How To Get Rid Of Pregnancy Acne

Is Acne Treatment Safe During Pregnancy


The only way to stop or prevent pimple during pregnancy is by eating fresh & nourishing food and staying calm and relaxed. Avoid acne treatment or any drug which may affect the foetal growth. As the food you take in is directed as nutrition to the placenta, ensuring health and survival of the foetus. But if scarring is a threat, you need expert intervention in time. Certain creams and topical ointments which are safe during pregnancy may be prescribed, which can help reduce the appearance of acne and prevent chances of unsightly scarring. But only after consulting your dermatologist and OB-GYN you should proceed with the same.

When Does Pregnancy Acne Go Away

One of the most frequently asked questions about pregnancy acne is: just when will it go away? For the majority of women, if they experience acne during pregnancy, it tends to happen within the first trimester. However, it can occur at any time or indeed come and go throughout the second and third trimester.

For some, the acne can last throughout the pregnancy, but will usually disappear once the baby is born. Its especially common to notice outbreaks of acne around the fourth or fifth week of pregnancy, just as the hormones start to kick in.

On the flip side, some women actually find that their skin clears up while pregnant its different for everyone. If you do find you experience bouts of acne, try not to let it get you down. There are solutions available.

How To Get Rid Of Acne While Pregnant

If you are pregnant and experiencing adult acne, you may feel embarrassed by the condition, but it is surprisingly common.

In fact, many women get excessive breakouts during pregnancy due to natural changes in hormone production.

As a result, the oil containing glands in the face may expand and produce more sebum which is the thick and waxy substance associated with acne. However, simple daily care can eliminate the problem.

Learn more about the steps you can take to prevent acne during pregnancy below.

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How To Get Rid Of Pregnancy Acne Naturally

How to get rid of baby acne

What to Do for Pregnancy Acne? What Preventive Steps You Can Take?

Your very best offense is actually a good defense. Stop flare-ups and acne scars by taking good care of your skin during pregnancy. Clean your face gently using a mild, soap-free cleanser 2 times per day, once in the morning and once at night. Ensure to wash and rinse completely, especially around your hairline and jaw, where pores have a tendency to get clogged.

Wash your hair regularly, especially if it is oily. But do not overwash or get overaggressive with scrubs, not only because you most likely have extra sensitive skin during pregnancy, but simply because overstripping it makes it much more prone to acne breakouts. Actually, using an oil-free moisturizer can really help decrease the irritation that can result in breakouts. One additional step to take Keep your pillowcases, your towels, and any hats you wear routinely clean as well.

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Pregnancy Acne Major Causes

Pregnancy acne can be cause to anyone as it is very common. It can due to hormonal change in the body which allows the glands to generate more pimples on the face. Oil clogs can also be produced due to hormonal change during pregnancy. Pregnancy acne is mostly found in 1st and 2nd trimester.


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How To Get Rid Of Acne During Pregnancy

While no tip can be an effective treatment, but it may help alleviate the strength of pimples and even prevent further proliferation. Be sure to check with your dermatologist for any further insights

  • Wash Your Face Wash your face regularly with a mild cleanser suggested by an expert dermatologist. Non-comedogenic and non-acnegenic cleansers can be used along with warm water.
  • Do Not Pick The Pimples While the urge to do so persists, but popping the pimples may exaggerate the condition and cause scarring which will be even more painful and displeasing.
  • Use Oil-free Moisturizer Keeping the skin adequately hydrated is also necessary, as dry skin can also cause further damage.
  • Shampoo Regularly Use a mild shampoo and keep the hairline and forehead area clean as dirt and grime deposition can trigger acne on forehead and further.
  • Avoid Irritants Do not use oily or greasy cosmetics and other hair products as they can cause acne. Water-based products are generally less prone to acne and can even help control the spread if used regularly.
  • Avoid Scrub Using a washcloth to scrub your face can worsen the situation and irritate the skin.
  • Keep Your Home Clean Especially your sleeping space which includes pillowcases and bedsheet must be washed and kept clean at all times. Bacteria may breed on dirty linens in your home.
  • Keep Your Hands Away Using hands-on face or pimple areas, can cause the acne to worsen as hands may have bacteria and other infection-causing microorganisms.
  • Get Advice From The Experts

    How to RID acne due to pregnancy

    Some women decide to just let nature run its course and dont actively do anything to treat their pregnancy-related spots and pimples.

    As a mum-to-be, its all about your choices and what you feel most comfortable with.

    You might want to speak to an expert about which treatments they recommend.

    You could speak to your GP, discuss options with your midwife or pop into a Holland & Barrett store and ask an associate for their recommendations.

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    Causes Including The Painful Pimples


    Why do I have acne on my chin? Can I get here before menopause or during pregnancy? What are some of the main reasons behind them, or how can you get chin acne?

    Hormonal chin acne

    This is one of the common causes in adults and teenagers. In women, an imbalance in hormones means that the androgen receptors become too sensitive. Under this situation, hormones are stimulated and excess oil is produced. Since the skin is one of the major excretory organs, the excess oil is released through the skin pores in which the skin cells become sticky.

    Bacteria can grow in the skin pores which leads to the formation of clogged pores and pimples on chin, and that is how hormonal ones develop.

    Hormonal acne pimples tends to get deeper into the skin thus very painful to touch. Facial areas are affected most including areas around chin, along the jawline and mouth as well as other areas such as chest, shoulders and the back.

    Acne on chin due to hormonal imbalance is common in men and women at menopause as well.

    Bacteria and poor hygiene

    How do bacteria lead to acne on chin? A few circumstances can help explain how bacteria may cause chin on acne and jawline.

    The next reason is when you are fond of touching your chin with dirty hands after getting into contact with these devices and instruments mentioned above.

    Polycystic Ovary Syndrome, PCOS

    Dairy diets can cause hard painful bumps



    How To Get Rid Of Pregnancy Acne

    Pregnancy acne is a hormonal process that is difficult to manage since it is not possible to control hormonal changes that lead to this problem.

    It is, therefore, recommended to adopt other softer cares with some pregnancy-friendly products that will help you get rid of existing pimples, prevent new outbreaks, and keep your look and feel as you wish.

    Of course, a pregnant woman should read the product label to know what ingredients she is getting. The following skincare ingredients are considered to be safe to use during pregnancy: Glycolic acid, Lactic acid, Azelaic acid.

    Ingredients to avoid: Retinols and Retinoids, Isotretinoin .

    Salicylic acid is extremely common in skincare products that fight pimples. Doctors generally recommend avoiding heavy or frequent use of this substance during pregnancy. But skin absorbs very little of it from creams.

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    Risk Factors Of Acne While Pregnant

    How To Treat Acne During Pregnancy Naturally

    In addition to androgens, there are other factors that can increase your risk for pregnancy acne. The immune system is thought to play a part in fighting off acne, and during pregnancy, a woman’s immune system is constantly changing, which could contribute to acne.

    Additionally, if a pregnant woman is feeling extra stress, it can increase levels of stress hormones, which may trigger breakouts or worsen existing acne.

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    Use Of Oatmeal And Cucumber Mask:

    Try to use the mask made from honey, oatmeal and cucumber. It gives cooling and soothing effect to the skin as well. Simply make this mask and store it in the freezer for later use. Apply this to your face for at least 20 to 30mins and then rinse it with water.

    Hope it will help you to reduce your pregnancy acne problem to some extent. Some further general tips can also help you in this case:

    • Keep yourself hydrated by keeping more fluids intake.
    • Try to change your towel once in a month during pregnancy.
    • Do take healthy diet and avoid the excess use of sugar and processed foods. Healthy and nutritionist diet will keep you glowy.
    • Dont try to squeeze, scratch or pop pregnancy acne. It would result in irritation.
    • Always ask your doctor before using anything for acne problem in pregnancy.

    We try our best to help you out in many possible ways. Do share this information with others if you find it informative! Cheers

    Why Do Some Women Have A Pregnancy Glow

    Some women are just fortunate enough to experience clear, beautiful skin throughout pregnancy. For those who experience the pregnancy glow, it is usually the cause of hormones and increased oxygen flow. According to the experts at Everyday Health pregnancy weight gain may also be the reason why pregnant women seem to ‘glow’. Fuller skin is plumper, and lines tend to look less prominent in a rounder face. Everyone’s skin reacts differently to pregnancy, so don’t be frustrated if your skin is breaking out or doesn’t look as clear as you’d like it to be.

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    The Best Treatments For Pregnancy Acne

    If your skin usually breaks out during your menstrual period, you’re likely to find the same thing happening during the early months of your pregnancy. But this isn’t always the case: some women find that their regular acne problems disappear during pregnancy, while others who were never troubled by pimples find that pregnancy brings them on.

    If you’re one of the unlucky women with newfound blemishes, try the following treatment methods for pregnancy acne.

    How To Get Rid Of Pregnancy Acne:


    Well as its a natural work and as soon as your hormones will get stabilize, your pimples will vanish away with time. Hence some home self-remedies which you can do to avoid the bacteria affect your more are

    • Wash your face properly twice a day with cleanser.
    • Do make use of toner whenever you get back to home after some outing.
    • Try to use lukewarm water for washing pregnancy acne part.
    • Shampoo on the daily basis
    • Avoid the things to whom you are allergic

    These are some of the best and safe ways to reduce acne as solution to get them fully vanish is not possible till the right time. In general, try to avoid taking any medication for pregnancy acne. It may cause effect to the health of mother and baby as well.

    Apart from these self care remedies some natural home remedies can also be use which would not affect anything in pregnancy.

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    Smart Methods For Treating Acne During Pregnancy

  • Consume wise. Speaking of diet, removing sugar and refined grains can do wonders for your skin. Also, unhealthy fats can worsen your acne, so replace these eats with skin boosting healthy fats such as walnuts, avocado, salmon, and almonds. More skin friendly foods: colorful fresh fruits and vegetables and, believe it or not, small amounts of dark chocolate.
  • Boost your dietary consumption of vitamin A, which helps keep your skin healthy, through foods like carrots, eggs, milk and fish. Avoid extra vitamin A supplements given that too much A has been shown to result in birth defects, and concentrate instead on getting ample A through your diet.
  • Read before you buy. Look for skin care, makeup, and also hair care products which are oil-free and are labeled noncomedogenic. They are created not to cause acne. Oil-free moisturizers and makeup are a good idea also.
  • Be sun savvy. Many medicines used to treat acne can make you a lot more prone to sunburn. And while the sun may help dry out your acne lesions, that help does not come without a price. A lot of sun not just increases your risk of skin cancer and causes early aging of your skin, it can also bring on other blotches during pregnancy. Anytime you are going to be outside, use sunscreen.
  • Exercise regularly. Not only will this boost your circulation and clear up your acne, but it also will be especially helpful when the time comes for birth.
  • How to Treat Acne During Pregnancy?

  • Mix the two to form a thick paste.
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    Use The Right Topical Actives

    When asked which ingredients to say no to during pregnancy, Greenfield recommends avoiding retinoids at all costs. Why? According to The American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists, retinol is part of the isotretinoin family, which is synthetic vitamin A, and may cause birth defects. Additionally, benzoyl peroxide and salicylic acidwhich are acne product heavy-hittersshould be limited, but check with your doctor first as they may be safe to use in small amounts. Using products that are safe for pregnancy yet effective enough to cleanse your sebaceous glands of built-up sebum can go a long way in preventing acne breakouts,” Greenfield suggests. “Ingredients such as lactic acid and sulfur are both safe and efficacious. They combat oil buildup and gently cleanse the skin.”

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