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Get Pregnant FAST: OB/GYN Tips for Optimizing TTC!

If your due date is still a couple of weeks away, the best thing you can do is wait for nature to take its course: Let your cervix prepare in the most efficient and comfortable way possible for you and your baby.

But there may be medical reasons to speed up the process of dilation and kick-start labor. Medical intervention may be a good idea if:

  • youre almost two weeks past your due date, and labor has yet to begin
  • your water has broken, but you arent experiencing contractions
  • you have an infection in your uterus
  • your baby isnt growing at a steady pace
  • there isnt enough amniotic fluid around your baby
  • you experience placental abruption, when the placenta peels away from the uterine wall before delivery
  • you have a medical condition, like diabetes or high blood pressure, that is dangerous for you or your baby

If any of these scenarios apply to you and your cervix has yet to begin dilating and effacing, your doctor has a few options:

  • Stripping the membranes: If your amniotic sac is still intact, membrane stripping may trigger labor. Your doctor or midwife will use a finger to swipe against the membranes connecting to the amniotic sac, which can trigger the uterus to release prostaglandin.

A synthetic form of the hormone oxytocin is another option your doctor may consider, especially if the prostaglandin gel or suppository isnt working. Its administered through an IV, and it usually brings on contractions within about 30 minutes.

Gestational Diabetes And Pregnancy

Gestational diabetes is a type of diabetes that is first seen in a pregnant woman who did not have diabetes before she was pregnant. Some women have more than one pregnancy affected by gestational diabetes. Gestational diabetes usually shows up in the middle of pregnancy. Doctors most often test for it between 24 and 28 weeks of pregnancy.

Often gestational diabetes can be managed through eating healthy foods and regular exercise. Sometimes a woman with gestational diabetes must also take insulin.

How Can You Make You Pregnancy Go Faster

heartbroken22 · 30/11/2022 09:28

Weird thing to post but I absolutely hate being pregnant. I can’t function from feeling tired to nausea all day plus the early morning sickness, not being able to cook, play with my 1 year old, clean etc it’s really getting to me. I just try my best to ignore it and not think I’m pregnant but oh well… sometimes I wish there was a stork who delivered babies to the door

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Dont Be Ashamed To Get Help

Your end goal in this process is to conceive and have a baby. Theres nothing to be ashamed about if you require additional help to make that possible. Its likely a doctor will run some tests and do some imaging to determine if theres an easy answer to your difficulty.

Its possible there may even be more than one reason youre experiencing difficulty conceiving. Both you and your partner should be thoroughly evaluated to determine the cause and to create a treatment plan.

If youre over 35, youll want to seek help after trying unsuccessfully to conceive for six months. If youre under 35, you should plan on trying for a full year before seeing your doctor.

Your doctor can help you through this process or refer you to a specialist if needed. You arent alone in struggling to conceive. Fortunately, there are plenty of options out there to help you.

Does A Lubricant Affect The Odds Of Getting Pregnant

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Just under of women use a lubricant during sex, but there have been questions about whether these products might affect sperm quality. In lab studies, water-based lubricants like Astroglide and K-Y Brand Jelly reduced sperm movement by 60 to 100 percent.

Before you panic and throw out the lube tube, of actual couples trying to conceive have found no negative effect on fertility. In fact, lubricant might aid in your efforts to get pregnant by making sex comfortable enough to have more often.

If youre concerned about lubricant reducing your chances of getting pregnant, try sperm-friendly brands like Pre-Seed.

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Look After Your Mental Wellbeing

It’s just as important to look after your emotional wellbeing as it is your physical health. It’s okay to not feel okay about being pregnant.

There’s lots of help and support for mums to be and partners, so you don’t need to manage alone. Talk to your partner, midwife or a friend about how you’re feeling and get help if you need it.

Retinol To Minimize Stretch Marks

Slathering on creams and oils to prevent stretch marks during pregnancy is always your best bet. But you still may develop deep purplish or pink lines. If youre worried about permanent scarring, theres good news: Retinoid creams derived from vitamin A can minimize the appearance of new stretch marks any that are less than a few months old. This is something you need to move on quickly, though. Once the marks have faded to white, its too late for the retinoid cream to work.

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Start Taking Folate Supplements

Also known as vitamin B9, folic acid is incredibly important if you are trying to conceive. Folic acid supports the neural tube formation of your baby, ensuring proper brain development.

Doctors recommend taking at least 400 micrograms of folic acid a day leading up to conception and for the following 12 weeks after conception.

Why should you start taking folic acid before youre pregnant? The neural tube begins to develop quite soon after conception and is usually complete just four weeks into your pregnancy. Therefore, it might start to develop before you know youre pregnant.

Start taking a prenatal vitamin with folate as soon as you start trying for a baby. You can also get folate from eating beans, green leafy vegetables, and whole grains like brown rice.

Stop Taking Birth Control

How To Get Pregnant Fast And Easy | #1 GET PREGNANT 5X FASTER

If you’re taking birth control pills and are hoping to get pregnant fast, it may be helpful to stop taking them a few months before you start trying to conceive, and switch to a non-hormonal form of contraception instead, suggests Christopher Williams, M.D., a reproductive endocrinologist in private practice in Charlottesville, Virginia, and author of The Fastest Way to Get Pregnant Naturally.

The same advice goes for other forms of hormonal birth control, including vaginal rings, patches, intrauterine devices, and implants. However, if you are taking the Depo-Provera birth control shot, you should stop that about nine months before as it takes time to leave your system.

“After you’ve been using birth control for a while, it may take your body a few cycles to start ovulating regularly and be primed for pregnancy,” Dr. Williams says. This gives you time to track your cycle and figure out when you ovulate, which is key for timing conception.

But remember: Once you stop using hormonal birth control, it is technically possible to get pregnant right away. So if you’re not quite ready to conceive, be prepared with use another form of contraception like condoms.

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How To Have A Faster Labor And Delivery

While every childbirth experience is unique and goes on its own timetable, there are things you can do that often will speed things along. Try these techniques for a faster labor and delivery.

  • Get on your feet by standing, walking, or squatting
  • Stimulate your breasts
  • Give yourself a change of scenery
  • Use medical interventions

Prepare To Carry Your Baby Until The Due Date

Yes, you will hear countless women tell you they went into labor at 37 weeks. And this is great. It might end up being you, too! But if it isnt, you dont want to assume every day from 37 weeks that this might be the day. Assume your due date will be the day. Even though only around 5% of women deliver on their due date, it is better to overshoot rather than undershoot. And it is common for first-time mothers to go beyond their due date.

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Getting A Sim Pregnant And In Labor

The main cheat youll probably want to know is the one which makes any Sim or ghost get pregnant and immediately start going into labor. To do this, simply open up the command console as noted above and enter the following sims.add_buff Pregnancy_InLabor. After doing this, simply select the Sim youd like to get pregnant and theyll immediately go into labor.

% Friendship Or Romance

25 Pregnant

The Sims series is really about the friendships and romances you make during the game. However, you may not want to go through the usual routine of moving a Sim into a new neighbourhood and acquainting them with everyone to make new friendships.

Fortunately, there are a few cheats that can give your Sim a leg up.

  • Instantly introduce selected Sim to all Sims in the neighbourhood: “relationship.introduce_sim_to_all_others
  • Instantly get 100% friendship between two Sims: “modifyrelationship 100 LTR_Friendship_Main
  • Instantly get -100% friendship between two Sims: “modifyrelationship -100 LTR_Friendship_Main
  • Instantly get 100% romance between two Sims: “modifyrelationship 100 LTR_Romance_Main
  • Instantly get -100% romance between two Sims: “modifyrelationship -100 LTR_Romance_Main

If you’re not particular, you can even choose someone random to be friends with your Sim with: “relationships.create_friends_for_sim“.

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Max Out Romance Cheat

If youd rather not use the induced labor cheat noted above and make the pregnancy happen a bit more naturally in The Sims 4, you can always use this cheat to max out the romance stats. To do this, youll need the names of both your Sim, and the one you want them to have a baby with. Then, enter the following into the console commands:

modifyrelationship 99 Romance_main

Upon entering this, play out some of the various romance interactions in the game and eventually the option to Try for a Baby should appear. Do this, and sooner or later youll have a pregnant Sim and the start of a happy family.

Thats everything you need to know about The Sims 4s pregnancy cheats. For more on The Sims 4, be sure to check out our Island Living cheats, how to become a Mermaid, the best mods you have to try, and more.

How Often Should You Have Sex

You might have read that having sex too often reduces sperm quality and quantity. Some research has shown that sperm have better quality when collected after a 2-3 day period of abstinence. Studies have also shown that higher rates of conception are seen in couples who have sex every 1-2 days.

Making love once a day or every other day during your fertile window will increase your odds of getting pregnant.

Try to have sex more often, but dont force yourself into a schedule. It could lead to unnecessary stress. Ultimately, the ideal number of times to have sex is what feels comfortable to you.

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Create A List Of Delivery Options

When it comes to meal prep, you have three options: spend the final weeks of your pregnancy freezing homemade meals that you can cook when needed, hope that your friends arrive in the weeks following delivery with ready-made meals, or order take out. An ideal situation would include a little bit of all three. With that in mind, make a list of everyone who delivers, from groceries to pizza so that you and your family can continue to eat even though you may be too tired to cook anything.

On a similar note, as you prepare to go into labor, be sure to keep up with the dishes as best you can. If you do manage to go into labor before youre completely ready, you dont want to have to come home to a mountain of dishes in the sink. In fact, you may want to consider making the switch to paper plates during those last few weeks.

Sims 4 Pregnancy Cheats Twins Speed Up

How I Got Pregnant First Month of Trying | 4 Tips That Actually Work!

The Sims 4 is a life simulation game that allows you to control your sim’s lives and experiment with different personalities. When it comes down to having babies, there are some important things you need to know about pregnancy in The Sims 4.

You’re going to love this! We are writing about Sims 4 pregnancy cheats. These hacks can help you in so many ways, like speeding up the process, changing your gender, or giving birth when and where you want it, for example. So sit back with a soda and read on folks because we have some basic info first.

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What Are Sims 4 Pregnancy Cheats

The Sims games have always had a long history of pregnancy cheats. From the first game to this newest installment, it is common for players to use cheat codes or mods in order to ensure that their Sim will conceive and give birth without having any physical contact with another person. Some people enjoy doing this because they are not comfortable with how the animations work in the game.

Take Yourself On A Date

Most moms will agree that before babies came along, we had all the time in the world . Then that sweet bundle of joy comes along and POOF, all of that time just disappears. Therefore, be sure to take yourself on a date before your little one arrives. Spend one entire day doing whatever you want. If you have an older child, hire a sitter. Sneak cupcakes into the movie theater, get your hair or nails done, buy something only YOU will enjoy, eat lunch with both hands and sleep.

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Do Not Put Your Life On Pause

Toward the end of pregnancy, many women stop planning events or committing to things assuming they may have a baby. They will decline an invitation to a girls night, cancel their weekly dinner with family, etc. But dont do this. I encourage you to do the opposite. Plan all the usual stuff you usually shoot for, maybe even more. This way, you do not feel like the only thing you have to do is focus on when baby is coming! Because it can be like watching grass grow. And if baby does come, people will understand what kept you from showing up!

Get A Preconception Checkup

Squats During Pregnancy: How to Perform Safely

Before you officially start trying, get a checkup. Ask your doctor about prenatal vitamins that have folic acid, which helps protect against some birth defects, such as spina bifida. Folic acid works during the early stages of pregnancy, so that’s why it’s important to make sure you’re getting enough folic acid even before you get pregnant.

“Do this the cycle before you start trying,” says Paula Hillard, MD, a professor of obstetrics and gynecology at Stanford University. “If you have any underlying medical problems, they need to be under control before you can safely become pregnant.”

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Help Ensure Healthy Sperm

Strong, healthy sperm have the best chance of fertilizing an egg. Male partners can do several things to try to optimize their fertility, like:

  • Avoid tobacco and recreational drugs, including marijuana.
  • If you don’t drink alcohol, don’t start. If you do, limit drinks to no more than two each day.
  • Maintain or work towards a healthy weight.
  • Get enough of certain key nutrients like zinc, folic acid, and vitamin C that help produce strong and plentiful sperm.
  • Eat a healthy diet, get regular physical activity, and find techniques to get a handle on stress.

The sooner your partner makes these changes, the better: Sperm take a while to mature, so any improvements now will yield better sperm in about three months.

Note: Many vaginal lubricants can slow down sperm. This includes store-bought products as well as homemade versions, like olive oil. If you’re having trouble conceiving and want to use a lubricant, ask your provider to recommend one that won’t affect fertility.

What Are The Benefits Of Sims 4 Pregnancy Cheats

Using Sims 4 pregnancy cheats has a few benefits. First, it allows players to get pregnant without having any contact with another person. This is great for those who are uncomfortable with the animations or for players who want to avoid any awkwardness. Additionally, it can be used to have twins or triplets without the hassle of trying to get two people in the game to cooperate.

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Kegels To Strengthen Weakened Pelvic Floor Muscles

The changes in your body that you can see might be causing you some stress, but hidden changes can be anxiety-producing as well. After delivery, its relatively common to have some bladder leakage caused by prolonged pushing or a forceps- or vacuum-assisted childbirth. This is usually temporary. Typically, youll see improvement over several weeks to months as you heal, Lawson says. Performing Kegel exercises can help strengthen your pelvic floor muscles so you can regain bladder control more quickly. If leakage is really bothering you, ask your gynecologist if seeing a pelvic health therapist would be of benefit.

Aim For A Healthy Weight


According to the Mayo Clinic, attaining a healthy weight before conception can help set you up for success, both improving your odds of getting pregnant fast and reducing your risk of certain complications. Obesity is associated with irregular ovulation, so it may take longer to conceive if your body mass index is 30 or higher.

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