Does Travel Insurance Cover Pregnancy Complications

How Do Travelers Cover Trip Cancellations Due To Pregnancy

What Does Travel Insurance Cover During Pregnancy | Allianz Travel Insurance

If you are planning on or think you might be pregnant, find out before you purchase your travel insurance. If you have to make a claim and the travel insurance provider finds out you were pregnant before your plan was in effect, that claim will be denied on the basis of a pre-existing condition.


Damian Tysdal is the founder of CoverTrip, and he believes travel insurance should be easier to understand. He started the first travel insurance blog in 2006.

Damian Tysdal is the founder of CoverTrip, and he believes travel insurance should be easier to understand. He started the first travel insurance blog in 2006.

Compare Travel Insurance For Pregnancy

Brands generally provide cover based on how far along you are in your pregnancy and if it is a single or multiple pregnancy. See the table below to compare the options available to you.

What is pregnancy travel insurance?

Pregnancy travel insurance is a policy that will cover you for pregnancy-related expenses while you travel. It’s most handy for unexpected medical expenses and cancellation. While it’s not usually a specific type of policy, you can get covered by choosing the right travel insurance for your trip.

Do You Have To Tell Airline You Are Pregnant

The vast majority of airlines require a medical certificate from a primary attending doctor or midwife, certifying that the passenger is healthy and fit for travel during the final months of pregnancy, though even that varies with U.S. airlines typically offering more flexibility than international carriers.

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Can You Get Or Switch Health Insurance Coverage While Pregnant

You can enroll in health insurance coverage during the annual open enrollment period, which runs from November 1st through December 15th in most states. Some states have extended open enrollment to learn more about the open enrollment period in your state, check out our OEP by state breakdown.

You cannot enroll or change health insurance plans outside of the open enrollment period unless you experience a qualifying life event. A qualifying life event will trigger a special enrollment period, which typically lasts around 60-days. During these 60 days, you may enroll or switch health insurance coverage.

While giving birth is a qualifying life event, becoming pregnant is not a qualifying life event. This means that after you give birth, you will qualify for a special enrollment period. During this 60 day period, you can enroll in a major medical health insurance plan, switch health insurance plans, or keep your current plan and add your child to your coverage.

Everything You Need To Know About Holiday Insurance When Pregnant

Pregnancy Insurance

If you and bump are planning a trip abroad, add pregnancy holiday insurance to the top of your checklist.

If youre pregnant and planning a trip abroad, pregnancy travel insurance will no doubt be at the top of your checklist. But before youve even booked your holiday, many women will be concerned about whether they can fly, so lets start there.

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What Does Travel Health Insurance Cover

Most travel insurance plans cover the cost* of the following medical procedures:

  • Consultation or visit with a doctor
  • Hospitalization
  • The cost of prescription drugs and medicine
  • Surgical procedures
  • Emergency services, such as the ambulance and ER
  • The cost of lab tests and X-rays
  • Physical therapy

Some health insurance plans also cover the following, but not all:

*The amount or percentage of the cost that they will cover depends on the specific insurance plan that you choose.

What Happens If I Become Pregnant After Ive Booked A Holiday

Its always a good to buy travel insurance as soon as youve booked your holiday because youll be covered from the get-go. If you discover that youre pregnant after booking your holiday and you want tocancelyour trip, you may still have to pay cancellation costs. But if you need to cancel because your doctor has advised against travelling, your insurance provider might pay anyclaimyou make. This varies between providers, so speak to your policy provider just to make sure.

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What Has Changed About Maternity Coverage

While all individual, family, and group plans must cover pregnancy, that wasnt always the case. Before the ACA, maternity coverage wasnt a guaranteed benefit. Before 2014 only around 12% of individual plans on the market listed pregnancy as a covered benefit, according to the National Womens Law Center. Only nine states required maternity coverage before 2014.

Maternity coverage was previously only offered by a limited number of plans or had to be added on as a special rider in addition to a plan. These riders also usually had a waiting period.

Additionally, before the ACA, pregnancy was considered a pre-existing condition, which meant insurers could decline or raise coverage prices for expecting mothers. This meant that pre-2014 coverage could be denied or made more expensive to pregnant women by health insurance providers.

Maternity services covered by health plans

Is It Easy To Get A Travel Insurance Quote If Im Pregnant

What are the best travel medical insurance options while pregnant?

Getting a travel insurance quote that covers your pregnancy shouldnt be any more difficult than getting standard travel insurance. Just let insurance providers know your travel dates, holiday destination and any optional extras youd like added to your policy.

You dont necessarily need to declare your pregnancy as its not considered a pre-existing medical condition. But you should let insurance providers know to ensure you get the right level of cover for any pregnancy-related problems. You must tell your provider if youve had pregnancy complications.

When you with us, well send you a list of insurance providers, so you can compare policies and choose one that ticks all the right boxes and enjoy a holiday with the peace of mind that you and your bump are covered.

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What Do I Do If I Find Out Im Pregnant After Buying Cover

If you have already bought your Cover-More travel insurance policy and then find out afterwards that youre pregnant, congratulations!

Heres what you need to know about your cover:

  • If you purchased a Single Trip policy, theres no need to apply for extra cover as your pregnancy was not an existing medical condition at the time of purchase.
  • If you purchased an Annual Multi-Trip policy, you wont need to apply for extra cover for any trips already booked prior to finding out youre pregnant. However, if you meet any of the criteria listed in the PDS for when extra cover is required , you will need to complete a medical health assessment to ensure youre covered for any upcoming trips youre yet to book.
  • If your policy includes cancellation cover and you need to cancel your trip because of a complication of pregnancy, youll need supporting documentation from your doctor indicating youre not fit to travel to claim for cancellation.

Still got questions? Call our team on 1300 72 88 22 to discuss any policy changes that may be required.

Does Travel Insurance Cover Cancellation Due To Pregnancy

In general, normal pregnancy is excluded from all travel insurance coverage with exclusion language like this: normal pregnancy or resulting childbirth, other than complications of pregnancy. So, if normal pregnancy is specifically excluded from coverage how does travel insurance cover cancellation due to pregnancy?

Most travel insurance plans specifically exclude pregnancy as a covered reason to cancel. After all, many women travel during their pregnancies and experience no problems. Trip cancellation and trip interruption due to complications of normal pregnancy are covered however .

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Whats A Complication Of Normal Pregnancy

Every travel insurance plan defines this differently, but essentially a complication of pregnancy is any condition of which the diagnosis is distinct from pregnancy but is adversely affected or caused by the pregnancy.

This means that while the pregnancy itself isnt covered, you will have coverage for medical expenses, trip cancellations, and travel interruptions that are due to complications as long as the plan you choose allows complications of pregnancy as covered events.

Depending on the plan, here are a few examples where travel insurance benefits will be paid:

  • The day before your trip starts, youre hospitalized for severe dehydration due to vomiting caused by morning sickness.
  • While cruising the Bahamas on your babymoon, you experience severe dizziness, fall and break your wrist.

These situations were caused by complications due to the pregnancy and are not related to the pregnancy itself.

What Else Do I Need To Think About Before Travelling While Pregnant

Secondary Insurance For Pregnancy : Health Insurance Companies in India ...

Be sure to bear these in mind when travelling during pregnancy:

Medical advice make sure you get the all-clear from your doctor or midwife before you go. If you travel against medical advice, your insurance policy will be invalid and you wont be able to claim if something goes wrong.

Vaccinations depending on your destination, your doctor can help you navigate and anti-malaria medication. Pregnant women are usually advised against taking vaccines that use live bacteria or viruses so, if youre travelling somewhere that recommends vaccination, speak to your doctor or midwife. Some anti-malaria tablets also aren’t safe to take in pregnancy so, again, ask your GP for advice.

Airlines most airlines wont allow pregnant travellers to fly after 37 weeks, or 32 weeks if you are expecting twins, check your airlines policy before booking your flight. The NHS also offers valuable advice on travelling safely while pregnant.

Food and drink food and water-borne conditions, such as stomach upsets and diarrhoea, can be particularly dangerous during pregnancy. The NHS offers helpful advice on what foods and drink to avoid while pregnant both at home and abroad.

Check if your destination is affected by Zika virus the UK Government and NHS advise against travelling to countries with a risk of Zika virus, which is more dangerous to pregnant women and their babies. You can check information about your intended destination country on the Travel Health Pro website.

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Travel Insurance From Allianz Global Assistance Can Cover Losses Resulting From Unforeseen Pregnancy Complications Such As Pre

Does travel insurance cover pregnancy complications. If you booked your trip before you became pregnant travel insurance with trip cancellation benefits may cover the cancellation costs provided the departure or return date falls within eight weeks before the expected delivery date or a physician recommends against travel. Do I need to declare to the in. Complications that arise are unexpected.

These complications are generally not defined by travel insurance. Hydatidiform mole molar pregnancy Post-partum haemorrhage. Travel insurance differs too with how it deals with pregnancy cover.

Most travel insurance plans specifically exclude pregnancy as a covered reason to cancel. Yes travel insurance may cover claims that arise from complications that include. Pregnancy is usually covered if it falls under the below criteria.

The most that travel insurance companies will cover is any complications that may come from pregnancy but that are not usual or expected in a normal pregnancy. As long as you do not suffer from any pregnancy complications or pre-existing medical conditions. Does travel insurance cover pregnancy complications.

Have your say get notified on what matters to you and see fewer ads. No you dont need to apply for specific travel insurance that covers pregnancy. Do I need to purchase a specific policy that covers pregnancy or is it just a standard policy.

What are complications of pregnancy.

Pin On Sophie S Pregnancy Tips

Travel Insurance Coverage And Pregnancy

Planning Ahead With Emergency Medical Evacuation Insurance

In addition to buying travel medical insurance, Godlin recommends researching your destination, including nearby medical facilities.

Youll also want to plan for every situation that you can, says Godlin. Ask yourself, if you were to go into early labor or have pregnancy-related complications during your trip, wheres the closest medical facility?

Part of planning for any potential scenario may mean buying emergency medical evacuation insurance. It can reimburse you if youre injured or become ill on your trip and need medical care beyond whats available locally. Emergency medical evacuation benefits help pay medevac costs to transport you to the nearest adequate treatment facilityor even back home if necessary. The most generous travel insurance plans provide $1 million in emergency medical evacuation coverage, per person.

Research hospitals, pharmacies and doctors and take advantage of any services provided by your travel protection plan because many provide assistance with services available at your destination, Godlin says.

She also recommends meeting with your doctor before your departure to be sure youre cleared to travel.

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What Does Pregnancy Travel Insurance Cover

Look carefully at any youre considering to see what pregnancy cover is offered. This can vary widely between providers and the levels of cover might differ from the same provider.

Look, for example, at the maximum you can claim if you have to cancel or cut short your trip, or if you need to be repatriated to the UK because of issues with your pregnancy. Work out how many weeks pregnant youll be when youre travelling and compare policies to see if youll still be covered for medical expenses if you go into labour unexpectedly early, as this can vary too.

While youre at it, check the medical cover carefully to see what it provides and how well suited it is for pregnant women. A good insurance policy for pregnant travellers could also cover eventualities like:

  • Cancellation or cutting your trip short due to pregnancy-related complications
  • Emergency caesarean section
  • Additional expenses if you give birth abroad and need to delay your return.

Not all insurance providers cover all these though, so check each policy carefully before you buy.

Dont forget, your travel insurance should also cover:

  • Flight delaysor cover, if you have to pay additional costs for accommodation, for example, because of a missed flight
  • when you compare with us, you can use the more details of each result to see what COVID-19 cover is offered.

What If You Have A Pregnancy Related Complication

Pregnancy travel insurance | Advice from Dr Will Milford

Cover is provided for claims relating to complications arising from pregnancy and childbirth, which are listed in our policy booklet. You will not need to declare the complication when completing the screening process. You will be covered provided you comply with all other requirements of pregnancy as detailed in the policy booklet.

If your complication is not listed, please contact us on Live Chat for further help.

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Lets Start With Why You Need Travel Medical Insurance

If you are covered by your provincial health plan and you are travelling in your home province then you are covered under that plan. Simply present your health card to receive medical benefits.

If you are travelling out of your home province but inside Canada, you may want to buy travel insurance. The Canada Health Act requires your home province to extend emergency hospital or doctor coverage to you. However, the services covered and the amount you will be reimbursed varies depending on your home provinces health plan and its agreement with the province where you are travelling. In other words, you could end up with a large medical bill. You can find out exactly what your provincial health plan will cover when you are out of the province on your provinces official healthcare services website. Multi-trip travel insurance plan is what you need to have in place to cover excess healthcare costs while travelling inside Canada.

If you are travelling out of the country, its a whole different story. The Canada Health Act does not entitle you to coverage for health services outside of Canada. At best, your health plan will cover a small portion of your bill, so you should definitely buy travel health insurance to ensure adequate coverage.

Zika Virus And Pregnancy

The Zika virus shouldnt be a concern for anyone who isnt pregnant as it will often occur as a mild infection and isnt harmful. If you are pregnant, there is evidence that it causes microcephaly and other birth defects. The NHS recommends that if youre pregnant, you should avoid any countries with a moderate to high risk of virus transmission. Please visit the GOV.UK website for the most up-to-date list of countries by level of Zika risk.

If you want to work out which policy is right for you and calculate how much itll cost, you can get a quote here. Contact us for any other questions you may have regarding your pregnancy and travel insurance.

* Discount applies to the base price only and does not apply to any premium generated to cover medical conditions or optional extras. This discount cannot be used in conjunction with any other offer. Ends 23:59 on 31st January 2023. Find out more on Terms and Conditions.

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Do I Need Travel Insurance With Pregnancy Cover

According to, yes. This is because there are health risks associated with travelling while pregnant and seeking medical care for unexpected pregnancy complications while overseas can be expensive.

The Australia Government recommends expectant mothers speak to their provider to understand what travel insurance cover for pregnancy is available and what it does and doesnt cover.

Many travel insurance providers dont automatically cover pregnancy, so its important to carefully consider which travel insurance plan is the best travel insurance for your pregnancy and if you need to apply for additional cover while youre pregnant for cover to apply.

Does Travel Insurance Cover Pregnancy Complications

Visitor Insurance For Pre Existing Conditions

If youre pregnant, you can buy travel insurance for pregnancy in the same way as if you werent expecting. That means your policy will not cost extra simply because youre pregnant. Travel insurance covers you for complications associated with pregnancy and childbirth, not for routine treatments or a normal birth.

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