What To Buy Pregnant Friend

Delivery And Postpartum Kit


Packing for the hospital to welcome a newbornespecially as a first-time momcan be tough. Make it easier with this kit of postpartum recovery essentials that includes disposable underwear, cooling pad liners, ice maxi pads and more. We promise this is one of the best gifts for pregnant women.

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Loop Noise Reducing Earplugs

Loop earplugs don’t block out noise as much as they dull it. I am super sensitive to sound and found that babies are equipped with a decibel of noise that is much louder than what is necessary for me to jump into action. I honestly think I had something like this during my pregnancy insomnia , the Purple Crying Period, and the screeching toddler stage, I would have had an easier time. Come to think of it, I should probably wear these all the time. .

Hatch Fresh Mama Deodorant

Finding products that are gentle on your skin during pregnancy can be tough, so start with something Mom likely uses every day: deodorant. This deodorant uses natural ingredients and no aluminum. It’s made with a Japanese citrus and chamomile blend that’s not too strong but can still tackle hormonal changes.

Price at time of publication: $24

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First Trimester Survival Kit

This is something I wish I had when I was pregnant and in the first trimester! This is especially helpful if your friend told you about her pregnancy and is in the early stages of pregnancy. Some women dont get nausea at all during the first trimester, but most do! Do her a favour and get her a first trimester survival kit! I love this one from Etsy that has been thoughtfully curated for someone going through the first trimester. It has a pregnancy journal, water bottle, lavender epsom salt, peppermint tea, ginger chews, maternity pants extender, foot pumice, honey scented honeycomb soap, body exfoliating scrub and awesome granola bars. Basically anything and everything your friend needs to feel better and feel pampered during her first trimester!

The 40 Best Gifts That Pregnant Women Will Love In 2023

gifts for a pregnant friend3

Pregnancy is an exciting time for the mom-to-be as well as her whole tribe! If you have a special expecting mom in your life, youll want to celebrate her with love, support, and, of course, the right present. But, sometimes, it can be hard to think of the perfect gifts for pregnant women.

Whether youre hunting for a unique baby shower present or just want to surprise the mom-to-be with a special something, this list is for you! Weve got 40 interesting and useful gift ideas. Scroll through and find the perfect present!

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Hatch The Everyday Nursing Bra

A comfortable nursing bra is a wardrobe staple for breastfeeding parents. This nursing bra from Hatch is made for everyday wear with its soft pima cotton and spandex blend. A one-handed clasp allows you to unhook it with one hand while holding the baby, and front strap adjusters help find the best fit. The wireless maternity bra is machine washable and available in a variety of neutral colors and fun patterns make it stylish.

Price at the time of publication: $68

Favourite Congratulations Gifts For Pregnant Friends

Finding foolproof gifts for a pregnant friend depends very much on the timing and occasion. If theyve just announced their pregnancy, beautiful gift baskets are fabulous gift ideas for the first trimester. If its for a baby shower, bundles for mum and bub are guaranteed to be a hit. If you want the best present for a pregnant friend, not for baby, then practical gifts, gadgets, or luxe homewares will make their lives a little easier.

Mums-in-the-making can often forget to take care of themselves, so sleep, skin, and hydration can all suffer. One of the best gifts for a pregnant woman is pampering, soothing beauty products of any kind. If you’d rather treat her to something simple and gorgeous like a silky dressing gown, thats perfect too. From luxurious items packed in an elegant gift basket to a small sentimental gift to treasure, future mums will be smiling.

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Gifts To Help Make Her More Comfortable

Having a baby growing inside you is not the most comfortable experience for most women, particularly when it comes to trying to sleep at night and just sitting down generally, so any present that helps her to be more comfortable will be a valued gift indeed.

From special pillows and blankets, to support around the home so she can put her feet up, any of these gifts will help your pregnant friend achieve the best possible comfort level in the run up to her new arrival.

A pregnancy pillow

These are big pillows which can help support a pregnant belly and tired legs at night, to help with comfortable sleeping. If you are not sure which one your friend might prefer you could always give her a gift card to buy her own.

A yoga ball

These are great for sitting on when pregnant, when sitting on a chair becomes very uncomfortable, but also a useful exercise tool for after the birth as well, so a double gift.

A cosy blanket

To help her feel cosy and warm when she wants to put her feet up, a luxury warm blanket is the perfect gift for your pregnant friend.

House cleaning service

Not what you immediately think of when it comes to comfort, but your pregnant friend would definitely welcome the chance to not have to do chores and to relax for a change, making this a very thoughtful gift.

Bump By Week Stickers

I cheated with your friend…But I didn’t get her pregnant! | The Maury Show

While getting an actual maternity photography session is a must, your newly pregnant friend can document her week by week progress with these adorable bump stickers.

They remind me of the now popular swaddle blankets that have months on them, so you can easily snap a picture of your babe with the appropriate month circled.

But these are even better in my minimalist opinion because theyre disposable, especially because pregnancy is a fleeting stage of life .

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America’s Test Kitchen Plant

Where to buy America’s Test Kitchen Plant-Based Book: $21.99

For those moms-to-be looking to better their pregnancy diet, this modern guide comes with 500+ recipes that are budget-friendly, inclusive, and most importantly, easy. Make sure to let your OB-GYN know any changes to your diet and be sure to avoid foods that are unsafe in pregnancy.

Happy Memory Ideas For Pregnant Women

While it can be uncomfortable, pregnancy is a wonderful time with many first-time memories being created so why not capture some of the special memories for your friend with some of these wonderful happy memory gifts?

Whether you are creating some amazing art from her sonogram photos or setting her up with a pregnancy diary to record all those memorable moments, the best gifts in this section will help your friend keep her pregnancy memories alive for years to come.

Baby scan art

If you are able to get a copy of your friends pregnancy scan images then you can have them turned into amazing art pieces, from framed copies to beautiful, personalised pieces of art and even jewellery that she will treasure forever.

Pregnancy scan bauble

If its near Christmastime then you can also get her scan images on Christmas ornaments which will make the festive season even more memorable and special for the whole family providing the best gifts.

Pregnancy diary

If your friend likes to write then a pregnancy journal is a great sentimental gift to help her record all those significant milestones and feelings during her nine months up to her delivery day.

A letter book

Another lovely sentimental gift for a mum-to-be who loves writing is a beautiful notebook or pregnancy journal in which she can write letters to her child to read in the future, creating a lovely keepsake.

A photo album

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Useful Gifts For A Pregnant Friend

When a friend or family member tells you theyre pregnant, its natural to want to buy a gift for their future baby. Cute onesies, soft blankets, and whimsical nursery decor are all items that the future Mama will want and need soon. However, for the time being, what an expectant Mother would appreciate the most is something nice for themselves! Theyre going through a lot of physical and mental changes, after all. What a pregnant Mama wants, especially if its their first child, is to know that she is loved and supported. As a result, the most useful gifts for a pregnant friend focus on the pregnant woman.

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Royal Craft Wood Luxury Bathtub Caddy Tray

5 Awesome Things To Buy Your Pregnant Friend, For Her, Not The Baby ...

Create an at-home spa experience for expecting moms with a bathtub tray that holds all her necessities. This bamboo bathtub caddy is adjustable to meet the size of most standard bathtubs and features slip-resistant silicone grips to prevent the tray from sliding. Its also equipped with holes to hold a tablet, phone, wine glass, snack, and more.

Price at time of publication: $51

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Shiatsu Foot Massager To Help Them Unwind

An expectant mothers partner should definitely be massaging their feet nightly, but when its time to bring in the big guns theyll love a Shiatsu Foot Massager. This massager has air compression technology that promote healthy circulation, something that many people struggle with during the later stages of pregnancy.

Ecocentric Mom Subscription Box

We saved the best for last! Subscription boxes are great its like having a birthday every month! Ecocentric Mom offers monthly boxes tailored to your friend’s due date all the way up to her baby’s 3rd birthday. They also choose only the highest quality, eco-friendly products for their customers. Gift your friend an Ecocentric Mom Pregnancy Box subscription for a fun way to celebrate motherhood!

Price: $39.99/Month

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Scratch Off Activity Cards

This card game was created by a group of moms who wanted to do more activities while pregnant but didn’t know what to do. The deck includes 35 fun, silly, and adventurous ideas that can be done all while keeping yourself and baby safe. The cost to complete the majority of the activities ranges from Free – $50. .

Ecocentric Mom Box To Help Them Feel Connected To Mother Nature

19 Weeks Pregnant – Baby Development, Symptoms, Dos and Don’ts

The Ecocentric Mom box is perfect gift for your pregnant best friend, especially if theyre mindful about organic, natural and eco-friendly products. Theyll get 4-6 exciting items in the shipment. Theyll love the surprise delivered to their door, and youll look like a superstar friend. Godparent has a nice ring to it, am I right?

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Pink Stork Morning Sickness Sweets


These hard lozenges will be a blessing to pregnant women suffering from morning sickness. The lozenges, made by women-owned business Pink Stork, are 100% organic and feature ginger and vitamin B6 to combat nausea. Each piece is individually wrapped and comes in two flavors: mango ginger and ginger raspberry.

Price at time of publication: $12

How Do You Spoil A Pregnant Woman

Spoiling a woman who is pregnant is so much fun! Not only is this a great time to make certain that theyre focusing on themselves but its also a great time to give them a little bit extra, too.

When it comes to spoiling the pregnant momma, theres no such thing as going too far! All of these pregnancy gifts would be great for a pregnancy gift basket at a baby shower or just a fun gift for the mom to be.

The more that you can boost the confidence and happiness of the expectant mother, the more that you can show her how much she matters and that shes doing a great job of raising another human life in her belly!

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Kibou Brown Diaper Bag

Fanny pack meets diaper bag in this amazingly minimalist solution. The thoughtful design leaves room for everything, including a built-in changing pad, waterproof wipes pocket, keyring, credit card holder, and more. The lightweight vegan leather bag looks great and leaves hands, arms, and shoulders free.

Price at time of publication: $98

An elegant, chic, and timelessly designed baby memory keepsake and journal, this modern, gender-neutral book is stunning enough to be displayed and shared. There are guided sections to help every family record special moments from pregnancy through age 5. Families can fill in as much or as little as they want as they commemorate the journey from pregnancy to parenthood.

Price at time of publication: $30

Graphy Session With A Maternity Photographer

Gift for Pregnant Friend First Time Pregnancy Gift Mom to

I wish I had captured this unique Capture the pregnancy glow and this unique time in a new mamas life with the gift of a maternity photography session.

Seeing so many friends capture their first pregnancy with gorgeous professional photos makes me sigh with a tiny bit of regret.

Research the best maternity photographers in your area, and either:

  • Buy a session with a specific photographer OR
  • Offer your pregnant friend a list in her area with cash for the session

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New Mom Hand Written Card With Gift Card

Is there anything sweeter than a handwritten letter, or card for that matter? My sister who lives on the other side of the continent sent me a card with a handwritten note when I was pregnant, and I was so so happy to receive it! It not only touches the feels , but it just shows how personalized it is, and honestly she will keep it to treasure forever!

Oh and one big part of this gift is obviously the gift card! Dont forget to add a gift card to her favourite restaurant or to a maternity store! And if you are giving a gift to a restaurant, just make sure that she still enjoys food from there. We all know those pregnancy hormones can totally dictate whether we still love tacos or not!

The Ultimate List Of 56 Gifts For Pregnant Friends: Best Ideas For Moms

If youre looking for ideas for gifts to a pregnant friend, youve come to the right spot!

No matter what your budget, we have a large variety of ideas for you in this post. Weve broken down them down into 3 categories:

  • Pregnancy-related gifts

We guarantee youll find a few great ideas for your friend, so read on!

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Belly Bandit Upsie Belly

Pregnancy can be uncomfortable, and a pregnancy support band can provide moms-to-be with some much needed relief. The Belly Bandits Upsie Belly provides support around the stomach and hips for pregnant bodies. Its bamboo material is soft to the touch, and the pregnancy support band also features 12 inches of adjustability to grow with the belly. Bonus: A rear sleeve on the band allows Mom to slip in a hot or ice pack for ultimate comfort.

Price at time of publication: $70

Generic Gift Card For Eating

3 Weeks Pregnant: What to Expect

This is a simple gift idea, but is honestly everything to a woman who has random food cravings! Pregnant ladies usually have weird cravings, and they pop up at the worst or most inconvenient time! To help be part of the solution, why not give your friend a gift card for Uber Eats or Skip the Dishes? When those midnight cravings hit, trust me, she will love you!!

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Pure Daily Care Ultimate Aromatherapy Diffuser & Essential Oil Set


This ultrasonic diffuser features everything an expecting mom needs to relax. It has seven different ambient light settings, two mist intensity settings, and 10 essential oil scents to set the mood. Additional features include timer settings, automatic shutoff, and heatless technology. The beautiful wood-like design fits in with any home decor, too.

Price at time of publication: $40

The Big Fat Activity Book For Pregnant People


Expecting parents with a sense of humor will be entertained for hours with this activity book specifically made for pregnant people. Its filled with hilarious word searches related to things you cant have anymore while pregnant, lists like How to Register Without Crying, mazes, and more. Theres even a journaling spot to write how they really feel about pregnancy.

Price at time of publication: $14

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Best Birthday Gift Ideas For Pregnant Friend

When a friend is pregnant it can be hard to know what to get them when their birthday comes around, after all, their priorities and needs have changed, and a nice bottle of wine is no longer appropriate.

But her birthday is also the one day when the attention can be on her, rather than the newborn, so its still nice to get her a gift that is special to her, and not something thats just for the baby. The new arrival will be here soon enough, after all.

From pamper sets to food hampers with her favourite treats in, there are plenty of ideas of things to get for your pregnant friend, so she can celebrate her own birthday as well as the joys of being pregnant.

If your friend does prefer to receive gifts for the little one instead, to help her prepare, there are various gift suggestions from bath sets to hospital bag ideas, so if she is close to giving birth on her birthday, you might want to consider one of the practical newborn gifts.

So here are some of the best birthday gift ideas you can give your pregnant friend:

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