Can I Put Braces While Pregnant

Can I Wear Braces If Im Pregnant

Can I Have Braces While Pregnant?

The dentist is the first person we remember when we need help for our teeth however there are kinds of help that theyre unable to provide. While your teeth are clean and strong, they may not be in the proper alignment. Whether you have an issue with your bite, spacing, or your teeth are simply not straight, there is nothing that you can do on your own to fix this situation. You need to seek the professional help of an orthodontist to correct the alignment of your teeth. You are open to the idea of getting braces and want to know about your options, but you have one concern. You want to know if being pregnant with braces will pose any kind of problem to your baby on the way.

I Just Got Braces Recently Why Do My Teeth Feel Loose

The periodontal ligament, which helps to hold your teeth in place, is loosening up. Dont worry; this is perfectly normal, although it can be very disconcerting. The teeth should stop feeling loose after a few weeks. If youre very concerned about it, or if the teeth feel loose for months on end, talk to your dentist or orthodontist about it.

Pregnancy And Dental Health

Another consideration regarding braces and pregnancy revolves around dental health. Due to a variety of factors , you may experience an increase in tooth decay during and after pregnancy. Sometimes your gums may feel sore or bleed easier. Orthodontic care will not cause decay or gum disease as long as you take proper care of your teeth and gums. Brushing and flossing are vital to your oral health with or without braces. If you are careful to brush and floss around your braces you should have no greater risk of tooth decay than you would have otherwise, and if you choose aligners you remove them to brush and floss so it is very easy.

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Talk To Your Orthodontist Today About The Possibility Of Braces

Dont let the thought of getting braces while youre pregnant stop you from moving forward to having your teeth treated. Your orthodontist will take your health into consideration when you come in for treatment, putting you and the safety of your baby at the top of the list. Schedule your consultation visit so that you can learn more about braces, what kind of braces you can have, and what you can expect during the course of your treatment. You will be in good hands with your skilled orthodontist. Imagine being able to flash those pearly whites once your little one is here. Braces will give you more reasons to smile when you think of the final results.

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Already Wearing Braces And Expecting A Baby

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Receiving orthodontic care and wearing metal brackets, clear aligners or retainers during pregnancy is completely safe and reasonable. If youre currently already in the process of receiving orthodontic care, be sure to update your orthodontist with your exciting news to ensure that any accommodating treatment adjustments are made.

Important Orthodontic Pregnancy Facts:

  • Keep your teeth super fresh and clean!
  • Brush and floss your teeth regularly with braces on.
  • Hormonal fluctuations during pregnancy may change your bodys response to plaque and bacteria. These changes may increase the risk of gingivitis and periodontal disease during pregnancy.
  • Book some extra cleanings at your dentists office during your pregnancy, as this may be beneficial.

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Should You Talk To Your Obstetrician About Your Orthodontic Treatment

If youre considering orthodontic treatment, discuss this plan with your obstetrician first. Even if you didnt have any problem with your teeth or gums before your pregnancy, some soon-to-be mothers have issues with inflammation in their mouth. This inflammation can cause gingivitis or your teeth to change positions rapidly. If you wore braces or aligners before you were pregnant, you wouldnt need to get them removed in the event of pregnancy. If you started to wear orthodontic devices, you should continue to do so throughout your pregnancy. Then you can stop your teeth from returning to the incorrect position in your mouth.

Increased Risk Of Decay During Pregnancy How To Prevent It:

Dry mouth can happen for many reasons, and it is very common during pregnancy.The problem with a dry mouth is we lose the natural protective functions of saliva. Saliva helps neutralise acid decay after eating sugar and also helps keep the mouth comfortable and soft tissues lubricated. Once your mouth is dry, if you have any sugar then the bacteria in your mouth produce acid which then starts to eat the tooth surface this is called decay.Normally saliva would wash the teeth and help neutralise the acid, minimising the damage, but when the saliva level is low such as with dry mouth then the decay can progress more and more leading to increased damage of the teeth.To prevent this it is important to drink plenty of water and also minimise sugary foods & drinks. By having fixed braces this problem is compounded as they are harder to clean resulting in what is known as white spot lesions where decay happens around the fixed brace bracket, meaning when your braces are removed the teeth are discoloured and unhealthy.Clear aligners help keep your teeth easy to clean, and you can drink water with them in. For people with very dry mouths it is possible to buy saliva substitutes as oral sprays.This can help keep your mouth comfortable as otherwise dry lips and cheeks can lead to greater pain and discomfort too.

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Dental Braces And Pregnancy

During pregnancy, so many hormonal alterations take place in your body. While the effects of such changes vary from person to person, one common experience that most women go through is the swelling of gums. And since pregnant women are mostly discouraged from taking painkillers, you would not want to endure the increased sensitivity and agitation that come with braces.

Now, if you are planning to enhance your smile while at the same time you intend to get pregnant not far off, you need to make early preparations. The best time to meet your orthodontist to get the scans and x-rays done is now before you take a dive in the hay! There is no reason to put your life on pause just because you need to straighten your teeth.

Changes In Weight Will Affect How Your Braces or Aligners Fit

Pregnant women also gain weight, and this can change how often she needs to have her braces adjusted to fit properly. Fortunately, an orthodontist understands how to cope with changes in weight because the children and teenagers who wear braces also have this problem. However, if you are wearing plastic aligners to straighten your teeth, then you will probably need new molds to make the devices. When adults wear aligners, they have usually stopped growing, so an orthodontic office uses the original set of molds to create the series of clear plastic aligners. The size of a womans mouth might change as she is pregnant, but an orthodontist can collect a new set of molds for her customized aligners.

Food Facts About Braces

Can I Get a Filling While Wearing Braces?

Another thing you dont want to forget are the peculiar culinary preferences and alterations that will troop in to haunt you while your pregnancy is progressing. You might start craving foods youd usually never think about, and develop a keen dislike to the dishes you normally love. There are some foods that you will need to avoid while you are with braces. Woes betide you if what you crave to eat in your pregnancy is what you must avoid in braces!

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Morning Sickness And Acid Erosion Of Teeth What To Do To Protect Your Oral Health:

Morning sickness is well known, and it is an uncomfortable phenomenon, and different women experience different levels of it. In principle anything that is highly acidic coming into contact with your teeth will cause some acid erosion of your teeth. This needs to be managed carefully. If you have very severe morning sickness day after day, this will have a compounded effect on your teeth, causing thinning day after day unless you manage this proactively.So after an episode of morning sickness the best thing to do is to hydrate / neutralise your mouth, you shouldnt brush your teeth straight after, as that will remove the softened enamel layer, instead you should rinse your mouth with water / bicarbonate of soda to neutralise the acid in your mouth and thus minimise further acid erosion. There are also remineralising pastes / toothpastes and these work by absorbing into the tooth surface. Using pastes like Regenerate in trays or aligners can help bathe the tooth to absorb the minerals it needs after an acid attack.

What About Tooth Extractions

Anesthesia is commonly needed during any tooth extraction and is usually not recommended during pregnancy. If teeth must be extracted, it may be recommended that you either hold off treatment until after the baby is born or that you begin the treatment and integrate the extraction into the treatment after the baby is born.

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Importance Of Treatment To Women In Pregnancy

Maintaining good hygiene during pregnancy is imperative to avoid things like gum disease. This not only applies to the surrounding environment but also to ones body. Care for oral hygiene is particularly important during such a time due to various changes that occur in an expectant womans body.

The morning sickness experienced when expectant exposes the teeth to acid.

There are numerous benefits pregnant women can get from orthodontic care, and they include:

Does A Root Canal Affect Pregnancy

Can I Get Braces While Pregnant?

If tooth decay reaches the inside of your tooth where the nerve endings are, this can be extremely painful.;Root canal treatment;can stop the pain by removing the infected tissue and restoring the tooth with a natural-looking crown.

If you have a dental emergency, a root canal can be performed at any stage of pregnancy. However, the ideal time for dental surgery is during the second trimester.

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How To Care For Braces During Pregnancy

Pregnancy affects your body from top to toes, and that includes your teeth. Whether you are already wearing braces when you become pregnant or start your orthodontic treatment during your pregnancy, its important to take proper care of your braces and oral health. Here are some of the most important issues about caring for your braces and teeth when youre pregnant, courtesy of Dr. Samuel Papandreas, of Papandreas Orthodontics in North Royalton, Ohio.

Does Orthodontic Treatment Require Medication

Many types of medication are unsafe for use during pregnancy, which may be a consideration for some patients. Having orthodontic devices put on or adjusted generally doesnt require any anesthesia or other medication, so this is perfectly safe during pregnancy. An orthodontist may recommend a dental extraction before beginning treatment in some situations, which usually requires some form of anesthetic and pain management.

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How Do Your Handle Orthodontic Treatment And Emergencies While Pregnant

If you have gum disease which is causing your teeth to loosen, visit your orthodontist right away. Your orthodontist can stabilize the affected teeth. Your orthodontist can work with a periodontist to remove any infections that can cause you to lose teeth from gingivitis.

If youre interested in orthodontic treatment for you or your children, or just want to see what our talented staff can do for your smile, call, visit, or email our office. A member of our staff can discuss our services and how they can positively affect your smile and dental health.

How Am I Supposed To Cope With The Risks


So if there are inherent risks in wearing braces during this time, how can you deal with them? Or put differently, what can compel you to go for braces during your pregnancy? Well, someone once remarked that you need not take your life too seriously because after all is said and done; no one gets out of this life alive!

Even when you are pregnant, you still need to spare yourself moments for funlaugh, jump, play, and smile as often as you can. But this is where the trouble starts; your fight with self-consciousness, low self-esteem and lack of confidence while you are in other peoples company because your dental formula is malformed!

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Visit Your Dentist Regularly

It is suggested that you pay a regular visit to your dentist if you have braces during pregnancy. This is because it may not only help you to monitor your dental health, but it may also help your doctor to establish any problems that may be commencing.

Getting braces may help you get that perfect smile that you may have always wished for. However, it will be a good idea to consult your doctor and learn about the procedure before you go in.

How Long Does Orthodontic Treatment Take

Your baby will be born before your braces have completed their job. You can expect an average of two years for an orthodontic treatment. Every patient is unique though. If you have a mild concern with your teeth, you may only need a year. If you have severe issues, you may need braces for more than two years. Retainers are used after your braces come off to maintain results. Your orthodontist will be able to give you a good estimate of the length of the treatment time for your teeth.

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Can I Change My Own Elastic Ligatures

Unless your orthodontist has given you the go-ahead to do this, it is NOT recommended! Yes, there are places on the web where you can buy elastic ligatures and power chains, but even THEY do not recommend that you change them yourself at home. The reason is: putting extra pressure on your teeth at inappropriate intervals can interfere with your treatment. Read Changing Your Own Ligatures for more information on why it is a bad idea to change your own ligatures.

How Does Being Pregnant Affect My Teeth

Can You Get Braces During Pregnancy?

You might be surprised to learn that being pregnant can significantly affect your dental profile. Even if you have not had a problem with your teeth before pregnancy, you might notice some changes or annoyances while youre pregnant. For example, pregnancy causes some women to develop inflammation in the gums.

When you think of your body changing during pregnancy, probably the last thing you imagine are differences in your mouth. However, because pregnancy causes swelling, you may actually notice a dental phenomenon called pregnancy tumors. This is nothing dangerous or malignant. It is just temporary excessive swelling that occurs in between your teeth.

Hormones during pregnancy also can loosen teeth. This does not mean your teeth are at risk of falling out nor that they will wiggle permanently. Your teeth should anchor back just fine after the baby comes, but its very important for the orthodontist to consider the possibility of such changes when creating your treatment plan .

Because of these minor complications, you might experience during your pregnancy, you may need to schedule appointments with your orthodontist slightly more frequently. The average patient needs to see the doctor close to every eight weeks, but you might need checkups closer to every five or six. Your orthodontist will determine this as your treatment progresses.

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Braces During Pregnancy: Is It Safe

Pregnancy is the most beautiful as well as a very crucial stage in a womens life. Women are expected to keep special care of themselves while carrying. During pregnancy, women are advised against many things that they normally do.; They are said to undertake certain changes in their diet, medication and daily routine as well. There are several hormonal changes that occur during pregnancy.

These hormonal changes lead to many gum problems which may in turn affect the growing baby. Sensitivity and toothache is a common problem. But use of certain painkillers is extremely prohibited during pregnancy. However, doctors do not see much problem in taking orthodontic treatment during pregnancy. But, there are some obvious precautions that a pregnant women must take while using braces. Like, x-rays are prohibited during pregnancy by many doctors, so you should get the x-ray before pregnancy only. Thus, Using braces during pregnancy is indeed safe unless you are motivated enough to take an orthodontic treatment and carry on with the precautionary steps.

There are certain factors that a pregnant women must keep in mind, if they are willing to use braces during pregnancy:

What Should You Keep An Eye Out For

Since you are at higher risk for certain dental problems during pregnancy, its important to pay close attention to your oral health. You may find your teeth become more sensitive to temperature during pregnancy; this isnt usually a major problem. If youve been wearing braces for a while once you become pregnant, youll have a pretty good idea of whats normal. If you seem to be having more pain after an adjustment or your teeth start to hurt in between adjustments, it could mean your pregnancy is affecting tooth movement. Food cravings may be a sign that you need more nutrients. Cravings for nuts which can break wires and brackets could mean you need more iron, folate or vitamin B12. Healthy gums dont usually bleed, nor are they puffy and reddened. These symptoms could be signs of gingivitis. Some women develop pregnancy tumors. These are swellings on the gums that look like raspberries; they typically occur in the second trimester. They are not cancer and usually go away after delivery, but may bleed easily. Tell your orthodontist about any of these symptoms as soon as you notice them.

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