What To Expect When 10 Weeks Pregnant

You Will Feel More Movement From Your Baby

10 Weeks Pregnant: What to Expect in 10th Week of Pregnancy?

One of the best parts about being pregnant is bonding with your baby by feeling them move inside your womb. According to Parents, at 33 weeks you will feel a lot more movement from your baby than before.

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This is due to the fact that your baby is getting bigger and they are running out of rum in your womb. So earlier in your pregnancy, they had a lot of rum to move around without you noticing, but now even them moving the slightest bit you can feel since they are pushing up against your skin now.

What Should You Notice During This Week

1. First Prenatal Appointment

You should have your first prenatal appointment scheduled when you are 10 weeks pregnant with twins. This is usually the first time you will see your obstetrician during pregnancy. The purpose of this appointment is for the obstetrician to obtain a medical history from you and your spouse, and plan your care for pregnancy and the birth. It’s also an opportunity for you to ask any questions that you may have and discuss the schedule for future appointments, ultrasound scans, blood tests, and prenatal classes. The answers you provide to the obstetrician will help identify any factors that may affect your pregnancy, especially if there is a family history of preeclampsia. The obstetrician will also do some health assessment tests, such as urine tests, at this and future prenatal appointments. You can expect to spend more time at the appointments, and there may be more appointments scheduled for multiple fetuses.

2. General Health

During a twin pregnancy, you will need to take care of yourself and your developing babies. Do not drink alcohol or smoke during pregnancy, and avoid all other toxic substances such as drugs during this period of time. Be sure to discuss all medications you are taking with your health care provider, and take a good prenatal vitamin.

3. Exercise

4. Beauty

5. Food

What To Expect At 10 Weeks Pregnant

The 10th week of pregnancy is the final stage of embryonic development. The formation of the most important human organs is completed, and the cardiovascular system starts to work actively. It is also a period of developing of the future childs brain.

However, it is still very difficult to identify the gender of the baby, you can go to the doctor and discover, which hormone is predominant: testosterone or estrogen . The bones and joints have been formed already, and the child is looking for a convenient location in the bladder, which is surrounded by amniotic fluid. So, at this stage the embryo becomes a fetus.

A woman experiences an unstable emotional state, frequent mood swings and melancholy, as the baby actively develops and grows inside the mother’s body. This is due to a sharp increase in the amount of hormones in the woman’s body, which causes weakening of the soft tissues, gaining weight and an extension of the thyroid gland. When the 12th week comes, the woman’s psycho-emotional state improves. This is shown in a decrease of the toxicity level and in an increase of the body’s fatigue.

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You Might Experience Insomnia

When you are pregnant you are going to want to get as much sleep as possible to recharge your body and brain. But when you are nearing the end of pregnancy then you might experience trouble sleeping. According to What To Expect, many women experience insomnia when they are 33 weeks pregnant. This means that you might have a hard time falling asleep or staying asleep. So make sure you are listening to your body to take it easy and relax more if you are experiencing insomnia during the last trimester of your pregnancy.

Boost Your Iron Intake

10 Weeks Pregnancy: Symptoms, Physical Changes ...

Iron-rich foods include red meat, oily fish, eggs, dried fruit, fortified breakfast cereals and;wholegrain;breads, as well as some green, leafy vegetables. These foods all contain a wide range of;important nutrients;in addition to iron.

Other nutrients affect your bodys ability to absorb iron. Vitamin C, for example, aids the absorption of non-haem iron found in plant sources, such as beans and green, leafy vegetables11. Calcium, however, inhibits it11. It is also thought that the tannins found in tea and coffee can also have a negative effect on iron absorption11.

To maximise the amount of iron your body absorbs when eating plant sources of iron, combine them with a;vitamin C-rich;fruit or glass of juice.

Plan meals that contain the following iron-rich ingredients:

  • Lean meat and oily fish, such as sardines
  • Dark green vegetables, including broccoli, watercress, spinach and kale
  • Nuts, especially cashew nuts
  • Beans and pulses, such as chickpeas and lentils
  • Wholegrains, including wholemeal bread and iron-fortified breakfast cereals
  • Dried fruits, such as apricots, prunes and raisins
  • Eggs

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Tips For Making Your Pregnancy Better

Even though you are pregnant, there are a wide variety of activities;that you can participate in to stay in shape. Whether you were active;before pregnancy or not, consult with your health care;provider regarding what kinds of activities are best suited for you. Many;healthcare providers recommend walking and swimming because they are;low impact exercises that can be used throughout the entire pregnancy.

Pregnancy Nutrition At 10 Weeks Pregnant

As well as curvier, you might be feeling a little queasier. However this queasiness should eventually disappear in the second golden trimester. In the meantime stock up on ginger tea as part of your pregnancy diet. It can help with nausea.

What else is on the menu this week? Water, lots of it. For many reasons: to form amniotic fluid, produce extra blood volume, build new tissue, carry nutrients, help indigestion and flush out wastes and toxins. Drink around 1.5 litres a day, roughly 6-8 gasses. Little and often is usually best, especially if youre the victim of dreaded morning sickness. Juices, herb teas and milk also count, even tea and coffee, but nothing beats the clear stuff.

Your Baby Can Experience All Five Senses Now

Since you are further along in your pregnancy your baby has grown and developed tremendously. Pampers has reported that are 33 weeks your baby can now experience all five senses. This means your baby can open and shut their eyes now and can hear what you are your partner are saying. A wonderful way for you and your partner to bond with your baby is by talking to them. And now you might see that your baby is moving when they hear the sound of your voice.

Your Baby Is The Size Of A Butternut Squash


An exciting part about being pregnant is tracking how much your baby is growing week-by-week and seeing what size they are throughout your pregnancy. What To Expect reports that when you are 33 weeks pregnant your baby is the size of a butternut squash. With your baby being this big they only have to grow a little bit more before your due date. Make sure you take time to yourself so you can spend time reflecting on your pregnancy and how much your baby has grown in the last few months.

Pregnancy Symptoms At 10 Weeks

First, let’s discuss what you’re experiencing at 10 weeks pregnant. It’s likely that you still feel like the patient in a Pepto-Bismol commercial: you’re suffering from nausea, heartburn, and indigestion. You’re likely dealing with constipation rather than diarrhea, but otherwise, your symptoms are similar!

The good news is that your morning sickness should go away soon. Your body is currently working to supply necessary hormones for your baby’s growth and development, but by week 12 or 13, your placenta will take over and should relieve you of that nausea.

Another visible symptom of pregnancy is more visible veins. If you’ve noticed that you can see your veins much more easily than you could before pregnancy, don’t worry: pregnancy causes blood volume to increase by almost 50%, which makes veins stand out more than they normally do.

If you’re still feeling too tired to function, you only have a few more weeks to endure. By the second trimester, you should have your energy back just in time to work on baby’s nursery!

Weeks Pregnant: Symptoms Tips And More

At 10 weeks pregnant, youre nearing the end of your first trimester. Its likely youve grown accustomed to being pregnant. Youll want to continue eating as well as you can and get some safe exercise to keep you and baby in fighting form.

Heres what to expect in week 10 of growing a baby.

You can probably still hide your pregnancy from the rest of the world, but not for much longer. Avoid wearing tight and constricting clothes. Your belly is growing rounder as your uterus expands.

You may gain a pound or two this week, although if morning sickness continues, you might not.

Your blood volume has increased so if you havent yet noticed the veins in your breasts and abdomen becoming more prominent, theres a good chance you will this week.

At the end of week 10, your baby will officially graduate from embryo to fetus status. Their webbed toes and fingers begin to separate and form individual digits. All vital organs are formed, and the placenta is functioning.

Your baby takes on a more human-like appearance, eyelids begin to close, and facial features become more distinct. Theyre able to swallow, and tooth buds appear.

If you have a doctors visit this week, you may be able to hear your babys heartbeat. If an ultrasound is ordered, you should be able to see your babys heart beating, although you wont be able to determine your babys sex for a few more weeks.

Week 10 Your First Trimester

Welcome to week 10. Pregnancy is divided into three chunks of time, called trimesters. You’re nearing the end of your first trimester, which can feel like a slog, but hang on in there. By the second trimester you will probably have lots more energy and all those annoying signs of early pregnancy will hopefully fade away. Admittedly, they might be replaced by a few more niggles, but we’ll deal with that later!

Around now, many women will have their first ‘booking appointment’ with a midwife. You’ll be asked lots of questions about your health and medical history â and can ask lots of questions in return, too.

What’s Happening In My Body

The 10 Weeks Pregnant Belly

You may be struggling to do up your jeans. Your uterus is around the size of a large orange, while your baby is more like the size of an apricot.

You may be feeling a bit bloated, and burping or passing wind â you can blame your hormones for that! . The female hormone progesterone is just doing its job, and relaxing the muscles in your womb so that it can expand along with your growing baby. However, in the process, the muscles in your digestive tract also become looser and this can lead to all kinds of symptoms including heartburn. This is particularly likely to strike if you’re expecting twins.

Can You Feel Baby At 10 Weeks

Everyone waits for that first telltale flutter from baby, so you might be asking, can you feel baby at 10 weeks? Even though baby is getting those practice kicks in, youre unlikely to feel a 10 week fetus move before the second trimester, because those kicks and movements are just too small to sense at this early stage. Even if you dont feel it quite yet, you can enjoy watching baby kick during your ultrasound!

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From the time you are 10 weeks pregnant until term, most of your baby’s changes will be targeted towards their growth and maturity. Essentially, they are a miniature version of how they will be at birth. All of their organs have formed now and are being primed to support independent life when they are born close to 40 weeks. The chances of your baby developing a physical deformity after week 10 of pregnancy are reduced. But, it is still important to be very careful throughout the rest of your pregnancy. Other important developments are still taking place constantly.

When you are 10 weeks pregnant, you can really see the end in sight of your 1st;trimester. This is thought by many women to be the hardest of the 3 trimesters, simply because the symptoms of early pregnancy can be so draining. Some women feel they can relax a little from week 10, the likelihood of miscarrying is reduced, and excitement starts to creep in.

Your physical changes this week

Your emotional changes this week

Your baby’s changes this week

Tips for the week;

Changes In You And Your Body At 10 Weeks Pregnant

Pregnancy body care is important this week as you may begin struggling with those skin-tight leathers. Blame baby for the pregnancy weight gain. At 10 weeks pregnant your uterus is now about the size of a grapefruit, while baby is apricot-sized.

As baby grows, your ligaments and muscles start to stretch which is why many women experience something called round ligament pain or, simply put, tummy pain. Sometimes its sharp, when the extra weight pulls on your ligaments. Sometimes its dull, when your ligaments are actually stretching. Both are totally normal and a walk or stretch can usually ease the pain.

Prenatal Screening Tests At 10 Weeks Pregnant

10 Weeks Pregnant – Your 10th Week Of Pregnancy

While you’re experiencing new symptoms and your baby is growing new features, how do you ensure that your pregnancy is progressing according to plan? Prenatal screening tests are a great option to monitor your baby’s development. NTD Eurofins offers several options to check in on happy, healthy growth.

Emotional And Mental Wellbeing

How are you today? If you’re feeling anxious or low, then talk to your midwife or doctor who can point you in the right direction to get all the support that you need. You could also discuss your worries with your partner, friends and family. You may be worried about your relationship, or money, or having somewhere permanent to live. Don’t bottle it up â you’re important, so ask for help if you need it!

Symptoms To Watch Out For

Vaginal bleeding is not uncommon. Usually not associated with menstrual pain it does not harm the pregnancy although it is called a threatened miscarriage. Bleeding may continue for some days but generally changes from bright red to dark red to brown before it disappears. In some cases a bruise is seen on the placenta on ultrasound scan: this is called a subchorionic haematoma. The dark red bleeding is likely to be persistent if this is present. The risk of an ectopic pregnancy has generally passed at this stage except in rare cases.

If you have bleeding in early pregnancy and you have associated severe abdominal pain you are at a high risk of miscarriage. In about 40% of cases there is shown to be a fetal abnormality incompatible with life. Unfortunately if a miscarriage has begun, there is nothing you can do to stop it.

Mum’s Body At 10 Weeks Pregnant

Youâre nearing the end of the first trimester, and the health of you and your little one are paramount.

Aim to have your first antenatal appointment with your midwife by week 12. If you don’t have one of these âbooking appointmentsâ set up yet or youâre not sure how to find a midwife, ask your GP or use NHS service search.

Here are some of the things you can expect to happen at the booking appointment:

You Might Experience Braxton Hicks Contractions

10 Weeks Pregnant

Towards the end of your pregnancy, you might start feeling a pain that you are not use to. According to Pampers, when you are 33 weeks pregnant is when you might start experiencing Braxton Hicks contractions. These contractions do not mean that you are going into labor since they are referred to as false labor pains meaning that you are not in labor, but you are still feeling a sharp pain like a contraction. But if you are concern make sure you talk to your doctor so you can have a better understanding of what is going on.

How Different Will You Look

Your uterus is the size of a grapefruit now, so you may notice pants getting tighter. Another change thats totally normal is an increased visibility of veins on your breast and legs. This just comes from increased blood flow;and it subsides after birth. Dry skin is another symptom that pops up around the ten-week;mark, so keep some moisturizer close by.

Sex At Week 10 Of Pregnancy

Many women are experiencing fewer symptoms once week 10 of pregnancy rolls around. Combined with increased libido, this means that you could be desiring more sex right about now. Its totally safe to have sex throughout your pregnancy.

If youre dealing with sore breasts or abdominal cramps, have an honest discussion with your partner and tell them youre not in the mood right now, or try to find something that works for you mutual masturbation can also provide tons of fun!

  • Think of potential baby names
  • Wear or buy comfortable, stretchy clothes
  • Confirm your due date with your doctor
  • If necessary, schedule your first-trimester screening

Can You Have A Baby Bump At 10 Weeks

You absolutely can. One of the 10 weeks pregnant symptoms is tight waistbands and some roundness in your lower abdomen that you cant suck in. Everyone shows differently, and your baby bump will vary with your particular body shape and size, and may also depend on the shape of your uterus. If this isnt your first pregnancy, or youre carrying multiples, youre more likely to have a visible baby bump in your first trimester. If youre not obviously pregnant yet, just waityour belly will grow with time.

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