Is Smoking Weed Bad While Pregnant

Why Women Consume Marijuana While Pregnant

Is Smoking Weed While Pregnant Dangerous?

If its true that a large number of women consume marijuana during pregnancy, this raises the question of why. While some recreational users simply fail to abstain even after theyre pregnant, other women turn to cannabis to treat ailments that are common during pregnancy. Some feel that marijuana works better than prescription or over-the-counter drugs suggested by their doctors.

Because women are often hesitant to ask their doctors about the risks versus the benefits of smoking marijuana during pregnancy, they often turn to the internet for information and advice. Marijuana and pregnancy has become a controversial issue, with many people advocating for its safety. An internet search will reveal numerous social media pages and advocacy groups dedicated to women who choose to use marijuana for medical purposes while theyre pregnant. Among those who tout the benefits of smoking marijuana while pregnant, here are some of the conditions they say it helped them with:

Morning Sickness

One of the most common reasons women consume marijuana while pregnant is to deal with morning sickness, general nausea, and low appetite. Apart from simply not feeling well, concern over not getting proper nutrition causes pregnant mothers to seek out relief especially when prescription anti-nausea medicines have failed.


Anxiety and Insomnia

Pay Close Attention If Youre Breastfeeding

More research needs to be done on the effects of marijuana when a mother is breastfeeding. Due to the lack of research, doctors generally dont recommend using marijuana while breastfeeding.

Some studies have found its possible for a small amount of THC to be present in breast milk. This could affect an infants nervous system development or even slow their motor development.

Other research has found that exposure to marijuana through breast milk can cause babies to have a decreased sucking reflex, spend less time feeding, and therefore be slow to gain weight and develop physically.

Cannabis Use During Breastfeeding And Its Consequences

Despite the limited epidemiological data about the frequency of cannabis use during breastfeeding, a report from the state of Colorado revealed that 7.4 and 4% of mothers younger or older than 30 years of age, respectively, were current marijuana users. From this population, 18% consumed marijuana during breastfeeding . Due to the growing trend of legalizing the recreational and medical use of marijuana, the proportion of lactating cannabis-using women worryingly increased in the last years. Furthermore, there is evidence that chronic consumption of cannabis by women, especially with a diagnosis of cannabis use disorder , does not decrease during lactation.

A major concern regarding cannabis use during breastfeeding is the availability of unclear, inconsistent, and even opposed information from clinical guidelines and health professionals. While some promote lactation for cannabis users independently of active use , others recommend the absolute cessation of cannabis use during lactation . Thus, there is a need to establish unified and evidence-based recommendations on the risk associated with cannabis use during breastfeeding.

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Does Weed Affect Pregnancy

Is it okay to smoke weed while pregnant is one of the unanswered questions resounding in the mind. Reports from studies done so far suggest that smoking weed may hinder a woman from getting pregnant and also suggests some possible effects on pregnancy. Facts indicate that about 2% to 5% of women smoke weed while pregnant. And Street drugs can cause the baby to be born dependent on them. There is no data to indicate the ratio of women who smoke weed during pregnancy with those who are affected by it.

Will They Take My Baby Away If I Test Positive For Drugs

Smoking Weed While Pregnant: Is It Dangerous?

The #1 question in peoples minds about marijuana during pregnancy

**First off, they will NOT take your baby away for taking pot during pregnancy, but in my state it does require a CPS call by us to notify them. CPS may or may not visit you, but they will have a record of it in their system. If you have questions about the requirements in your state, I would recommend you to ask your doctor.**

BTW, if youre doing marijuana and might be pregnant it is important to take a pregnancy test so you can STOP as soon as you are .

Of course, marijuana isnt the only type of drug that we are testing for in these screen. A positive drug test can come from many types of drugs. Many on the drug screen are taken more seriously by a social worker than marijuana b and at times you could have issues with child endangerment from law enforcement. Prenatal drug exposure is taken really seriously by child welfare.

Please note that if the health care provider does NOT notify CPS we can lose our license, and it would be illegal as we are mandatory reporters.

If you test positive for prescription drugs that you have a prescription for, they may also discuss your opioid use and the safety of your family.

Please note that any actions taken on the babys plan for where it will live after it leaves the hospital is not up to health care workers. We are required to report things, and then it is in the hands of child protective services.

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The Effects Of Smoking Weed While Pregnant

Recent research claims that maternal marijuana use is not an independent risk factor for negative outcomes. A systematic review, led by Doctor Shayna Connor and published in Obstetrics and Gynecology in October 2016, found no statistical correlation between the use of cannabis and any negative birth outcome. The authors suggested that negative outcomes such as preterm birth and low birth weights could be due to using cannabis with tobacco.

Studies have shown that heavy cannabis consumption early in pregnancy can increase the risk of behavioral issues.

However, although Connors study revealed no independent link between marijuana and birth complications, she is still wary about recommending it to pregnant women. For starters, the study did not look at long-term behavioral and health impacts in the child.

If a woman insists on using marijuana while pregnant, moderation is key. A handful of studies have shown that heavy cannabis consumption early in the pregnancy can increase the risk of behavioral issues later in the childs life.

Smoking Weed While Pregnant Cps Involvement

Depending on your state, your provider can sometimes take a urine drug screen with or without your consent.

In my state, we do need a consent to test YOUR urine but we do not need one to test your baby. So, if you refuse, we just test the babys and it also looks extremely suspicious.

Remember that honesty is always the best policy and CPS will note that if they are required to come.

The results of that urine drug screen will be noted in your chart. BTW, you can also test at home.

When you come to labor and delivery, we will call a social work consult, and they will call the state to come assess the situation.

We may also ask to take a urine drug screen on you in the hospital that will show recent drug use.

**If you plan to refuse the drug screen, we will screen your baby . We will also call social work about your refusal and that refusal will be noted.**

From that point, it is out of our hands. It is in CPSs hands at that point.

Nurses may also take your babys first stools to test it for marijuana to see how far into your pregnancy you took the drug .

If you are currently pregnant and using marijuana you need to stop. If you are taking it for a medical condition you need to talk to your doctors about alternative methods that could be safer.

**If you disagree with this article I strongly encourage you to talk with your doctor about your drug use and what to expect after delivery. **

Can they take your baby away for smoking pot while pregnant?

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Alternative To Medical Marijuana

Many people use cannabis products to treat medical conditions such as chronic pain, multiple sclerosis, HIV, glaucoma, and irritable bowel syndrome. However, if you are planning to become pregnant, or are currently pregnant, you will need to stop using cannabis for medical purposes. This means that you cannot smoke, vape, or use edibles.

“, other arrangements will need to be made to address the medical concerns that were being treated with cannabis, explains Dr. Tishler.

ACOG suggests that you talk to a medical provider and discuss alternative treatments that are safe during pregnancy.

Health Effects Of Marijuana During Pregnancy

Smoking pot while pregnant: A bad idea

No amount of marijuana has been proven safe to use during pregnancy or while breastfeeding. In 2018, the American Academy of Pediatrics released its first official guidelines, advising women who are pregnant or nursing to avoid marijuana use because it isnt safe for them or their children.

Whether smoked, eaten in food , or vaped, marijuana is stronger than ever before, which makes use during pregnancy especially risky for a developing babys health. Marijuana contains nearly 500 chemicals, including the mind-altering compound tetrahydrocannabinol . These chemicals can pass through a womans placenta to her baby during pregnancy.

Studies show that marijuana use during pregnancy may be harmful to a babys health and cause a variety of problems, including:

Fetal growth restriction .

A greater risk of stillbirth

Preterm birth

Low birth weight

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Preterm Labor Or Stillbirth

If you use weed during pregnancy, your baby is at higher risk for being born too early and too small. Research shows that babies born to pregnant people who are frequent cannabis users are 6% more likely to be premature and 13% more likely to have a low birth weight.

Babies are also at higher risk for being stillborn and 35% more likely to die within their first year of life. It’s still not fully clear to researchers whether higher rates of infant death is because of weed use or due to use of other substances along with weed, such as cigarettes or alcohol.

Does Consuming Weed During Pregnancy Affect Fetal Brain Development

Here, the science seems definitive: using marijuana during pregnancy could interfere with a baby’s brain development. According to a study which was lead by neuroscientist Tibor Harkany of the Karolinska Institute in Sweden, and the Medical University of Vienna, in Austria, prenatal exposure to marijuana could cause the brain to be more susceptible to drug addiction and neuropsychiatric illnesses well into adulthood.

Researchers tested the effects of prenatal cannabis usage by growing brain cells from mice in the presence of THC, injecting pregnant mice with THC, and studying the brains of electively aborted human fetuses whose mothers used marijuana during pregnancy.

They discovered that THC messes with the formation of connections between nerve cells in the cerebral cortex. Since this is the part of the brain responsible for higher thinking skills and memory, these findings are definitely not something to take lightly. In fact, Harkany doesn’t believe any amount of THC is safe for pregnant women to consume, saying, “Our advice is that mothers should avoid marijuana.”

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Clearing The Smoke About Marijuana Use During Pregnancy

Unless you dont own a television and never listen to the radio, you know that marijuana has been in the news a lot lately and for marijuana users who have had to smoke in illegally, it appears societal attitudes about pot smoking may be changing. Twenty states have laws legalizing some form of marijuana use. Two states, Colorado and Washington, have legalized its recreational use. In an interview, the NFL Commissioner seemed to leave open the possibility that medicinal use could be considered for NFL players if there was scientific evidence that it was helpful to treat injuries and pain. Even President Obama has said that he doesnt believe marijuana is any more dangerous than alcohol. Marijuana is currently listed as a Schedule I drug. Other Schedule I drugs include heroin, lysergic acid diethylamide , 3,4-methylenedioxymethamphetamine .

What The Research Shows Us

According to studies, pregnant women who use illicit substances are more likely to use marijuana compared to other drugs. This is often due to the belief that marijuana is less harmful to the developing embryo and fetus, compared to other drugs such as cocaine or heroin.

So Where Does Marijuana Rank Compared To Other Drugs?

Heroin: Heroin has not been associated with an increased risk for birth defects, however, is associated with a higher risk for withdrawal and admission to newborn intensive care and sudden infant death syndrome.Bottomline: Snuff Out Smoking It

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Knockout: Effects Of Marijuana On Fetus

Smoking During Pregnancy

The effect of smoking weed during pregnancy is more fatal for a baby. There is a higher influx of carbon monoxide, ammonia and hydrogen cyanide which will also be transferred to the fetus. The damage could be more severe as the chemicals could easily cross the placenta, may impact the development of a baby. Some of the effects which smoking pot during pregnancy can cause are:

  • Higher chance of premature birth
  • Placenta removal which could cause severe bleeding for woman and the baby
  • Brain defects which may cause trouble with retention, attention, and impulse control
  • Sudden Infant Death Syndrome

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The Apocalypse: Side Effects Of Smoking Weed While Pregnant

There are several side effects associated with smoking weed during pregnancy which occurs in the mother and also the fetus.

Apart from being prone to addiction, there are resin residues left on the lungs which in the long run can cause significant damages like bronchitis, mucus production, and emphysema. It also mixed with the bloodstream and can eventually cause various respiratory problems. There are several other effects of smoking marijuana to learn about.

The effects of smoking weed during pregnancy spans through the pregnancy phase, breastfeeding phase and developmental phase of a baby. Smoking weed while pregnant will cause a significant reduction in oxygen supplied to the fetus and the effects can range from low birth weight to stillbirth. Another major downside of combining pot and pregnancy is the penetrative power of THC which can cause permanent damage in the brain of the child. Studies have shown that children exposed to prenatal smoking can have their executive function affected which may cause defects in concentration, attention, impulse control and problem-solving skills. Furthermore, because of the addictive nature of smoking pot, it is highly probable to get issues with caring for the baby when it is born.

Cannabis Use By Participants

The research nurse asked women about the duration and frequency of cannabis use from 3 months before until 15 weeks into their pregnancy. Women were allocated to four categories: never used cannabis, used cannabis but quit before pregnancy, used cannabis but quit during early pregnancy , and continued to use cannabis at 15 weeks of pregnancy. Women were also classified according to whether they used cannabis up to once or more than once a week, consistent with previous studies.8,9 We did not quantify the amount or strength of cannabis consumed.

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Final Verdict To Smoking Weed While Pregnant

An active smoker that is planning to get pregnant , is advised to speak with a medical expert for more advice and guidance. More side effects, benefits, and implications of smoking weed during pregnancy will be exposed, so one can decide whether it is bad or not. Doctors also guide women through each pregnancy stage monitoring when its better to continue or discontinue smoking weed. In the end, the choice is optionable to make in the best interest of a woman and a baby.

The effect of smoking weed during pregnancy is more fatal for a baby. There is a higher influx of carbon monoxide, ammonia and hydrogen cyanide which will also be transferred to the fetus. The damage could be more severe as the chemicals could easily cross the placenta, may impact the development of a baby. Some of the effects which smoking pot during pregnancy can cause are:

  • Sudden Infant Death Syndrome

Dangers Of Using Marijuana During Pregnancy

The dangers of smoking Marijuana while pregnant

Because marijuana has been legalized in numerous places and is often used as an effective medical treatment for a variety of illnesses and ailments, this had led many people to believe that its a natural substance thats safe to use under any circumstances, including pregnancy. However, marijuana is a medication, as well as a recreational substance and just like any other substance, it can have an impact on both a mother and her baby. What are the effects of smoking marijuana while pregnant? Unfortunately, the evidence shows that using marijuana is far from harmless to pregnant women and developing fetuses. The risks are so concerning that in 2018, the American Academy of Pediatrics issued guidelines warning women not to use marijuana in any form during pregnancy.

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Using Marijuana While Pregnant: What Are The Risks

As a result, usage is rising in the general population, including among pregnant women. A lot of women wonder if smoking weed or consuming marijuana in another form is OK during pregnancy.

While estimates are tricky, four to 10 percent of women currently report using marijuana while pregnant. This is a definite increase from the past and the actual percentage is probably higher because of a self-reporting bias. Think about your answers when we ask you how much you smoke, drink, exercise, or weigh!

But just because using marijuana is more socially or even legally acceptable does not mean its safe for your unborn child.

Smoking Cigarettes While Pregnant Is A Huge No

In short: Doctors do not recommend smoking weed while youre pregnant. Still, many believe the drug is not as unsafe during pregnancy as it seems, while others believe edibles arent as harmful as, say, taking a hit of a joint.

Basically, there are arguments for the use of weed during pregnancy, but healthcare professionals say its a hard pass.

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