What Can You Use For Stretch Marks During Pregnancy

Best Organic Stretch Mark Cream


Price: $$$ Made without parabens, sulfates, synthetics, or artificial fragrances, this organic skin butter is formulated to prevent stretch marks and improve skin elasticity. It contains macadamia nut, shea and cocoa butter along with grapeseed and sweet almond oil. These natural ingredients create a light, subtle scent, making it ideal for mamas-to-be with sensitive noses.Fans of this butter say it locks in moisture and soothes dry, itchy skin. They also warn that, due to its thick, buttery consistency, you need to use the heat of your hands to melt it before applying it to your skin.

Best Overall: Palmer’s Cocoa Butter Massage Lotion For Stretch Marks

Main Ingredient: Sunflower oil | ApplicationArea: Stomach, hips, thighs, buttocks, breasts | Free of: Mineral oil, parabens, phthalates, petroleum, sulfates, dyes | Size: 4 fl. oz | Cruelty-Free: Yes | Yes

Understandably, many people prioritize using clean, natural products when pregnant or breast-feeding, which is why this cream earns our vote. It contains only 10 natural ingredients, is USDA organic-certified, and also totally hypoallergenic. Use it to minimize the look of stretch marks and combat dry itchy skin on your belly, thighs, breasts, and bumwhether or not youre pregnant.

Types Of Stretch Marks

The more or less thick lines that form on the skin, giving the impression of breaks in the subcutaneous tissues, are what we know as stretch marks, and these tend to appear as the baby grows inside each womans body. In this case, stretch marks can appear either on the abdomen or on the breasts.

When they are formed, they have a violet or purple colour, which indicates that the dermis still has a blood supply, but once they no longer have a blood supply, they are a rather pearly tone, that is to say, whitish.

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Are Stretch Marks Dangerous

No. Medical doctors have confirmed that stretch marks do not pose a risk to the mother or her baby. Wherever the stretch marks appear, they may, however, cause discomfort and itching.

Most women believe these streaks are unattractive, and that is why they worry so much about how to remove stretch marks fast. Some women are quite embarrassed by these lines since it may make their skin appear less youthful.

Stretch Marks: If You Are Troubled By Stretch Marks Then Try These Home Remedies

Pin on How to Prevent Pregnancy Stretch Marks I I Natural ...

home remedies to get rid of stretch marks

Stretch marks usually appear in women after pregnancy. But sudden weight gain or weight loss can also give you troublesome marks. Not only women, men also have to face this problem many times.

To remove stretch marks, many people try various chemical-laden beauty treatments which are quite expensive. Apart from this, there are side-effects. For this, you can use cheap and safe alternative natural ingredients. You can try some home remedies to get rid of stretch marks.

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What Can Get Rid Of Stretch Marks

Like any scar, stretch marks are permanent, but treatment may make them less noticeable. Treatment can also help alleviate the itch.

If youre pregnant or breastfeeding, check with your doctor before treating stretch marks. Some products contain ingredients, such as retinol, that can harm your baby.

Its important to understand that no single treatment works for everyone and many products dont seem to work at all. Heres what researchers have discovered about the many treatments for stretch marks.

Stretch mark creams, lotions, and gels: Researchers have studied many of the creams, lotions, and gels sold to treat stretch marks. While no one product seems to help all of the time and some dont seem to help at all researchers have discovered some helpful hacks.

If you want to try one of these creams, lotions, or gels to fade stretch marks, be sure to:

  • Use the product on early stretch marks. Treatment seems to have little effect on mature stretch marks.

  • Massage the product into your stretch marks.Taking time to massage the product gently into your skin may make it more effective.

  • Apply the product every day for weeks.If you see results, they take weeks to appear.

Home remedies: In studies, popular home remedies have not worked. Researchers found that none of the stretch marks faded when people massaged almond oil, cocoa butter, olive oil, or vitamin E into their stretch marks.

  • Hyaluronic acid

  • Tretinoin

  • Chemical peel

  • Radiofrequency

  • Ultrasound

Calcarea Fluorica And Silicea

Calcarea Fluorica and Silicea are contained in a tissue-salt-prevent that Lleaon talks about in the book Bump to Birth. Lleaon Rao, aromatherapist and herbalist quotes Calcarea Fluorica helps in bone development and maintains elasticity of skin. It works to prevent stretch marks,and to prevent hemorrhoids and varicose veins.

See her book Bump to Birth to learn more.

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Minimizing The Appearance Of Stretch Marks From Pregnancy

Now that you know these may be inevitable, we can shift the question from how to avoid stretch marks during pregnancy?, to how you can go about minimizing their appearance?

For the most part, minimizing the appearance of stretch marks during pregnancy comes down to treating your skin, and keeping it super moisturized.

There are a few compounds out there that are tried and true when it comes to avoiding stretch marks during pregnancy. Lets cover some of the best.

Creams With Cocoa Butter Or Vitamin E


This is pretty popular advice. Almost all creams that you can buy over the counter or at the drugstore have one or both of these ingredients.

Unfortunately, no large-scale study has yet shown that these ingredients actually help lessen your chances of getting stretch marks or minimizing them once you already have them.

That said, it certainly wont hurt if you want to try using creams with these kinds of ingredients. Theyre safe to use during pregnancy and they can help keep your skin moisturized which also helps with the itchiness!

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Can You Remove Pregnancy Stretch Marks

After completing one year, the stretch marks become mature, and it becomes impossible to remove them. However, after getting stretch marks within a year, you might opt for solutions that will help in enhancing your looks. So, think about treating your stretch marks soon.

If you start noticing stretch marks soon, make sure to put pressure on them and massage them properly. You have to do this at least once a day, which will help in healing them faster. You can see a dermatologist since they are professionals, and they will help in reducing the marks.

Laser therapy and micro-needling are yet another one of the most effective techniques that you can opt for to reduce stretch marks. If the protein in your skin rupture, it becomes difficult to restore it. However, using the resurfacing techniques help in stimulating collagen production.

What Can Be Done To Prevent Stretch Marks

The following articles are provided by organizations partnering with the American Pregnancy Association to provide tips on what can be done to prevent stretch marks. The mention of specific products or services does not constitute a recommendation or endorsement by the APA unless it is explicitly stated.

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Take Care Of The Rest Of Your Skin

When youre on a mission to eliminate the stretch marks left over from pregnancy, its important not to neglect the rest of your skin in the meantime! Your new-mom body is still going through a lot and under a lot of stress.

As you figure out breastfeeding, dont forget to take care of your tender nipples with Nursing Comfort Balm. Also, show some TLC to your breasts, neck, and neckline with Mustelas Bust Firming Serum, which hydrates to tone and give your skin a firmer look and feel.

Stretch Marks During Pregnancy

Stretch Marks Post Pregnancy

Many women ask, Can you prevent stretch marks during pregnancy? or Can I use lotion with cocoa butter for old stretch marks?. There are many tried-and-true methods to reduce stretch marksand a few non-traditional ways. Using cocoa butter for stretch marks during pregnancyand even cocoa butter oil with rosehipis just one way to help improve skin elasticity and reduce stretch marks appearance on your skin.

Applying cocoa butter for pregnancy stretch marks in the morning and evening, or whenever you lack moisture, is a proactive measure. Again, diet can also play a key role in pregnancy stretch mark care. Lastly, drinking plenty of fluids especially water can help keep your skin well hydrated from the inside out.

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Pure Organic Belly Butter

Using this stretch mark cream is like treating yourself to a day at the spa. Every time you lather its rich, creamy formula into your skin, you are also treating your skin to a serving of wholesome ingredients like cocoa butter, grapeseed oil, macadamia nut oil, and almond oil.

Best of all, this stretch mark cream remains true its name by using only organic ingredients and excluding sulfates, parabens, and artificial fragrances. You get the best of both worlds by being able to quench your dry skin while enjoying the gentle aroma of its organic ingredients.

I must admit that while effective, this is one of the pricier stretch mark creams since a 4oz container will cost you around $25. Thankfully, you get your moneys worth since that container can last you up to three months.

How Real Moms Handled Having Stretch Marks

Read on to hear what The Bump Clubs real moms had to say about their stretch marks.

I just woke up with my first stretch mark, and Im freaking out. Ive been massaging my stomach with the Palmers Cocoa Butter Formula cream thats specifically for pregnant women. I know theyre one of those things that come with the territory however, Id like to do everything I can to keep them at a minimum.

I tried everything to prevent them with my first pregnancy, but that didnt help. What does help fade them is time. I started using Bio-Oil before I got pregnant again, and I think it helped with the appearance.

Neither of my grandmothers nor my mother got stretch marks, but I got them with my first pregnancy. I will say, though, that they do fade. You can hardly see mine anymore, and they were horrible and covered 90 percent of my stomach during my first pregnancy.

Please note: The Bump and the materials and information it contains are not intended to, and do not constitute, medical or other health advice or diagnosis and should not be used as such. You should always consult with a qualified physician or health professional about your specific circumstances.

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When And Where Do They Form

While stretch marks generally become visible during the later trimesters of pregnancy , some women will start to see them forming as soon as their bellies start growing. Most lighter-skinned women tend to develop pinkish stretch marks, whereas darker-skinned women tend to have stretch marks that are lighter than the surrounding skin. Their pattern of development follows three stages.

Why Use A Preventative Stretch Mark Cream

How to prevent pregnancy stretch marks

During pregnancy, stretch marks can develop on your breasts, belly, hips, butt, and thighs.

The truth is, while theres not a ton of research on the effectiveness of topical treatments, its easier to prevent stretch marks than to minimize them once theyre fully formed.

You can start to apply a stretch mark cream as a preventative measure for best results, start as soon as you find out youre pregnant and continue after you give birth.

Using a stretch mark cream may not prevent or eliminate stretch marks entirely, but it might help to make them less pronounced and noticeable by improving skin elasticity and smoothing your skin.

Plus, using a stretch mark cream can be a fantastic way for you to get in touch with your body and give yourself some TLC throughout your pregnancy.

Try incorporating stretch mark cream application into an indulgent self-care routine, which may include self-massage, exfoliation, or a good old-fashioned bubble bath.

Decide if you want a cream that is scented or fragrance-free. Scan the ingredients list for potential irritants, especially if you have allergies or sensitivities. And while pregnant and breastfeeding, avoid products that contain retinoids.

Choose a product that contains ingredients such as:

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Vibrant Pregnancy Starter Kit

Pregnancy is difficult. Ive created a starter kit to make it easier and more vibrant. Get your Vibrant Pregnancy Starter Kit here.

Want more info on eating for a healthy baby? Check out the Beautiful Babies e-course, or book.

If you want to learn more about natural remedies for all those pesky pregnancy ailments check out Bump to Birth. Along with great recipes for stretch mark creams and oils she also has home cures for tons of pregnancy problems and overall pregnancy health. She covers everything from the first trimester to postnatal care such as anxiety, heartburn, sciatica, miscarriage, morning sickness, and perineal tear prevention. This is just a couple of the things too. Check her book out here!!!

Bonus: Slow And Steady Weight Changes

Rapid weight gain makes it more difficult to avoid stretch marks. Although weight gain is generally necessary, it is very helpful to gain it slow but steady during your pregnancy. You can toss out the notion of eating for two while pregnant and instead stick with guidelines for how many extra calories you need.

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Can You Safely Use Stretch

We at POPSUGAR recognize that people of many genders and identities have vaginas and uteruses and can get pregnant, not just those who are women. For this particular story, we interviewed experts who generally referred to people who can get pregnant as women.

Pregnant people already know of the laundry list of items they need to be cautious about when they’re pregnant. They’ve heard it many times before: lay off the booze, skip unpasteurized cheese, and avoid risky activities while expecting. But do they need to add stretch-mark creams to the list of things to be concerned about? With all the growing that comes with having a baby, it’s a question that has likely crossed many bump-sporting minds.

Is It Possible To Get Rid Of Stretch Marks After Pregnancy

The 16 Best Ways to Prevent &  Heal Stretchmarks After ...

Well, this is the bad news: Like any scar, stretch marks are permanent. Youll never be able to get rid of them completely.

We know this might be disappointing. It can be a hard thing to accept that your body has changed forever, even if the change occurred due to something as amazing as childbirth.

But heres some good news: Most stretch marks will fade naturally on their own after your baby is born. Not only that, but you can make them even less noticeable with different treatments.

. So, if you can, try to start your treatment early.

Dont get discouraged if you didnt know, though. Its not too late to start.

Not every treatment will work the same for everyone. Thats why its a good idea to talk with your dermatologist or doctor. They can discuss the different options with you and help you figure out what might work best for you and your skin.

Here are a few options that you might look into:

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Easy Ways To Prevent Stretch Marks During Pregnancy

January 7, 2020 By Megan I may receive a commission if you purchase something mentioned in this post. See more details here.

We all dread them. and yet we are told there is nothing we can do to prevent stretch marks. Its genetic. You either get them or you dont. Though I dont completely disagree with this statement, I know there are things you can do to prevent stretch marks. Perhaps some peoples skin is miraculously more stretchy than yours but if you are genetically predisposed to stretch marks there are still options for you.

Stretch marks are something we generally accept as a given. You either have elastic skin or not. If you are lucky enough to have elastic skin you wont get stretch marks right? Wrong.Of course there is something you can do about stretch marks that is if you can change the elasticity of your skin. So how do we do it?

I have taken a lot of this information from the e-book Bump to Birth. This is a wonderful resource for mothers to be looking for more natural cures for all your pregnancy ailmentsincluding stretch marks.

When To Start Using Anti Stretch Mark Creams

From a physiological perspective, stretch marks result from stretching the centre and internal layers of the pores and skin because of pregnancy, puberty, rapid growth, and sudden weight gain or weight training. About 70% of pregnant women have stretch marks.

Although there is a not so low percentage of women who do not get them, it is important always to take care of the skin to avoid them if they appear. How? The first thing that must be clear is that to mitigate the discomfort and reduce all these changes in the skin, it is essential to moisturise it with some specific creams constantly.

As soon as we become pregnant, the changes we notice are minimal or even, on some occasions, non-existent. However, using anti-stretch mark creams as soon as possible is the most appropriate thing to do.

It is advisable to use anti-stretch mark creams once a day from the first week of pregnancy to the first two months of pregnancy and then, approximately in week 10, twice a day to achieve the elastic and toned skin you want. Then, your skin will prepare for all the changes that will happen if you get into the habit sooner.

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