How To Know What Day You Got Pregnant

Determining If Labor Is Premature

When Did I Get Pregnant? How to Figure Out When You Got Pregnant or Conceived

Babies who are born too early are at risk for numerous health problems. There are steps we can take to slow or halt preterm labor. With that said, there are also risks to the medications used to stop preterm labor, both to the mother and the baby.

You and your doctor have to decide together when the risks of allowing labor to continue to outweigh the risks of intervention. This is partially determined by knowing which week of pregnancy you are in.

There are also risks to the baby and mother if a pregnancy goes on for too long. Post-term pregnancy is when birth does not occur by week 42 . If this happens, your midwife or doctor may decide to induce labor.

When Did I Conceive Or Get Pregnant

The best way to calculate the day you likely conceived is to figure out approximately when you ovulated. According to Dr. Jennifer Landa, a board-certified OB/GYN, “If you have a “perfect” 28-day cycle, then ovulation happens on day 14 and you can get pregnant for about 12-24 hours after ovulation. Of course, many women don’t have a 28-day cycle. Anything from 21 days to 35 days is considered normal. So to figure out when you got pregnant if you have a different cycle, ovulation comes 10 to 14 days before your period.” If you had sex during this fertile window, then it is possible that you conceived during those days.

What Is Naegele’s Rule

  • Move the date back three months
  • For example, if the first day of your last period was August 11, 2022 you would:

    • Move the date back 3 months
    • Your due date would be May 18, 2023.

    If your fertility app gives you a different date than the one calculated by your doctor, it most likely is because it was based on the ovulation date and not the date of your last period. If you ovulated earlier or later than day 14 of your cycle, this would shift your due date accordingly.

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    How To Use A Conception Calculator

    You dont have to do much for using a conception calculator. All you have to do it type the length of the menstrual cycle and the first day of last period. When you will input this information, the calculator will generate the answer. If you want to calculate your gestational age, then add two weeks to the answer.

    Special cases of having longer or shower cycles require extra steps. But that is why you calculate the date manually. Once you use an online conception calculator, it wont matter.

    What Do I Need To Know About Using A Pregnancy Due Date Calculator

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    A due date calculator may not be completely accurate. This is especially true if you arent exactly sure when you had your last period, you have irregular periods or you dont know when you conceived. You should see your provider for a more precise test, such as an ultrasound, to confirm your due date.

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    If I Have A Negative Pregnancy Test After I Have Missed My Period Does That Mean I Am Not Pregnant

    A negative result can mean that you are not pregnant, you took the test too early, or you took the test wrong. Pregnancy tests vary in their sensitivity , and you may not have given your body enough time to produce enough hCG hormones that will show up on the test.

    Also, if you let a test sit for too long , the test is invalid. It is best to follow the instructions and wait until you have missed a period before taking the test. Some women show up accurately on a test the day they miss a period, while others may not show up positive until 3-4 weeks after a missed period.

    We encourage women to test after a missed period if the result is negative they should wait a week and test again if a normal period has not started.

    Want to Know More?

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    How Accurate Is A Baby Due Date Calculator

    A due date calculator is only an estimate. Your healthcare provider will examine you and your developing fetus to confirm your due date.

    To get a more accurate idea of when your baby will be born, your provider will perform an ultrasound. During an ultrasound, your provider measures your baby. These measurements help your provider determine your babys gestational age and confirm your due date.

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    Can I Get Pregnant At Any Time During My Cycle

    Yes, but its unlikely youll get pregnant just before or just after your period. You are most fertile when you ovulate, so this is when youre most likely to get pregnant. Understanding your cycle and knowing more about what is happening month during the month, can help you learn the best days to get pregnant.

    Find out more about ovulation and fertility, including top tips for finding your fertility window. You can also use our ovulation calculator to find out more.

    My Menstrual Cycle Is Still Irregular Has The Pill Affected My Fertility

    How soon can I know that I’m pregnant?

    Its unlikely the pill has caused any fertility problems, but it can sometimes cover up problems you already have, such as missing periods or PCOS .This is because the pill prevents the ovaries from releasing an egg , so although its normal to experience period-type bleeding on the pill, you dont have a real period.

    Contact your GP if youre still having irregular periods 3 months after stopping contraception.

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    When To Take A Pregnancy Test

    A home pregnancy test may show up positive as soon as one week after ovulation . However, we recommend you wait for your missed period. Some of these very early pregnancies do not continue. They are termed chemical pregnancies. If you have been trying for a long time to become pregnant, it may be especially beneficial for your mental health to wait for a more reliable test result.

    Take a pregnancy test:

    • When you are one week past your missed period and have been sexually active.
    • When using hormonal birth control ” rel=”nofollow”> hormonal IUD) and your period flow is different than usual.
    • When you experience pregnancy symptoms while using birth control if you have been sexually active.
    • If you have an IUD and you cannot feel the strings when you were previously able to feel the strings.

    What If I Have Irregular Periods Or Long Cycles

    Some women have cycles that are consistently longer than the average 28-day cycle. In these cases, a pregnancy wheel can still be used, but some simple calculations are necessary.

    The second half of a womans menstrual cycle always lasts for 14 days. This is the time from ovulation to the next menstrual period. If your cycle is 35 days long, for example, then you probably ovulated on day 21.

    Once you have a general idea of when you ovulated, you can use an adjusted LMP to find your due date with a pregnancy wheel.

    For example, if your menstrual cycle is usually 35 days long and the first day of your LMP was November 1:

  • Subtract 14 days to find your adjusted LMP date .
  • After you calculate your adjusted LMP date, simply mark it on the pregnancy wheel and then look at the date where the line crosses. That is your estimated due date.

    Some pregnancy wheels may allow you to enter the date of conception which occurs within 72 hours of ovulation instead of the date of your LMP.

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    Look At The Following Scenarios And See If Any Apply To You

    Scenario 1: You were with Guy #1 on June 20th. You got your period around June 28th. You then were with Guy #2 from July 1st-3rd and July 11th-13th.

    Who is the father? Guy #2 would be the father since you had a period after Guy #1. Also, you were with Guy #2 during your fertile time.

    Scenario 2: You have your period on June 28th. You were with Guy #1 on June 29th, July 3rd, and July 5th. You were with Guy #2 on July 7th-11th.

    Who is the father? Guy #2 is most likely the father since you were with him closest to your fertile time. If for some reason, however, you ovulated sooner than the 10th of July, there’s potential that Guy #2 could be the father since his sperm may have lived from the 5th-10th. In this case, I suggest a paternity test so there aren’t any doubts.

    Scenario 3: You have your period on June 28th. You were with Guy # 1 on the 10th of July, and you were with Guy #2 on the 12th of July.

    Who is the father? There’s no way to know without a paternity test. Since you were with both men so close together, it’s possible that both of their sperm was in you when you ovulated and either one could be the father.

    Again, a paternity test would be the sure way of knowing who the father of your baby could be. Once the baby is born, the test can be done and no one will have second guesses.

    Take Care Of Your Body

    How Ovulation works

    Its also important so you can make good choices for your body to support your pregnancy and give your baby a healthy start in life. If you discover you are pregnant, you should follow the guidelines below.

    Start prenatal vitamins

    Prenatal vitamins include an extra amount of folic acid, which is important for the development of your babys brain and nervous system. Ask your doctor what type of prenatal vitamins they recommend.

    Avoid alcohol and certain medications

    Avoid alcohol and certain medications if you are pregnant. Alcohol significantly affects fetal brain development. Some medications can also cause birth defects. Read more about medications in pregnancy.

    Avoid smoking and drugs

    Avoid recreational drugs, smoking, vaping, and marijuana when pregnant. These can also cause developmental issues and birth defects in babies. Smoking harms lung development and restricts blood flow to the placenta.

    Eat right and exercise

    When you let your provider know youre pregnant, you will get helpful information about a healthy diet and exercise during pregnancy. Youll receive a list of foods, activities, and environmental exposures to avoid. Youll receive information about avoiding work-related exposures, too . Your provider will see if you are up-to-date on vaccinations or if there are any other recommended vaccinations you should receive.

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    Record Menstrual Cycle Frequency

    A woman who wants to have a baby should monitor the intervals between her periodsin other words, whether the first day of her period tends to occur the same number of days apart every month, which is considered regular. Conversely, her periods may be irregular, meaning her cycle lengths vary from month to month. By tracking this information on a calendar, a woman can better predict when she might be ovulating , according to research published in The New England Journal of Medicine . This is the time every month when her ovaries will release an egg. There are also some apps that can help with the tracking, such as GlowOvulation period tracker .

    A womans egg is fertile for only 12 to 24 hours after its release, while a mans sperm can survive in a womans body for up to five days according to the American Pregnancy Association .

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    How Soon Can I Get Pregnant After Coming Off The Pill

    You can get pregnant as soon as you come off the pill but if youre trying to get pregnant, its a good idea to wait until youve had a natural period. This will give your body time to adjust and give you a chance to make sure youre ready for pregnancy. Make use of our pregnancy planning tool to see what else you can do.

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    Working Out Your Due Date

    1-minute read

    Once you have confirmed that you are pregnant, you will want to find out when your baby is due to arrive. The average pregnancy is calculated at 282 days from the first day of your last menstrual period.

    However babies rarely keep to an exact timetable, so a full-term pregnancy can be anywhere between 37 and 42 weeks. A baby born before 37 weeks is considered to be premature and anything past 42 weeks is considered overdue.

    Due dates are usually calculated on your last period instead of the date of conception because of a number of reasons.

    • Although the average woman ovulates approximately 2 weeks after her period, the exact time is not always known.
    • Once an egg has been released, it can remain fertile for up to 24 hours.
    • Sperm can last for up to 5 days after intercourse to fertilise an egg.

    If your periods are irregular or you are unsure of the date, an ultrasound will help determine the development of the embryo and your due date. Ultrasound scans can be done at any stage of pregnancy after the first 6 weeks. The best timing for an ultrasound to determine the due date is between 8 weeks and 13 weeks 6 days.

    You can use the Pregnancy, Birth and Baby due date calculator to work out when your baby is due.

    Some doctors will refer to your due date as ‘expected date of confinement’ or EDC.

    Using Ultrasounds To Determine Your Due Date

    3 Weeks Pregnant: What You Need To Know – Channel Mum

    For a variety of reasons, a lot of women dont know when their last period was . A history of irregular periods, medications and plain ol forgetting are all normal reasons to be unsure.

    A transvaginal ultrasound can help to figure out your estimated due date, especially when done in the first trimester. The ultrasound technician will measure the size of the embryo and use the information gathered to determine your due date.

    Surprisingly, as your pregnancy progresses, it becomes harder to calculate the gestational age and size of the fetus with an ultrasound .

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    Contact Your Obgyn As Soon As You Think You Are Pregnant

    Call your OBGYN clinic as soon as you find out youre pregnant. When you call in, your provider will review your medical history to determine the timing of your first prenatal visit. If you are a woman with no medical problems and under the age of 35, your first prenatal appointment will likely be 3-4 weeks after your missed period.

    Some women should be seen sooner than others. For instance, if a woman has a history of ectopic pregnancy , she should be seen within a couple of days. Certain other medical conditions warrant an immediate visit with the provider.

    Note: Ectopic pregnancy is when a fertilized egg grows outside of the uterus, such as in the fallopian tube. The earliest symptom of ectopic pregnancy is typically light vaginal bleeding soon after a positive pregnancy test. If this happens, call your OBGYN to schedule an ultrasound right away. The ultrasound will identify if the fertilized egg is growing in the uterus or if it has attached somewhere else.

    An ectopic pregnancy cannot be moved to the uterus and requires treatment such as medication or surgery. If the ectopic pregnancy continues growing to 5 or 5.5 weeks after conception, it could cause more serious complications, such as a ruptured fallopian tube, which can result in life-threatening internal bleeding. Symptoms of a ruptured fallopian tube include sudden and severe pain, abnormal bleeding, lightheadedness, and shoulder pain.

    I Cant See My Predicted Ovulation Day In The Clue App What Should I Do

    To display the predicted day of ovulation in the Clue app, go to the Menu. The Menu icon is in the top right-hand corner of the Cycle View in your Clue app and looks like three dots. Tap on the icon, then tap Settings and then tap on the Ovulation tab. On this page, next to âShow potential ovulation day,â tap the toggle to turn it on. The screen will look like this:

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    When Should I Call My Doctor About A New Pregnancy

    If youve missed your period and gotten a positive pregnancy test, your next step will be to call your healthcare provider for your first appointment. While scheduling, your provider may ask if you have already started taking a prenatal vitamin containing folic acid. Prenatal vitamins are important in early pregnancy because they help in the development of your babys neural tube. The neural tube will become your babys brain and spine. Many healthcare providers recommend that anyone who could become pregnant take folic acid at all times.

    If youre planning a pregnancy, a preconception appointment with your healthcare provider is a good place to start. A preconception appointment is especially important if you take medication for a chronic illness or have other medical conditions like diabetes, high blood pressure or lupus.

    During this appointment, your provider will discuss any current medical conditions, as well as your general health before pregnancy. This appointment is meant to get you into the best place for a new pregnancy.

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    You Cannot Know The Exact Moment

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    However, these data that we have given previously are only useful in cases in which the woman has a very regular period. As a general rule, it is totally impossible to know the exact moment in which the pregnancy occurred. Through a transvaginal ultrasound, the gynecologist can get very close, but even so, the pregnancy dates can end up dancing for days or even weeks. And it is that they, when talking about the date of fertilization, are based mainly on the size of the baby , and that is why it is not exact. One ultrasound may mark one day, and then another may mark a totally different day.

    Unless the woman is on hormonal treatment , it is very difficult for her to know in which relationship the fertilization took place. To know the exact moment in which the pregnancy occurred, it is necessary to keep an established calendar of the days in which sexual intercourse is had, as well as to combine these data with the ovulation moments and the days in which the woman it is more fertile . Only in this way can you know the exact day and, even with this care, you could end up failing, since if you have relationships two days in a row, the fertilization date could end up doubting between one or the other.

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