Can You Use Preseed When Pregnant

When Should I Use Preseed Lubricant

How to Get Pregnant Using Preseed

PreSeed lubricant can best mimic a womans natural fertile fluids when it is deposited inside the vagina near the cervix before intercourse. Many women apply PreSeed using an applicator about 15 minutes before intercourse to allow the moisture to disperse throughout the vagina and offer more spontaneity.

Which Lubricants Can Help Us Get Pregnant

At the middle of the cycle, around any 14, your cervical mucus becomes thin and watery and creates a friendly environment for the sperm to travel towards the egg. During the rest of the month, the mucus is thick and the sperm face a hostile environment. The secretions that lubricate the vagina during intercourse, however, come from a different source and do not actually affect your fertility much. So one would not expect a vaginal lubricant to help make you more fertile, and there are no lubricants that we know that actually make you more fertile. The best we can hope is that a lubricant is not toxic to the sperm and that is the reason to use fertility friendly lubricants such Preseed if you need one.

Scientific Studies Comparing Various Lubricants

In 2014, a scientific study was done to compare many fertility lubricants to their promise that they were male reproductive swimmer friendly. Even though many were supposedly friendly, they ended up being quite detrimental to the function of the swimmers, and consequently, negatively impact fertility. The study aimed to analyze the effects of many lubricants, and these were studied in an ‘in vitro’ setting. They examined the swimmer’s DNA fragmentation, motility, and their vitality. They mimicked the feminine reproductive environment to perform their tests. Nine lubricants were examined. These were Pre-Seed, Maybe Baby, Fore Life, Yes, Sage Culture Oil, Johnson’s Baby Oil, Glycerol, Conceive Plus, and Sylk. The lubricants that came out on top were Pre-Seed and Maybe Baby, but the king of champions in this study was pre-seed. The swimmers maintained vitality at ninety-two percent. The worst in the study was the lubricant Fore Life, as it only comes in at twenty-eight percent vitality. Pre-Seed has the highest rate of swimmers with progressive motility at eighty-six percent. Sylk had the lower in this category, and it came in with thirty-one percent. At the end of this scientific study, Pre-Seed emerged as the boss of all lubricants when it comes to keeping those swimmers safe and happy. Conceive Plus came in at a close second, but the others are best to avoid to maintain higher levels of fertility completely.

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Anything Youre Allergic To

Youll also want to check the ingredient list to make sure youre not sensitive or allergic to any of the ingredients.

I would strongly suggest that, when considering a lubricant, buy a small amount of first, says Minkin, because if for some reason you are sensitive to any of the ingredients, you can easily switch to another brand.

Can Preseed Help With Sperm Motility


Pre-Seedspermsperm motility

Does preseed help sperm swim faster?

So unfortunately, it looks like Pre-Seed isnt technically a magical fertility booster to help the sperm swim faster and live longer, like even I initially thought. It works by creating a better, more slippery environment for the sperm to swim in, so they can get to your eggs more efficiently.


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Cut Back On Caffeine And Alcohol

Its bad enough trying to survive nine months of pregnancy without a morning cup of coffee or a Friday night glass of winebut do you really have to cut back on your extracurricular beverages before you get pregnant, too?

If youre looking to maximize your fertility, then its not a bad idea. Masterson says its important to pay attention to all the things youre putting in your body when youre trying to conceive: everything from caffeine and alcohol to prescription medications and radiation exposure can affect your hormone levels and, ultimately, your fertility.

Dont drink more than two cups of coffee per day and pay attention to how much soda, chocolate, and energy drinks youre consuming, since those also contain caffeine, she says. And excessive use of alcohol has been linked to decreased fertility ratesnot to mention that it can lower estrogen levels, which can affect ovulation.

Will I Need To Use Lube During Sex When Im Pregnant

Maybe. For example, one 2014 study found that about 4.5 percent of pregnant people use lubricant during pregnancy. It all depends on how the surge of pregnancy hormones affects your body.

Most probably wont need a lot of lubrication during pregnancy, says Dr. Mary Jane Minkin, an OB-GYN at Yale University. Pregnancy is a high estrogen state, and that can lead to increased vaginal discharge, especially as your pregnancy increases.

Changes to your cervix during pregnancy can also cause more discharge. This is part of the way your body protects your uterus and growing baby for 9 months.

However, everyones different. And for some, the fluctuating hormones specifically high progesterone can lead to vaginal dryness and irritation during sex, which isnt comfortable. And thats why you might want to get some lube.

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What Kind Of Lubricants Should I Avoid

While youre pregnant, youll want to avoid oily lubes because they can alter the pH balance in your vagina and increase your chances of infection. Instead, choose a water-based lubricant.

In addition, youll want to stay clear of certain ingredients which can be irritating or harmful to the tissues of your vagina even when theyre in water-based lubes.

In general, here are some of the things to avoid:

Did Preseed Work For Me

How to Get Pregnant – Using Preseed Lube

I wish I could say this gave us our BFP . But it did not.

After 3+ cycles of using PreSeed lubricant, we did not successfully conceive.I will give this disclaimer- the difficulties that I have had conceiving seem to be related to endometriosis, NOT inadequate or hostile cervical mucus.

So, while this product might meet other womens needs, it does not meet mine at this time.

After reading this Preseed review, check out my FertiliTea review or visit My Fertility Journey page for more about Trying To Conceive.

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Did You Get Pregnant Using Pre

I know there have been lots of posts about Pre-Seed lately, but I wanna know how many ladies on Gaga have had success using it. We used it about 5 months ago with no success so I gave up. I just hate that everytime I read the testimonials on the pre-seed site everyone seems to have gotten a BFP on the first or second try…uggggh! Anyway, I ordered the new kind that is in a tube and has several applicators so you can use as much or as little as you’d like. Soo, how many ladies have had success with Pre-Seed?

I would say that pre-seed did help with this pregnancy. I liked it and I would use it again.

What is pre-seed? Never heard of it, but again I am new to this, Tell me more..

I used it the backwards way the cycle I got preggo. Not sure if that was the only reason… but yeah, I used it.

I agree with Jen, but I also agree with Whitney, gotta keep yourself busy in this crazy TTC game. ANd yes, I put it in after we BD, laid there for about 30 mins to an hour …. Like I said, I am not saying that it is for sure what caused me to get preggo. Just happened to be on the same cycle… Good luck! Hope I see some BFP’s soon!

Hope that’s of some help 😉

Benefits Of Using Pre

Sometimes, women could experience vaginal dryness while trying to get pregnant. This is due to lack of sufficient vaginal and cervical secretions which makes sex painful and less enjoyable. The lubrication may not even show up even if the woman is sexually aroused.

In a bid to solve the problem of vaginal dryness while trying to get pregnant, couples may go for other lubricants which could be dangerous to the sperm. Some of these lubricants such as mineral oils, saliva and water can kill the sperm on contact and prevent it from swimming effectively to reach the egg. Pre-seed is the right solution in combating the problem of vaginal dryness as it is a sperm friendly vaginal lubricant which mimics natural cervical mucus. and creates a suitable environment for the sperm. Here are benefits of using Pre-seed vaginal lubricant while trying to get Pregnant:

  • Pre-Seed vaginal lubricant provides a favorable environment for the sperm, with a pH and viscosity that matches the optimal fertility fluids of a womans body. In addition, it contains antioxidant support for the sperms health and longevity, therefore improving the sperms ability to make it through to the cervix and beyond. The applicator gets the lubricant all the way up to the cervix, maximizing its sperm-protecting benefits in the vaginal canal and cervical opening.
  • It is an intimate moisturizer: It provides moisture where it is required the most, without harming the sperm.
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    Lube: Types And Ingredients

    Most lube fits into one of four categories: oil-based, water-based, silicone-based, or a hybrid with more than one ingredient. Each has its own pros and cons.

    • Oil-based lubes are long-lasting, but can degrade condoms and are more likely to irritate the vagina.
    • Water-based lubes can be used with condoms or sex toys, but can evaporate more quickly.
    • Silicone-based lubes last longer than water-based and are condom-safe, but will deteriorate silicone sex toys.

    There are certain ingredients everyone should avoid in their lube: Glycerine, flavoring, any kind of sugar, petroleum jelly, preservatives like parabens, propylene glycol, benzocaine , and antibacterial ingredients like chlorhexidine gluconate are all potentially irritating or toxic ingredients.

    But if youre trying to conceive, there are additional ingredients to look out for: silicone, andobviouslyspermicide, sometimes listed as nonoxynol-9 or N-9.

    Lube And Fertility Research: A Summary

    A Firsthand PRESEED Review (+ Tips For Use)
    Lubricant type or brand
    Anderson et al, 1998

    In general, it appears that oil-based lubricants have the least impact on sperm motility and vitality. Silicone-based lubricants impact motility, but not as significantly as water-based lubricants. Water-based lubricants appear to have the greatest detrimental effect on motility and vitality, immobilizing sperm after just five minutes and killing a significant percentage of sperm within an hour .

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    Fertility Fact Vs Fiction

    A scientific review of some of the more common beliefs about fertility

    First ResponseMarch 16, 2017

    If you are trying to conceive, you have probably heard many tips for getting pregnant and have a hard time discerning fertility fact from fiction. Which suggestions may actually help when you are trying for a baby? Lets review some of the more common beliefs about fertility and see if the science backs them up.

    Fertility dramatically declines with age for both men and women. FACT

    The trend of declining fertility starts after age thirty for women. By their late 30s women have half the fertility rate of women in their early 20s. Male fertility decreases most after age 50 but starts to decline at 40. No amount of wishful thinking will change these reproductive aging patterns so plan accordingly!

    Men should store up sperm for baby-making during the womans non-fertile time. FICTION

    More frequent ejaculation by the man is better. The more he ejaculates the higher his testosterone will be and the better and more quality sperm he can make. Having hubby not ejaculate during your non-fertile time is negative for sperm production. Even daily ejaculation doesnt harm sperm quality or numbers. New research data suggests that ejaculating at least every two days is good and every day ejaculation is best for sperm production, even for men with poorer quality sperm. If that sounds exhausting to you , remember frequent ejaculation doesnt have to be from intercourse every time.

    Scientific Study On Swimmer Motility

    Another test was done in 2014 as well. The test was to see how certain lubricants and oils affected the motility of the swimmers. Lubricants that were tested were Pre-Seed, KY Products , and Astroglide. Oils that were testing were mustard oils, canola and sesame, and baby oil. The motility of the swimmers was evaluated before and at the five, thirty, and sixty minutes of incubation. Total swimmer motility declined with sesame oil, all the KY products, and Astroglide. Pre-seed only had a significant drop in motility after thirty minutes. Surprisingly, canola oil decreased total motility after thirty minutes as well but lost progressive motility after five minutes. Even after those declines were experienced, the swimmers maintained motility with Pre-Seed, canola oil, and baby oil. Mustard oil caused ‘hyperactivation’ of the swimmers in every sample, and the article mentioned that mustard oil should be studied more due to its possible swimmer hyperactivation properties. In the study, the swimmer friendly winners were Pre-seed, canola oil, baby oil, and mustard oil.

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    How To Fill The Preseed Vaginal Applicators

    • Before you start, take the time to read the instructions at your leisure and familiarise yourself with the applicators and the tube.
    • Make sure the applicator plunger is fully in before you start
    • Take the lid off the tube of Pre-Seed
    • Twist the vaginal applicator onto the threads of the Pre-Seed tube and then squeeze the lubricant into the applicator
    • It is best to squeeze from the bottom so that you don’t waste any of the lubricant
    • How much you choose to use is up to you. The first time we suggest that you fill it up to the 3g fill line and then you will know if this is right or too much, or too little.
    • Unscrew the tube from the applicator. Hold the applicator upright while doing this to avoid the lubricant leaking out.
    • Put the cap back on the tube
    • Now gently insert the vaginal applicator into the vagina until it is about halfway in
    • Then slowly push the plunger to release the lubricant. Do not rush this.
    • Throw the applicator away after use. It is very important not to re-use the vaginal applicators as this could cause infection.

    Where Can I Buy Pre


    Preseed lubricant is currently available online in the UK from fertility sites such as this one, medical supply stores such as Valuemed and from It is also available to buy from Amazon and eBay.

    It may also be available to buy in some larger boots stores and pharmacies in the UK. Preseed is now owned by First Response and so is widely available in the UK and Europe. In the USA it is available to buy over the counter in many stores. You can buy Pre-Seed lubricant online in the UK from lots of stores including Access Diagnostics.

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    Frequently Asked Questions About Using Pre

    Here are some commonly asked questions and answers about Pre-seed lubricant: including:

    • Where to buy Pre-Seed
    • Is Pre-Seed safe to use when trying to conceive?
    • How Pre-Seed lubricant works
    • How does Pre-Seed lubricant aid conception and help you get pregnant
    • Pre-Seed ingredients
    • How much Pre-seed lube to use
    • When to use Preseed
    • How to use Pre-Seed lubricant effectively
    • Pre-Seed packaging changes and First Response -pink or blue packaging?
    • Do you have a Pre-seed coupon

    Can Pre Seed Help With Low Sperm Motility

    The most clinically relevant results obtained from the study were those regarding motility as motile spermatozoa are able to fertilise oocytes whereas immotile but viable spermatozoa are not. Spermatozoa treated with Pre-seed® showed significantly higher progressive motility than all other lubricants at over 85 %.

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    Study Warns Some Lubricants Could Block Conception

    By Ronnie Cohen, Reuters Health

    5 Min Read

    NEW YORK – Couples trying to conceive may want to avoid using certain common sexual lubricants, which a new study says can harm sperm and reduce the chances of pregnancy.

    Lubricants available on the shelf at Target, Walmart are not lubricants any couple should use if they are trying to have a baby, said Kazim R. Chohan, senior author of the study and director of the Andrology Laboratory at the State University of New York Upstate Medical Center in Syracuse.

    Couples can try them for their sexual pleasure, Chohan told Reuters Health. But if they are trying to have a baby, then they are not going to work for them.

    Two of five commercial products Chohan investigated in the study are no longer available in stores. Johnson & Johnson recalled K-Y Tingling Jelly and K-Y Sensitive Jelly from retail outlets last year after finding the lubricants required additional data for U.S. Food and Drug Administration approval, according to a company statement.

    The health products giant nonetheless advised consumers that they could continue to use already purchased tubes of the sexually suggestive gels.

    Couples use gels to combat vaginal dryness during intercourse. Men also use lubricants while masturbating for semen collection at fertility clinics, and healthcare workers use the lubricants to ease the insertion of medical devices, including those used during fertility treatments.

    Why Your Lube Matters When You’re Trying To Get Pregnant

    CBD and Pregnancy: Can You Use CBD While Pregnant?

    If you use a lubricant for comfort or enhanced pleasure during sex, you might be surprised to learn that many lubes are harmful to sperm. If you dont want to get pregnant, this may be welcomed, but when youre trying to conceive you dont want to do anything that hurts your chances.

    Numerous studies have shown that everyday lubricants, whether water- or silicone-based, and natural oils or other homemade lubes can be harmful to sperm. How can these lubes or oils harm sperm? They affect how well sperm can swim through them and can be toxic to sperm by being too salty or acidic, for example.

    In order for you to get pregnant, sperm must be able to move easily along the vaginal canal, through the cervix, and into the uterus or fallopian tubes . The sperm also need to be able to survive the journey .

    Traditional lubricants can harm both vitality and motility of sperm, according to several scientific studies. That means typical lubes can make it harder for sperm to swim, slowing them down. Many sperm never even make it to the cervix and those that do are often weakened by the environment the lube can create.

    Although not all sperm will die with everyday lubricants, losing just one can make it feel like you are hurting your chances of conception. Studies show that some lubricants reduce the number of sperm that make it through by half. When youre trying to conceive, you want to up your chances, not lower them.

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