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Is Green Tea Safe During Pregnancy?

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Is Chamomile Tea Safe To Drink During Pregnancy

There are two main types of tea: herbal and non-herbal. Non-herbal teas are made from the leaves of tea plants. They contain caffeine. Even the decaffeinated forms contain some caffeine.

Its generally recommended that pregnant and breastfeeding women stay away from, or at least limit, the amount of caffeine that they consume each day. This is because a developing baby cant process caffeine in their system as well as an adult.

This recommendation includes any kind of caffeine, and not only the caffeine in tea. Theres caffeine in foods and drinks including chocolate, coffee, and soda. If you consume more than one source of caffeine per day during your pregnancy, youre increasing the amount of caffeine in your system.

Therefore, its important to be aware of all sources of caffeine.

The following categories include teas that are non-herbal and contain high amounts of caffeine:

How To Choose A Safe Tea To Drink

Herbal teas are naturally caffeine-free. This makes them beneficial and safe for pregnant women when compared to their non-herbal counterparts. However, not all herbs are safe for consumption during pregnancy. You need to check the ingredients list and consult your healthcare practitioner for a list of teas deemed safe for you to drink. Read the labels carefully before choosing your chai.

Moderation is key when it comes to the consumption of anything during pregnancy. This applies to your cup of tea as well. You can start with a small amount and see how your body reacts to it before adding more quantities of that tea to your daily diet.

Do not consume anything if you are unsure of the ingredients and their benefits. Avoid unfamiliar ingredients as you cant be sure how they will affect your body or the baby.

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Stinging Nettle Pregnancy Tea

Often times referred to as nettle, this weed of an herb is filled with so many benefits, it is unbelievable. Nettle tea during pregnancy is a nutrition-packed option, as it is high in magnesium, calcium and iron, which are all excellent and essential minerals to ingest during pregnancy. It also helps with numerous stomach issues such as IBS, constipation and bloating. Stinging nettle has been found to be great for other ailments too like arthritis, asthma, allergies, anemia and even prostate health in men.

If youre looking to try nettle tea, look for one that contains the leaf and not the root, and consult your caregiver before purchasing nettle tea as it is known for its stimulating effects during pregnancy, and for that reason, many professionals recommend it alongside red raspberry leaf tea. You will also find nettle in most mothers tea for pregnancy and breastfeeding, as it aids in the production of breast milk.

Herbal Tea During Pregnancy

Traditional Medicinals Organic Pregnancy Tea 1

Herbal tea is known to have a range of health benefits from reducing inflammation to improving heart health. Its not only delicious, but medicinal too. Which is why, not all teas are safe during pregnancy.

You see, herbal tea may help ease uncomfortable pregnancy symptoms, such as morning sickness and acid reflux. But, consuming too much herbal tea during pregnancy may have adverse impacts on your babys growth and development.

There is a wide range of herbal tea choices. Lets have a closer look at which are safe, and which are not.

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Drinking Chamomile Tea During Pregnancy

Chamomile tea might not be safe to drink while pregnant because it could cause contractions that might lead to miscarriage or preterm birth.”If you’re not pregnant, chamomile tea contains healthy antioxidants that may be health-promoting,” says Mitri. “However, drinking chamomile tea may pose a higher risk of pregnancy complications, especially when consumed regularly.”

It is probable that a limited amount of chamomile tea could be fine during pregnancy, but there is no known threshold currently. “As the doses and duration of use of chamomile are not standardized, the exact dose of chamomile needed to induce labor is not well-known,” explains Kelly Johnson-Arbor, MD, a medical toxicologist and the co-director of the National Capital Poison Center.

We don’t yet know enough about chamomile tea to consider it safe to drink during pregnancy. Until more studies are conducted, it is best to abstain from drinking chamomile tea till after your little one has arrived.

Every pregnancy is different. Be sure to consult with a healthcare provider about your circumstances if you have any questions about drinking chamomile tea while pregnant.

Can You Drink Tea When Pregnant

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Find out if its safe to drink tea during pregnancy, plus precautions to take to keep you and your baby healthy.

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Amount Of Caffeine Tea Contains

The caffeine content in a cup of tea depends on factors such as origin, processing, brewing time, and brewing temperature. Generally, one cup of tea including milk tea, white tea, black tea, oolong or green tea contains about 40 to 50mg of caffeine whereas herbal teas contain negligible amounts of caffeine. Therefore, herbal teas are considered to be a safer option during pregnancy.

Drinking Herbal Tea Safely During Pregnancy And Breastfeeding

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The best advice is to only drink 1 or 2 cups of herbal tea a day. Different teas contain different ingredients, so mixing up the flavours and drinking different types of tea on different days will limit the substances that your baby is exposed to. Don’t drink the same herbal tea continually throughout your pregnancy.

If you’re breastfeeding, keep an eye on your baby for any unusual side effects. If you notice anything that worries you, talk to your doctor or maternal child health nurse.

It’s always a good idea to check before you take any herbs while you’re breastfeeding, especially if you are also taking prescription medicine.

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Is It Safe To Drink Herbal Tea During Pregnancy

Some herbal teas are safe for pregnancy, and some aren’t. Herbal supplements which include teas aren’t regulated by the Food and Drug Administration . Only a few of the herbs used in teas have been studied in pregnant women.

Teas made from herbs like peppermint and ginger are considered safe to drink in moderation while you’re pregnant or nursing. Just keep in mind that these herbs are more concentrated in teas than in food, so drinking them in excess may be harmful even if eating them isn’t. That’s why it’s best to check with your provider before drinking any kind of herbal tea during your pregnancy.

How Do You Heal A Torn Or Swollen Perineum After Labour

Besides drinking red raspberry leaf tea, other ways to help repair a torn or swollen perineum are to:

  • Apply an ice pack for 10 minutes at a time
  • Rinse the area with warm water following a visit to the toilet
  • Air the region by not wearing underwear for short periods
  • Wipe carefully after pooping

Postpartum bleeding is a regular occurrence while your uterus recovers after delivery. Bleeding is always heaviest immediately following birth. Red raspberry leaf tea may also slow the excessive bleeding experienced once the baby has been born. It may help your uterus return to a pre-pregnancy state quicker to reduce bleeding.


When you drink red raspberry leaf tea during the third trimester and beyond, it can help your body recover quickly. The flavonoids and tannins can aid in the recovery of tissue damage, slow postpartum bleeding and help return your uterus to its pre-pregnancy state.

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Chamomile Can Help Calm My Stomach Whilst Pregnant

If you have just eaten and feel nauseous, Chamomile Tea is a calming drink that can help settle your stomach while pregnant.

Chamomile has the active ingredient apigenin, which acts as a mild tranquilliser to relax your stomach and keep food moving through your system. It can make your stomach and digestive muscles relax to get rid of that unpleasant feeling.

Some studies showed that chamomile extract might relieve the feelings of morning sickness. They even showed that chamomile is more effective than ginger when treating these uncomfortable feelings.

Moreover, chamomile also contains flavonoids which have a beneficial role in controlling pregnancy weight gain. So much goodness in a cup!

When you deliver your bundle of joy, you can continue to benefit from the healing and soothing properties of chamomile. Check out this article to discover how chamomile tea can help your little one with a range of symptoms from colic to constipation.

If you want to try some suggested teas above in a tea blend, Jolie Matin Morning Sickness Tea may be a suitable choice for you. Containing chamomile, ginger, and peppermint, this delicious blend can help your pregnancy be more enjoyable.


Chamomile tea is a calming drink which can relax your stomach and digestive muscles. The active ingredient in chamomile, apigenin, acts as a safe and mild tranquiliser to allow food to move through your system and alleviate nausea.

The Risks Of Drinking Green Tea While Pregnant

Pregnancy Tea Organic 16 Tea Bags

Drinking green tea while pregnant is not recommended however, if you do, you should be aware of the possible side effects. Because of the caffeine content, drinking green tea can lower a womans folate levels, increasing her chances of developing NTD. Even if your baby does not have NTD, too much green tea can be harmful to him or her. If you intend to give your baby green tea, make sure to drink it only at a small amount, and follow the labels guidelines to ensure you are not exposing him or her to harmful chemicals.

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Other Herbs To Be Avoided During Pregnancy

Some of the other herbs that you should avoid during pregnancy include: Anise, aloe vera, alfalfa, agrimony, barberry, bloodroot, calendula, catnip, celery, cinnamon, chamomile, fennel, fenugreek, ginkgo, juniper berry, mistletoe, nutmeg, oregano, etc. Try to avoid these or have them in moderate amount.

We wish you a healthy pregnancy, and we hope that nothing endangers the child in the womb. Do things in moderation, and exercise a positive outlook, which will make you feel much better about things, and the 40 weeks will get over sooner than you thought or dreaded. There are some herbal teas, which will calm you, your nerves and your tummy, but just be careful about what herbs you use. Check with your doctor before you sip your next cup of herbal tea.


Benefits Of Drinking Green Tea During Pregnancy

These days, most women take good care of their health. Along with exercises, green tea has also become a part of the urban daily routine as it is thought to have several health benefits compared to other beverages. However, when it comes to pregnancy, the expecting mothers may probably worry about the effect of the food and drinks they consumed have on the unborn baby. They might also worry about the consequences of continuing their habit of having green tea during pregnancy. Read on to learn more about green tea and the pros and cons of its consumption during pregnancy.

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What Is The Caffeine Content Of A Cup Of Tea

Caffeine can be too stimulating during pregnancy, and most women avoid caffeinated beverages during this period. It is safe for you to consume less than 200 milligrams of caffeine a day during pregnancy.

The percentage of caffeine in your cup of tea can change based on the way it is prepared, the water temperature, steeping period, and the size of the leaves. In general, a cup of non-herbal options like chai or milk tea, white tea, green tea, and black or oolong tea contains about 40-50 milligrams of caffeine. On the other hand, herbal teas contain about 0.4 milligrams of caffeine, making them a safer option to consider during pregnancy.

Herbal Teas To Avoid During Pregnancy

What’s With Our Obsession With Bubble Tea? | Part 1/2 | Talking Point

Some herbal teas are unsafe or ill-advised when you’re expecting, among them diet, cleansing, and detox teas, and those with herbs such as black cohosh, blue cohosh, and dong quai. Always do your research, and ask a health care provider if you’re concerned about the safety of certain ingredients during your pregnancy.

Pregnant people should particularly avoid herbal laxative teas because they can promote diuresis and diarrhea, both of which can cause dehydration, says Laurie Green, M.D., an OB-GYN in San Francisco.

“In high doses, some naturally occurring laxative substances, such as cascara sagrada or senna, can cause changes in electrolytes,” she notes. Electrolytes are essential to the continued health of your body and must be level for your cells and organs to function normally. Avoid these tea varieties until after you deliver and finish breastfeeding .

No matter what kind of tea you drink, moderation is important during pregnancy . In one key study, it was suggested that high consumption of tea may interfere with the absorption of folate acid, the essential nutrient for preventing neural tube defects like spina bifida.

“If you limit your intake to two to three cups per day, there’s no evidence of any harm coming from that,” says David Elmer, M.D., a consultant gynecologist at Nantucket Cottage Hospital in Nantucket, Massachusetts.

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How To Prepare Nettle Tea

Are you a DIYer? You can grow nettle plants in your garden, then harvest the leaves for tea. A good rule of thumb is to use 2 cups of water for every cup of nettle leaves, then boil it and let it steep.

If youre not the type of person to grow your own plants and herbs to make tea at home, you can buy dried leaves and flowers and use those to make tea. Or for the really easy route, pick up some prepackaged nettle tea in your grocery and specialty stores. Just prepare the tea according to the instructions on the package.

While were on the subject of drinking tea during pregnancy, you may hear a lot of other recommendations for teas to try.

Teas that are generally considered safe to drink during pregnancy include:

While these may be considered safe during pregnancy, remember that moderation is still key.

Teas that you should probably limit or avoid during pregnancy include:

  • Caffeinated teas like matcha, black tea, oolong tea, white tea, chai, and green tea, which all contain varying amounts of caffeine. If you cant stand giving up your favorite caffeinated tea, cutting back can still help. Experts recommend keeping your caffeine consumption to 300 milligrams or less per day .
  • Herbal teas that may cause miscarriage or preterm labor, which can include borage, licorice, sage, fennel, vervain, fenugreek, thyme, pennyroyal, motherwort, lovage, black cohosh, and blue cohosh. Larger amounts of frankincense and chamomile may also be risky.

Helps To Improve Cardiovascular Health

During pregnancy, Lipton tea is very advantageous to your cardiovascular health. Antioxidants found in tea, such as polyphenols, help to prevent heart disease.

Lipton tea may assist pregnant women with elevated blood lipids in decreasing their LDL cholesterol.

It reduces cardiovascular illnesses caused by oxidative stress and proinflammation when used on a regular basis. It also aids in the prevention of preeclampsia during pregnancy.

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Tea Has Antioxidants And Nutrients

Antioxidants are naturally-occurring substances in plants that remove waste products that can cause potential cell damage . These damaging waste products, called free radicals, are responsible for signs of aging in our skin and have even been implicated in the development of cancer.

Take Note

To be clear, antioxidants are not unique to tea. They are available through many other foods, but tea is one way to get them into your body. The more antioxidants you have in your body, the better.

Tea also has nutrients that are important in pregnancy. These include calcium, magnesium, and iron. Tea also helps to boost your immune system, which is ultra-important to ward off disease.

Some studies say that adding milk to your tea neutralizes many of its benefits, including its antioxidants and nutrients, so try to avoid adding milk, and add some flavor such as herbs or lemon instead . You should avoid tea bags since they are considered not as effective and beneficial as loose leaf tea.

Editor’s Note:

Seven Blossoms Tea During Pregnancy

Traditional Medicinals, Women

We advise you to be careful drinking Seven Blossoms herbal tea while pregnant. Because the herbs and flower petals used in the drink vary, you need to be very cautious as to which version of these teas you consume while pregnant. Although herbs like chamomile and rose petals arent likely to have a negative effect on your pregnancy, other ingredients, such as anise, just might.

Remember that many herbs used in teas havent been studied to verify their safe use for pregnant and nursing women. Not only this but some teas are known to be dehydrating due to the herbs used and tannins present in the drink. Because of this, I strongly recommend you be careful about the kind of tea you drink, as well as the amount of tea you drink, as this may cause issues for you or your baby.

For more information about how much Seven Blossoms herbal tea you should drink, speak with your doctor.

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