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Choosing to become a surrogate will likely come from a place of altruism in your heart. Already understanding how life-changing being a parent is, its natural that you want to share that gift with others who cannot become parents on their own.

However, a feeling of satisfaction isnt the only benefit that you get from becoming a surrogate you have the chance to receive compensation as a surrogate mother in South Carolina beyond the financial reimbursements of pregnancy- and childbirth-related costs. Carrying a child for another family is a huge sacrifice, and our intended parents recognize the importance of surrogate mother compensation in a healthy surrogacy relationship.

To learn more about what kind of surrogate mother pay you may be entitled to if you become a surrogate in South Carolina, you can call us today at 864-573-5533.

Surrogacy Financing & Payment Options

West Coast Surrogacy is proud of our reputation of making your surrogacy journey as simple and stress free as possible. We always strive to find new ways to help ease any part of the surrogacy process, including the ability to offer our intended parents opportunities to finance their cycles in order to reduce financial stress and provide an affordable surrogacy program.

Though our partnerships with Prosper Healthcare Lending and New Life Fertility Finance intended parents are able to seek fertility financing for their surrogacy agreement. Both Prosper Healthcare Lending and New Life Fertility Finance work exclusively with specialty lending, such as those for fertility centers and third party reproduction agencies and their intended parents. Their specialized services allow for custom tailored loans that meet the unique needs of future parents while facilitating an easy, convenient, and competitive loan process.

Some of the benefits youll receive with a loan from Prosper Healthcare Lending or New Life Fertility Finance include:

  • Loans up to $100,000
  • Immediate decisions for loans under $35,000
  • Term options out to 84 months
  • No transaction fees

Year Term Life Insurance Policy Valued At $250000

A one year term life insurance policy will be purchased to provide the surrogates family with peace of mind and financial security.

If travel is required, all hotel, airfare, meals, and transportation will be provided for you and a guest .Lost wages are not included in the above and are provided in addition to baseline compensation, if applicable.

The SeedCoach program helps you plan for financial success well beyond your journey, with videos on compensation, setting and achieving goals, household budgeting, reducing debt, as well as saving and investing. All these resources are free to you!

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If You Work For Yourself Convert Into A Corporation

Whenever I find myself in a situation that requires significant monetary output, my first question is How can I make this tax deductible?. I mean if youre going to spend the money, you might as well try to get credit for it somewhere. Not everyone has this opportunity, but I am self-employed, and when I ran the scenario by my CPA, he had some valuable advice . If I set up my company as a C-Corporation, I could elect to pay for any and all benefits for my employees. So I made myself an employee of the corporation and then ran all surrogacy related expenses through the business, deductible as employee benefit expenses. It certainly doesnt directly recoup my expenses, but translates to a sizeable deduction nonetheless – in our case, about $138,000.*

Surrogate Friendly Insurance: What Is It

Surrogate Mother Pay in Little Rock, Arkansas

Now that you understand why surrogacy and a surrogate requires health insurance, you need to know exactly what surrogate insurance entails.

Surrogate insurance is basically a health insurance policy that covers the medications, treatments, blood tests and birth of a surrogate. Its similar to a policy that covers pregnancy. Some policies might also include maternity leave and others may not.

Like all policies, each one is different dependent upon who the company offering it is and the individual.

Certain individuals, for example, may be able to receive a lower price on their policy or with additional benefits than others. Health insurance is picky as you might already know after dealing with your own personal health insurance plan.

You can examine your own health insurance policy to see if they offer coverage for infertility and third-party options.

Some of the items to look for are coverage for fertility diagnoses, fertility treatments, full fertility coverage, medication coverage stemming to fertility drugs, monitoring, fertilization procedures, and genetic screening and testing. If the policy does not include any or all of these factors, then it is likely not a good choice for those who are looking to do surrogacy.

Many people rely on Medicaid for their health insurance.

While Medicaid can cover a lot of health problems, it does not cover fertility treatments. This includes surrogacy. They dont even cover the ability to freeze your eggs or embryos.

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Surrogacy Helps Create Families

If you are considering surrogacy, it is crucial that you develop an intricate knowledge of how the process works, as well as your rights as an intended parent and the rights of your surrogate mother, in order to avoid potentially disastrous emotional, financial and legal complications.

Surrogacy can be a very complicated and expensive process, with many legal, emotional, and moral implications. It is, however, a viable option for Canadians who are unable to get pregnant by other means, and can provide them with the chance to have the family they so desperately desire.

The Average Cost Of Surrogacy

Expanding your family through a surrogate can cost a fortune. So, how much does a surrogate cost?

The average surrogacy cost in the USA varies from state to state but it is usually in the range of $125,000 to $150,000. The cost also depends on the variable expenses because no one can know beforehand what these will involve.

Are you wondering how prices vary from state to state? We will break it down for you.

California has one of the best surrogacy laws but the prices are high. The prices in California vary from $120,000- $170,000 and it is important to know that in most agencies the cost of IVF is excluded from the price so additional charges will apply. Georgia can also be listed as one of the expensive states for surrogacy services because the average cost of a surrogate here is around $110,000 $200,000.

Texas has affordable prices for every person in need of a surrogate. The prices here vary from $100,000 and $125,000 but the IVF process is not included in the price. Moving from the south to the northeast, intended parents are wondering: how much does a surrogate cost in New York? New York is also one of the most affordable states for those who dream of starting a family through surrogacy. The cost here is the same as in Texas, ranging from $100,000 to $125,000, but the IVF process is also excluded from the price.

Did you know: The private surrogate cost is usually 30% less as compared to gestational surrogacy.

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West Coast Surrogacy Costs & Fees

At West Coast Surrogacy, we are transparent about surrogate mother costs and fees. We understand that gestational surrogacy represents a significant cost for many families. And that is why our team is dedicated to providing resources and options to ease your surrogacy journey, including .

The total cost of a surrogacy arrangement includes agency fees, surrogate compensation and expenses, fertility clinic fees and legal fees. However, there are factors to consider which can affect the surrogacy costs substantially. Contact West Coast Surrogacy to learn more about your financial options.

Are Surrogates Medical Expenses Covered

Why I paid nearly $10K in fees for a surrogate to have my baby

For women and intended parents who consider surrogacy, medical expenses are often on top of the list of concerns. Insurance companies may cover either or both parties. Those asking How much do you get paid to be a surrogate? should consider various other factors. While a gestational carrier may receive up to $30,000 ,1 clinical expenses and other medical costs are covered by the intended parents .

However, compensation varies by state and agencyspecifically, agencies that offer surrogates more benefits, for which intended parents are expected to pay. These include:

  • Travel expenses
  • Medications, screenings, and embryo transfer
  • Compensation for lost income
  • Post-birth medical and childcare assistance
  • Counseling and support
  • Maternity clothes
  • Monthly allowance

Surrogate health impacts medical expenses during the cycle. An in-vitro fertilization cycle can cost from $15,000 to $30,000, while medications can range from $3,000 to $8,000.2 Genetic testing, embryo freezing and storage, and unexpected expenses related to bedrest and other medical needs can add to the overall cost. Insurance coverage varies for IVF some policies only cover embryo creation, while others are more comprehensive.

Specific coverages are listed in the intended parents or surrogates insurance policy.

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How Brilliant Beginnings Approaches Expenses

At Brilliant Beginnings we support surrogate choice. We help our surrogates work through their likely costs to make sure they are never left out of pocket, provide clear information about the options around expenses, and help them approach expenses in whatever way feels right for them and their families. We reflect these choices within our matching process, to make sure surrogates are matched with intended parents who are aligned with their expectations and have an appropriate budget.

After match, we support our surrogacy teams to have clear and honest decisions about how the finances will work in practice. Discussion around money can feel awkward so we walk you through it step by step to make it as easy as possible. We give both surrogates and intended parents independent legal advice to ensure everyone is absolutely clear about the legal implications of whatever you agree. We also help you to put what you have agreed in writing, making sure you are clear not just about how much is being paid but also about the detail of how things will be managed in practice, for example when and how payments will be made and what happens if there is a miscarriage or early birth.

How Does Insurance Coverage Work For Our Surrogate And Baby

Again, it would be nice if you could just provide surrogate insurance coverage through your own policy to take care of your gestational carriers surrogacy-related costs. But because shes the one who is pregnant, not you, this isnt how insurance providers usually handle it.

Your surrogate will typically have her own surrogacy insurance, separate from yours. If her policy doesnt have exclusions for surrogate pregnancies, shell usually go through her own medical insurance provider. Even if there are exclusions for surrogate pregnancies, shell often be able to get at least some coverage from her own health insurance.

Remember that any out-of-pocket costs will be your responsibility, as the intended parent. All this will be detailed within your contracts before you even begin the medical process, to ensure everyone involved is protected and has a good idea of whose insurance will cover what.

Your American Surrogacy specialist will help you get your child on your insurance policy, usually before he or she is even born. The pre-birth or post-birth orders that youll complete with your attorney can be helpful in this process, but adding a baby born via surrogacy to your policy is typically the same as it is for any new parent. Surrogates are never financially responsible for the medical costs of the intended parents newborn baby.

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What Types Of Insurance Plans Are Available For My Surrogate To Use

There are two solid options available for your surrogates maternity care. The first is a traditional medical insurance plan, usually purchased under the Affordable Care Act and based on the zip code where the surrogate lives.

The second option is a Surrogate Maternity Contractual Liability Insurance plan. This plan is underwritten by Lloyds of London and is not a medical insurance plan. Instead, it only covers the Intended Parents contractual obligation to pay for the surrogates medical expenses. It functions similar to a traditional medical plan.

How Can I Lower My Surrogacy Costs

Surrogate Mothers: 6

In the U.S., Independent Surrogacy can reduce costs by $10,000 to $30,000 or more. ‘Assisted Surrogacy’ programs eliminate expensive agency fees and give basic tasks directly to the Intended Parents. International surrogacy programs can cut the cost of surrogacy by half. Details on these lower-cost options are available at SENSIBLE’s Surrogacy Cost Guide.

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How Much Do Surrogate Mothers Get Paid

At California Surrogacy Center, the average surrogate mother compensation is somewhere between $40,000 and $50,000. This is for first-time surrogate mothers, as repeat surrogate mothers typically get paid between $53,000 and $83,000 . Surrogate mothers also receive life insurance, health insurance, as well as a $6,000-$8,000 benefits package, and are eligible to be reimbursed for any out-of-pocket costs like medical co-pays, maternity clothing, travel expenses, and legal fees.

Insurance Options For Surrogates

A few options are available and include:

  • Affordable Care Act Coverage: Maternity care is an essential health benefit covered by the ACA. Therefore, a surrogates individual plan may cover her medical needs over the course of the pregnancy. However, it is very important to have the insurance policy verified by an insurance professional to ensure that maternity benefits are covered if the insured is acting as a gestational carrier. Enrollment periods can complicate matters unless one experiences a Qualifying Life Event. Pregnancy is not considered a qualifying life event, although special enrollment qualifications may apply, so check before proceeding with surrogacy agencies and any medical protocols.
  • Surrogacy Insurance: Although written specifically for surrogates, such a policy can have high monthly premiums and deductibles. Labor and delivery costs, particularly if there are any complications with the pregnancy, may be offset, but every policy is different and should be fully assessed before any major decisions are made.
  • Secondary Insurance: Intended parents may purchase a secondary insurance policy. This coverage can serve as a backup, should there be issues with the surrogates health plan, and help offset any lapses in coverage.

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Will My Insurance Cover A Surrogacy Journey

Currently only 15 states have laws requiring insurance companies to cover infertility treatments even though about 12 percent of U.S. women of childbearing age have received medical treatment for infertility. Of these states, most do not include a basic IVF procedures in their required coverage. No state requires surrogacy procedures to be covered, and only a few insurers will do this voluntarily.

Here is what is and isnt generally covered by insurance:

Who Is Covered Under A Surrogates Medical Policy

Finding & Paying your Surrogate Mother

Only your surrogate is covered by her medical policy. Your child is covered In Utero only. Your child once born, is not a dependent of the surrogate and will not be covered by her medical plan. In addition, any expenses related to the IVF cycle are not covered under this plan.

If a Surrogate Maternity Liability Insurance policy is used, only the medical expenses related to the surrogate pregnancy can be processed through the plan. It cannot be used for other medical expenses unrelated to the pregnancy it does not cover any costs related to the IVF cycle.

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Health Care Discount Program

If you have exhausted your surrogacy insurance searches to no avail, or if the surrogate mother finds out after she has become pregnant that her health insurance will not cover her, you are left with few options. One of them is a medical discount program.

These programs are not insurance. They simply are part of a larger provider network and get discounts on medical expenses, usually when the patient pays in advance. Over the course of a pregnancy, this can save intended parents 40-60% off doctors, tests, and hospital stays.

The discount program that I recommend is one that I personally use, not just for surrogate health coverage, but also for regular medical discounts for my entire family. Its very inexpensive and works.

Action: Learn more about using a discount card instead of insurance. If your surrogate is already pregnant, this may be your only option. Weigh the pros and cons and see if you can afford NOT to obtain this inexpensive resource.

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Can We Purchase Specific Insurance For Surrogacy

If you find that your policy doesnt cover surrogate pregnancy, or doesnt cover as many costs as you had hoped, there are three options:

  • Pay for the remaining medical costs out of pocket
  • Purchase a new policy for your surrogate if her old policy didnt cover some of the surrogacy-specific costs
  • Purchase a supplemental surrogacy insurance policy

The option that will be most cost-effective for you really depends on your individual situation, so defer to your American Surrogacy specialist for advice. While paying out-of-pocket for whatever costs arent covered may seem intimidating, supplemental surrogacy insurance plans can be costly, as well.

However, those specific surrogacy insurance companies will usually cover your surrogates medical costs, so if your current health insurance plans covers very little, this might be the best option for you. If you do decide that purchasing supplemental surrogacy medical insurance is right for you, your surrogacy professional will be the best resource for choosing the best provider for your situation.

If youd like to learn a bit more about this option, two of the most popular choices for gestational surrogacy insurance are ART Risk Financial and New Life Agency, both of which weve recommended to our surrogates and intended parents in the past.

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Payments As A Surrogate Mother

What you earn as a surrogate at ConceiveAbilities is structured into easy and timely scheduled payments, so that you can focus on a healthy and successful surrogacy journey without the burden of submitting receipts for reimbursement. Further, we package all of your payments in a simple way that allows you to plan ahead in the way that is best for you and your family. Our surrogates tell us how much they appreciate this convenience.

Heres the timing of your payments.

Even when you are in the application process, we provide financial rewards of up to $250 for your assistance in obtaining your medical records, with an easy-to-follow organized checklist.

Your base pay is one package, that is divided into pre-pregnancy, pregnancy, and post-pregnancy payments.

Depending on the circumstances of your pregnancy, you may earn more money in addition to your base pay.

So, how much does a surrogate make… applied to you. Check out the calculator above to get an estimate of your own base pay. And, start dreaming a bit about how that money can help you and your family while helping someone else build their family. From paying off debt, saving for your child/childrens education, buying a car, funding a down payment for a new home, creating a safety net for your family, the list goes on and on. Would these funds allow you to homeschool your children? What would you do with $44,000, and more?

Your terms, our program:

May 18th, 2018

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