How Do I Avoid Getting Pregnant

Neem To Avoid Pregnancy After Sex

Doctor Reacts: Didn’t Know I Was Pregnant….then I looked in the TOILET!?

Neem is one of the most popular Indian home remedies to avoid pregnancy after unprotected sex. It is available in the form of leaves, oil, and dry leaf extract. If injected into the uterus, neem oil can kill sperm in just 30 seconds. On the other hand, neem tablets can promote temporary sterility in men.

Abstain From Sex During Your Fertile Window

In order to effectively postpone pregnancy naturally, a woman must be able to detect the beginning and end of her fertile window. Avoiding sex on the days you are most fertile, or during your fertile window, is key to preventing or postponing pregnancy. Even though you are not equally likely to conceive on every day of your fertile window, your chance of conception is still high. If you are trying to avoid pregnancy you will need to avoid sex during this time.

How Effective Are Fertility Awareness Methods To Avoid Pregnancy

Because of many variable factors, the safe-days method is not 100% reliable. Some women trust this method completely. Hormonal changes and irregular periods can cause errors in calculating the infertile period. Condoms are the easiest option, but if you dislike using then the next best choice is oral contraception.

FAMs will work only if:

  • You are meticulous with the safe period calculation and follow it accurately.
  • Your partner is willing to follow the safe-days-only sex method.
  • You use other forms of contraception on your fertile days.

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Other Methods To Stop Pregnancy After Unprotected Sex

The Morning After IUD

Another form of emergency contraception is the copper IUD. However, this needs to be put in by a medical provider. Its an option if youre already considering starting to use a long-term form of contraception.

Another kind of emergency contraception is the morning after IUD. You have to have it fitted by a doctor. This is possible four to five days after youve had unprotected sex.

This is actually just the same as having an IUD fitted as a contraceptive. Once its in, you can just leave it in place to stop you getting pregnant in future. But you need to think whether its the right kind of contraception to suit you see the section on birth control.

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Can You Get Pregnant During Your Period

How To Avoid Pregnancy: 27 Methods

For those with a shorter cycle the average is 28 to 30 days theres still a possibility pregnancy could occur if you have sex during your period. For example, if you have sex toward the end of your period and you ovulate early, you can conceive. Using birth control, condoms, or another barrier method is typically the best way to prevent pregnancy.

Read on to learn more about how to time sex and other ways to prevent pregnancy.

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How Soon After Unprotected Sex Can I Take A Pregnancy Test

how soon after having sex without a condom can i take a test to see if im pregnant

Home pregnancy tests work best if you take them after youve already missed your period. Some tests say they can tell you if youre pregnant a few days before a missed period, but theyre not as accurate before that missed period.

Pregnancy actually doesnt start the day you have sex. It can take up to 6 days after sex for the sperm and egg to join, and then it has to form into a fertilized egg. It then takes another several days for the fertilized egg to grow, travel to the uterus, and implant itself into the lining of the uterus to start a pregnancy. So from when you have sex to when pregnancy happens can be up to 2-3 weeks.

If you dont want to be pregnant and youve had unprotected vaginal sex, you can use emergency contraception within 5 days of unprotected sex to prevent pregnancy.

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You’re Over 44 Years Old

Thanks to that good-old biological clock, a person’s chances of getting pregnant wane over time. According to ACOG, people with ovaries are born with some one to two million eggs. By puberty, that number drops somewhere between 300,000 to 500,000, and by your late 30s, it’s closer to 25,000. By menopause, there are only around 1,000 eggs remaining.

This all means that the chances of becoming pregnant in your mid-40s are pretty slim, though not impossible. Between 40 and 45 years of age, fertility decreases by as much as 95%.

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What Are The Different Kinds Of Fams

Fertility awareness methods help you track your menstrual cycle so youll know when your ovaries release an egg every month .

The days near ovulation are your fertile days when youre most likely to get pregnant. So people use FAMs to prevent pregnancy by avoiding sex or using another birth control method on those unsafe, fertile days.

There are a few different FAMs that help you track your fertility signs. You can use 1 or more of these methods to predict when youll ovulate:

Its most effective to combine all 3 of these methods. When used together, theyre called the symptothermal method.

The Standard Days Method is a variation on the calendar method. You track your menstrual cycle for several months to figure out if your cycle is always between 26 and 32 days long you cant use this method if its longer or shorter. Once youve established that your cycle is in the right range, you use another form of birth control on days 8-19, which is when youre fertile.

Vitamin C Supplements To Avoid Pregnancy After Sex Naturally

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Vitamin C is another effective remedy to prevent unwanted pregnancy. This vitamin interferes with the hormone progesterone and thus prevents conception. Take about 1500 mg of Vitamin C tablets 2 times a day for 2-3 days after having unprotected sex. Make sure to not over-consume Vitamin C as it can have adverse effects on your health and body. Also, vitamin C supplements are not suitable for females who are suffering from sickle cell, anemia or are on anticoagulant medications.

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What Do I Need To Know About My Menstrual Cycle And Fertility

In order to use FAMs, youve got to learn a lot about your menstrual cycle. You have to know when youre ovulating and fertile, and when its safe for you to have sex without risking pregnancy.

In order for pregnancy to happen, a sperm cell must join with your egg . During your menstrual cycle, there are certain days when its possible for sperm to fertilize an egg and cause a pregnancy these are your fertile days.

Each month, your ovary releases an egg into your fallopian tube . Your egg is in your fallopian tube for about 12-24 hours. Sperm can hang out in your uterus and fallopian tube for up to 6 days after sex. If a sperm cell does join up with your egg in the tube, the fertilized egg travels from your fallopian tube to your uterus and can attach to the uterine wall, which starts a pregnancy. If your egg doesnt get fertilized, it dissolves and you eventually get your period.

Since an egg lives about a day after ovulation and sperm live about 6 days after sex, youre basically fertile for around 7 days of every menstrual cycle: the 5 days before you ovulate, and the day you ovulate. You can also get pregnant a day or 2 after ovulation, but it’s less likely.

Things To Remember About Having Sex During The Safe Period

  • First and foremost, there is no such thing as a 100% safe period
  • It works best if your periods are regular because fluctuating cycles can cause an aberration
  • If your menstrual cycle days fluctuate by more than eight days in a six- month period, the safe day calculation will not work.
  • Sometimes you might need to use emergency contraceptive pills to avoid a pregnancy

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Which Medications Should I Avoid While Pregnant

Cold medications that are generally considered off-limits during pregnancy include:

  • Some pain relievers and fever reducers, including ibuprofen, aspirin and naproxen
  • Most decongestants, including Claritin-D, DayQuil or Sudafed
  • Non-steroidal nasal sprays, such as Afrin

Always read medication labels carefully and avoid alternative or homeopathic remedies, such as echinacea, vitamins, supplements and herbal remedies, until you have approval from your doctor.

Know How Ovulation Works

Why I am not getting pregnant even though I am ovulating? 12 tips to ...

Ovulation is when a mature egg is released from the ovary, pushed down the fallopian tube, and is made available to be fertilized. Approximately every month an egg will mature within one of your ovaries. As it reaches maturity, the egg is released by the ovary where it enters the fallopian tube to make its way towards waiting for sperm and the uterus. An egg lives 12-24 hours after leaving the ovary. Sperm can live up to five days in the fallopian tube. Learn more about ovulation and how to track your ovulation cycle.

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How To Avoid Unplanned Pregnancy

Besides male condoms and timely withdrawal , other emergency contraceptive ways can prevent pregnancy. Take a look at the following ways one can avoid an unintended pregnancy:

1. Hormonal Emergency Pills:

These pills can help in preventing pregnancy after having unprotected sex. If you consume a pill within 72 hours of unprotected sex, the chances of getting pregnant grow dimmer because it delays the ovulation, which means that the mature egg will not be released to get fertilised.

However, like any other hormonal medication, these pills have side effects:

  • Dizziness, etc.

The emergency contraceptive pills are available at any local medical store and are relatively reasonable. Also, contraceptives may not protect you against any STDs or STIs.

2. Intrauterine Device

Emergency contraceptives also include the IUDs, commonly known as Copper-T. The IUD reduces the chance of getting pregnant upon having unprotected sex by 99%. It can last up to 10 to 12 years.

To avoid pregnancy, one can get an IUD inserted within five days after unprotected sex. Copper-T is more effective than any other emergency contraceptive measure.

The insertion of an IUD may cost up to $500 to $1000 in the USA. The government has provided it free of cost in India at the government family planning centres. And at private centres, it can cost up to Rs. 500.

3. Diaphragm:

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How To I Know If Im Pregnant

Unfortunately you will not be able to know about your pregnancy for two to three weeks after having sex. The next of sex you might want to take your pregnancy test but it wonât be effective. It takes at least ten days for embryo to plant itself into uterine wall and produce enough pregnancy hormones which can be detected through pregnancy tests.

The people fear unwanted pregnancy therefore they start to feel the symptoms of pregnancy but it has nothing to do with reality. These feelings are generated due to psychological impact therefore they cannot be trusted. The truth of the story is that you can sense pregnancy by feeling it unless you conduct a test. So the best option you have is to wait for at least ten days or observe your period timings. If they are delayed you can go for a pregnancy test.

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What Should I Do If I Get A Cold While Pregnant

If you find yourself with a case of the sniffles during pregnancy, start managing your symptoms by getting lots of rest and drinking plenty of fluids. Because some OTC cold medications can lead to complications or harm your unborn baby, you need to know which to avoid. Before reaching for your medicine cabinet, talk to your doctor about which cold medications are safe during pregnancy.

How To Use Your Fertile Window As Birth Control

Which is the Best Time to get Pregnant after Periods?

Ovulation will occur one day during your fertile window. The egg released is viable for 12 to 24 hours. That doesnt mean you can get pregnant every day during this window. But if youre trying to prevent pregnancy, its a good idea to abstain from sex without a condom or another barrier method during the entire fertile window.

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Your Menstrual Cycle And Ovulation

Your menstrual cycle lasts from the first day of your period until the day before your next period starts. This is 28 days on average but longer or shorter cycles, from 21 to 40 days, are normal.

During your cycle, an egg is released from one of your ovaries and travels down the fallopian tube. It is usually released 10-16 days before your next period. Occasionally, a second egg is released, within 24 hours of the first egg.

The egg only lives for a maximum of 24 hours after ovulation, and a sperm must meet the egg within that period for pregnancy to happen.

You can get pregnant up to 2 days after you ovulate. But if you’ve had sex in the 7 days before ovulation, it’s possible to get pregnant because sperm can live inside a woman’s body for up to 7 days and fertilise the egg when it’s released.

The length of a menstrual cycle can vary over time, so to make sure your calculations are as precise as possible, measure your menstrual cycle over the course of 12 months.

Home Remedies For Birth Control

Birth control is a watchful measure to prevent and avoid unwanted pregnancy. It is important to understand the value of careful birth control methods in order to make it harmless for women not ready to be pregnant (1Trusted SourceContraception

Various medical contraception techniques are effective but the oral ones may have certain risks associated side effects such as nausea, weight gain, increase menstrual bleeding and liver issues . Birth control options plays a major role in the reproductive and overall health of both men and women (3Trusted SourceBirth Control

Nature always has solutions for any condition, and birth control is not untouched by natures benefits. There are some cost effective birth control methods that can be practiced at home however, they are not foolproof but have been used since ancient times. It is good to know about them and use them for added protection with the recommended methods.

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Menstrual Cup Pregnancy Success Stories

If youre considering using a menstrual cup during pregnancy, youll be glad to know that there are plenty of success stories out there! Many women find that the cup helps them to manage their periods with very little hassle, and it can even be a great way to save money.There are some things to keep in mind if youre using a menstrual cup during pregnancy, though. First of all, its important to make sure that the cup is made from medical-grade silicone. There are some cheaper cups on the market that are made from lower-quality materials, and these should be avoided.Secondly, youll need to choose the right size cup for your body. Most companies offer different sizes based on factors like age and whether or not youve given birth before. If youre unsure about which size to get, its always best to err on the side of caution and go for the larger option.Finally, remember that its important to empty your cup regularly . This will help to prevent any buildup of bacteria which could lead to infection.Overall, using a menstrual cup during pregnancy is a safe and convenient option for many women. If you do have any concerns, be sure to speak with your healthcare provider before making the switch.

Pregnancy Or No Pregnancy

How to Calculate Safe Days to Avoid Pregnancy

The most obvious symptom that youre pregnant is if you havent had your period in a while. By the time you miss a period, you are about 4 weeks pregnant, as you can see from the dating information. You will, however, have conceived only around two weeks before your period was due. Take a pregnancy test when in doubt.

You may have also experienced other changes in your body, such as nausea, exhaustion or tenderness in your breasts. Some early pregnancy symptoms, such as mood swings and headaches, might be mistaken for premenstrual symptoms and you may also have bleeding or cramping. You may not even be aware that youve skipped a period.

It is difficult to know exactly what to do when you dont know how to prevent pregnancy. Here are a few popular methods known to avoid pregnancy:

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The Problem With Precum And The Pull

That same research that determined the odds of getting pregnant with the withdrawal method at 4 percent also found that the typical failure rate of using this birth control method is 22 percent. Thats to say that approximately 22 out of 100 people who use this method regularly will get pregnant within a year.

Thats why doctors arent a fan of the pull-out method. I never advocate pulling out as a means of contraceptionparticularly when we have so many better methods, Minkin says.

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