What Is 20 Weeks Pregnant

What Is Happening With Your Baby

29 Weeks Pregnant Ultrasound!

Your baby is covered in a white substance called vernix caseosa. This substance helps protect your babys skin from becoming irritated while submerged in amniotic fluid. It also aids the babys passage through the birth canal during labor. Your baby is beginning to produce meconium, a dark green or black, sticky substance that will constitute your babys first messy diaper. A few babies pass meconium while in the uterus or during labor. Meconium consists of cell loss, the amniotic fluid that has been swallowed, and digestive secretions.

Pregnancy Week 20 Tips

Now is a good time to start a birthing plan if you havent done so yet. Include details about your preferences for the birth of the baby, and what procedures youd like followed in case of emergencies.

Feel free to share your birthing plan with your obstetrician so that he or she can provide input. This will allow you to feel more in control if there are unexpected complications, or if the birth isnt routine.

You may want to start a baby book or a journal that includes your feelings, photos, the babys movements, etc. This can help you reflect later down the road, and realize how far youve come.

Continue exercising regularly and eating a well-balanced diet to ensure that you and your baby stay healthy. Next is 21 weeks pregnant.

What Changes Are Occurring With Your Body

The top of your uterus is now at the same level as your belly button. You may have gained around 8 to 10 pounds by this point. Expect to gain ½ a pound to one pound per week during the rest of your pregnancy. The amount of weight may be more or less depending on your pre-pregnancy weight. Your doctor or midwife should let you know if you are gaining weight at a healthy rate and if you need to make any adjustments in your eating and activity level.

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It Might Take Some Work

It can take time for a technician to get all the measurements they need.

And if baby doesnt feel like showing off their left foot or giving you and your tech a full frontal, well, you might have to go through some veritable gymnastics to get that little one in the right position.

Furthermore, if you happen to be expecting multiples, youll have to repeat the process until both of your adamant littles do their respective parts.

Nevertheless, get pumped you are about to get up close and personal with your baby !

If it so happens that your little one is not helping the process move efficiently, the technician might ask you to shift around, take a quick walk, change positions, or drink something to motivate baby.

The tech may gently poke or prod at your belly or side with the wand to try to nudge your babe into place.

What Can I Expect From The 20th

20 Weeks Pregnant with Twins: Tips, Advice &  How to Prep

The 20th-week ultrasound scan is known as an anatomy scan/ anomaly scan, or a mid-pregnancy. This scan will get you the first picture of your baby looking somewhat baby-like! This scan essentially aims at scanning the babys body in order to ensure that the baby is growing healthy and as expected. Besides, your uterus and placenta could also be examined to ensure your amniotic fluid is in order.

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The Size Of The Fetus At 20 Weeks Pregnant

At 20 weeks, your fetus is about the size of a bell pepper. By this stage your baby may weigh about 9 to 11 ounces pound and is over 6 inches long, crown to rump â you could cup your little guy in the palms of your hands.

Check out the visual below for an illustration of what your little one might look like this week.

Does The Baby Start Kicking In The 20th Week Of Pregnancy

While your baby might not start kicking as yet, you could expect movement, typically termed as fluttering by the 20th week. This fluttering, in some cases, will soon transform into definitive kicks and somersaults. It should also be noted that if you are not feeling any movement by the 20th week, It does not definitely mean something is wrong, but do ensure to speak to your doctor about it.

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Is It Okay To Exercise In The 20th Week Of Pregnancy

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Your 20 Weeks Pregnant Belly

VLOG ANATOMY SCAN || Weeks 19 – 21 Updates || Pregnancy Updates

Now that youre at the midpoint of pregnancy, your 20 weeks pregnant belly is probably really taking shape as an adorable baby bump by now.

Your appetite is likely pretty hearty, and chances are youve popped enough that people know youre pregnant and you can wear those cute maternity clothes to accentuate your bump. Plus, around now is when you may be starting to feel baby kicking, so its all becoming more real!

But theres still a wide range of normal when it comes to baby bump size, even at 20 weeks. So dont be concerned if your bump is bigger or smaller than the bump next door. Just remember that other factors, like your size and shape, whether this is your debut pregnancy or youve already got one or more under your belt, and even genetics can dictate what your 20 weeks pregnant belly looks like and how youre carrying.

As always, check in with your doctor if youre really worried, but try not to over-scrutinize. All bumps are beautiful and normal, no matter how big or small.

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Mom’s Body At 20 Weeks Pregnant

At this point in your pregnancy, or sometime soon, youâre likely to feel your baby’s movements, which is sometimes called quickening.Both the timing and the actual sensation vary from woman to woman â this is another way in which each and every pregnancy is unique â but you may sense tiny flutters or rumblings in your tummy! In the next few weeks, you might also detect some rhythmic jerking â baby hiccups!

If you have a checkup at 20 weeks, your healthcare provider may measure the distance from your pubic bone to the top of the uterus, which is called the fundus.

This fundal height measurement gives your provider information about your babyâs growth. At around 20 weeks of pregnancy, the top of the uterus reaches the navel, and your fundal height would be about 7 to 8.5 inches .

Here’s a fun fact about the fundal height measurement: Your fundal height in centimeters is roughly equal to the number of weeks you are pregnant!

If youâre 20 weeks pregnant with twins, you might notice your belly growing more quickly than it would with a single baby.

How Big Is Your Baby At 20 Weeks Pregnant

The size of your 20-week baby is comparable to a large banana or a grapefruit. The 20-week baby weighs 10.6 oz . This week, he/she is about 6.3 in from the top of the head to the coccyx and about 9.8 in from head to toe. Your baby will gain approximately 1 centimeter in length each week during this month.

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Pregnancy Symptoms During Week 20

Itchy skin

You may feel especially itchy around your belly and breasts as your skin stretches to accommodate your growing baby. Many expecting moms experience itchy skin at some point. Use cold packs and slather on moisturizer for relief. Get more tips on easing the itch, and find out when itchy skin could signal a problem.

Restless sleep

Do you shift around all night trying to find a comfortable sleeping position? These suggestions may help: Lie on your side, with your knees bent and a pillow between your legs. For extra comfort and support, arrange other pillows under your belly and behind your back. You can also try using a pregnancy pillow.

Hair and nail changes

Finally, some enjoyable pregnancy symptoms! You may be noticing you have longer nails and thicker hair at this point. Hair often gets thicker during pregnancy not because you’re growing more, but because estrogen makes the growth phase longer. Basically, you’re losing less hair. All the hair you didn’t lose during pregnancy will start shedding about three to five months after delivery. It’s normal, but postpartum hair loss can come as a surprise. Also, your nails are growing faster than usual now and possibly looking different. Some expecting moms have harder nails, while others find their nails are softer or more brittle.

Lower back pain


Don’t see your symptom?

Wondering about a symptom you have? Find it on our pregnancy symptoms page.

Weeks Pregnant: Baby Update

Your pregnancy: 20 weeks

Are you singing and talking to your baby? Around this time, her inner ear becomes fully developed, and she may begin responding to sound. Research has shown that babies in utero, can hear musicand when that very same music is played after birth they often quiet and seem to pay attention…a sign they actually remember it.

Your baby is practicing sucking. That may sound trivial, but its a skill shell need to sustain her life in just a few more months! Meanwhile, youre sharing your immunities with her. Your cells actually cross the placenta into fetal tissue, to help build up her immune system. Breastfeeding is a great way to continue protecting your little one after birth your milk contains antibodies and all sorts of nutrients.

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Twin Development At Week 20

Your babies have typically grown to 6 inches long and about 9 ounces each. They can hear you by now!

Plan for your anatomy scan to take a lot longer than if there was just one baby. Thats because each baby will need to be measured and have their organs checked. Just like pregnancies with one child, this ultrasound will check in on your babies health. Typically, you can also learn the sex of your babies if you want.

Week 18 To 19 Of Pregnancy

At 18 weeks, the ears are fully formed. They move regularly. They may respond to loud noises from the outside world, such as music. You may not feel these movements yet, especially if this is your first pregnancy. If you do, the movement may feel like a soft fluttering or rolling sensation.

They are putting on weight, but still don’t have much fat. They look wrinkled. They will continue to put on weight for the rest of the pregnancy and will ‘fill out’ before birth.

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Pregnancy Checklist At 20 Weeks

Look for a pediatrician

You’re going to see your baby’s doctor a lot in the first few years. Get some tips on choosing a doctor for your baby, and make sure to pick someone you genuinely connect with. You can ask your ob-gyn or midwife, friends, and relatives for recommendations then check to see who’s covered by your insurance and conveniently located. See if you can meet your top candidates in person there could be a charge, but insurance may cover it.

Treat yourself

You’re at the halfway point in your pregnancy, so celebrate! How about a facial, prenatal massage, or pregnancy photoshoot to mark the occasion? If you don’t feel like spending money, do something nice for yourself like getting books from the library, going on a beautiful walk, or taking a bubble bath.

Experiment in bed

At 20 weeks pregnant, some expecting moms find they have a higher sex drive and better orgasms because of increased blood flow and lubrication. For most women, sex during pregnancy is completely safe and beneficial it helps you stay active, releases hormones that make you happy and relaxed, and facilitates a close bond with your partner. If your belly is starting to get in the way, experiment with pregnancy sex positions that will accommodate your bump.

Do a “brain dump”

Weeks Pregnant: What To Expect

20 Pregnancy Week Update(Subscribe for more updates) #pregnancycravings #pregnancyupdate #shorts

Time to celebrate: You’re halfway there!

Lots of things keep pregnant moms up at night, from pregnancy stress to delivery worries to odd sensations in your body. Insomnia and disrupted sleep strike nearly every pregnant woman. And, now a new nuisance can occur: leg crampspainful muscle contractions that seem to strike just as youre drifting off to sleep.

These cramps are a bit mysterious. Nevertheless, there are ways to deal:

  • Before bed, stretch out your calves
  • Sit in a very warm bath with Epsom salts.
  • Soothe. Stay hydrated and ask your doctor about taking extra magnesium .

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You At 20 Weeks Pregnant

This is the halfway point of the average pregnancy.

Your uterus is taking up a lot more room, and some of your other organs for example, your heart and lungs now have less space. You might feel a bit breathless at times, especially when youre lying flat on your back. When youre lying down at night, you might need to put a pillow on one or both sides, or even between your legs. Many women find this helps ease the feeling of aching hips.

Ultrasound scan at 18-20 weeksYou might have an ultrasound scan this week to check that your baby is growing healthily and to check the position of your placenta. This detailed ultrasound is one of the routine tests in pregnancy.

Vaccination against whooping cough and COVID-19 Whooping cough is a very contagious and dangerous illness for babies. To help protect your baby against whooping cough, its recommended that you have a whooping cough vaccination between 20 and 32 weeks of pregnancy. In Australia, this vaccination is free for all pregnant women in their third trimester. Your GP or midwife can organise it for you.

Its also recommended that you get a COVID-19 vaccination if youre pregnant. If you have any concerns, talk with your doctor, midwife or immunisation provider.

Things To Do This Week For A Healthy Pregnancy

Its important to continue taking your prenatal vitamins and to attend your anatomy scan and all prenatal visits this week. Maintaining a balanced diet and exercising are also important for helping you feel your best.

Now that youre halfway through your pregnancy, its also time to start thinking about what youll need when your baby arrives. Feeling prepared with the items you need and a birth and postpartum plan can help you relax mentally.

This week is a great time to start signing up for childbirth and baby care classes. Your hospital may conduct tours of the labor and delivery floor as well. Ask your doctor or healthcare professional about any offerings in your area.

You can also find private classes by doing a quick internet search. Search topics might include natural childbirth, labor techniques, nursing, baby safety, CPR, big brother or big sister training, and more.

If you experience any of the following symptoms, notify your doctor or healthcare professional immediately:

  • unusual swelling, vision problems, and persistent headaches
  • heavy bleeding or bleeding with severe cramps in the lower abdominal area
  • signs of going into labor like regular contractions, water breaking, etc.

If you experience anything that warrants an extra visit to your doctor or healthcare professional, theyll examine you, monitor any contractions, and offer treatments, such as bed rest, for example, if necessary.

Youll want to avoid:

  • spending long periods of time lying on your back

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There Will Be Pictures But They Might Not Be What You Expect

Speaking of seeing that tiny squirmy worm on screen, youll be utterly amazed at seeing your little one on screen, but what you see might vary.

The quality of these pics is very different depending on whether theyre 2D, 3D, or 4D. 3D and 4D ultrasounds offer more detailed images, but they require special equipment and may not be available in all locations.

At your appointment, the tech might be able to switch back and forth between these different versions, depending on what they need to see.

The experience may also vary based on technology available at your doctors office and what your specific medical insurance covers.

Some people leave with a perfect 4D image of their babys face, but some have to settle for a fuzzy outline of their profile.

While it can be tempting to try for the perfect picture by heading out for a keepsake ultrasound another day, keep in mind that the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists discourages parents-to-be from getting non-medical ultrasounds.

What Can I Expect At My 20

20 weeks! This bump is just getting bigger, faster ð¬ annnd they still ...

First, you will lie down on the exam table. Next, an ultrasonic gel is placed on your belly. Then, an ultrasound technician will move an ultrasound wand over different spots in your abdomen. They will take images and measurements of specific organs and parts by freezing the screen. You may also see them draw lines to measure the length of the fetus’s limbs or the circumference of its head. This helps them evaluate the fetus’s size for its gestational age. You will get to watch the fetus on a screen, one of the most exciting parts of pregnancy.

If the fetus is positioned in a way that makes it hard to take measurements, the technician might ask you to move around a little or take a drink of something sweet to make the fetus move.

Generally, your ultrasound technician will be quiet as they work. Dont be alarmed if the conversation is minimal or if they aren’t sharing results as they go. Your obstetrician will go over the results with you either immediately after the ultrasound or at a follow-up appointment in the next few days.

After all the images are taken and your ultrasound technician is happy with all the angles and measurements, you will be able to wipe the gel off your belly.

Make sure there is room on your refrigerator: Most ultrasound technicians will send you home with a few pictures as a keepsake.

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