Can Pregnant Women Get Laser Hair Removal

How Soon After Delivery Can You Set Up Laser Hair Removal

Is laser hair removal safe during pregnancy? Laser Hair Removal Pregnancy

The American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists claims you need to think about postpartum care as a long-term process, as opposed to simply one visit. During your first couple of months after distribution, talk with your obstetrician on a regular basis to discuss completely your body is changing.

Your physician is the very best person to aid you determine when your hormonal agents have returned to typical and also your skin is ready to receive laser treatments. These discussions will certainly be particularly important if you have wounds or cuts from an episiotomy or a cesarean delivery.

Hair Growth During Pregnancy

If you notice hair growing on your body in some unusual places, such as your stomach, you neednt worry about it! In fact, its very common to find downy, light hair growing in some unexpected places during this exciting time of your life.

This condition is known as Hirutism and many women may experience it during their pregnancy because they have higher than normal levels of androgen in their bodies, which can trigger Hirutism.

You might even notice your body hair getting darker too because this can happen due to heightened levels of melanin. This is the pigment in our bodies that is responsible for our natural colouring.

The excess body hair is typically found around the stomach, nipples and the face among other unusual areas and it can also cause your hair and nails to grow too. But, dont despair the good news is that this extra hair wont stay forever and will typically disappear around six months after your delivery. However, if it doesnt go away or is getting thicker or darker past this point, its a good idea to follow up with your doctor.

However, if you are concerned about the appearance of this excess hair and would like to remove it then waxing, shaving, plucking or threading are usually safe hair removal options for pregnant women.

A Note On Depilatory Creams

Depilatory creams are quick and convenient, but theyre also filled with chemicals like barium sulfide powder and thioglycolic acid. Theres no proof that these chemicals wont be harmful to you or your baby.

While these creams have generally been considered safe to use, painful skin reactions to these products have also been reported to the Food and Drug Association and little is known about their possible effects.

If youre pregnant, err on the side of caution and speak with your healthcare provider before using these products.

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Can You Have Laser Hair Removal While Pregnant

Most doctors and laser hair removal clinics themselves recommend staying away from laser hair removal procedures while you are pregnant. This has been concluded after research conducted on pregnant rats exposed to lasers, although the same hasnt been approved officially. In such cases, it is better to err on the side of caution and avoid laser exposure altogether.

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Except For Pregnant Women Laser Hair Removal Is Safe

Can You Get Laser Hair Removal While Pregnant?

Pregnant women aside, laser hair removal is safe. Most people do not experience any long-term side effects. Temporary side effects are common and can include redness, swelling, and irritation of the treated area. Any skin irritation is minor and short-lived.

But not all laser hair removal procedures are the same. Different technicians use different lasers and various methods of cooling and soothing the skin. If youre thinking about laser hair removal, make sure to have a licensed and certified laser technician perform the procedure.

Its also important to find a technician that uses a state-of-the-art laser, as well as an effective cooling system. These two elements combined make the treatments more comfortable and the process more effective. At LaserAll, we trust the Astanza ReSmooth laser and the Zimmer Cryo cooling device.

To find a certified laser technician near you, check online ratings, and read the reviews of what other customers have to say. If you know people who have had hair removal treatment in the past, ask them for references to help you find a laser clinic that you can trust. Dont assume that just because a spa or clinic advertises hair removal services that they have the proper credentials.

The bottom line? Laser hair removal IS safe when performed by experienced, licensed, and certified technicians. Just dont do it while youre pregnant.

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The Safety Of Hair Removal While Pregnant

Laser hair removal targets the dark pigment in the hair and causes thermal and/or mechanical damage to the hair follicle. There are no studies that evaluate the safety of laser hair removal during pregnancy. Many health care providers recommend avoiding laser hair removal during pregnancy because of the lack of information about the effect on the fetus.

Here at Sparkle, we do not perform laser hair removal during your pregnancy and breastfeeding period. Although Laser Hair Removal is not a dangerous procedure and the application of pulse lasers has not been shown to affect more than the top layers of skin, our Sparkle technicians do not like to take chances with the well-being of clients. If you are pregnant or breastfeeding, we recommend putting your Laser Hair Removal treatments on hold.

Laser Hair Removal Pregnancy

Although laser hair removal is generally considered to be a completely safe procedure, it is best not to do it while pregnant. While there is no reason to believe that laser hair removal while pregnant is unsafe, there is also no reason to believe it is.

Many pregnant women go through an array of laser procedures without complications like removing kidney stones or genital warts. Unfortunately, though, no relevant studies have been done on the topic of laser hair removal pregnancy, so it is always best to err on the side of caution and avoid doing it.

Additionally, even if studies prove that laser hair removal is safe during pregnancy, it might not be your best option. The changes to the typical hair growth phases might make lasers ineffective at eliminating unwanted hair. You could end up spending a lot of money on a procedure that might not deliver the results you are looking for.

It might be uncomfortable to live with excess hair for several months, but it is in your and your babys best interest. Either get laser hair removal before pregnancy or wait and do it after delivery.

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Do Midwives Care About Pubic Hair

As long as the baby can come out, we dont care if youre full bush, bald as a baby, or something exciting like a lightening bolt/vajazzled. The midwife wrote that she doesnt even notice what womens pubic hair looks like anymore, and it doesnt affect stitches or anything to do with our work.

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There Is A Better Type Of Laser Than The Others

Pregnancy And Laser Hair Removal

It cannot be said that a laser is the best in an absolute way, but it can be for a type of hair and skin, as detailed by the doctor of the Laser Medical Institute. The Alexandrite laser safely plucks phototypes I to III , as well as beautiful hair and thick hair, provided it is dark hair Diode lasers safely depilate phototypes IV to VI of thick hair, and the ICE Soprano in its Alexandrite IN Motion modality allows working on dark skin with beautiful hair, he enumerates to make clear why laser hair removal has such a good reputation today: there is a suitable system for everyone.

We hope we have cleared all your doubts about laser hair removal and pregnancy.


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Are You Able To Have Laser Hair Removal While On Your Period

Are you able to have laser hair removal done while you are on your period? Definitely yes! But theres a few things to keep in mind. Assuming you are going to have a Brazilian laser hair removal, it is best to make sure you have a fresh tampon in before your appointment. For all other types of laser hair removal, many women experience an increase in the sensitivity of their body during their cycle or the week leading up to their period.

Pregnancy And All The Hair

When youre pregnant, your body is awash with hormones. Higher levels of estrogen and androgen can cause hair to grow in places where it never appeared before, especially in the third trimester.

You could suddenly notice hair on your belly, face, neck, breasts, and arms. The good news is that this hair growth is quite common, and it generally goes away on its own after the baby arrives.

Pregnancy hormones not only affect where hair suddenly sprouts and how much of it you have to deal with, they also change the growth cycle of your hair.

The hairs on your head and your body all have an active growth phase called anagen. When the hair is fully grown, it enters a resting state called telogen, after which it falls out.

Pregnancy hormones delay the falling out phase, which might be why you notice thicker, fuller hair. Your body simply isnt letting go of the usual amount of hair.

About three to six months after the baby arrives and your hormones normalize, the extra hair will fall out. This sudden loss of hair is called telogen effluvium.

The estrogen-induced hair growth, combined with the increasing difficulty of reaching some parts of your body as your belly grows, may have you wondering whether you should schedule an appointment for laser hair removal as an alternative to shaving, waxing, or using depilatory creams.

International Journal of Womens Dermatology published a review in 2017 on the safety of cosmetic procedures for pregnant women.

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What Do I Have To Do Following Laser Hair Treatment

Laser hair removal does not require any downtime. Following treatment, your skin may be red and warm to the touch. Small bumps are common and normal.

There are a few simple steps well ask you to take immediately following each treatment:

  • Avoid direct sunlight on the affected area, and wear appropriate protective clothing
  • Do not apply any tanning products, oils, or creams
  • If required, cool the area with a cold compress
  • Avoid strenuous activity or exercise post-laser
  • Avoid picking or scratching the area, and do not pluck or pick at ingrown hairs
  • Have a lukewarm shower avoid hot water and make sure to gently pat the area dry

We also offer a post-laser gel that can be used to soothe the skin following laser hair removal.

Brigstock Skin & Laser And Pregnancy

Whats So Great About Laser Hair Removal?  Best In Health ...

Our own policy is to stop treating you as soon as you tell us you are pregnant. We will advise you to have your baby, finish breastfeeding and come back to resume your course of treatments after this.

If you have had a baby and would like to talk to us about when to start or restart hair removal treatment simply call now on 020 3820 4822 for free advice.

And if you would like to check out Brigstock Skin & Lasers testimonials which explain why our clients are happy with the service we provide please click here

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How Long Does Laser Hair Treatment Take To Complete

Since laser hair removal is usually opted to get rid of hair permanently, the entire treatment procedure could take anywhere from 6 months to about 2 years. A number of factors govern the time duration such as the rate of hair growth, the hair constitution, previous sessions, etc. In the initial stages, most professionals recommend a minimum of 6 laser removal sessions to be able to see progress. Once the initial phase is completed, a repeat treatment is required once in 6 weeks to fully remove any trace of excessive hair. Even after that, minimal hair regrowth is possible which might deem the requirement of another session.

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I Want To Remove Some Hair On My Face Permanently Is It Okay If I Get Ipl/laser Hair Removal On My Face

You can get it. The light being used isnt strong enough to go through the skin deeply. There are a lot more concerns towards your skin type and your eyes to prevent hypo/hyperpigmentation and eye damage.

You would go on a difficult journey in order to find someone who is willing to perform any treatments with a laser or intense pulsed light on a pregnant woman. A lot of doctors highly recommend not to this sort of thing. There is a huge risk of the unknown. And this can be one of them.

If you want to be technical there is far more concern with the type of medication being given either after or during the hair removal treatment. Some patients would receive an anesthetic cream before the treatment to help them cope with the pain, others may get some medication after the treatment is over. Whatever the medication is, especially with anesthetic cream, the chemicals can be absorbed by the skin or stomach and that can cause a risk to your baby.

So, to end this off. IPL/Laser hair removal treatment is not really performed on the pregnant woman, it can be, but youll have a hard time finding a physician willing to go ahead with the treatment.

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If Im Pregnant Can I Still Have Ipl/laser Hair Removal Treatments In The Bikini Area

Just like the same thing I mentioned above. Its always better to be on the safe side. So, doctors wouldnt be too willing to perform the procedure while you are pregnant since not much is known about what would happen to you or your fetus.

And the process of the IPL destroying the hair follicles in places such as your bikini area may be too much of a risk for some technicians. Its like going into uncharted waters.

What Is Laser Hair Removal

Laser Hair Removal While Pregnant

Laser hair removal is exactly what it sounds likeremoving hair with a laser. Most commonly, people get this noninvasive treatment on their face, armpits, legs, pubic area, and trunk. And its pretty popular. Prior to the pandemic, over one million people got laser hair removal in 2019. It works by using highly concentrated light, or lasers, to remove hair.

The pigment in the follicle is targeted, says Mary P. Lupo, MD, a board-certified dermatologist at the Lupo Center for Aesthetic & General Dermatology in New Orleans. When it absorbs the lasers energy, it generates heat that permanently reduces the follicle. This inhibits hair from growing, decreasing or eliminating it in the treated area.

However, its not a one-and-done kind of treatment. It only affects hairs that are in an active stage of growth. Rachel Nazarian, MD, a board-certified dermatologist at the Schweiger Dermatology Group in NYC explains, It requires multiple treatments, and works best on darker, thicker hairs. When the hair grows back, it will be lighter, thinner, and sparser.

Laser hair removal also slows down hair growth, but its not necessarily a permanent solution. Some people require maintenance treatments periodically.

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Can You Have Laser Hair Removal When You Are Pregnant

No, unfortunately you cant have laser hair removal when you are pregnant.

Laser hair removal is a very safe treatment that has been clinically proven. Our lasers are FDA approved and have been clinically trialed to ensure they are safe. However, it is recommended that you not have laser hair removal if you are pregnant. Hair growth patterns do change while pregnant so its important to know that any new hair growth patterns will be temporary. When hair grows it is in an active phase called anagen. When the hair is fully grown it enters a resting stage called telogen, pregnancy hormones delay this stage so hair appears thicker. After birth this hair will shed as it enters the catagen stage. It can take up to 6 months or even longer for hormone levels to rebalance so it best to wait 3-6 months before having laser.

Can You Get Laser Hair Removal While Pregnant

Laser hair removal is generally not recommended during pregnancy. Most doctors agree its best to postpone the procedure until after giving birth. Due to hormonal changes and sensitivity that occur during pregnancy, its best to avoid any product or procedure that isnt proven to be completely harmless to the mother and the fetus.

Reasons to Postpone Your Laser Hair Removal ProcedureDoctors cite several reasons for avoiding laser hair removal during pregnancy. The most important is the lack of data that would show that the procedure is either safe or unsafe.

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Other Options For Hair Removal

Waxing is an option that is safe for the baby. Just be very cautious when waxing the abdomen because:

  • Abdominal skin will be stretched thin from the fetus and may be sensitive and prone to damage
  • Waxing over deep stretch marks may cause pain and/or skin damage
  • Hair dissolving creams work to chemically dissolve the protein in hair so that it can be washed away. However, please consider that these products contain harsh chemicals.

    First, be aware that studies have not been done to investigate whether these chemicals are absorbed by the fetus or are safe to use during pregnancy. Second, your skin may be more sensitive during pregnancy, so your chance of having an allergic reaction is increased.

    Laser Hair Removal Pregnancyfacts And Concerns

    Can You Have Laser Hair Removal While Pregnant?
  • Laser treatment uses non-ionizing radiation, which produces intense heat to destroy unwanted hair at the roots without causing cell mutation. Laser light beams only penetrate the skin a few millimetres. However, non-ionizing radiation can be absorbed by surrounding tissue. While it has been proven to have no adverse effects on the patient, doctors are not sure how it could impact the fetus.
  • Hair removal treatments can be slightly painful, and some clinics will apply a numbing cream. Of course, since the body absorbs anything applied to the skin, it is not recommended that you use this cream if you are pregnant. This can make the procedure unpleasant and maybe a good reason to wait until after the baby is born.
  • Skin can become more sensitive during pregnancy, so you may be more likely to experience pain, redness, or irritation.
  • The number of treatments required and the length of time between re-treatments depends on the duration of your hairs growth cycle. Since hormone changes associated with pregnancy can stimulate the maturation of dormant hair follicles or shorten the growth cycle, some women find that re-growth appears much more quickly when they are pregnant. Since laser hair removal can be costly, why not wait until your hormones have returned to normal before undergoing treatment?
  • Well help answer any questions and provide our expertise and free consultation services so that you can make an informed decision about how best to proceed.

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