Can You Find Out Who The Father Is While Pregnant

The Most Technologically Advanced Test Available Today

Pregnancy Tips : How to Know Who is the Father of Your Baby

EasyDNA Canada is proud to offer the most advanced prenatal paternity test available today. Through the use of Next Generation Sequencing technology within a state of the art laboratory, this highly advanced test is unparalleled in its level of accuracy, analysing 2,688 genetic markers. For complete peace of mind take advantage of this highly accurate prenatal paternity test at competitive market rates, starting from only $1590.

The is one of the best prices on the market for this type of test! We also offer the option to pay a 50% deposit on order and the remaining balance when you send the samples.

What Option To Choose

These are the three main ways to find out the father of your child whilst youre pregnant.

The only test which doesnt have any risk at all is the NIIP, although you will need to inform the man you are testing why you need a sample of his DNA.

This can be a swab of saliva, or it can be a few strands of hair.

Generally, a testing kit is given to you which contains a sterile pot for you to store the sample material. This is then sent off for testing to give you a clear result.

Of course, any woman going through this confusing time needs answers, but you should be very cautious about the route you choose to go down.

Putting your baby at risk in order to get an answer on paternity is not something that is recommended and there are safer ways to test for this after your baby has been born.

Having said that, we understand that you simply want to know because it will alleviate stress and worry and allow you to plan for the future.

If you are going through the difficult choice of whether to do a paternity test during pregnancy dont be afraid to reach out and get help. Its not as easy as taking the father of my baby quiz!

There is a lot of advice and support out there from your doctor, midwife, and other healthcare professionals, and they will be more than happy to give you a helping hand with your decision.

Types Of Paternity Dna Testing

Paternity tests may be done prenatally or postnatally. If the test is done after the baby is born, blood samples or cheek swabs are taken from the potential non-gestational parent and the infant and tested in a lab.

During pregnancy there are several different ways to collect DNA samples:

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Employer Benefits For New Parents

Some employers offer their employees additional benefits when they become new parents. Examples include extended health and dental coverage and extra parental leave income.

Ask your employer about parental paid and unpaid leave.

Find out if you can:

  • use vacation and sick days to extend your parental leave
  • get health and dental benefits while on leave
  • continue to make pension contributions while on leave

Other Types Of Dna Tests That Can Be Done During Pregnancy

9 Things to do when you find out you are pregnant

If you are pregnant then genetic testing can be a useful tool, not only for determining paternity, but also to discover if your baby is at risk of carrying genetic diseases. For a long time, pregnancy testing such as amniocentesis and Chorionic Villus Sampling were used but those tests are quite invasive and carry a risk of potential miscarriage or harm to the baby.

DNA tests that can be used to alert the parents-to-be of genetic abnormalities are generally done with blood tests and an ultrasound between 10 and 13 weeks. With another genetic marker scan and DNA test available to parents between 15 and 20 weeks.

These tests are referred to as NIPT or non-invasive prenatal tests or NIPD .

NIPT can be used to test for altered genes, the gender of the baby and can detect Down Syndrome and other conditions. This is a non-invasive test because it uses a drop of blood from the mother and uses free cells that can be found in her bloodstream. It doesnt rely on the cells found in the amniotic fluid like amniocentesis or CVS.

Now that DNA testing is more accessible to consumers through a wide variety of companies mothers-to-be have the option to learn a lot of important information about their baby before the child is born.

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Paternity Testing: What Are My Options

Paternity tests can be performed during or after a pregnancy. Postnatal tests, or those done after a baby is born, can be completed through an umbilical cord collection after delivery. They can also be performed by a cheek swab or blood sample taken at a lab after the baby has left the hospital.

Waiting to establish paternity until delivery, while ensuring accurate results, may be difficult for you and the alleged father. There are several paternity tests that can be conducted during pregnancy.

Why Ancestry Dna Vs Other Dna Testing Companies

Its true that there are many companies offering DNA testing, and some of them are very reputable. Why do I recommend Ancestry DNA versus a company like 23 and Me, for example?

Ancestry DNA has the largest database in the United States, with more than 18 million DNA users. This is an incredible source of potential relatives that can provide clues about your biological origins.

Once you test with Ancestry DNA, you can then download your DNA file and upload it to several other websites to get even more DNA matches. This is the path that I recommend to get the maximum effect for the smallest effort and investment.

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Ways To Find Out Who The Father Of My Baby Is

We live in times that are not as straightforward as they used to be. Just a few decades ago it was normally much easier to determine who the father of your baby was.

Because it was socially unacceptable for a woman to have any questions surrounding paternity she was less likely to have multiple partners.

The babys father was her husband, and it was 100% certain .

Thankfully we live much freer lives nowadays.

We choose who we have sex with and when.

The tricky part is that when pregnancy occurs it can lead to doubts about who the biological father of our child is. You might need to take the father of my baby quiz or other medical procedures to do so.

You may find yourself in this situation and want to know whether there are any ways to find out who the father is whilst youre still pregnant.

Knowing this information is vital to many moms-to-be because the uncertainty causes a lot of stress which can put the baby and mother at risk of complications.

So, are there any ways to find out?

Yes, but most of them require a DNA sample from the man or men you want to test for paternity.

Of course, that requires you to tell the man that you are testing for paternity, otherwise it is a total invasion of their privacy and respect.

That will not be an easy conversation to have, but its important to have it.

If you gain their consent then there are three main ways to test whether or not they are the biological father of your child.

How The Tests Works

Im Pregnant, What The F@#% Do I Do Now?

The tests require blood samples from the mother and from one of the prospective fathers , and doctors may not even have to get involved. The test then measures DNA fragments from the fetus that will be present in the mother’s blood.

Although noninvasive prenatal paternity tests have been offered on the Internet for about a decade, users of those have complained about inaccurate or fraudulent results.

An experiment with a small sample size showed the new test to be reliable: The New England Journal of Medicine showing that the test accurately determined paternity in 30 cases.

That study was of a paternity test by Ravgen, a small Maryland company that has been offering its test for $950 to $1,650, depending on the circumstances, according to The New York Times.

Another test offered by a Silicon Valley company called Natera costs $1,775, and is marketed by the DNA Diagnostics Center, which specializes in conventional paternity tests. The results of the Natera test’s accuracy have not been published in any peer-reviewed journals.

Additionally, neither test has been certified by the American Association of Blood Banks for the accuracy necessary for child custody cases the AABB is currently considering whether to certify prenatal tests.

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What To Look For In A Lab:

  • An accuracy guarantee: Make sure the lab stands behind its results
  • Full accreditations along with an excellent reputation in the industry: Your prenatal paternity test results are too important to leave to chancebe sure the lab maintains extensive, current accreditations with important independent lab-oversight programs such as the AABB
  • Tests that are consistently updated: With improvements in DNA technology, and updates to existing tests, ensure the
  • Utilizes the latest and best technologies to give you the most accurate results
  • Caring and professional support before, during, and after your test: Getting a DNA test isnt hard, but it can be an emotional process. Having the support of a highly-trained and sympathetic customer care team who can answer all your questions knowledgeably and help you feel comfortable makes a big difference
  • Beware of too-good-to-be-true pricing: This is one of the most important tests you may ever take, and you really do get what you pay for. So dont let price be the only determining factor in making your decision

When Do You Start To Have Relationship Problems During Pregnancy

She may need to be pampered and allowed to vent and given the opportunity to cry on your shoulder. Most of the time this passes by the third trimester as the birth of your baby grows closer. When it comes to the mother feeling undesirable, fat, and ugly, you, as her mate, need to remind her how beautiful she is.

A positive relationship can make you feel loved and supported, and more able to deal with these situations. A poor relationship can make you feel bad about yourself, or cause anxiety or depression. Its quite normal for couples to argue, even if youre in a healthy relationship. Sometimes this has nothing to do with pregnancy.

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How Does A Dna Test While Pregnant Work

DNA is obtained from the mother and the alleged father to determine the biological father of the baby. We collect a blood sample from the mother. A simple blood draw similar to the one the mother is already giving for hormone and gestational diabetes check ups. The mothers blood contains the babys DNA referred to as the alpha-fet0protein medically. This provides us with the genetic make up of the baby prior to delivery.

We then collect a saliva sample from the alleged father which provides us with his DNA for comparison to the childs. With this advanced science, you are able to know the identity of the father by the middle of your FIRST trimester!

What Happens At The Paternity Testing


During the paternity testing appointment, all paperwork and consent forms need to be signed by all people involved in the paternity testing. Consent forms need to be signed by all people involved in paternity testing. After the payment is taken, the paternity test will begin.

Depending on the type of paternity test being given, there could be different methods of cell harvesting. For cheek swabs, which are the most common and the least expensive, three swabs are taken from the inner cheek of the mother, father, and infant .

These swabs are placed in sterile bags to await DNA extraction. After all, parties have finished the swabbing they are free to leave.

At the earliest, the test can be completed in 3 days in most cases. Court-ordered paternity test results may only be sent to the court. In order to receive a copy of the paternity test, those involved will have to be in contact with the court systems. While the paternity test results take as little as three days, the paperwork involved in the court system may stretch out the announcement of the results to 6 months or more.

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Baby Gender Upgrade: Discover Even More

EasyDNA also offers the option of learning the gender of your baby! For an additional $225, you can have the baby gender report included with the results of your prenatal paternity test. Please note that an additional sample from the expectant mother is required. Opt for this upgrade today and find out if you are having a boy or girl!

Noninvasive Prenatal Paternity Test

From week seven of pregnancy through the first trimester, you can get a noninvasive prenatal paternity test. During this test, DNA is collected from the mother by a blood draw and from the father with a cheek swab. The samples are analyzed to compare the babys and possible fathers DNA. In general, results are available after one week.

However, this test is not available for women carrying twins because the current technology cant isolate DNA from both fetuses.

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How You Can Use Ancestry Dna As A Tool To Find Your Biological Father

Since this post is primarily about whether Ancestry DNA can tell you who your father is, I will assume that you havent yet done your DNA test.

Your DNA matches and their family trees can help you learn what you need to know in order to identify the immediate family of your biological father .

I dont want to get too technical into the details about exactly how to use Ancestry DNA for finding unknown family, but I have written a few posts that you might find helpful if you are trying to decide whether to do a test:

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Sunday 26th of September 2021

When I took my DNA I put the persons name that I thought was my father,for 65 years! He is not. Ancestry keeps giving me matches related only to my mothers side. How can I further my search. I know the first name of my biological father and where he lived, but not much else. Where do I go from here.Thank you

Jamie Smith

Thursday 2nd of September 2021

yes I am looking for my biological parentsas rescently it was shown that the parents named on my birth certificate are not my real parentsand the same with other members of my family my two brothers and sisteris all different today except my sister has the same mother the fathers are new and the mothers are new and it is that I would like to find my Mum and Dad

Gregory Pattakos

Monday 30th of August 2021

Cary Narveson

Saturday 14th of August 2021

Sunday 25th of July 2021

How Long Do The Non


The test results will usually take 14 days to be received by Ultrasound Care and for you to be informed. On occasion, there is not enough cell-free DNA from the pregnancy in the sample so blood recollection may be required in this case the results will take another 14 days to be received but you will not have to pay for the second test.

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Why Do Supportive Relationships Matter In Pregnancy

Why supportive relationships matter in pregnancy Pregnancy hormones can make you feel a mix of emotional highs and lows, which can make many women feel more vulnerable or anxious. Some may also have trouble coping with their symptoms or even have complications during their pregnancy, which can cause extra stress.

Can A Dna Test Taken During Pregnancy Be Wrong

No. Its perfectly accurate to do a DNA test for diet and exercise while you are pregnant. The fact that you are pregnant wont affect your DNA results as your genes never change. The genetic information you receive will help you to train and eat better, helping you to remain healthy during your pregnancy.

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Does Date Of Conception Establish Paternity

Some women wonder whether paternity can be established by trying to pinpoint a date of conception. Its difficult to accurately determine when conception took place because most women ovulate on different days from one month to the next. Plus, sperm can live in the body for three to five days following intercourse.

If you had intercourse with two different partners within 10 days of one another and became pregnant, a paternity test is the only way to accurately determine which man is the father.

Other Important Information About Prenatal Paternity Testing

Just Found Out I

Non-invasive paternity testing does not provide any other genetic information about the fetus . If you think this information is important, please talk to your Ultrasound Care Obstetrician or Genetic Counsellor about the other tests we have available.

Due to the technology currently used for Non-Invasive Prenatal Paternity Testing, the test cannot be performed where the pregnant woman is related to the potential father, and it is not yet reliable in twins.

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Dna Paternity Test Cost

The cost of a DNA test while youre pregnant varies depending on the type of test. In the U.S., amniocentesis or CVS testing can cost over $500, while non-invasive tests are more expensive around $1350 to $1750 depending on how quickly you want the results. Health insurance companies usually dont cover this cost.

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