary steps.

There are certain factors that a pregnant women must keep in mind, if they are willing to use braces during pregnancy:

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