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How We Made Our Picks For The Best Gifts For Pregnant Women

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We did tons of online research and combed through comments in the What to Expect community of millions of parents to find the best gifts for pregnant women. Each item on our list is geared especially for the mom-to-be new babies get plenty of their own stuff, anyway! We also included favorites from our editors and writers whove road-tested the products at home themselves, from a beloved skincare brand our writers and editors can’t get enough of to the nursing/pumping bra that made pumping at work bearable for our editorial director.

Below, check out the best gift ideas for the mom-to-be you love so much.

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Gifts For Pregnant Women

Bump Box These clever little boxes are a really great way to celebrate pregnant mamas. I love these! Theres one for each trimester.

How cool would it be to begin each new trimester with a special something arriving full of exactly what youll need in the upcoming weeks.

Theres even a Bump Box for the fourth trimester

If you ask me, this is a AWESOME gift idea. One box would be a really easy pregnant woman Christmas gift or a birthday gift for pregnant friend.

Or even better, spoil her with one each trimester.

Shell love every box and LOVE that you are paying enough attention to know when each of her trimesters begin. An AMAZING Pregnancy Pillow Give the gift of COMFORT. Shell thank youa lot.

If shes getting into the uncomfortable stages of pregnancy, this is the BEST gift. This pregnancy and breastfeeding pillow is seriously the most comfortable thing EVER.

And it is wayyy better than those massive, bed-hogging pregnancy pillows that you cant take with you anywhere.

I used it through 2 pregnancies, 2 labors, and the extended breastfeeding of 2 babies.

This is one of the best gifts for pregnant women ever. I say that with no reservations.

Funny Pregnancy Wishes For Friend

Congrats on your pregnancy. Do not be scared, and stop wondering what to expect! Trouble is coming on your way.

Stop worrying about your weight and fed your baby fetus well. Diet is canceled for you this year, honey.

Soon to be parents, wishing you all the best for all the hardship you are about to go through.

To pee or not to pee- that is not the question just pee yourself and dont feel embarrassed. Happy pregnancy.

As you are carrying a human inside of you- now you have two brains. Ask your husband to beware of this!

Enjoy this surreal environment where everyone treats you so well because this will exist for 10months only.

Say goodbye to parties, shopping, weekend outings, and your freedom. Its the time of being fat, changing diapers and giving up your favorite fast food. Welcome to the unglamorous world of pregnancy.

This is not fair at all. First had to spend money on your wedding gift, now on with the baby kit! Anyway, congratulations. Im really happy for you.

I was thinking about something! Your tummy is going to get bigger day by day! But you dont want to be fat! Haha! Excited to meet you! Happy wishes.

Come to think of it. Your husband will now get a rival alright. Wonder how he feels right at this moment. Just kidding. Congratulations on your pregnancy.

Why not go on hibernating for nine months straight? I bet you will not get any sleep for the next four years. Congratulations and warm wishes on this development.

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Susanne Kaufmann Stretch Mark Oil

Designed with all skin types in mind, this stretch mark oil is made with a combination of jojoba oil, wheat germ oil, vitamin E, and almond oil. The oil helps skin stretch gently while leaving it nourished, firm, and elastic. Simply place it on damp skin to prevent or reduce the appearance of stretch marks.

Healthy Pregnancy Water Tracker

Pin on Best Birthday Gift Ideas

There are a lot of things to keep track of when youre pregnant however, with this water-tracking bottle, water consumption doesnt need to be one of them.

You can choose a pink or blue bottle and both come with customized stickers. The plastic is BPA-free and your friend can see at a glance how much water she still needs to drink.

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What To Gift Your Newly Pregnant Friend

As POPSUGAR editors, we independently select and write about stuff we love and think you’ll like too. If you buy a product we have recommended, we may receive affiliate commission, which in turn supports our work.

Your best friend’s pregnant and you want to celebrate! While buying her a round of drinks at your favorite bar may be out of the question, there are a number of ways you can congratulate her whether you live down the street or halfway around the world. From cheeky cards to tasty treats, check out our favorite ways to celebrate your newly pregnant friend’s big news!

Kate Mcleod The Mama Stone

Courtesy of Anthropologie

Pregnancy can cause a mom-to-be to have dry skin, so why not gift her with a soft and hydrating lotion bar? The Mama Stone is made from raw cocoa butter and hydrating oils so it melts into the skin, leaving it nourished and glowing. Not only can she use it while pregnant, but it’s great for her newborn, too.

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Woman Tree Of Life Pendant

Looking for a truly special birthday gift? This pendant celebrates the power of women with this beautiful interpretation of the tree of life.

Available in a variety of finishes and embellished with clear crystal accents, this pendant is polished to a beautiful shine. It comes with an 18-inch adjustable chain and is packaged ready to gift.

My Best Friend Is Pregnant Now What

Bestfriends Bday, hanging With friends & 37 weeks pregnant

So you want to buy a present for your pregnant friend that is just for her and not for the baby? Youre a kind soul. Its so easy to get wrapped up in all those cute little baby essentials and forget about the mom!

The good news is that there are a lot of gift ideas to give to someone newly pregnant. These are just a few fun gift ideas, perfect for first time moms too! The more gifts that you want to give, the better! All of these easy gift ideas are great for that soon to be momma.

1. Mom To Be Shirt

Mom to be shirts can be as cute or funny as you want them to be! If your friend wants to officially let the world know shes in #mommode or eating tacos for two, theres a shirt for that.

2. Bump Box Pregnancy Gift Box

I dont know how you feel about it, but to me receiving packages in the mail is the adult version of the ice cream truck in your neighborhood. Bump Boxes are boxes designed to pamper the mom to be throughout her entire pregnancy. Each box contains 5-7 full size products that are specific to each trimester that shes in!

I bet your friend will love receiving these pregnancy gift boxes in the mail!

3. U-Shaped Pregnancy Pillow

One thing that most pregnant moms miss is their ability to get a good nights rest. And can you blame them? That big ol belly can make it a nightmare to get to sleep. But this pregnancy pillow creates a comfy place for the mom to rest and try to sleep the night away.

4. Comfortable Slippers

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Hello Baby Memory Book

This classic memory book is a great choice for a first time mom-to-be. There are plenty of spaces to keep precious photos from the first sonogram to first swaddle.

Its more than just a photo album, though. Theres space to put in your family tree, your love story, and your little ones favorite activities.

Inspirational Pregnancy Wishes For Friend

Im sure youre so scared about the upcoming days yes, it will be a little painful for your body but great joys for your mind. Good luck and congratulations.

Dont be so nervous, alright? A new life is starting to grow inside you. Now youre the seed your baby is the tree. Congratulations, really happy for you.

Your baby is so lucky. Getting such a beautiful and lovely mother like you and also dont forget to mention an aunt like me! Congratulations on your sweet moments.

Congratulations on your pregnancy. Stay true to yourself and stay jolly. I hope God will ease all your hardships. God bless!

I know for sure. You are loving and enjoying the moment right now. Try not to be tensed, Ok? Youll do just fine in the coming nine months. Congrats to you and your husband.

I believe your daughter will be like a doll. Amazing, beautiful and lovely, just like her mom. I cant wait to meet her. Congratulations mate!

Best wishes to your womb creature. Take care of yourself and the life growing inside you. May God bless you. I wish you the best of health and happy pregnancy.

I just cannot wait for your little man to raise havoc on the delivery day. But I know youll manage to cope up. Congratulations my dear friend.

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Satisfy Her Food Cravings

Pregnancy is the phase when a woman feels like eating almost anything, any time. During pregnancy, a womans body goes through extreme hormonal changes. These changes have a strong impact on their taste and smell. Now, these food cravings come out of nowhere and disappear as quickly as they appear. Some women have absolutely weird and abstract food cravings. So what you can do is listen to her and know her cravings, and treat her with the same! This will make her super happy! Statistics also show that 50% of the women want something sweet to eat. Therefore, a basket of chocolates or sweets will be an ideal birthday gift for a pregnant woman!

Luxury Maternity And Nursing Pajamas


Absolutely guaranteed to make her happy is this set of gorgeous pajamas for moms-to-be. These have got to be one of the best gifts you could give your special woman this birthday. There are a lot of choices for maternity PJ’s around, but I couldn’t have been more thrilled with these ones from Kindred Bravely that I was given at my baby shower.

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Willow Tree New Life Sculpture

This resin sculpture commemorates the beauty of a new family. Originally hand carved by the artist Susan Lordi, this sculpture is part of the well-known Willow Tree line.

This piece features a mother, father, and new baby. This sculpture is 5 inches tall and comes ready to gift in an attractive box.

Best Pregnancy Gifts For Special Occasions

What Our Editors Say

“After going through two pregnancies, I’ve tested a lot of leggings. Huge fan of these. They are a great price point, but fit like a seamless luxury legging in which the material on the bump and the legs are the same . And the best part is they’re made from recycled plastic bottles! Giving a sustainable gift is always a good idea.” -Lauren Levinson, Editorial Director Verywell Family

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Love At First Sight Picture Frame

This silver-painted wooden picture frame is perfect for displaying a sonogram photo. The words Love at first sight are written in black script at the bottom of the frame.

Mirrored, star-shaped glass cutouts add the perfect amount of bling to the frame. Its subdued enough for a living room or nursery, and suitable for a baby boy or girl.

Bump By Week Stickers

Getting BIRTHDAY DECORATIONS for Evie’s 2nd BIRTHDAY | Pregnant MOM of 3

While getting an actual maternity photography session is a must, your newly pregnant friend can document her week by week progress with these adorable bump stickers.

They remind me of the now popular swaddle blankets that have months on them, so you can easily snap a picture of your babe with the appropriate month circled.

But these are even better in my minimalist opinion because theyre disposable, especially because pregnancy is a fleeting stage of life .

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What Our Testers Say

“We thought this monitor offered solid video quality. We were able to see the feed clearly throughout the day and night thanks to the aforementioned night vision. As for audio, we could also hear clearly, even with the volume turned to low. Though, the monitors range is an area that could use improvement. While one of the pricier monitors out there, the performance and features make this a solid investment for your nursery.” Michelle Piccolo, Verywell writer and product tester

Thoughtful Gifts For Your Pregnant Friend

If your go-to for presents is a bottle of Prosecco, you might struggle when choosing gifts for your pregnant friend.

Nobody wants to receive non-alcoholic wine or non-alcoholic cocktails as a baby shower present especially if everyone else is sampling the bubbly!

Buying gifts for the baby is another no-no. Your friend doesnt want muslin cloths for her birthday and she doesnt want a baby outfit either, no matter how cute it might be.

Those are great presents for the baby. Theyre not great presents for your friend.

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Prenatal Yoga Class Or Dvd

Does your bestie live near a yoga studio that offers prenatal classes? If so, consider booking her a class or two so she can get out of the house and relax. Yoga has some great prenatal benefits, such as toning important muscle groups needed during labor and delivery. If her location or schedule doesnt permit a class, consider purchasing her a prenatal Yoga DVD such as the Vinyasa Workout with Julie Schoen, where she can work out in the comfort of her home. Check out our post on why prenatal yoga is so great.

Price of Class: $15+, varies by location

Price of DVD: $17.99

Mommy To Be Gifts Ideas: Gifts For New Moms That Arent For The Baby

Pregnant on Birthday card funny card for pregnant friend

Gifts for pregnant women are a must-do and a must-do WELL.

Not just scrambling to find a Christmas gift for your expecting wife or kinda trying to choose the right birthday gift for a pregnant friend.

You gotta ROCK this.

And heres why:

Pregnant women spend over 9 months sacrificing our bodies, our comfort, and the freedom to do just about anything the way WE want to be doing it

The point is, whenever theres an excuse to dote on the pregnant woman in your life and do something solely for HER


Even if theres no reason at all, a gift may be just the pick-me-up she needs to get through another week of expanding.

Remember, her body is working hard growing a tiny human youre going to LOVE.

Her heart and mind are working hard preparing to make that tiny humans life as perfect as possible upon arrival.

And, of course, the finale to this uncomfortable, self-sacrificial, emotionally exhausting adventure will be to experience the most pain she will likely ever encounter, leaving her body in a state of disaster from which it will never quite return.

YeahMama needs a present. And a good one.

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A Prenatal Swim Class

Being active when you are pregnant it not always simple, neither recommended for certain sports. This is why, for athletic mums, prenatal swim class, also named prenatal gym or delivery preparation, can be a good solution. Because of the water, as the babys weight is less heavy then, it can relieve back pains.

It is then a soft and pleasant sport, especially if it is warm outside, and it can be practiced during several months, may be the whole pregnancy.

My New Name Is Mommy Mug

This mug can serve as the perfect reminder of why a new mom is desperately in need of caffeine. With a 12-ounce capacity, this pink ceramic mug is embellished with hearts and the words Hello, my new name is Mommy.

The mug is dishwasher safe. An accompanying Hello, my new name is Daddy mug is available, to create a complete set.

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Willow Tree Pregnancy Statue Cherish

This sweet statue commemorates the experience of pregnancy and is great for permanent display at home. Its an 8.5-inch high sculpture made of resin and hand painted. The original mold was carved by hand by the artist Susan Lordi. This piece is part of the popular Willow Tree sculpture line.

The 25 Best Gifts That Pregnant Women Will Love In 2022

Surprising my Pregnant IDENTICAL TWIN for our BIRTHDAY!

Pregnancy is an exciting time for the mom-to-be as well as her whole tribe! If you have a special expecting mom in your life, youll want to celebrate her with love, support, and, of course, the right present. But, sometimes, it can be hard to think of the perfect gifts for pregnant women.

Whether youre hunting for a unique baby shower present or just want to surprise the mom-to-be with a special something, this list is for you! Weve got 25 interesting and useful gift ideas. Scroll through and find the perfect present!

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Best Holiday Gift Ideas For Pregnant Women In 2021

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