Must Have Items During Pregnancy

Maternity Clothing Basics & Favorites For Your Capsule

Pregnancy Must-Haves

Here are the bare minimum maternity clothing basics I needed/ wanted by the time our 4th baby came around.

I didnt discover these until my 4th pregnancy. These are the exact maternity jeans I had and they are AMAZING! Favorite pair of jeans ever for maternity wardrobe building!

Sometimes they go on sale, but theyre well worth the $50 price tags! You can fold the panel down pretty easily, but its not itchy to wear up high either. The size that fit me well at 20 weeks was pretty tight by 30 weeks, so you might consider 2 different maternity sizes.

I wore the smaller size ones for a while postpartum, and I loved the comfy, non itchy band to tuck it all in!

Note- A belly band can make your regular jeans fit your growing bump & changing body before you actually have to buy maternity pants.

What About Exercise Maternity Clothes

I just wore maternity leggings + old tee shirts. But, some pelvic floor issues prevented me from exercising past 25 weeks.

If youre going to exercise regularly through your 3rd trimester , then it might be worth having 1 or 2 extra maternity workout tanks. Old Navyand Target have a lot of cute options.

For When You Really Need To Catch Some Zzzs

If you havent figured it out already, sleepor the lack thereofis a common struggle during pregnancy. By the time you hit your third trimester, you may be having a lot of trouble falling asleep and staying asleep throughout the night.The Dohm sound machine can help. It creates a rushing air noise like no other sound machine weve ever heardand we absolutely love it. Its just what we need to help us relax, especially after a long day. And youll want to keep it on hand for after baby arrives, too sound machines are great for helping to recreate the sounds of the womb and soothe little ones to sleep.

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Comfortable Bralettes For The Win

I love these super cheap and comfortable bralettes. Theyre soft, stretchy and I wear them all the time now. Do yourself a favor and buy a few of these seamless bras stat! Theyre great for nursing too.

These are the staples that were the most helpful during those difficult first 12 weeks. The early pregnancy months can be tough, but I hope this list helps all you new mamas in your first trimester!

Dont forget to take advantage of ! Like a 15% completion discount AND a welcome box with tons of freebies!

What would you add to this list? Anything you just loved your first trimester?

Wristbands For Nausea Relief


Morning sickness is a total misnomer: For many expectant moms, feeling queasy round the clock is one of the joys of early pregnancyand it can be hard to find effective relief. But lots of women swear by PsiBands, drug-free, FDA-cleared wristbands that use acupressure to ease nausea. Comfortable to wear and super-affordable, theyre definitely worth a try.

Buy it: PsiBands, $13,

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Yogu Stability Exercise Ball

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Pregnancy is a time for you to rest and relax.

But this doesnt mean you shouldnt exercise from time to time and an exercise ball will be your best friend if you would like to do some gentle pregnancy workouts.

Exercise balls have many benefits for expectant moms. For one, they improve your core strength and improve your posture. In addition, its a great way to exercise your tummy muscles and lower back.

Once you give birth, theres no reason to put your exercise ball away in the garage.

In fact, it can become a part of your postpartum care kit and help you work on your pelvic floor muscles! You can also sit on it if youre working from home and find your regular chair uncomfortable.

For Soft Glowing Skin

We know what youre thinking, A snail facial? Nope. But just trust us on this one, okay? We promise your pregnant skin will never look better!Known for its natural restorative propertiesand beloved in South Korea for centuriessnail secretion will work wonders on your complexion, especially if youre feeling extra tired during those last few weeks of pregnancy. Try this bestselling Snail Jelly Facial Mask and treat yourself to a little self-care!

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Jill & Joey Maternity Belt Belly Band For Pregnancy Back Support

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As you go through your second trimester, you will notice that your back starts to give you grief, and going about your day gets increasingly uncomfortable.

Thats why one of my pregnancy must haves is this practical belly band that can make carrying the weight of your growing baby much easier.

Its no surprise that so many moms recommend the Jill & Joey maternity belt as one of their pregnancy essentials not only is it truly effective but its affordable, too.

Theres no need to worry that it will cause you to overheat, either, since its made from a breathable material and you can wear it during your entire pregnancy.

You can adjust the fit using the velcro and easily put it on whenever you need a little extra support.

This belt is not only great at managing pain and discomfort but can even reduce swelling, so you will be killing two birds with one stone!

One A Day Womens Prenatal Multivitamins 30 Count

Must Have Pregnancy Items

Folic acid is particularly important in the early days of pregnancy, before many women even know they conceived. If you havent already been taking a prenatal, the time to start is now. This multivitamin contains 100 percent of your daily folic acid needs, plus iron, DHA and other good-for-you-and-baby vitamins and nutrients. Plus, these vitamins are verified by an independent lab, so you can be comfortable knowing that they contain exactly what the bottle says.

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For Smoothing And Shaping

If youre needing a bit more support heading into your third trimester, we totally feel you. Your body is going through so many changes, especially as your due date approaches, and sometimes, a little extra smoothing and shaping helps you to feel more confident throughout the day.For light compression and smoothing support, we love Belevation Maternity Shapewear. It offers just the right amount of compression and comfort, and its great under form-fitting clothing and for preventing thigh chafing. The stretchy fabric leaves plenty of room for your growing bump, too.

Or Something Made With Real Ginger Like These Hard Candies Some Ginger Beer Or Straight

“Ginger People Gin Gins hard candies and ginger beer for nausea.” lindsaydiamondc

“Candied ginger for the nausea it’s much cheaper then Preggie Pops and it works. I would just break off a piece and suck on it, and then my nausea would be relieved for that wave before the spew. Gin-gins, which I have found on Amazon and at Trader Joes, work well too, but again, the price. Cheap and works is good.”


Get a one-pound bag of the Gin-Gin hard candy for $16.99, eight bottles of ginger beer for $30.78 , and a one-pound bag of organic crystallized ginger for $14.99, all on Amazon.

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Motherhood Maternity Ankle Denim Jegging

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Among my pregnancy must haves, one of my top items to get is a good pair of maternity pants that arent necessarily leggings.

Even though I love leggings as much as the next girl, sometimes you just want to dress it up and look a bit more stylish.

These maternity pants are super modern and are a skinny fit that most ladies like. Plus, you can wear them with sandals, boots, or sneakers and they work great for every season.

The jeans are comfortable, too, and their stretchiness means that you can wear them even as your pregnancy progresses.

There are five styles to choose from, including a very elegant black shade, so make sure to check them out!

Get Some Comfy Joggers

Pregnancy #2 Must Haves

Speaking of being comfortable, I have been living in Aerie joggers from American Eagle. They are SO soft and I love that the waistband is nice and loose. Theyre also super lightweight and will be a great option as we move into spring & summer.

I prefer these instead of stretchy yoga pants because I like to have a little extra wiggle room when Im lounging. When Im at home, you better believe Im in my joggers.

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All The Pregnancy Stuff

I am currently into researching newborn advice and feel like a complete newbie. Im a thinker by nature, so researching + reading fills my cup each day. Makes me feel proactive and less anxious.

But at the same time, Im oddly super calm about the new-to-me road ahead. confidant that Ill figure it all out like every other parent on the planet. And that I dont need all the things and stuff to get through this pregnancy and caring for a newborn. Well see, right?

That being said, having made it to trimester three of pregnancy, I have found that there are a few things that make this crazy-beautiful-hard-magical pregnancy journey a bit easier, happier

Motion Sickness Wristbands They’ll Press On A Pressure Point And Help You Finally Get Some Relief From The Nausea

“Sea sickness bands. I was so sick and nauseous I couldnt even drive to work without having to pullover to be sick. I wore them religiously after I got them and could actually drive myself places.”


Just know that YMMV with all of these morning sickness recommendations everybody’s different! Get a pack of two wristbands on Amazon for $5.82.

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Things To Avoid During Pregnancy That You Must Be Aware Of

While you are pregnant, you may become excited and nervous. During these nine months of pregnancy, you might need to take care of the health of your baby and yourself.

Taking care also requires you to avoid certain important pleasures or things of your life. Avoiding these things is important for the health of the little one.

Sacrificing some of the things could be of great benefit for your baby in the long term. Generally, pregnancy may require you to continue your everyday activities and make some minor lifestyle changes.

These minor changes could facilitate a healthy pregnancy for your baby. Let us have a look at the 10 different things that you need to evade during your pregnancy.


Total Body Pregnancy Pillow

Functional Pregnancy Items | Must-Haves During Your Pregnancy

Yes, pregnancy is tough on the body! Daily chores get harder to do. Simply bending down also feels uncomfortable. And, then one afternoon, you prepare yourself for a light nap after a heavy lunch and woah! How did sleeping become hard as well? Thats where total body pregnancy pillows come to the rescue. They are designed to hug and support the contours of your body so that lying on your side doesnt feel like another punishment meted out by gravity.

When Is It Required?

It is wise to get a supportive body pillow as your tummy begins to grow. It becomes essential toward the later stages of your second trimester and throughout your third trimester.

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Items That You Must Have During Pregnancy

Pregnancy is one of the most beautiful stages of a womans life, for nine months your body will change as it never did before, and for these changes you need to be prepared. With the right products, everything will be much easier. The products to buy during pregnancy are countless. However, in this post, I am only going to talk about those products that are essential, that you really needs or are important for your pregnancy. Ready? Let get started.

  • Final thoughts about the 11 items that you must have during pregnancy.
  • Moisturiser And Hand Cream

    Dry skin is a common pregnancy symptom. My hands were especially dry from frequent hand-washing so having hand cream on my desk and in my handbag was a lifesaver. In my third trimester, my belly was also itchy sometimes so moisturising regularly was important and may have kept stretch marks away.

    I usually have sensitive skin so always choose products that are unscented or fragrance free. I love Aveeno products and have been using the Aveeno Intense Relief Hand Cream and Aveeno Daily Moisturising Body Lotion for years.

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    A Good Prenatal Regime

    One of the most important must have items for your pregnancy is a good prenatal regime. If youre trying to get pregnant, start taking prenatal vitamins as soon as possible. They will help fuel your body with pregnancy-approved vitamins and minerals and create a smoother transition after conception.

    If youre already pregnant, find a good prenatal vitamin that works for you. Certain types or brands of vitamins cause different reactions in everyone and for those of you with sensitive stomachs, this means nausea. Switch the size, type, or brand and find something that is easier to stomach. Talk with your doctor about all of your available options.

    Relief For Your Aching Back

    Top 10 Must Have Pregnancy Essentials

    You knew it was too good to be truethere had to be at least some downsides to the second trimester of pregnancy, right? You may be loving your growing bump, but your back probably isnt. The unfortunate reality of carrying around more weight on the daily often leads to sore hips, pelvis, back, and belly.Maternity belts can offer lots of relief but are often bulky and cumbersome. Thats not the case with the Azmed Maternity Belt, which is why we love it. Its streamlined design and simple wrap style means its easy to pop on under your clothes, soft and breathable, and still does a great job of providing just enough compression to support your bump. We can almost hear you breathing that sigh of relief from here.

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    Traditional Medicinals Organic Smooth Move Peppermint Tea

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    Constipation is a very common and very uncomfortable consequence of pregnancy, so you should definitely stock up on organic peppermint tea that will help you go number two without having to take medication.

    Its best to drink this tea before going to bed at night so that you can go to the bathroom the next morning.

    The main reason why women find themselves more constipated while pregnant is because of you guessed it hormones!

    During pregnancy, your progesterone levels rise, which relaxes your muscles. This makes it harder for food to move through your digestive tract, leading to constipation.

    To prevent this issue from repeating, you should incorporate more fiber into your diet and stay active.

    Clothing Pregnancy Products For Mom

    Make sure to check out The Ultimate Guide to Maternity Clothing I go into more detail about what you actually need for your pregnancy.

    Remember when I said that I would share a money saving hack?

    Its here in the clothing pregnancy products for mom aka your maternity clothes.

    I get it you want to look and feel good its hard gaining weight and belly during pregnancy, so the answer must be to go out and buy some really cute maternity clothes to dress your bump.

    Thats both right and wrong.

    You need to be sensible with your purchases remember pregnancy is 9 months not a lifetime!

    Once your pregnancy is over and your postpartum recovery is done, those cute pregnancy clothes will collect dust.

    Here are some recommendations to save money on your pregnancy wardrobe and still look cute:

    Over The Belly Leggings

    Invest in some over the bump leggings in black and maybe two other colors.

    Theyre super comfy and they look great with any top.

    Pregnancy leggings will be the foundation of your wardrobe but you dont need a crazy amount of pairs.

    Layering Maternity Tank Tops

    The key to your maternity wardrobe is to layer, layer and layer.

    These ruched tanks are perfect for throwing a sweater over that you already own.

    If youre third trimester pregnant in the summer, they look cute on their own.

    These ones come in 3 different colors to give you variety.

    Over The Belly Maternity Shorts

    Going to be very pregnant in the summer?

    One Maternity Dress

    Yup, I was wrong.

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    Comfy Coverage Down Under

    Your belly isnt the only thing that grows during your second trimester. Lots of women experience other body changes, especially in the hip and thigh area. And these changes may mean your regular undies just arent doing the job anymore.If your underwear starts bunching, riding up, or rolling down, it may mean its time to invest in some maternity-specific styles. These 100 percent cotton Giftpocket Under Bumps are some of our faves. The crossover V design fits perfectly under your growing belly, and the back provides ample coverage for your rear without feeling like youre wearing granny panties. We also love the cute assortment of colors and patterns. The sizing is pretty specific for these, though , so be sure to check out the size chart and measure to ensure you get the right fit.

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