When To Wear Compression Socks During Pregnancy

What Compressionsocks Strength Is Right For You

Comrad Compression Socks for Pregnancy Review!

Thereredifferent levels of compression available. Each compression rating is ideal fora specific condition and its symptoms.

Compression strength is normally measured in mmHg. The same unit of measurement is used to measure your blood pressure.

A highermmHg value indicates a higher compression level, while a lower mmHg valueindicates a lower compression level.

There are about five compression strength levels for treating venous problems in pregnant women and they include:

Thiscompression rating provides mild pressure for proactive leg care. These socksare ideal for fatigued legs, moderate spider veins, and minor varicose veins.

They aresuitable for when you are standing or sitting for extended duration. They offerrelief for foot swelling, slight leg/ankle, and leg fatigue.

Graduatedcompression is usually greatest at the ankle of these stockings and decreasesprogressively up your leg to boost circulation.

Just makesure the pair you buy has reinforced and defined heel pockets that addorientation for a good fit and durability.

Thiscompression rating provides gentle/moderate pressure, which is suitable forminor conditions. These socks apply the ideal amount of pressure on your feetand calf.

The 15-20mmHg compression level enhances venous blood flow, stimulates delivery ofoxygen to your muscles, prevent varicose veins, minimize blisters, and keepyour feet dry.

Mademother Maternity Compression Socks

These socks give graduated compression levels throughout the stocking 25-30 mmHg at the foot and ankle, 15-20 mmHg in the middle of the leg and calf, and 10-15 mmHg under the knee. This means your upper calf isnt getting squeezed when you want the pressure at your ankle, but you still have compression going above the ankle to help with circulation.

More reasons we like it:

  • Comfy cotton/rayon blend
  • Extra padding at the toes puts comfort first
  • Easy to pull on

These nylon/lycra socks with reinforced heels are breathable and stylish. You can choose which one of the four color schemes you want on the stripes, and they offer you all-day comfort.

More reasons we like it:

  • Soothing, antibacterial micro-weave knit

Staying Healthy & Active During Pregnancy

It is important during pregnancy to maintain some level of activity that involves leg and calf muscle action to maintain healthy blood circulation. Walking helps a lot. But if walking becomes too difficult try rolling your feet to activate the vein pump and stimulate the blood flow back to the heart.

Alternately raise and lower your heels 15-20 times several times each day. Wearing TXG compression stockings or socks will greatly aid the effectiveness of the muscle action to circulate blood, whilst at the same time helping to avoid spider or varicose veins.

Many doctors prescribe moderate levels of physical activity during pregnancy for an easier labour and recovery after birth. With our socks, youll find that youre energetic and comfortable enough to do so.

They actually do what they are sold to do help with the fatigue and ache in my legs caused by my varicose veins

I would love to give you some feedback on the TXG socks I purchased from you about a week ago.

The features I love the most about my socks are that they are black and easy to wear under pretty much everything. I am currently wearing them under sports leggings and you cant even tell I have them on. I like that they are plain without any big branding on them.

Most of all I like that they actually do what they are sold to do help with the fatigue and ache in my legs caused by my varicose veins during pregnancy.

I would 100% recommend these socks to anyone with achy, tired legs.


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Types Of Compression Socks

Compressionstockings come in different types from thigh-high to knee-high. You might bewondering which type works best to prevent DVT, PE or varicose veins.

When it comes to ease of use and effectiveness, we recommend knee-high over thigh-high compression stockings.

Our tests have show that thigh-high socks tend to be difficult to use with pregnant women. Knee-high compression socks during pregnancy have proven to be:

  • Morecomfortable for expectant women
  • Aneasier option to use
  • Lesslikely to cause injury
  • Justas effective as thigh-high

How To Use A Pregnancy Pillow For Better Night’s Sleep

11 Best Compression Socks to Wear During Pregnancy

If youre having a hard time sleeping during pregnancy, then you should know how to use a pregnancy pillow, which is one of the simplest and most common solutions to this problem. Theyre made to not only assist pregnant women to sleep, but also to relieve certain common and unpleasant aches and pains.

A pregnancy pillow is ideal for travel and on-the-go support! Find a tiny one to keep in your vehicle or to take with you when you travel.

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Pregnancy: Protect Your Legs

Pregnancy will change your life completely. Your body may have already started to change. Early hormonal changes lead to hot flushes, nausea, changes in mood and appetite

but did you know that these body changes also affect your blood circulation?

Under the hormonal influence of pregnancy, your blood will clot faster, and the veins will dilate. This can impede proper venous return of the blood and increase the risk of vein damage such as development of varicose veins. Also, blood clots may form in your leg veins.

Your body will undergo substantial changes with every trimester to accommodate your growing baby. The blood volume increases and the growing uterus applies direct pressure on your veins. This can press on and partially block some of your veins and directly affect your venous system.

Here are some tips for your leg health during pregnancy.

Choosing The Right Level Of Compression

Just like size and length, these socks also come in different levels of compression that can range from 8 mmHg to 50 mmHg. However, the higher compression levels are usually recommended by a doctor. But there are over the counter socks available too, if you do not require any particular degree of compression.

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When To See A Healthcare Provider

There are times when compression socks are not appropriate for pregnant people. If you have a red, warm area on your leg that is painful to the touch, or swelling that came on suddenly, you should call your healthcare provider right away. They can evaluate you for a variety of potential complications such as deep vein thrombosis and preeclampsia. You should not wear compression socks if you have either of these conditions.

Likewise, compression socks are not advisable for someone who has an infection or is allergic to the material. Always talk with a healthcare provider before using compression socks to ensure they are right for you.

Great Compression Socks For Pregnancy

aZengear Compression Socks for Flight Travel, Running, Nurses, Pregnancy and Daily Wear

The good news is that there are a lot of fun compression socks out there these days. Here are some good options:

Remember that compression stockings come at varying levels of compression. I recommend starting lower and then building up if youre still noticing the swelling .

** Be sure to measure your calf to pick the right size!

These come in a lot of cute stripes. Medium Compression

I like the fun heels on these and they are a higher level of compression.

Kindred Bravely makes a lot of great maternity/pregnancy wear and people love them. These socks dont look any different than other socks, but have a good mid-range of compression

I have used these for work they have fun colors and the compression was a good amount for me.

I like the colors that these come in .

I hope this helped you figure out what would be best for you.

If youre looking for MORE help check out my Online Prenatal Class for Couples. Tons of great tips like these, available at 3 price points and can be done in just about 3 hours. I guarantee to get you more prepared, and the reviews are glowing.

Or, if youre not sure youre ready for all that check out my free birth prep kit:

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Best Compression Socks For Pregnancy

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Oh, those aching feet. The good news? In most cases, mild swelling during pregnancy, also known as edema, is normal .

About 75 percent of moms-to-be develop this symptom at some point during their pregnancies. For many, swollen feet and ankles may start around week 27 or month 7 of pregnancy. The bad news? Swelling probably wont go away completely until after babys arrival. And on top of that, you might also notice varicose veins, which affect up to 35 percent of pregnant women.

One way to help ease both symptoms is to slip on a pair of maternity compression socks at the start of the day.

What To Look For In A Compression Sock

If your healthcare provider has recommended you wear compression socks, you may be wondering how to find the right pair. ” the stocking has to be comfortable because you will wear it eight to 10 hours a day,” Dr. Tang says. Essentially, when purchasing compression socks, you will want to consider the fit of the stocking, the level of compression, and the material it is made of.

Generally, you can find compression socks at pharmacies, from your healthcare provider, or online. Be sure to check with your insurance provider, too, as some companies provide coverage for the purchase.

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Standing Or Sitting For Long Periods Of Time

As a preventative measure, its especially important that compression socks be worn by those who lead a sedentary lifestyle or, conversely, spend most of the day on their feet.

Also referred to as the second heart, the calf muscle works like a steady pump when you move and it pressurizes veins in the lower leg region.

This allows blood to flow back to your heart. If your job requires you to sit all day behind a desk, your calf muscles arent doing much at all, which can cause blood to pool in the lower legs.

The case is similar if you stand for long periods of time without much walking.

Many people who work in, for instance, hospitality and retail industries are excellently suited to wearing compression socks.

Compression Socks For Pregnancy Can Help Improve Circulation

11 Best Compression Socks to Wear During Pregnancy

Even if youre comfortable, there is another benefit to compression socks during pregnancy: improving circulation. Your growing uterus can put pressure on your veins, and your changing hormones can put you at increased risk for blood clots. Pregnancy compression socks can help prevent blood issues like clots, so ask your doctor if they might be recommended for you even if youre not sore. Improvement in circulation can also help minimize the appearance of varicose veins!

The amount of compression varies by the sock from eight to 50 mmHg of pressure. The average person wants pressure in the middle of that range, about 15 to 30. Compression socks should not feel like they are squeezing you too tightly to the point of discomfort, so get ones with less compression if they do. Theyre also not recommended to wear to bed. Its best to put them on first thing in the morning, even before getting out of bed, so they can prevent the swelling at your ankles from before it starts instead of trying to help once its begun. Always check with your doctor before self-prescribing anything since they are not recommended for people with certain diseases.

As long as you choose the right size and wear them correctly, compression socks or pregnancy support hose can help make your pregnancy more comfortable. Here are some of our favorites.

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Best Comfort: Dr Segals Pregnancy Socks

Dr. Segal’s

The cotton, lycra, and nylon blend have fans raving about how comfortable this pair of socks is. As close as you can get to feeling like a regular pair of socks, the wide-top comfort band keeps the socks from pinching, chafing, or rolling down.

They have added cushioning in the high wear areas like the toe and heel for added durability and comfort for long days. The size chart has calf size and ankle size listed so you can be sure to get the perfect fit.

Price at time of publish: $35

Range: Small to X-Large | Material: Cotton, Lycra, and Nylon | Pressure Level: 15 to 20 mmHg

Why Im Wearing Compression Clothing Every Day During Pregnancy

In my pre-pregnant life, my only interaction with compression wear was sometimes throwing on a pair of compression socks on an airplane to prevent swelling in my legs and ankles during a long flight. Now that Im growing a mini me, Im doing a lot less flying and a lot more feeling generally uncomfortable and swollen in my everyday life.

When I entered my second trimester, I started to get pretty tired of feeling so bloated all the time, and worried about what would happen as I got even bigger. Thats when I became a compression fanatic. After all, compression clothing is known for helping reduce muscle fatigue, improve circulation, and decrease swelling in the body. That pretty much sounds like a pregnant womans wish list.


Even the experts agree that compression wear is fantastic for pregnant women. We asked Shannon M. Clark, MD, MMS, FACOG, a double board certified Obstetrician and Gynecologist and Maternal-Fetal Medicine Specialist focusing on the care of women with maternal and/or fetal complications of pregnancy, for her thoughts.

During pregnancy, a persons body changes day-to-day, especially with the growing baby bump, Dr. Clark tells Parenting. Compression wear, in the form of compression socks, leggings, a belly band or belly wraps, can be worn when doing your daily activities. They serve to provide support when you are most active and can just make you feel more comfortable overall. Compression wear is ideal for the bump on the move!

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Healthy And Happy During Pregnancy And Beyond

When it comes to taking care of your legs during your pregnancy, you can rely on medical compression. From the very first use, you should feel a beneficial effect.

Therefore, compression stockings are advisable from the beginning of pregnancy until the end of the high-risk period of up to six weeks after having given birth.

Energetic, healthy legs allow you to fully enjoy spending time with your baby. Medical compression also keeps your legs healthy after pregnancy. It helps energize your legs and gives them a feeling of lightness and freedom throughout the day.

Pregnancy And Compression Socks

How To Put On Maternity Compression Socks

But wearing compression socks also has the advantage of reducing the chance of varicose veins. This is partly because the circulation in the legs is stimulated so that the veins in the lower legs will start to swell less.

It is not for nothing that midwives, GPs and gynecologists advise to wear pregnancy socks, or compression socks.

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Are Compression Socks/stocking Different From Maternity Stockings

You may have come across maternity stockings and it may make you wonder whether these are different from compression socks! Well, there is no difference between the two, rather they are the different terms used for the same product. So, whether you call it maternity stockings or compression socks, it all means the same!

Types Of Compression Stockings

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All compression stockings are made exclusively by a seamless method from fabrics in which the body breathes.

The structure of stockings takes into account all the anatomical changes in the body of the expectant mother ensuring you feel lighter and more comfortable.

They are made from various fabrics, including Spandex, Lycra, nylon, polyester, and wool.

They come in various lengths, sizes, and styles, such as open toe, lower leg, knee high, thigh high, and full-length.

Modern maternity compression stockings also have a very beautiful appearance.

Just a quick browse on Amazon and youll find a selection of beautiful lace elastic bands, silicone inserts, a variety of colors, and excellent quality to suit your wardrobe taste.

After all, a pregnant woman deserves only the best!

There are 3 main types of compression stockings:

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Best Overall: Comrad Compression Socks

Who else recommends it? Healthline and Self both picked Comrad Compression Socks.

These compression socks top our list because the knee-high design provides compressive relief for the foot and entire calf in a variety of fun colors and designs. The brand suggests pregnant people start with the 15-20 mmHg graduated compression and move up to the 20-30 mmHg for more extreme swelling . Made mostly of nylon with a bit of spandex, these socks are recommended to hang to dry to avoid shrinkage.

The socks feature SmartSilver ions, which keeps your feet fresh and odor-free. The design is contoured to fit your leg with a non-marking cuff, and a cushioned toe area for added comfort.

Price at time of publish: $86

Range: Small to X-Large | Material: Nylon and Spandex | Pressure Level: 15 to 25 mmHg

How And When To Wear Maternity Compression Socks

Do I really need compression socks during pregnancy?

If you dont have swollen or aching feet, then you may only want to wear compression socks when you will be on your feet a lot. As pregnancy-related swelling usually gets worse in the second and third trimesters, wearing compression socks may then be beneficial. You should slip them on first thing in the morning as swelling is usually less severe. And it is easier to prevent swelling then to try and reverse it. Plus, getting compression socks on over already swollen legs can be tricky. You should only wear the socks as long as they are comfortable. But remember, there is no need to wear them while you are lying down or sleeping. As your legs and feet are at the same level as the rest of your body, your blood circulation is not affected by gravity.

Maternity compression socks offer numerous benefits for expectant mothers. Whether you wear them to reduce swelling or to minimize varicose veins, compression socks are a great tool to improve blood flow from the lower extremities to the heart. In addition, the level of compression can help with the severity of symptoms and alleviate some of the common pregnancy-related aches and pains. Typically, pregnant women should look for light to medium levels of compression. But most importantly, mothers-to-be should ensure the socks fit right and are comfortable.

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