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What Your Partner Or Support Person Should Pack

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If you have a partner or support person attending the birth and staying in the hospital or birthing center with you, remind them to pack some things as well. In addition to clothes and toiletries , here are some things to bring.

  • Lots of snacks! Try to pack something from each of these categories: salty , sweet , protein and healthy/fresh . The laboring parent will appreciate these post-birth too. During Covid-19, most hospitals arent allowing people to leave and come back, so the snacks you bring will be extra important! Also look into restaurants nearby that deliver. And bring a reusable water bottle.
  • Book/iPad/laptop/headphones & general entertainment. Download a few new podcasts to listen to in case there is some down time.
  • A lightweight sleeping bag and pillow. Hospital sheets and pillows can be scratchy and thin.

Once you pack your bag, youll be all set to head to the hospital when baby is ready to come.

What To Pack In A Hospital Bag For Mom

  • A warm robe It doesnt matter if its new or old, just make sure its comfy and you are willing to sacrifice it.
  • Layered lightweight comfy clothing I cannot stress the comfy thing enough. Also, hospital temperatures can greatly vary so its good to have some layerable items like a cardigan. Its also a good idea to pack a few nightgowns of your own because they will make you feel human, unlike the hospital ones.
  • Going home outfit because after it all, you and your new baby get to finally go home together! Remember you will likely still have a bit of bump, so plan this outfit accordingly.
  • 2 or 3 pairs of socks You will hopefully get to do some walking during and after labor around the hospital halls.
  • Slippers & Flip Flops Your feet are going to be swollen. Im sorry to be the one to break it to you that this probably wont go away right after labor either, so these will be your best shoe options. Plus, remember those dorm room showers? Well, the hospital showers have the possibility of being just as bad so flip flops are required.
  • Purse/wallet

Two Bring Home Baby Outfits

I brought a super cute little fox onesie to bring my baby home in, complete with a matching baby beanie.

My baby was nearly 10lbs at birth, and as much as I tried to fit my little chunk-a-munk into that newborn onesie, there was just no way.

He never fit in a newborn size at all. We detoured straight to the 3mo sizes.

This was fine, except my baby came home in a diaper and hospital baby tee.

Now I say bring 2 outfits, one in a newborn size and one in 3mo old size.

This isnt a total necessity if youre giving birth in a hospital, but if youre going to be at a birthing center, they may not have any baby clothes at all.

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What Should Be On My Hospital Bag Checklist During The Covid

While COVID restrictions may change who is allowed to be in the delivery room and who can visit you and the baby in the hospital, you wont need to add anything specific to your hospital bag checklist because of the coronavirus pandemic. However, you may want to pack a favorite face mask or your own travel-sized hand sanitizer.

Hand And Foot Print Kit

Baby Hospital Bag Must Havest: What you Really Need ...

Ask any new mama and shell tell you that those first few days/weeks/months go by in an absolute blur. Make sure you have a way to remember those tiny baby feet or hands. The BABYink Ink-Less Print Kit, $19.95 is a fab way to freeze time forever. Super lightweight, mess free and available in a range of colours, you can get your prints done and dusted while theyre bonafide newborn tiny and before #mumlife gets in the way.

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Comfortable Pillow From Home

While the hospital bed will come with a pillow or two, a ton of moms recommend bringing your own. Hospital pillows have a reputation for being flimsy, and youll want to be as comfortable as possible for delivery. If your current pillow isnt cutting it, this Casper Sleep Pillow will give you both support and comfort when you need it most.

Dimensions: 26 x 18 x 5 inches

Weight: 3.5 pounds

I brought my pillow and Im so glad I did, as sucked!JZEESKY318

I wish I had brought my own pillow! The hospitals suck and its so nice to have something comforting and familiar to you at the hospital. I bet this seems like a no brainer to some but when I had my first it was the last thing on my mind to bring as I was rushing to get out the door to the hospital!Halliesmomma12

Ner Hospital Bag Checklist

Encourage your partner to pack their own bag of essentials for the birth.While they wont need quite as much as you and the baby, having their own gear on hand can make the time at the hospital much easier.At a minimum, we suggest they pack:

  • Change of clothes
  • Cell phone charger
  • Entertainment
  • Snacks and water

If your partner plans on staying with you after the birth, theyll need to include a pillow, blanket, eye mask, earplugs, and toiletries in their kit.Sometimes, though, if you live close to the hospital, the nurses will encourage your partner to go home and get a good nights sleep so they can come back fresh in the morning. This is especially common if you plan on breastfeeding your little one.The nurses will be there to help you, so your partner may have nothing to do. Theyre better off recuperating at home so they can support you the next day when you need it the most.Talk to your doctor and the hospital about what they recommend and then your partner can pack their bag accordingly.

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Necessities For Your Partner

On top of bringing all the normal overnight stuff , your partner should be in charge of important paperwork / insurance cards / identification / etc. Depending on how nice the sleeping situation is, they might want to consider bringing a pillow from home as hospital pillows arent the most comfortable. Check out our full checklist here.

The last step after zipping up your hospital bag is to throw it in the car or leave it by the front door — and wait patiently for babys arrival! Good luck to you, mama. Youve got this!

Tips For Packing Your Hospital Bag

WHAT’S IN MY HOSPITAL BAG 2020 | First Time Mom MUST HAVES For Labor & Delivery | 38 Weeks Pregnant

I love Vera Bradley overnight bags mainly because they are WASHABLE. After leaving the hospital, you can just throw the whole bag in the washing machine to make sure there are not crazy hospital germs left on your luggage.

You can pack your babys items in your bag or bring a separate diaper bag for your baby if you prefer. I love this diaper bag backpack from RUVALINO. I have the light gray one. Its spacious without being too bulky. There are plenty of compartments for all your baby items and to help you stay organized.

Start packing a hospital bag early. Not TOO early but I would recommend having something ready to go by 35 weeks JUST IN CASE.

There are some things you wont be able to pack right away because you still need them.

I kept a list next to my overnight bag with all these items so I wouldnt forget to grab them before leaving for the hospital.

Most women can be discharged 24-48 hours after an uncomplicated vaginal delivery. If there are any complications or you have a c-section, whether planned or unexpected, you will be in the hospital a few extra days.

I stayed in the hospital more than three days for both of my pregnancies.

I would recommend packing enough for three or four days just in case.

If youre trying to get more organized during your pregnancy, find out how to make your own prenatal planner.

I hope this list helped as you prepare to pack your hospital bag!

What other helpful items are you planning to bring with you when you give birth?

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Hospital Bag Checklist: Twin Mom Must

Packing your hospital bag for labor and birth is an exciting but often daunting prospect. To make the process a little easier, weve asked our community of veteran twin moms what they considered a must-have item during their hospital stay from the items they couldnt live without, to the items they regretted leaving at home, weve got a list of 24 hospital bag essentials you might not have considered packing.

Items Not On My Hospital Bag Checklist

  • Depends I absolutely plan on using these at home, but the hospital provides all the pads, ice packs, cooling spray, etc that you need so I am going to save space in my bag and use what the hospital provides.
  • Non slip socks The hospital provides these too!
  • My own pillow or pillow case I am not very picky about this, so bringing my pillow or pillow case isnt important to me. That being said, I know some people are very particular, so if you are then you should totally bring your pillow from home.

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What You Dont Need

The hospital should provide you with everything you need for your post-delivery care as well as for your babys care. You shouldnt need to bring the following unless you have a strong preference for certain items.

  • Medications. The hospital will provide these if you need something, ask! You shouldnt be taking outside medications while you are an inpatient. However, have your significant other bring his own prescription medications and any over the counter medications he might need.
  • Depends. Some people like to have adult diapers or Depends for postpartum bleeding but I preferred wearing the disposable mesh underwear provided in the hospital. In my opinion, they are way more comfortable. They also pull up high so are good for after a c-section. As an alternative to the bulky diapers, you can try disposable underwear like Always Discreet.
  • Pads. The hospital will provide you with plenty of these. Save yours for when you get home.
  • Peri bottle
  • Formula/bottles
  • Nipple cream. The hospital should be able to provide you with lanolin cream.
  • Breast pump. You can use one of the hospitals breast pumps instead of bringing your own supplies if needed. If you havent ordered your pump yet, the lactation consultant at the hospital should be able to get you one and bill your insurance.

A Sleep Mask That Fights Wrinkles

Hospital Bag Must


Rest is so important for new moms, even if that means trying to sleep in a bustling, bright hospital. Dont expect your room to come with blackout curtains, says Levinson. When she gives birth again in December, Levinson is planning on bringing the Dr. Harris silk sleep mask. It features strategically placed silicon dots that help the muscles on your face relax, she explains. Not only does it feel soothing, but it also prevents wrinklesobviously this is not a concern during birth, but its not a bad perk!

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Hospital Bag Checklist For Labor And Delivery

Important Documents: Bring copies of your birth plan , a picture ID, health insurance information, and hospital registration forms. Even if you’ve already registered at the hospital, some need to confirm your records before they can admit you.

Cash and Change: Bring at least $20 in cash and change for snacks, gift store runs, and any of your miscellaneous cravings. Because…hospital food.

Smartphone and Charger: We know, you’re never without your phone. But be sure you pack chargers in the hospital bag, too. Besides needing a phone for obvious reasons you’ll want to download helpful apps, like a contraction timer and white noise.

Music, Movies, and Magazines: Load up your smartphone or tablet with tunes and anything you might want to binge-watch on Netflix. It’ll help district youand your partnerduring a long labor.

Relaxation Tools: A homemade hot pack can bring you instant relief during active labor because it molds to your bodyand it can easily be warmed up in the hospital’s microwave. Other items to pack in the hospital bag for labor: a back massager, stress-relieving squeeze ball, and massage oil or lotion.

Soft Pillow: The pillows in the hospitals may be uncomfortable, and bringing one you’re familiar with may help you relax. Don’t forget one for your partner, too, if they’re planning on spending the night.

Flip-Flops: Pack flip-flops for the shower or to wear home if your feet are swollen.

Taking A Hospital Tour

Schedule a tour of the hospital where you plan to give birth a month or two in advance of your due datemost hospitals recommend you tour the facilities at around 32 weeks.

On the tour, a guide will show you where to park, where to check in and what the delivery rooms look like. Theyll also go over labor and delivery options available to you, and show you the recovery rooms. Dont be afraid to ask questions, and if you have a birth plan, bring it with you .

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Hospital Bag Must Haves For Baby & You

34 weeks pregnant as I write out my hospital bag must-haves because I dont feel I will make it until my due date! I gave birth to my son Lucas at 38 weeks on the dot! I went into labor when I was 37 weeks 6days pregnant. I want to make sure I am ready for little one young number twos arrival because now having a toddler & still unpacking our home some-what I feel so unorganized!

This post is also in collaboration with another mama blogger, Jannine Mackinnon! You can go check out her blog post once youve gotten to the end of this post! We have been friends since our sons were wee little potatoes. We actually found out we were pregnant within the same week! However, she is 39 weeks pregnant and expecting a baby girl.

So here I am, writing to you all today to keep myself on track & to help any of you expecting mothers out! I hope my hospital bag must haves help you out on your big day in the delivery room, postpartum & for baby!! Ive decided to start with baby must-haves for the hospital for my post as

Hanes Women’s French Terry Pant

Whats in my hospital bag 2020 1! Maternity must haves!!

While leggings might have been your loungewear uniform before you were expecting, youll want to prioritize total comfort right after giving birth. Moms swear by wearing as-loose-as-possible clothing for the trip home to go easy on your body. If youre in need of a new pair of loose bottoms, these cozy terry Hanes sweatpants are a tried-and-true comfy option. Some moms also recommend bringing an extra change of clothes or two, in case you get extra sweaty or leak extra fluids on your clothes after delivery.

My sister brought me clothes to change into, and even though she brought comfy sweats, they felt way too tight! I had to wear my hubbys 2XL gym shorts because any pressure on my abdomen was hell. So make sure you pack super loose/baggy clothing.Sopheroonie

Bring loose, comfy clothes that arent pre-pregnancy clothes. I took loose clothes but not loose enough. sdeb2019

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Baby Wipes And Nappies

Some hospitals will provide these, but its worth checking as many wont. Your average newborn goes through a super stack of nappies in the early days so it pays to be prepared. Babywipes make changing that first poo a little bit easier and can also be used for everything.

Youll know youre a bonafide mama when you catch yourself using your packet to clean your face, wipe down your hospital tray table and disinfect your partners manky mitts.

What Type Of Hospital Bag Do I Need

You can use whichever of your bags thatll do the job. You definitely dont have to spend money on a special bag to take into hospital. Why not save the cash for an extra cute babygrow or three instead.

Packing two bags might also work for you one for during labour and one for afterwards. Or you could go for a small suitcase it might sound crazy but the stuff you will need adds up. And, after all, you are packing for a possible overnight stay .

When your bag is packed, leave it by the front door so you dont forget it. Then let your birth partner or whoever is driving you to the hospital know where it is and whats in it. That way they can be ready to help as soon as you need them to.

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A Hydrating Face Mist For A Fragrant Pick

True Botanicals

Just like you would for any trip, try to pack your regular skincare routine. Sticking to your routine contributes to your mental health while going through one of the wildest experiences of your life, says Duren Conner, who especially loves spritzing on a face mist throughout labor. Its really nice since you likely arent getting out of the bed often, she says. This True Botanicals Nutrient Mist is perfect for when I need a quick jolt of freshness.

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