Is Laser Lipo Safe During Pregnancy

Laser Liposuction May Zap Fat Without Skin Sag

Is laser hair removal safe during pregnancy? Laser Hair Removal Pregnancy

Preliminary research suggests procedure could have advantages over traditional method of fat removal

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MONDAY, April 15 — Laser-assisted liposuction might provide an option for people who want stubborn pockets of fat removed but fear they’ll be left with loose skin.

Traditional liposuction, a fat-removing cosmetic surgery procedure, is generally reserved for people with firm skin to reduce the risk of sagging afterward. But the addition of lasers could spur tightening of the skin, researchers say.

The researchers looked at the extent of skin tightening in nearly 2,200 women and men who received laser liposuction in various body regions, including the belly, thighs and arms. The relatively new procedure was approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration in 2006.

Three months after laser liposuction, the researchers found that patients had between 20 percent and 80 percent skin tightening, meaning their skin contracted to within 20 percent and 80 percent of what would be expected for the volume of fat removed. The amount that the skin “bounced back” depended on the elasticity of the skin to start with and the body area treated.

The amount of skin tightening with laser liposuction is probably about 50 percent better than what would have been achieved with traditional liposuction, said Dr. Abbas Chamsuddin, study lead author and an interventional radiologist at the Center for Laser and Interventional Surgery in Atlanta.




The Laser Liposuction Procedure

The laser liposuction procedure works along the same lines as the conventional liposuction procedure, except that it uses laser technology. Laser energy heats the fat cells, liquefying them and making them easy to remove through the smaller cannulas. This significantly reduces the trauma of the procedure. The laser also improves the treatment-area skin, causing it to tighten and conform to the bodys new contours. Conventional liposuction often leaves skin loose and hanging.

When performed on its own, laser liposuction requires only local anesthesia, and is generally well tolerated. Depending on the size of the area treated, the procedure can last from less than an hour to several hours. Because the incision is small, no sutures are needed, and scarring is minimal. In some cases, scarring is not visible at all. A patient can return home shortly after treatment.

Zerona Laser Liposuction After Pregnancy

The best time to get a Zerona Laser Liposuction treatment for women patients is after 1 or several pregnancies. Women are advised to get this treatment after deciding not to have any more children, so that the effects of the procedure are visible for a longer period of time. The effects of a liposuction procedure may be kept for several years, provided the patient has a healthy lifestyle.

The plastic surgeon will determine the eligibility for the Zerona Laser Liposuction procedure. Women that are breastfeeding are not good candidates for the treatment and should wait until after the baby stops breastfeeding. This is due to the fact that the lasers may influence the quality and ingredients of the milk.

The plastic surgeon wont recommend the Zerona Laser Liposuction treatment within 6 weeks after the delivery of the baby. The Zerona Laser Liposuction treatment is ideal for women after pregnancy, as the baby fat is easy to break down and will be easily eliminated by the body. Women after pregnancy may have better results than patients with weight gained over several years.

The Zerona treatment will consist of 6 sessions of 40 minutes each, administered over a timeframe of 2 weeks.


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Is Liposuction Safe For Diabetics

According to an article on liposuction, people with well-controlled diabetes who havent experienced kidney problems are good candidates for the procedure.

An alternative to liposuction that our office provides can be found here.

If you have diabetes or other underlying health conditions, it is always best to talk to one of our doctors to see what would be the best and safest procedure to help you get your body looking the way you want.

Can Liposuction Help With My Loose Skin Post

Lipo Laser Treatments for Weight Loss

Every womens pregnancy is unique with the body responding in different ways. Some may carry a greater volume in their belly than others. You may gain more weight or less. Your breasts may expand cup size significantly or handly at all. Your body may respond differently from one pregnancy to the next. With this in mind, its very difficult to predict how youll bounce back after your pregnancy.

What we do know is that many women struggle with loose skin post-pregnancy, particularly if theyve carried a bigger than average baby or experienced a large amount of weight gain. These women may consider a tummy tuck or liposuction to address the sagging skin and improve skin elasticity.

For some women, Vaser Liposuction with Renuvion skin tightening technology may be the ideal solution. Performed in conjunction with Vaser Liposuction, this method uses plasma and radiofrequency energy to gently heat the soft tissue and tighten the skin. This enhances the effects of liposuction and treats the troublesome areas where the skin hasnt bounced back.

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Is It Safe To Do Laser Hair Removal During Pregnancy

Are you a patient in the middle of laser hair treatments, and you have become pregnant? Or perhaps you usually shave your legs, but now you cant reach due to pregnancy. We at Canova Medical are here to help. We can provide information regarding laser hair removal during pregnancy. We will alleviate any fears or questions you may have about the procedure before and after pregnancy.

Typically, our pregnant patients see different effects of laser hair removal during pregnancy due to the fluctuations in hormones. This makes the hair growth much more unpredictable, and far more difficult to remove. Most women pursue underarm, belly hair, bikini line and leg hair removal, as these places tend to grow more hair during pregnancy. Our quick guide can help you answer the question, Is hair removal safe during pregnancy? Read on to find out more about the different options available, and remember that our Canova Medical specialists in Wilmslow, Cheshire are always here to help.

The Procedure: How To Prepare And What To Expect

There are a few things that you can do in order to prepare for your liposuction such as the following:

  • Disclose all medical conditions to your doctor to ensure your safety. You can put your health at risk by omitting information from your doctor in order to be approved for the procedure.
  • Your doctor will give you a list of things to avoid two weeks before your procedure such as avoiding aspirins, ibuprofen, and supplements.
  • Make sure to complete any physically tasking things before the procedure, such as cleaning, cooking, moving things, etc to reduce the amount of stress after your procedure.
  • Try and maintain a healthy weight, diet, and exercise plan that you can continue after the procedure is completed.

Your commitment to following directions and disclosing information will help reduce any risks that may be associated with the procedure.

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Sculpsure & Pregnancy: Safety & When To Get Sculpsure For Optimal Fat Loss

Nothing should detract from the joy of motherhood and those incredible early days you spend with your newborn. But oftentimes, it doesnt take long after giving birth to start thinking about how to get back to your pre-pregnancy body. SculpSure is a safe, effective way to eliminate excess fat you may have developed during pregnancy. These laser fat treatments are the perfect option to pair with healthy eating and exercise for your ideal body.

Can I Breastfeed After Breast Reduction Via Liposuction

Is laser hair reduction safe? Can it be done during pregnancy? – Dr. Udhay Sidhu | Doctors’ Circle

While the vast majority of women can breastfeed, a small number of mothers are incapable of breastfeeding whether or not theyve had a breast reduction using liposuction.

Research shows the main reason for the inability to breastfeed is associated with poor milk production and the main reason for not attempting to breastfeed is due to psychosocial factors. Liposuction is not typically associated with an inability to breastfeed. However, its important to note as with any cosmetic or plastic surgery procedure, there are no guarantees.

Compared with other breast reduction methods, liposuction itself has reduced risks as the cosmetic procedure does not damage the milk ducts or breast tissue. A mammoplasty performed by a doctor, on the other hand, may lead to increased risks of damage to the ducting as it repositions the skin, nipple and tissue.

Besides a couple of very small incisions to allow the thin cannula that removes fat to enter the breast, the liposuction procedure does not involve significant surgical cutting.

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Should You Wait For Liposuction If More Kids Are In Your Future

Liposuction is an effective surgical method for removing isolated pockets of fat that have not responded to diet and exercise. Some women considering liposuction may wonder if it is best to have liposuction before having children or waiting until after pregnancy to undergo the procedure. While opinions on the best timing for liposuction are somewhat divided, there are a few factors to think about when determining the best timing for your liposuction procedure.

Is it Safe?The primary concern for most women thinking about liposuction is whether the procedure will affect the safety of future pregnancies. This concern can be put to rest, because there is no evidence to suggest liposuction presents any risk to pregnancy. It is a good idea to give yourself plenty of time to heal from liposuction before getting pregnant, to ensure your body is in the best possible shape to support a growing baby during those nine months.

The choice of when to have liposuction is a highly personal decision that should be made between a woman and her plastic surgeon. There are many factors that will go into determining whether it is best to have liposuction right away or wait until after pregnancy and childbirth. If you are considering liposuction, contact Umansky Plastic Surgery at 858-281-4560 to schedule your personal consultation with Jeffrey Umansky, MD or William Umansky, MD today.

Planning A Pregnancy Post

Many young women are entertaining the idea of cosmetic procedures before even thinking about starting a family. It is no longer considered taboo to want to do aesthetic treatments to stimulate an improved body image according to your personal standards. Some women question the safety of these cosmetic treatments such as injectables and going under the knife before becoming pregnant. Liposuction is also geared towards areas of the body that change throughout pregnancy with weight gain and stretching of the skin.

It is safe to get pregnant post-liposuction. Getting liposuction should not affect your ability to get pregnant or deliver a baby, even if liposuction was conducted in other areas other than the stomach, such as hips, chin, the arms or thighs. Liposuction should not be done while pregnant as any evasive, cosmetic surgery procedure. It is important to take a pregnancy test and discuss other weight loss options with your doctor before scheduling a surgery if you plan to start a family right away.

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Liposuction Can Help Increase Self

Rather than thinking about whether or not you may plan to become pregnant in the future, why not think about how good liposuction could make you feel right now? If you have stubborn pockets of fat despite being otherwise at your target weight and body shape, liposuction could go a long way towards increasing your self-esteem and confidence. Unless you are actively trying to conceive, or suspect you may be pregnant, future pregnancy plans need not affect your decision to sculpt your silhouette with liposuction.

Qualities Of A Good Laser Fat Reduction Candidate

The Safety of Laser Hair Removal During Pregnancy ...

Have you been struggling to lose weight only to find problem areas that dont change in response to diet and exercise? Luckily, cosmetic procedures like liposuction take the painstaking effort out of shedding the fat in these areas. Unfortunately, liposuction also has its drawbacks, like causing sagging skin in some patients.

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Is It Safe To Get A Hydrafacial While Pregnant

If youre like most women, you probably pay extra close attention to what you eat, what activities you participate in, and what products you use during pregnancy. Because of this, you may have questions about whether certain treatments such as the HydraFacial are safe during pregnancy. The caring team at Fine Arts Skin & Laser Aesthetic Plastic Surgery fully understands these concerns and is committed to providing only the safest and most appropriate treatment options for all patients, including women who are expecting. Fortunately, each HydraFacial can be completely customized to match the patients skin type, concerns, goals, and other personal factors, including whether she may be pregnant.

Recovery From Laser Liposuction

After laser liposuction, patients can often return to work and other regular activities the next day. The positive effects of the procedure are immediately apparent, and the treated area, as it heals, continues to improve for several months. As with conventional liposuction, results of laser liposuction are considered permanent unless a significant amount of weight is gained after treatment.


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What Type Of Anaesthesia Does Lipolaser Need

Usually the laser lipo or laserlipolysis requires local anaesthesia with or without sedation although it depends on the areas to be treated. The patient can resume normal life in 24 hours although there will be discomfort for the following 2 to 3 days The compressive garment used after treatment can be removed for sleeping in 4-7 days.

Laser Lipolysis Carries Hidden Dangers Says Clinical Negligence Specialist

i-Lipo: What to expect during your treatment

Posted: 17/03/2014

Laser lipolysis is a cosmetic procedure to remove body fat. It was first approved for use in 2006 and since then there have been a number of developments in the different types available. The laser lipo suction technique uses lasers to break up fat before its removal from the body, reducing the need for harsh suction. It has become a commonly adopted and accepted modality for removal of unwanted fatty tissue and is claimed to be as effective as traditional liposuction without a hospital stay.

Laser lipo is marketed on the basis that it is a quick and effective way of getting rid of the unwanted flab. It is meant to be a less invasive procedure and the effects are permanent since the fat cells are inactivated by the laser beam, leaving them incapable of storing fat any more. One commonly promoted advantage of laser lipo is fast patient recovery, with some clinics advising that you can be back at work within two days. Despite these findings, some clinicians have been reluctant to accept laser lipo, citing longer procedural times, increased risk of adverse reactions and lack of evidence supporting superiority over traditional liposuction.

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Pregnancy Skincare: What To Avoid

Topical skincare and acne treatments are what most of us use day-to-day, and the good news for expecting mothers is that most of these products remain to be pregnancy safe skin care to use with the exception of two: retinoids and hydroquinone.

Courtesy of the American Academy of Dermatology

  • Avoid Retinoids
  • Topical retinoids are common in the skincare industry and are a type of Vitamin A. This vitamin is known for preventing the breakdown of your skins collagen and increasing the rejuvenation and renewal of the skin. While risk and absorption are low, there have been documented cases of harmful development effects during pregnancy, and as such, experts recommend avoiding these topical treatments during pregnancy.

  • Avoid Hydroquinone
  • This agent is primarily found in skin-lightening products, and many studies, like this one with the National Institute of Health, found that anywhere between 35%-45% of this substance is absorbed through the skin and may result in harm and malformation of the fetus.

    Possible Side Effects Of Laser Liposuction

    Common risks and side effects of laser lipo include pain or numbness in the treatment area, discomfort, and loose or discolored skin. Some people experience burning under the skin after their session. If this lasts more than a few days, it could be a sign of liquid buildup and can be treated by your doctor.

    Other people may notice dimpled or lumpy tissue in the treatment area. This may be a temporary result of swelling or could be a more semipermanent result. If you still have dimpled skin six weeks after the treatment area, consult your doctor.

    In rare cases, some people develop:

    • scar tissue under the skin
    • infection at the site
    • skin necrosis at the incision site

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    Pregnancy Throws Off The Hair Growth Cycle

    Being able to predict the hair growth cycle is a large part of what makes laser hair removal successful. The extra hormones released during pregnancy will throw off the hair growth cycle, making laser treatments less effective. Like skin hyperpigmentation, this can also end up costing you more as youll need more laser treatments.

    Ideal Laser Liposuction Candidates

    Laser Hair Removal Pregnancy Safety

    People who are interested in laser lipo should be healthy and near their ideal weight.

    Its not a weight loss treatment or surgery, so if you have excessive body weight, this procedure is probably not right for you. Instead, its meant to target and remove small areas of excess fat in healthy individuals.

    Dont undergo laser lipo if youre pregnant, breastfeeding, menstruating heavily, or if you have:

    • a pacemaker or defibrillator

    Like laser lipo, also dont undergo CoolSculpting if youve recently had surgery or use anticoagulant medication.

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