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For this guide, we interviewed Dr. Brindha Bavan, an obstetrician-gynecologist, reproductive endocrinologist, and fertility specialist at Stanford Medicine Dina Greene, PhD, a clinical associate professor of chemistry at the University of Washington who has co-authored several published studies on hCG testing in clinical settings and David Grenache, PhD, chief scientific officer at a diagnostic testing company and a clinical professor of pathology at the University of New Mexico who has studied hCG for more than 15 years.

I am a science writer with a PhD in microbiology and immunology. I spent seven years in the lab performing and also designing antibody-based assays that use the same chemical principles as at-home hCG tests. Ive also experienced two pregnanciesone after a year of trying and one that was a complete surprise. So Ive squinted at my share of faint lines, and I know what it feels like to wait alone in the bathroom for a result that has the potential to change your life.

Evaporation Line Pregnancy Test

A pregnancy test that uses a chemical reaction to detect a hormone in urine that is only present when a woman is pregnant. The test is done by placing a drop of urine on a specially treated strip of paper. If the woman is pregnant, the strip will change color. The most sensitive pregnancy tests can detect the hormone as early as six days after conception.

Evaporation lines are caused when the urine dries before the chemical reaction can take place. This can be caused by incorrect timing of the test, incorrect procedure, or by the urine being too diluted. Evaporation lines can also be caused by expired test kits or by using a contaminated test strip.

Our Pick: First Response Early Result

Similar to First Response Early Result, Clearblue Early Detection can detect pregnancy five days before an expected period 71% of the time . Unlike other Clearblue pregnancy tests, this wand test also uses pink lines rather than blue, which some people find easier to read.

Like other Clearblue tests, the Clearblue Early Detection test has a really wide absorbent tip that turns pink when it gets wet, so you can be sure you havent missed the target. The handle is thin, long, and easy to grip for midstream testing.

Clearblue tests helpfully list the accuracies relative to the day of an expected period, rather than the more confusing missed period.

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Where To Buy Pregnancy Test


There are many places where you can buy pregnancy test kits. You can buy them at most pharmacies, grocery stores, and online. There are many different types of test kits available, so it is important to choose the one that is right for you.

There are two types of pregnancy test kits: home pregnancy tests and laboratory tests. HPTs are the most common type of test kit. They are available over the counter and are easy to use. Laboratory tests are more accurate than HPTs, but they are also more expensive.

HPTs are available in both digital and non-digital formats. Digital test kits have a display that will show whether or not you are pregnant. Non-digital test kits use a line or symbol system to indicate whether or not you are pregnant. Some test kits are designed for use before you miss your period, while others can be used up to four weeks after your missed period.

When choosing an HPT, it is important to consider the cost, accuracy, and ease of use. It is also important to read the instructions carefully. If you have any questions, be sure to ask your pharmacist.

The 8 Best Pregnancy Tests Of 2022

Clearblue Digital Pregnancy Test with Smart Countdown, 5 Pregnancy ...

Picking out a pregnancy test can feel overwhelming, especially when you consider the number of brands and types available, and of course, whats at stake. The good news? Some tests clearly come out on top when it comes to accuracy, reliability, and usability, making it easier to narrow your choices.

With that in mind, you’re probably wondering what the best pregnancy test is. But before we get to the top picks, its important to point out the difference between a home pregnancy test and a blood test.

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I Previously Tested Pregnant But Have Tested Again And Got A Not Pregnant Result Or My Period Has Started What Does This Mean

It is possible to get a pregnant result and find out later you are no longer pregnant . This is called early pregnancy loss which is not uncommon, affecting around 1 in 4 pregnancies. However most women can go on to have a healthy pregnancy afterwards. If you do get unexpected results, ask your doctor for advice.

False Positive And False Negative Results

Its possible for any pregnancy test to give false positive or false negative results.

False positives are rare. But they may occur if, for example, you test early, when hCG levels are high enough to be picked up by a pregnancy test but theres no viable pregnancy. This could be due to a chemical pregnancy, when the fertilized egg fails to continue growing after implanting or never finishes implanting. Often, this will end in miscarriage around the time of an expected period.

False negativeswhere a test reads negative but a potentially viable pregnancy has begunare more common. Usually, these are not false negatives at alltheyre simply the result of a test taken when the level of urine hCG is lower than what the test can detect. I do advise patients that you ideally want to check on the day of your missed period onward for the most accurate results, Dr. Bavan said.

It is also possible to get a false negative result after using a test on a day the box says it should be 99% accurate. This is because of how different the levels of urine hCG are from person to person, and even how much they can change throughout the day in the same person. Your hCG may be on the low end, or your pee may be very dilute.

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Features To Keep In Mind When Choosing A Pregnancy Test

You may want your choice of pregnancy test to involve more than just grabbing the first one you see on the shelf. Here are some factors to keep in mind when shopping for a test.

  • Display method Do you prefer test lines or digital words indicating pregnant or not pregnant?
  • Cost Test strips are more affordable than plastic-encased pregnancy tests.
  • Expiration date Check the expiration date before you use a test. All pregnancy tests expire and can become less effective at detecting hCG if they are too old.
  • Ergonomics and ease of use Urine pregnancy tests give you two options to test: midstream while urinating or by collecting a sample in a cup. People with limited mobility or range of motion should be aware of which method works best for them.

Finally, before choosing a pregnancy test, ask yourself these questions. Your answers will help determine the best brand and style for your needs.

  • When was my last period?
  • Am I taking any medication with hCG hormone?
  • Will I need more than one pregnancy test?
  • Do I feel comfortable performing a pregnancy test?
  • Do I feel comfortable reading a pregnancy test?

Pregnancy Tests At Walgreens

How to Confirm Pregnancy Without Taking a Test

Think you may be pregnant? Of course, you want to know quickly and accurately whether you’re soon to become a parent. Early care is essential to a healthy pregnancy and baby. With a home pregnancy test, you can get results without leaving your home. Home pregnancy tests are highly accurate and simple to use and interpret so you can get the answers you need.

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Best Biodegradable: Lia The Flushable Pregnancy Test

  • Biodegradable tests made from natural fibers
  • Is flushable and contains no plastic

Most pregnancy tests are made from plastic. And since each test is good for only one use, a lot of plastic ends up in landfills. Thats where the Lia Flushable Pregnancy Test comes in. These biodegradable tests are made from natural fibers.

In fact, they are the same fibers used in most toilet paper. While not as sensitive as some other tests, Lia can detect pregnancy when your hCG reaches 25 mIU/mL. The test degrades in about 10 weeks. And, these eco-friendly home pregnancy tests are made in the United States. But Lia is available only on the companys website.

Price: $13.99

  • Discreet and easy to store

Are You Showing First Pregnancy Symptoms

You keep asking yourself: Are these the first pregnancy symptoms? Why am I feeling so weird?

Are you extremely sensitive? Are you more tired than usual? Are your breasts sore and heavy? Don’t waste any more time reading books and surfing the internet about first signs of pregnancy. Stop stressing out! Our online pregnancy quiz will guide you through early pregnancy symptoms.

If you think you may be pregnant, don’t wait any longer. Complete our free online pregnancy test and find out immediately how likely it is that you’re pregnant. More than 20,000 women worldwide have already taken our am I pregnant quiz.

Learn the most common early pregnancy symptoms in a simple and interactive way and find out what the chances are that you are pregnant.

Please keep in mind that the perception of pregnancy is different from woman to woman, which means that in the early stages of pregnancy you may have all of the pregnancy symptoms, just some of them, or none at all. Don’t hesitate any longer and take our free online pregnancy test.

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Does Health Insurance Cover Pregnancy Tests

Usually. Most health insurance plans cover pregnancy tests.

The Affordable Care Act requires all marketplace health insurance plans to cover essential health benefits, which includes pregnancy care and lab services. This includes urine tests, blood tests, and ultrasounds. You may have out-of-pocket costs for your deductible, copay, or coinsurance.

Most private or employer-sponsored health insurance plans also must cover essential health benefits.

Medicaid covers family planning services and laboratory services as mandatory benefits regardless of where you live.

Best Strips: Pregmate Pregnancy Urine Test Strips

Buy Clearblue Pregnancy Test Online
  • Each box contains 50 strips
  • Most affordable option for repeated testing

If you plan on testing a lot, you may want to skip the more expensive, plastic-encased pregnancy tests and opt for a pack of test strips instead. The Pregmate Pregnancy Urine Test Strips come in a box of 50, with each test sealed in an individual pouch, making it easy to grab and go if you need to test away from home.

Pregmate strips can detect hCG when it reaches 25 mIU/mL, which could be as soon as five days before a missed period. This is not a midstream pregnancy test. You will need to pee in a cup, dip the strip, and lay it flat for the test to work. If hCG is present in your urine, youll see two lines. Otherwise, the test will show one line indicating that it did not detect the pregnancy hormone.

Price: $15.95

  • Most affordable option for repeated testing
  • Each test strip costs $0.31

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Best For Peace Of Mind: First Response Triple Check Pregnancy Test Kit

  • Three different test types in one kit
  • Sensitive to all forms of pregnancy hormones

The First Response Triple Check Pregnancy Test Kit comes with three unique tests: Early Result Pregnancy test, Digital Pregnancy test, and Rapid Result Pregnancy test. Each test detects pregnancy but provides a different way to learn your results. For example, the Rapid Result test displays an answer in one minute, and the Early Result test can detect hCG six days sooner than your missed period. And if test lines are not your thing, the Digital Pregnancy test makes it really easy to read: Yes+ or No. All three tests are reported to be 99 percent accurate from the day of your expected period. You can use the EasyRead app to scan the test lines if you would rather see pregnant or not pregnant.

Price: $12.51

Display method: Test lines and digital

Result time: One to three minutes

Where Can I Get A Pregnancy Test

You can buy a pregnancy test at your local pharmacy, drugstore, grocery store, and some convenience or dollar stores. Pregnancy tests are usually inexpensive they can cost as little as a dollar. Sometimes you can get a free pregnancy test at certain health centers.

You can also get a pregnancy test from your nurse or doctor, community clinic, or local Planned Parenthood Health Center. Most health centers use the same urine pregnancy tests that you can buy in stores. Sometimes they use a blood test to test for pregnancy, but thats usually only under special circumstances.

But be careful when looking for a reliable health center, because there are fake clinics out there called Crisis Pregnancy Centers. Crisis Pregnancy Centers give free pregnancy tests and claim to offer information and help. But theyre run by people who may not be medical professionals, and dont believe in giving you honest facts about pregnancy and all of your options. Crisis pregnancy centers are often located very close to Planned Parenthood health centers or other real medical centers, and have similar names they do this to confuse people and trick them into visiting their center instead.

Your nearest Planned Parenthood health center can help you find a safe place to get a pregnancy test in your area.

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When Is The Best Time To Take A Pregnancy Test

According to the instruction sheet on most home pregnancy tests, the best time of day to take a pregnancy test is in the morning. Additionally, per the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services Office on Womens Health , the best time in your cycle to take a pregnancy test is after youve missed your period, preferably after the first day of a missed period if you know your cycle. If you take it too soon, the hCG levels might not be high enough for the test to detect, leading you to believe youre not pregnant. Thats why its not a bad idea to take more than one test, at least a few days apart.

We Do Our Homework See The Research Behind Our Hcg Pregnancy Test Strips

Know Everything About Pregnancy Testing by Prega News

Our urine, early pregnancy test strips are over 99% accurate at predicting pregnancy at 3 days before the day of the missed period.

In earlier stages, a pregnant woman may not be producing enough hCG for the test to detect. This is why the test result is less accurate the earlier you take it. hCG can only be detected in urine after the embryo implants itself in the uterine wall, which occurs between the sixth and tenth day post-fertilization. At five days before an expected period, an embryo may have just implanted and hCG hormone production may not have yet increased enough to meet the tests detection threshold. Early on in pregnancy hCG levels rise rapidly, doubling every two days. The closer you are to your missed period, the more reliable your early pregnancy test results will be.

At Natalist, we understand that urge to test as early as possibleweve been there ourselves. You get fifteen early pregnancy test strips in each box so that you can test before, and on the day of your missed period, or whenever you choose.

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How Does The Online Pregnancy Test Am I Pregnant Quiz Work

The MomJunction online pregnancy test is designed with a set of questions that are based on the ovulation cycle, the number of times you have had intercourse, type of birth control methods you were using, and symptoms you are experiencing. We have also included questions about basal temperature and implantation. The results will depend on the answers you choose.

Whether or not you get a positive result in this quiz, you should get a pregnancy test done or visit a doctor if you miss your period.

Best For Early Testing: Clearblue Early Detection

  • Accurate up to six days before your expected period
  • Extra-wide tip for easy sampling

Clearblue Early Detection is one of the few tests that can tell you if youre pregnant six days before a missed period. In fact, the company claims 71 percent of pregnancies are detected this early. Like other tests, if you wait until the day of your expected period, the accuracy jumps to 99 percent.

The testing area is extra wide for easy sampling if youre collecting a sample midstream, and results should take only about three minutes. Once complete, the display will show a control line and a result line. Clearblue says it does not matter how dark, faint, or wide the result line is. If there is a line, the test is positive. One thing to note is this test pack is slightly more expensive than home pregnancy tests with similar features.

Price: $12.98

  • Accurate up to six days before your period
  • Extra-wide tip for easy sampling

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How Accurate Are Online Pregnancy Tests

The questions included in the online pregnancy test are those that a gynecologist usually asks during the first prenatal appointment.

The accuracy of the online test depends on the accuracy of your answers. While the online test result could indicate a possible result, it is not a replacement for medical consultation and formal pregnancy tests. However, you can take the free online test several times to compare the result.

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