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How To Take Flattering Pregnancy Photos At Home

The Best Time to take Pregnancy Photos

As someone who has been posing and lighting pregnancy photo shoots for over 15 years I know that there will be women out there desparate to record their pregnancy but currently unable to get to a photographer due to the lock down. So I wanted to give you a few very important pointers when asking your other half to take a photo of you and your bump, in order to make sure you look your best and dont feel you look like a whale even if you may feel like one!!

Oak Canyon Nature Center Anaheim Ca

With plenty of cool, shaded area and beautiful leafy trees, Oak Canyon is perfect for those who prefer a more woodsy look for their maternity session. It is especially beautiful in the cooler months of fall and winter.

to see more images from Jamies session at Oak Canyon Nature Center.Address: 6700 E Walnut Canyon Rd, Anaheim, CA 92807Permit Fee: $25/hr

How To Take A Pregnancy Silhouette Photo

When I was 36 weeks pregnant I wanted to recreate this picture from Kelly Hicks Photography. Before whipping out my fancy camera, I thought I’d see if I could get a similar look with my iPhone. And sure enough! With a little bit of work, apps, and an iPhone camera ), this is what I got. Every week I post a bump shot, but today’s 36 week photo got quite a bit of a response on and . And many of you wanted to know how I captured it. It wasn’t as hard as you might think, here’s what to do!

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Plan Your Session Around 6

Your belly will grow and you will feel heavier every day and also less willing to do anything. I tend to photograph maternity sessions now around 8 weeks before due date. The belly is nice, but not massive and mums feel more willing to do poses and experiment with ideas.

Ideas on some poses and set ups at home.

Here I wanted to photograph both the child and the family altogether in a bedroom. The toddler really loved the camera so I gave him mine to keep him entertained. To keep a toddlers attention is a whole other class!

TIP: Take as many photos as you can. As a professional photographer, I tweak everything until Im happy and then I start shooting. For you, I would recommend that you take more photographs with lots of variations so that you have more choices later. I always say it doesnt cost you anything to take more images. You will just spend longer choosing the ones you like.

Try different angles.

Try to photograph from above too. Its not easy, but sometimes it can result in some nice images which will show your belly well from an unusual angle.

Play with creating silhouette images.

One of the most popular ideas you can do at home is to create silhouette images. These can feature either the mum-to-be alone, couples or the whole family.

On the sofa.

What Trimester Is Best To Book A Maternity Photo Session

When to Take Maternity Photos

The ideal time to schedule your maternity photo session is usually in the third trimester, between 26 and 34 weeks . Once youre in your last trimester, your belly starts to become more pronounced, with a nice round shape. But this time can vary depending on your body. If youre a first time mom, you typically wont show as quickly, so you can book your session towards the end of that window. If youve been pregnant before, you usually show a bit faster, so you can book your session in the earlier timeframe.

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Cute Maternity Shoot Props

A well-stocked prop trunk is one of the most important portrait photography accessories. Make sure you have some of these ones on hand.

  • Incorporate the familyâs hobbies in your maternity photography. Are they baseball fans? How about adding a tiny jersey as a prop?

  • A tried-and-true favorite maternity photo shoot prop is an ultrasound image. These are always a beautiful choice because they are so personal. After all, it is the first photo ever taken of their little one.

  • Books are an awesome prop, because they can range from funny , to personal, like momâs favourite book from childhood.

  • Blooms are a beautiful symbol of new life, and you can work with your clients to incorporate flowers that have special meaning to them.

Tell The Model To Look Away From The Camera

Eyes catch the viewers attention. Thats why theyre often the focus of portrait photography. However, in maternity portraits, you want viewers to notice the beauty of the pregnancy first and foremost. If the model looks directly at the camera, her eyes will likely distract the viewer and weaken the images overall power.

In addition, looking away from the camera can help some models feel more comfortable, as its less intimate. If youre holding a good conversation, she might even forget that youre shooting photos, leading to more natural-looking portraits.

patricia cumplido 7 months with Memphis

Federica Giordano Love and other stories II

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Comfort And Safety First

This might actually be the most important takeaway from all the maternity photography tips: Whether youre doing this professionally or not, the comfort and safety of the mom-to-be should always come first.

Get to understand the intricacies of pregnancy. Every womans symptoms are different be aware that they can encompass everything from back pain to swollen ankles .

The key is to be empathetic toward your client and always check their comfort levels with every location and pose.

And, yes there will be plenty of bathroom breaks, so factor those into your schedule!

Let’s Recap: 11 Tips For A Diy Maternity Photo Shoot

  • Get your partner or friend to move the camera to different angles
  • If you dont have help, move your body, not the camera.
  • Invest in a small cell phone tripod
  • Use timer mode, plus a wireless shutter remote
  • Lighting is the most important thing. Use bright, natural window lighting when indoors and open shade when outdoors.
  • Keep your background clean and simple
  • Natural, comfortable poses work best. Moving your body helps.
  • Use props if you feel awkward just posing on your own
  • Wear whatever you want, but keep in mind that all white, all black or patterned clothes are more difficult to capture on camera
  • If youre including kids and/or pets, set up the shot beforehand to minimize in-between time.

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Guide To Maternity Photography Capturing The Beauty Of Pregnancy

Pregnancy is a strange and wonderful experience. It brings with it so many questions, expectations, and yes, physical changes.

Its no wonder so many women want to immortalise the memory with a maternity photo session.

Maternity photography has its own set of unique challenges. Among them, making every client look and feel both beautiful and comfortable an art that requires you to pay attention to the subtleties of the pregnant form.

So, if youre a photographer looking to get into the genre, this guide is for you!

Well look at photography tips and maternity photo ideas, as well as some tips for pregnant women who might be considering a maternity photoshoot long before the arrival of their baby.

Lets get started.

  • Final Words
  • When Do You Take Maternity Pictures Best Time

    Pregnancy is a very special time in a womans life when she experiences many different feelings, from the joy of being pregnant to the fear of labor and delivery. In order to capture these emotions, it is important for expecting mothers to take maternity pictures when they are feeling strong and happy. While there isnt one right answer when should you take your maternity pictures because every pregnancy journey is different, here are a few steps that can help guide you through this decision-making process:

    1) Decide when you want your picture taken2) Determine whether or not you need professional photography services3) Figure out where on your body will be shown in the photograph

  • How long does paternity leave last?
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    Shoot Outdoors During The Golden/blue Hour

    The beautiful lighting and atmosphere of the Golden Hour and the Blue Hour arent just great for photography. They can also be mood boosters, helping your model to relax and enjoy the photo shoot. With such lovely surroundings, its easier to feel at ease and believe that the portraits will be gorgeous.

    Your model might also feel better at the beginning or end of the day, depending on her schedule, her bodys rhythm, and the time of year. Hopefully, one or the other will work well with her energy levels.

    If neither does , skip the Golden/Blue Hour and settle for a beautiful location instead. After all, having a model who feels good is more valuable than having golden light. You can always adjust the lighting adjusting a models mood or energy level is more difficult.

    Matthew Coughlin 214/365 Journey of Motherhood

    Federica Giordano Love and other stories

    Jeffrey Open Space Trail Irvine Ca

    50 Cute Maternity Photo Ideas to Try in 2020

    Lush green meadows and tall trees are noteworthy features of Jeffrey Open Space in Irvine. The park is easily accessible and provides beautiful backgrounds for maternity photos.

    To see more maternity photos taken at Jeffrey Open Space, please click here.Address: 13252 Jeffrey Rd, Irvine, CA 92620Permit Fee: None

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    You And Your Beautiful Growing Belly Are The Stars Of Your Maternity Photos Here Are A Few Additional Suggestions To Make This Special Moment In Your Life Memorable

    • Solid colored shirts focus the attention on your tummys shape and glowing expression.
    • Avoid big floral prints, swirls, plaids and stripes.Large patterns distract.
    • Black clothing gives you a slim silhouette.
    • Form-fitting clothes with a little stretch will compliment your figure rather than loose clothing.
    • Long sleeves tend to be the most flattering, but sleeveless and spaghetti straps work well. Avoid t-shirt length sleeves.
    • If you want to show your bare belly, consider wearing a top and skirt or pants that wont leave binding marks across your tummy.
    • Silk and cotton fabrics drape beautifully around a pregnant body.
    • Empire-waist blouses and dresses, button-up shirts, tank tops, long drawstring skirts and tie dresses can really enhance your blossoming shape.
    • Dark jeans and black tapering yoga pants make your legs look long and slim.
    • Don’t forget the feet. Pick your footwear depending on your clothing. If your toes are exposed in a sandal-style, you might want to get a pedicure.
    • If you choose tighter clothing, consider your undergarments with the style of clothing you choose to wear. You might not want lines showing through your clothing.
    • When choosing ways to show your style, consider a cheerful scarf, or sweater – even chunky jewelry can add fun splashes of color.

    Choose A Location For A Maternity Session

    The possibilities are endless with maternity sessions, from stunning outdoor locals like beaches and wide open fields at golden hour to incredible indoor masterpieces on seamless paper in dramatic gowns you really cant go wrong!

    Take advantage of the beautiful natural landmarks around where you live and dont be too shy to get in the water or lay down low on the ground to get the shot!

    Just be mindful of the comfort of the mommy to be and her baby bump long walks uphill or over uneven terrain may be out of her comfort zone this late into pregnancy and you should never ask your clients to do things that make them uncomfortable or put them in any danger.

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    When To Take Maternity Photos With Multiples

    If youre expecting multiples, you should take maternity photos during your second trimester. Your belly will appear bigger during the second trimester since youre carrying more than one. We suggest taking photos at 24 weeks while youre still comfortable and can move around with ease.

    Precious Frame

    Help The Mother Prepare For The Maternity Session

    Best Time to Take Pregnancy Photos

    Schedule the maternity shoot at the best time frame to make sure you provide the ultimate comfort and mobility for your client.

    Dont forget to advise mothers to moisturize their nice round belly bump for soft, glowing skin, and instruct them to get a good nights sleep to make sure they feel comfortable to move around. Remind them not to wear tight clothing to their maternity photo session. This can leave marks on the skin that are hard to retouch in your maternity photos.

    Establish a wardrobe with a variety of comfortable yet belly bump-friendly outfit choices. Always choose simple clothes that can accentuate the subjects body. Avoid distracting patterns and stick with small or solid prints instead so that the bump can truly shine.

    You can offer hair and makeup styling services to make mothers look and feel their best for the photos, no matter how many weeks remain in their pregnancy.

    Rainiers Photography

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    How To Take Maternity Photos

    This article was co-authored by Vlad Horol. Vlad Horol is a Professional Photographer and the Co-Founder of Yofi Photography, his portrait photography studio based in Chicago, Illinois. He and his wife Rachel specialize in capturing maternity, newborn, and family photos. He has been practicing photography full-time for over five years. His work has been featured in VoyageChicago and Hello Dear Photographer.There are 8 references cited in this article, which can be found at the bottom of the page. This article has been viewed 10,649 times.

    Maternity photos aim to capture life-changing and significant moments in parenthood and motherhood. Before your little one arrives on the scene, consider preserving your experience with some thoughtful, beautiful photos that showcase your baby bump. Plan to schedule your photo shoot when your bump is showing and you are still feeling comfortable. If you plan ahead with your photographer and family and take the time to consider your outfits, your poses, and what you want to capture, you will have beautiful maternity photos that you and your family will cherish.

    Big Sister/big Brother Bonding

    Why it works: Do we really need to explain? Older kids can’t wait for their siblings to arrive, so be sure to capture that excitementbefore any rivalry sets in!

    Pro tip: “Play with kids during photo shoots,” Kansas-based photographer Chelsea Donoho says. “Encourage them to imagine and sing and dance and be silly and then be ready to snap a ton of photos of whatever happens. If they’re having fun, the photos will radiate sweetness and joy. Also, don’t forget snacks!”

    Level of difficulty: Medium. Of course, your success will depend on the mood of your pint-size model, but if you have the patience to take lots and lots of images, you’re bound to end up with a winner.

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    Holding A Maternity Photo Session Earlier Than 36 Weeks

    Theres a reason to break every rule, and maternity photos are no exception.While theres an ideal schedule for a maternity shoot, every woman may experience body changes differently, so there are situations where a photographer can take maternity photos earlier.

    • Expecting multiples: If your client is carrying more than one, schedule the maternity shoot as early as the second trimester or around 13 to 24 weeks of the pregnancy, even if the little ones are still weeks away from being born!
    • High-risk pregnancies: High-risk pregnancies have become more common as medical breakthroughs empower people to choose parenthood later in life. Though most high-risk pregnancies go smoothly, the second trimester is the best window to take maternity photos of a high-risk client.

    Rainiers Photography

    • For announcements: If the family wants to use maternity photos for announcements or other printed products, do the maternity shoot no later than the beginning of their third trimester or around weeks 27 to 28. Modify the timeline according to your turnaround time.

    Build Up The Maternity Poses

    5 Tips for Taking Maternity Photos

    You can easily build and get various poses all without having to move your clients very much. Keeping your clients in one spot also allows your client to relax. It can be tiring to walk around a lot while being 8 months pregnant.

    For example, start with the couple facing each other and with the outside hand embracing the belly. From there, you can ask your clients to look down, then look at each other. Have the dad look at the belly and the mom at the camera, hug a little tighter, kiss, or hold hands.

    Another example is having the dad behind the mom and with the hands close to the camera holding the bottom of the belly.

    From there, you can have the dad kissing the mom on the temple while the mom is looking down. They can hold hands, or like the example, hold the props that they brought to the session. Use longer lenses to get close up shots and far away shots for variety.

    For each variation, take about four to five so that you can ensure you got at least one great photo from each pose.

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    Mission San Juan Capistrano San Juan Capistrano Ca

    Most commonly use for engagement sessions, the Mission in San Juan Capistrano is no doubt a beautiful place to capture your maternity photos. The variety of nature and architecture allow for different styles and looks as well, from bright and airy to dramatically lit.

    To see more images from Raquels maternity session at the Mission in San Juan Capistrano, please click here.26801 Ortega Hwy, San Juan Capistrano, CA 92675Permit Fee: $50

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