What To Do 5 Weeks Pregnant

Weeks Pregnant: Symptoms Tips And More

Week 5 of Pregnancy – What to Expect?

At 5 weeks pregnant, your little one truly is little. At no larger than the size of a sesame seed, theyll have just begun forming their first organs.

You might start to feel new things, too, both physically and emotionally. Lets learn more about what you can expect in week 5 of your pregnancy.

Should I Take An Iron Supplement During Pregnancy

Talk to your health care provider about an iron supplement. The National Academy of Sciences recommends that all pregnant women following a balanced diet take an iron supplement providing 27 mg of iron during the second and third trimesters of pregnancy . Your doctor may increase this dose if you become anemic. Iron deficiency anemia is a condition in which the size and number of red blood cells are reduced. This condition may result from inadequate intake of iron or from blood loss.

Weeks Pregnant Dos N Donts

Let us look at the dos and donts for this week

  • Do schedule an appointment with your gynecologist

Once you confirm your pregnancy make sure you schedule an appointment with your gynecologist.

  • Do write down all your doubts and queries

Write down all your queries so you can address them when you meet your gynecologist so that you dont forget any and dont fret about anything after your visit is over. Remember no question is silly or stupid.

  • Do invest in a good supportive bra

It is time to say bye to fancy bras. Get something that is comfortable.

  • Dont avoid liquids

Ugh, I am so tired of these trips to the loo. So let me cut down on water Seems like the ideal way out, but no! Do not do this.

Ensure your body is sufficiently hydrated. Trust me a urinary tract infection is the last thing you want now.

  • Dont stress yourself

Having a baby is no small feat and it can cause moms to feel stressed out wondering they are doing everything right. You will, if you stop stressing about it!

On the funny side, think of it as the last few months where you can enjoy some quiet and can actually hear your thoughts. So relax and stop worrying too much.

Sex during 5th week of pregnancy:

With all the changes happening your body and the surge of hormones making you feel miserable, many women do not feel like having sex at all during the first trimester. But it is completely safe should you choose to. You should talk to your partner to discuss positions that are comfortable for you.

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Your Common Symptoms This Week

The level of the pregnancy hormone hCG in your body is on the rise, which brings not only a positive pregnancy test but also early pregnancy symptoms. It’s important to know, however, that some people dont experience any symptoms and the lack of symptoms in no way reflects the health and well-being of their growing babies. Even having experienced symptoms in a prior pregnancy cant predict how you will feel this go-round.

When Does Morning Sickness Start

Your pregnancy: 5 weeks

Morning sickness also called nausea and vomiting of pregnancy affects differentexpecting moms at different times . But it usually starts around week 5 or 6 of pregnancy. For some women, that telltale queasy feeling is one of the first giveaways that they’re pregnant.

Unfortunately, morning sickness is very common. In fact, around 70 percent of pregnant women experience morning sickness in early pregnancy. In addition to nausea and vomiting, other symptoms ofmorning sickness include retching and excessive salivation.

“Morning sickness” is a misleading term because the condition often starts in the morning and lasts all day. Some women feel better as the day wears on, but others find their symptoms get worse in the evening.

This unpleasant part of pregnancy is thought to be linked to the pregnancy hormone human chorionicgonadotropin and estrogen. Both hormones rise rapidly in early pregnancy, and women with higher hCG levels often have more severe morning sickness.

For some expecting moms dealing with morning sickness, it’s reassuring to keep in mind that in this case, feeling crappy means that your body is doing what it’s supposed to producing hormones that support your baby’s development. But plenty of women with healthy pregnancies never have morning sickness, so if youdon’t experience it, don’t be alarmed.

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Do Learn About Health Insurance And Pick A Provider

If you already have health insurance, you should look into the plans for prenatal care and delivery expenses. If healthcare is provided by your job, look into the benefits offered by the health insurance company.

From there, its time to choose an OBGYN or a midwife. The reason its advised to look into health insurance first is because they likely have a list of participating providers. A good way to find a healthcare provider is through recommendations from friends and family. Ensure they are under your health insurance plan and, if possible, meet with a few to see if they are a good fit.

Weeks Pregnant: First Ultrasound

You wont necessarily be having your first ultrasound when youre 5 weeks pregnant. In many cases, your doctor will schedule an appointment and ultrasound around weeks 8 or 9.

If there are any risks associated with your pregnancy, you might still get an ultrasound this week. A specialist is able to see the fertilized egg approximately in week 5 of the pregnancy. The heartbeat can be heard in week 6.

Usually, during pregnancy, an ultrasound is carried out using an abdominal sensor, but during the early pregnancy stages, a doctor can still perform a transvaginal examination.

The first ultrasound examination helps to confirm the heartbeat of the fetus and the fact that the pregnancy is not ectopic. Later, it allows you to see the location of the placenta and the umbilical cord, as well as to assess the overall condition of the child. Ultrasound enables one to monitor a successful course of pregnancy.

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Pass On The Litter Box

You are officially off the hook for cleaning the litter box, as theres the potential for contracting an infection called toxoplasmosis, which could harm baby. Oh darn. Enjoy passing this unpleasant task off to someone else! Its a good idea to avoid uncovered sandboxes and gardening without gloves too, since outdoor cats often use garden beds and sandboxes as their own personal toilets.

Do Cultivate Better Habits

Pregnant Maryland firefighter gives birth hours after helping car crash victim | FOX 5 DC

If you havent already read our general list of dos and donts for pregnancy, you should give it a look. There are things that will be important throughout your pregnancy. We included the importance of exercise , eating healthy, and getting enough sleep. Those are extremely important in the healthy development of your baby and in maintaining your own health. But its not enough to start doing that in your 3rd trimester and hoping thats enough. You need to start now, during your first trimester.

  • Exercise: Between the nausea and low energy, working out may be the last thing you feel like doing. But its important to get up and move as it makes for a more comfortable pregnancy and can help reduce complications.
  • Get lots of sleep: Being pregnant is very demanding on your body and being a new mom is even more so. Make sure you are getting enough sleep to help you prepare.
  • Eat healthy: Its essential that you are eating a healthy and balanced diet so that you are getting all the nutrients that you and your baby need.

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Sex At Week 5 Of Pregnancy

Its safe for you to have sex at any stage during your pregnancy. Some women experience an increased sex-drive around this stage. But keep in mind that symptoms like morning sickness can put you off sex when youre around 5 weeks pregnant, which is normal.

Some women can spot lightly after having sex. This happens because your cervix has become more tender and vascularized. Unless the spotting doesnt stop, theres nothing to worry about.

  • Take a pregnancy test after missing your period.
  • Make your first antenatal appointment with your doctor.
  • Start taking a prenatal vitamin.
  • Develop healthier eating and exercise habits.
  • Drink plenty of water.
  • Listen to your body for cues and rest as much as you need.
  • Start a pregnancy journal this will help you remember every detail in the years to come!

The First Trimester: What To Expect

A healthy first trimester is crucial to the normal development of the fetus. You may not be showing much on the outside yet, but on the inside, all of the major body organs and systems of the fetus are forming.

As the embryo implants itself into the uterine wall, several developments take place, including the formation of the:

  • Amniotic sac. A sac filled with amniotic fluid, called the amniotic sac, surrounds the fetus throughout the pregnancy. The amniotic fluid is liquid made by the fetus and the amnion that protects the fetus from injury. It also helps to regulate the temperature of the fetus.

  • Placenta. The placenta is an organ shaped like a flat cake that only grows during pregnancy. It attaches to the uterine wall with tiny projections called villi. Fetal blood vessels grow from the umbilical cord into these villi, exchanging nourishment and waste products with your blood. The fetal blood vessels are separated from your blood supply by a thin membrane.

  • Umbilical cord. The umbilical cord is a ropelike cord connecting the fetus to the placenta. The umbilical cord contains two arteries and a vein, which carry oxygen and nutrients to the fetus and waste products away from the fetus.

It is during this first trimester that the fetus is most susceptible to damage from substances, like alcohol, drugs and certain medicines, and illnesses, like rubella .

During the first trimester, your body and your babyâs body are changing rapidly.

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Teeth Whiteners Teeth Bleaching

Should I avoid them? Maybe. As with self-tanners, no good studies have been done on teeth whiteners that say for sure whether theyre safe to use if youre expecting. And some makers of whitening products do caution against using them during pregnancy. Some dentists encourage waiting until after pregnancy to get your teeth whitened and others say that the procedures are safe. The concern is mostly about the chemicals used in teeth whitening products that could be swallowed and the potential effect on a fetus.

What are the risks, if any, to my baby? Theres currently no evidence that teeth whitening can harm a fetus.

What can I do about it? Talk to your doctor before using whitening products. If youd rather wait until after your pregnancy to try to make your teeth pearly white, simply brush regularly with whitening toothpaste, which may give a little extra kick to your smile.

Coping With Common Discomforts Of Pregnancy

Pregnancy Calendar 5 Weeks

Pregnancy produces many physical changes. Aside from weight and body shape, other alterations in your body chemistry and function take place. The heart works harder, your temperature registers slightly higher, body secretions increase, joints and ligaments are more flexible and hormones are altered.

Mood changes are common, resulting from a combination of hormonal changes and greater fatigue, as well as normal anxiety over body image, sexuality, finances, marriage roles and impending parenthood.

The following is a list of the most common discomforts of pregnancy and some guidelines for coping with them.

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Your Pregnant Belly At 5 Weeks

At 5 weeks pregnant, your belly may look unchangedor you may be a bit bloated or feel like youve already gained a pound. Heck, you might feel so sick that you cant eat and worry you could have lost a pound. All those scenarios are considered perfectly normal and totally okay! All pregnant women are different and how their bodies change throughout pregnancy varies widely.

Youre probably starting to wonder a bit about overall pregnancy weight gain. The short answer is: You dont need to worry too much about it yet. Doctors only recommend gaining a few pounds during the first trimester , and that will probably happen without you thinking too much about it.

The long answer is that you will need to gain weight during your pregnancy.

Your doctor will discuss personalized weight gain recommendations with you, since they vary based on body type. Heres what the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists recommends:

If youre underweight : Your recommended total pregnancy weight gain is 28 to 40 pounds.In the second and third trimesters, aim to gain about a pound per week.

If youre of normal weight :

  • Your recommended total pregnancy weight gain is 25 to 35 pounds.
  • In the second and third trimesters, aim to gain about a pound or a little less per week.

If youre overweight :

  • Your recommended total pregnancy weight gain is 15 to 25 pounds.
  • In the second and third trimesters, aim to gain a little over a half pound per week.

If youre obese :

Pregnancy Symptoms During Week 5

Frequent urination

Pregnancy hormones plus your body’s increasing blood volume may equal a near-constant need to pee. During pregnancy, running to the bathroom much more than you’d like is a fact of life. It’s important to stay hydrated, but you may want to cut back on fluids late in the day so you don’t have to get up to pee as frequently at night.

Tender, swollen breasts

Breast tenderness is often one of the earliest signs of pregnancy. Increased hormone levels boost blood flow, which may make your breasts feel swollen, sore, tingly, and unusually sensitive to touch.


No one knows for sure what causes bone-crushing exhaustion in early pregnancy, but it’s likely that hormonal changes are to blame. Most women find that their energy returns in the second trimester. Until then, try to get more sleep, lighten your load, ask others for help, and take good care of yourself.


About 1 in 4 women experience spotting or light bleeding during the first trimester. It’s often nothing, but sometimes it’s a sign of miscarriage or ectopic pregnancy. Call your doctor or midwife just in case. And if you’re actively bleeding or you have severe pain and can’t reach your provider, head to the emergency department right away.

Morning sickness

Food aversions

Don’t see your symptom?

Wondering about a symptom you have? Find it on our pregnancy symptoms page.

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Your Babys Development At 5 Weeks

If you were to have a 5 week ultrasound, your baby wouldnt look very recognizable to the human eye. By week 5 of pregnancy, the embryo is about the size of rice seed, and looks more like a tiny tadpole than a human, says Dr. Kim Langdon, MD, OBGYN. But development is starting to ramp up.

  • Organ development: It might seem early, but your baby is starting to develop major organs like the heart, stomach, liver and kidneys.
  • Simple beginnings: Right now, your baby consists of three germ layers . The ectoderm will become your babys brain, spinal cord, skin and nails. The mesoderm will be the heart and circulatory system, and the endoderm will be the lungs, intestines and other major organs. One of the first noticeable organs to work is the heart, adds Dr. Langdon. Human development is crazy!

Whats On Your Mind When Youre 5 Weeks Pregnant

5 Weeks Pregnant – What to Expect Your 5th Week of Pregnancy

Eating for twoFeeling confused about the dos and donts of what you can eatduring pregnancy? The so-called rules can be overwhelming, and there is lots of conflicting advice out there. At five weeks pregnant, its time for a crash course. Because your babys organs are developing rapidly, its a crucial time to be mindful of what youre putting into your bodyeven if the mere thought of some foods is enough to turn your stomach right now.

As early as the first trimester, you may develop cravings and/or aversions to certain foods that you previously enjoyed. Its been said that turning your nose up at old favourites, like your morning coffee, is actually a protective mechanism.

P.U.Speaking of noses, it doesnt help that your sense of smell is greatly heightened during pregnancy. By five weeks pregnant, this symptom sticks around, too, so you may want to make a list of dos and donts for those who share your space.

Eating small, frequent meals will help prevent indigestion, nausea and fatigue by keeping your blood sugar levels stable, so its time to start thinking about snacking as part of your daily routine. Keep up the protein levels and make sure to add lots of vitamin C .

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What Are Some Less Common Signs Of Early Pregnancy

There are some additional signs of early pregnancy that arent as common. Just like withthe most common symptoms, these signs of pregnancy may or may not happen. Its important to remember that everyone is different and experiences signs of pregnancy differently.

Less common signs of early pregnancy can include:

What You Need To Know

  • At your first prenatal visit, you will undergo a physical exam as well as certain tests and screenings to assess the health of you and your unborn baby.
  • First trimester symptoms vary from woman to woman, with some experiencing all known symptoms and others only a few. Duration of symptoms can vary as well.
  • After eight weeks, the embryo is referred to as a fetus.
  • Although the fetus is only 1 to 1.5 inches long at this point, all major organs and systems have been formed.
  • During the first trimester, the fetus is most susceptible to damage from substances, like alcohol, drugs and certain medicines, and illnesses, like rubella .

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