What Is The Best Pregnancy Tracker App

What Is A Pregnancy App

Pregnancy Tracker App for Android | BabyCenter

There are many types of apps that can be considered pregnancy apps, but this ranking focuses on pregnancy tracking apps designed to help you monitor the progress and development of your baby and pregnancy. Other types of pregnancy apps may help you find workouts, document your pregnancy or connect you with pregnancy support.

Best For Growth Updates: Pregnancy & Baby Tracker

Pregnancy & Baby Tracker

  • Tools offered: Pregnancy tracking, message board, articles and advice, development updates
  • Cost: Free

The Bumps Pregnancy & Baby Tracker app is another great option for expecting parents, offering pregnancy progress tracking and daily development updates on your growing baby.

  • App offers 3D visualization of babys growth during pregnancy

  • Compares babys development with fruit and veggie sizes

  • Expert information backed by science

  • Lack of regulation on message boards

  • Reports of issues with loading progress pictures

Tracking your pregnancy has never been easier with the Pregnancy and Baby Tracker created by The Bump. You can log your symptoms, moods, and cravings, as well as updates on your babys development. The app also offers a 3D visualization of what your baby looks like at each stage of developmenta fun way to see how much theyve grown.

The Inside The Bump feature offers 3D interactive visualizations of your babys growth weekly. As your baby gets bigger, learn new facts about the changes happening inside your body. You’ll also have access to weekly videos, checklists, and advice from pregnancy experts.

Other features worth noting include a baby name game, community message boards, registry creator, and product recommendations. There are several exclusive deals and discounts available only to app users as well. The newsfeed offers celebrity pregnancy updates, health insights, and other relatable articles.

The Bump Pregnancy Countdown

The Bump provides 3D interactive visualization of your babys growth. You can interact with the visualization of your baby and learn many vital things like the changes that take place inside your body and how your baby is developing.

Explore the tips to find out the best way to embracing pregnancy and motherhood. If you have any questions, ask them to the experts and get quick answers from three different sources.

Moreover, The Bump lets you document your pregnancy by crafting a weekly album of your growing belly.

Price: Free

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Pregnancy And Due Date Tracker

Pregnancy and Due Date Tracker provides helpful tips every single week from conception to delivery, of exercises and workouts that are just right for how far along you are at any stage! It also recommends the right books to read to support you in your journey to maintain a healthy, comfortable pregnancy.

Check out the weekly descriptive updates on your baby’s development and things you should pay attention to regarding changes in your own body. Enjoy information on what to eat during this special time in life! What food your body may benefit from having more of, and what to stay away from.

Keep track of important dates and appointments on your pregnancy calendar, and use checklists that have been specially assembled for each trimester, such as a pre-birth to-do list and a hospital “go-bag” list so that you don’t miss a thing!

Best App For Multiples

Best Pregnancy Tracker Apps for iPhone and iPad in 2021

Twiniversity: Designed for parents expecting more than one baby, the Twiniversity app shares tips and tricks from parents of twins that you can use for each week of pregnancy and the first year of their lives. From twin registries, weekly development and even feeding and diapering tips, if youve got babies on board, download this app. Twiniversity is free on iOS and Android with in-app purchase options.

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Best For Labor: Full Term

Full Term – Contraction Timer

  • Tools offered: In-depth contraction analysis, kick counter, quick reference guide
  • Cost: Free

If youre just looking for a contraction timer, Full Term will help you track your contractions so youll know when you should head to the hospital or birthing center.

  • Ability to take notes on each contraction

  • Edit or add contractions in

  • Not the best looking app

  • Not useful outside of labor

Full Term Contraction Timer will help you create a detailed report of your contractions during labor. After downloading, just press the start button when your contraction begins . When your contraction ends, press the stop button to finish recording. You can add notes to each entry and manually record the intensity of your contraction from very mild to very strong.

The app will help you recognize a pattern in your labor, and youll be able to see the average duration and timing of your contractions. You can even send a report to your provider so they can help you determine whether its time to head to the hospital or birthing center.

The quick reference guide is a nice touch, offering information on what to expect during pregnancy, labor, delivery, and the postnatal period. The kick counter feature allows you to track your babys movements so you can report any changes to your provider.

This app is free and works with Android and iOS 11.0 or greater devices. The only in-app purchase is an optional $0.99 to disable ads.

Best App For Pregnancy Content

What to Expect App

Its an app based on the website based on the book! The bestselling pregnancy reference guide now fits entirely into your pocket, complete with videos, week-by-week baby development tracking and, of course, all the information about pregnancy you could ever imagine. The bad news: the app isnt as useful once youve had your baby. This app is available for both iOS and Android users.

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Best For Mental Health: Ovia Pregnancy Tracker


  • Tools offered: Pregnancy calendar, bump tracker, milestones, symptom log, health advice, food and medication safety lookup
  • Cost: Free

Ovia Pregnancy Tracker not only helps you track your pregnancy progress and babys development, but also offers resources to help you manage stress and anxiety.

  • Ability to enroll in health resources including mental health tools

  • Access to community forums

  • Option to sync with a Google Fit device

  • Interface is a bit challenging to navigate

  • Unable to log medications that aren’t in the system

Ovia Pregnancy Tracker is a comprehensive pregnancy app that also helps you track your mental health throughout pregnancy. The app includes a pregnancy calendar, bump tracker, symptom log, and various health resources, including a food and medication safety lookup.

Its mental health resources range from mood and sleep trackers to relaxation techniques and articles on managing stress. You can even join free health programs tailored to your needswith options like mental health education and mental health support. Both resources are filled with expert-backed content to help you manage conditions like postpartum depression, antidepressant use during pregnancy, and more.

We love the apps ability to sync with a Google Fit device, which helps you track your blood pressure and other useful health data. And the community forum makes it easy to ask questions anonymously and get support from other parents-to-be.

Best Symptom Management: Period Tracker By Gp Apps

Flo App – Best mobile app for Period, Ovulation & Pregnancy Tracker – Reviews

Period Tracker

  • A bit basic

When youre PMS-ing, how much acne do you get? What about constipation? And do you crave salty pretzels or sweet milk chocolate? If youve never asked yourself these questions, youre missing out on a key metric for decoding your periodsand figuring it all out could make you feel better every month when good ol Aunt Flo comes to town.

Enter GP Apps Period Tracker, which admittedly has a super nondescript name but is not so generic once you download it and get to work. In addition to all of your random PMS symptoms, the tracker is adept at analyzing your daily temperatures and signs of fertility to send you customized info about your next period, fertile days, and upcoming PMS symptoms. The platform itself is simple and easy to navigate, making it a good fit for women who dont want a lot of bells and whistles with their fertility info.

You can upgrade to a premium membership, but there doesnt seem to be much benefit: You get all this good stuff right from Period Trackers free download. Its a solid, user-friendly option for anyone wanting to track their fertility and know whats coming next, reproductively speaking.

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Here Are The 18 Best Pregnancy Apps For Parents

Whether its your first baby or your fourth, pregnancy apps can make your life as a mom-to-be a lot easier. A good pregnancy app tells you more than just whether your baby is the size of a blueberry or an avocado. You can get regular updates about your babys growth and your changing body, and answers to questions like, When will this morning sickness end? and Why do I have this random pain in my leg?

Pregnancy apps are a wonderful resource for parents, Dr. Steve Rad, an OB-GYN in Los Angeles, told TODAY Parents. The apps have information from your journey starting pre-pregnancy, through pregnancy, postpartum and beyond. They even have helpful ovulation calculators and helpful guides for women and families trying to conceive.

These 18 pregnancy apps will help guide you through every stage of pregnancy, right on into the new mom life.

Connect With Other Parents

Many of the apps on our list offer robust community features so expectant mothers and fathers can connect with other parents to learn from their experiences, get useful advice, and establish a support system. Make sure to take advantage of these features if you find yourself needing extra support during your pregnancy.

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Who Is Behind Expectingapp

Expecting.app was developed by three leading European parents organisations and financed through an Erasmus+ project financed by the European Commission, and all the content available is free. The app is fully independent and non-commercial your data is safe and your app experience will never be interrupted with ads.

Midwives and doctors are health professionals who have the knowledge and experience to assist pregnant families and you should consult them with any concerns and questions you may have. Expecting.app is not intended for medical use or to replace the advice of a licensed midwife or physician. Information is provided on a general information basis and is not a substitute for personalized advice from a health professional. Roda Parents in Action and its partners disclaim any liability for decisions you make based on information in the app.

This mobile app was made possible by the financial support of the European Commission. The content of this activity is the sole responsibility of its authors and the Commission cannot be held responsible for the use of the information contained therein.This mobile app was also partially funded by the City of Zagreb. The content and information expressed in the mobile app are those of Roda – Parents in Action and cannot be considered a reflection of the views or policies of the City of Zagreb.

Best App For Documenting Your Belly

Pregnancy Tracker &  Baby App

CineMama: Take photos of your growing bump and CineMama will transform those pictures into a movie. Add titles and music before sharing the movie with friends and family. Theres even a diary so you can document your moods and feelings all while creating a keepsake that is also a fun way to share your pregnancy journey. CineMama is free on iOS and Android

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Hello Belly: Pregnancy Tracker

Here is the most delightful and latest guide for expecting parents. Packed with professional tips for pregnancy, Hello Belly is created by experts. And every detail is given in simple terms without any heavy medical information.

There are more than 400 practical tips provided in a fun way. 3D and AR visualizations of a baby in the womb will make you smile. To keep your calm, you can use meditations and watch yoga video classes on the app.

Stay up-to-date with checklists and handbooks, which include symptoms and details of nutrition.

Price: Free

Thats pretty much it! So, that sums up our roundup of the top baby tracking apps for iOS.

Your pick?

May you and your baby stay healthy! Now that youve got an ideal asset capture every special moment. Also, read the excellent stories to discover more about the unique world of your little champ and how well its getting along.

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The 5 Best Pregnancy Tracker Apps For Android

These apps will help you track your pregnancy journey and monitor your own health as you go.

Any woman who’s experienced pregnancy will tell you that it’s never easy to go through. There are so many inconveniences that pregnancy can cause, but there are also now ways in which technology can help ease the process and make it a little more manageable.

Here are five great apps you can use if you are expecting.

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How Early Or Late In My Pregnancy Should I Start Using A Pregnancy App

You can start using the app as soon as you find out that you are pregnant. Most apps are personalized to you and will ask you to enter how far along you are. The apps also provide real-time updates to show your babys development in the womb.

Note that it is never too late to start tracking. Apps like BabyCenter Pregnancy Tracker allow you to track the postpartum period through the toddler years. It is also never too early. If youre looking to get pregnant, browsing the apps interface can help you determine which one you might enjoy using when that time comes.

No matter whether you join early, in the middle, or after your pregnancy, there will be features you can utilize, including medically reviewed articles about parenthood and sleep.

Best App For A Focus On Mental Health

REVIEW: Best pregnancy app ever! Ovia Pregnancy

Expectful: Explore weekly meditations that focus on each step of pregnancy. There are meditations for enduring sleepless nights, reducing stress and bonding with babies when they arrive. Theres even a search option for pre- and post-natal fitness classes, group meditations and group support sessions in your area. Subscriptions for Expectful are $12.99 a month or $69.99 a year.

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Pregnancy Tracker And Baby App

From various perspectives, this pregnancy app from Mobile Dimension LLC seems to be an ideal tool for expectant mother. It has a Contraction Timer to monitor contractions and be able to send results to a medic.

Take a glance at the personalized info and track your nine months of pregnancy week by week. It sends out the baby size information and development updates every week.

And with the immensely helpful clinical guidelines, it lets you manage weight and belly growth gain goals with clinical guidelines.

Price: Free

Best App For Baby Registry

Babylist App

Preparing your home for the newest family member should be fun, not overwhelming. Anytime you come across a really cool gadget or the cutest-ever bodysuit you can add it to the Babylist Baby Registry App, no matter which store it comes frombig or small. Its a one-stop registry for everything parents need to deck out the nursery, prepare for breastfeeding and even get support after birth . Or, if youd rather people contribute to a college fund, you can do that with this app too. Besides being a universal baby registry app, the Babylist app also features hundreds of helpful articles, sample registries and the ability to buy directly from the Babylist Shop! The Babylist app is available for both iOS and Android users.

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Possibility To Connect With Dad’s Application Hidaddy

Of course, pregnancy applications are intended for mothers-to-be. But what about daddies? If you have the HiMommy application installed, and the child’s father has HiDaddy app, you can do more! Keep him informed about your mood and changes in a given week of pregnancy – both for the baby and for the future mom, which is you!

Best For Trying To Get Pregnant: Ovia

Pregnancy Tracker &  Baby App


When youre ready to have a baby, its not always as simple as it would seem to get pregnant. Many women have to try for months or even years before they can become pregnant.

For those women, theres Ovia: a fertility tracking app that keeps track of your period in addition to exactly when you are ovulating, cervical fluid, cervical position, basal body temperature, and other key factors that can affect fertility. It helps pinpoint the times when you are most fertile and can help you track data to bring with you to your doctor if you find you are having problems conceiving.

It also has tons of informative articles, important stats, facts, and helpful tips to guide you on your journey to pregnancy. If youre looking to have a baby or just thinking about it, Ovia is a great app because it allows you to keep tabs on your period until youre ready to start trying. Plus, it also lets you seamlessly switch over to fertility tracking by keeping all of your info in one app. And, if you do conceive, Ovia Health also has a pregnancy app to track your baby’s growth.

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The 7 Best Fertility Apps Of 2022

  • Best for Irregular Periods: Flo
  • Cost: Basic version is free. Clue plus is about $5 per month or roughly $30 annually.
  • Features: Comprehensive symptom tracker.

Why We Chose It: We chose Clue because its super intuitive and expertly tracks what your bodys doing with respect to your cycle.

  • Need an account to use

  • Reminders dont always work

  • App can crash

With a clear interface and science-driven algorithms, the Clue app makes it ridiculously easy to track your periods each monthbut thats only the start of what the app can offer. Its so comprehensive: Its like having a mini OB/GYN in your pocket.

Every day, you log into Clue and tell the app whats up: how youre feeling , if youre bleeding or spotting, if you noticed a bunch of discharge in your underwear this morning, and more. Clue takes all this info, analyzes it, and lets you know exactly what to expect, from cycle patterns and any upcoming fertile windows to your next three months worth of periods and notifications about PMS symptoms.

You name it, and Clue will tell you about it. The app is free to download and use on a basic level, with some extras offered via the paid Clue Plus, like monthly fertility summaries delivered by email. Youll thank us the first time you get a reminder that your period is due .

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