What Are The Odds Of Getting Pregnant On Nexplanon

When Youre Already Pregnant


Oh, yes, you read that right: You can get pregnant when youre already pregnant. Its called superfetation, and its very, very, very rare. It happens when a pregnant woman releases an egg a few weeks into her pregnancy and then has sex at just the right time. This is so rare that the majority of women, myself included, wont take precautions against it, but you should still know that its a thing.

So there you have it: seven ways you can get pregnant when youre least expecting it. Be aware, be careful, and use this information to be fully in charge of your reproductive health.

Implant Insertion And Removal Characteristics

Out of 301 insertions of the Nexplanon implant in a clinical trial, the mean insertion time was 27.9 ± 29.3 seconds. After insertion, 300 out of 301 Nexplanon implants were palpable. The single, non-palpable implant was not inserted according to the instructions.

For 112 out of 114 subjects in 2 clinical trials for whom insertion and removal data were available, Nexplanon implants were clearly visible with use of two-dimensional x-ray after insertion. The two implants that were not clearly visible after insertion were clearly visible with two-dimensional x-ray before removal.

What Could Cause Pregnancy

  • Unprotected sex within 2 weeks before or after the insertion or removal of your Nexplanon. Sperm can survive inside a womans body for up to five days. Protect yourself with a secondary birth control method.
  • Your Nexplanon is not properly inserted or may not have been inserted at all. Check your arm by using 2 fingers to feel the implant immediately after insertion as well as on a weekly basis to ensure that it is in place. If you cannot feel your implant, give your GYN a call as soon as possible.
  • You are using medications or supplements that affect the efficacy of Nexplanon. These are listed in section 7 of the prescribing info and include HIV and Hep C medications, certain seizure medications, and products containing St.Johns Wort.
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    Does The Morning After Pill Affect Fertility

    The short answer: The ‘morning after pill’ doesnt affect long-term future fertility.

    The long answer: Similar to the combined contraceptive pill, the ‘morning after pill’ is designed to prevent pregnancy by delaying or preventing ovulation. This method of emergency contraception has no effect on future fertility. There is no evidence to suggest that the morning after pill affects fertility in any way except by preventing pregnancy in the short-term as intended.

    When Using Condoms Improperly

    pregnant while on nexplanon

    They seem pretty easy to use, and hey, we all tested them out on bananas in Health class back in the day. How can anyone screw them up? Heres the short list: using them with oil-based lubricants, like petroleum jelly or coconut oil, which erode latex using expired condoms or any that have been exposed to extreme temperatures accidentally ripping them with teeth, scissors, or a nail when opening the packet not leaving enough room at the tip and not pulling out quickly enough after sex. Maybe thats not such a short list, after all.

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    Does The The Pill Affect Fertility

    The short answer: The pill doesnt affect future fertility.

    The long answer: The pill uses hormones to stop ovulation, as well as thickening the cervical mucus so sperm cant travel easily to fertilise the eggs.

    The pill doesnt have an effect on future fertility. Many women will return to their natural levels of hormone secretion very quickly after they stop taking the pill usually within a couple of days or weeks. However, it can take up to twelve months for a normal cycle to return. Studies suggest that between 79% and 96% of women are able to get pregnant within 12 months of going off the pill.

    Theres no evidence to suggest that the pill will cause infertility or long-term fertility issues.

    Implanon: 600 Pregnancies Despite Contraceptive Implant

    Nearly 600 women have become pregnant despite using a popular contraceptive implant, a health watchdog has said.

    There have also been more than 1,600 reports of adverse reactions to the Implanon device, which is designed to prevent pregnancy for three years.

    The NHS has been forced to pay compensation to several women because of the failures, Channel 4 News reported.

    1.4 million women have used Implanon, according to the Department of Health.

    The implant maker, MSD, said no contraceptive was 100% effective.

    It added that unwanted pregnancies may occur if the implant was not correctly inserted, and said it had a failure rate of less than 1% if inserted correctly.

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    How Does The Nexplanon Implant Work

    This birth control implant is tiny, like a matchstick, and is called Nexplanon. The name of the older version of Nexplanon is Implanon. The doctor or a healthcare worker will insert the implant under the skin of the upper arm and releases the hormone progestin, which stops the woman from getting pregnant.

    These hormones are present in the birth control implant, and can prevent pregnancy in 2 ways:

    • Progestin can stop the egg from leaving the ovaries , meaning there will be no egg to be fertilized. If the eggs arent released at all, a woman cannot get pregnant. The sperms that enter the body will have no egg to fertilize.
    • The hormone can also thicken the mucus in the cervix, which will stop the sperm from getting through to the egg. Again, if the sperm doesnt meet the egg, there will be no fertilization.

    The good thing about implants is that it can last for a good amount of time as long as five years. However, it isnt permanent. If a woman decides to remove the implant or have children, then it is easy to remove.

    The fertility period resumes after that, and a woman can get pregnant anytime after. It is important to understand that these implants only prevent pregnancy but do not protect against sexually transmitted diseases. Using a preventive barrier like condoms can prevent the chances of contracting STDs.

    What Happens When The Implant Is Inserted

    Trying To Get Pregnant After Nexplanon Removal

    A doctor uses a special device to place the implant under the skin of the arm. Insertion is really fast and arm is numbed so it wont hurt.

    First, the doctor will ask some questions about the health to see if the implant is a good method. Also, a physical examination is done. The doctor gives a shot to numb a small area of the arm. Then, a special inserter tool to slide the implant under the skin. Putting the implant in only takes a few minutes.

    Most people just feel a little pinch or stinging when getting the numb shot. After that, we shouldnt be able to feel the implant being inserted. After the pain medication has worn off, the arm may ache a little where the implant was inserted but it goes away quickly.

    May get some tenderness or swelling around the implant for a few days and it may look bruised for a week or two. The doctor will tell how to wash and take care of the skin around the implant for the first couple of days.

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    The Effects Of Contraception On Future Fertility Sep 09 2019

    Blog Fertility

    If youre considering trying to conceive soon, its important to choose a method of contraception that matches your plan. Most contraception methods dont have a long-term effect on future fertility, but some can cause a delay in returned fertility after you stop using them.

    Its also important to remember that while many contraceptives stop ovulation, they dont press pause on your ovaries. Your eggs aren’t being released but they’re still ageing with you! We encourage you to consider factors that regularly affect fertility, like age and overall health, when youre considering your fertility plans. It’s also important to look at other risks associated with each contraceptive method before choosing your contraception. Here, we’re only discussing how each contraceptive method, used correctly and with no complications, could affect your return to fertility.

    Can I Have The Implant After Emergency Contraception

    After taking levonorgestrel as emergency contraception the implant can be inserted immediately. You should avoid sex or use a barrier method of contraception for 7 days. In addition you should take a pregnancy test 3 weeks or so after the time you had unprotected sex.

    If you took ulipristal acetate the implant should be inserted 5 days after taking the tablet. You should avoid having unprotected sex or use a barrier method of contraception until the implant is inserted and for 7 days after. You should also take a pregnancy test no sooner than 3 weeks after the last time you had unprotected sex.

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    Carcinoma Of The Breast And Reproductive Organs

    Women who currently have or have had breast cancer should not use hormonal contraception because breast cancer may be hormonally sensitive . Some studies suggest that the use of combination hormonal contraceptives might increase the incidence of breast cancer however, other studies have not confirmed such findings.

    Some studies suggest that the use of combination hormonal contraceptives is associated with an increase in the risk of cervical cancer or intraepithelial neoplasia. However, there is controversy about the extent to which these findings are due to differences in sexual behavior and other factors.

    Women with a family history of breast cancer or who develop breast nodules should be carefully monitored.

    Before You Begin Trying

    Has Anyone Gotten Pregnant On Nexplanon

    Not getting your period after stopping birth control isnât necessarily a sign you canât get pregnant. You might ovulate without getting your period. If you ovulate, you can get pregnant.

    An ovulation predictor test can tell you if youâre ovulating. You can buy one at a drugstore. There are also apps you can download that can help you figure it out.

    If your body temperature goes up a little bit, that can be a sign of ovulation. So can cervical mucus thatâs stickier or more like raw egg whites.

    If youâve recently quit using birth control and youre not ready to get pregnant right away, use a backup method .

    If youâve been trying to get pregnant for 6 months or longer, make an appointment to talk to your doctor. Most women successfully conceive within a year of trying. But itâs still a good idea to discuss whether there are steps you can take to make conception more likely.

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    Obstetrics & Gynecology: âRate of Pregnancy After Using Drospirenone and Other Progestin-Containing Oral Contraceptives.â

    Kaiser Permanente: âGetting Pregnant After Stopping Birth Control,â âThe Birth Control Patch.â

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    What Happens To Your Body After Implant Removal

    Overall, you should feel completely normal after getting your implant taken out. Your arm may feel tender or swollen around where the implant was for a few days. It may look bruised for a week or two. Your doctor or nurse will tell you how to wash and take care of your skin for a couple of days after removal.

    How Well Does Implantable Contraception Work

    Implantable contraception is a very effective method of birth control. Over the course of 1 year, fewer than 1 out of 100 typical couples using the implant will have an accidental pregnancy. The chances of getting pregnant increase if a girl waits longer than 3 years to replace the tube. So it’s important to keep a record of when a tube was inserted, and:

    • Get a new contraceptive implant on schedule. or
    • Have the old tube removed and switch to another birth control method.

    In general, how well each birth control method works depends on a lot of things. These include whether a girl has any health conditions or is taking medicines or herbal supplements that might affect its use. For example, some antibiotics or herbs like St. John’s wort can affect how well implantable contraception works.

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    Great Long Term Protection

    Depending on where you are in your menstrual cycle when you get the implant, it provides protection beginning either immediately or within a week of the date of insertion.

    Nexplanon remains effective for three to four years. You will want to keep track of the scheduled removal date and make an appointment with your doctor to remove it just before the expiration date. Once it expires, it no longer protects against pregnancy. To continue having effective birth control, you can have a new Nexplanon device implanted or begin using another form of birth control.

    How Is A Contraceptive Implant Fitted Or Removed

    Conceiving n Fertility Getting Pregnant after Nexplanon Implant Birth Control Removal x Conception

    A local anaesthetic is used to numb the area on the inside of your upper arm.

    The implant is then inserted under your skin it only takes a few minutes to put in and feels like having an injection. You wont need any stitches after your implant has been fitted.

    Nexplanon works for 3 years before it needs to be replaced. You can use this method until you reach the menopause, when a womans monthly periods stop naturally.

    The implant can be removed at any time by a specially trained doctor or nurse. It only takes a few minutes to remove, and a local anaesthetic will be used. The doctor or nurse will make a tiny cut in your skin to gently pull the implant out.

    As soon as the implant has been removed, youll no longer be protected against pregnancy.

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    Nexplanon Birth Control Study Seeks Participants

    UC Davis Health is now enrolling women in a new study to extend Nexplanons use to five years. Nexplanon is a contraceptive implant that is inserted under the skin of the upper arm to provide birth control. The implant is currently approved for three years of use.

    This study will be an incredible benefit to women. The contraceptive implant is the most effective reversible method for preventing pregnancy, said Mitchell Creinin, family planning director at UC Davis Health. Extending the duration of use to five years allows users to require fewer procedures over time and to have control over if and when they become pregnant.

    Nexplanon is frequently recommended for use up to five years, despite its three-year label. Those recommendations are based on the real-world experiences of many women. Extending duration for the label would allow a single procedure to provide contraception for five instead of three years.

    The study is recruiting potential participants using the following criteria:

    • Currently using Nexplanon for almost 3 years
    • Desiring to continue using their Nexplanon for up to two more years
    • Sexually active with a male
    • 35 years or younger at enrollment
    • No weight restrictions

    For more information or to sign up, contact 916-734-6846 or email

    Media Contact

    How Would I Know I Was Pregnant If I Use The Contraceptive Implant

    A missed period isnt a good indicator of pregnancy when you are using the contraceptive implant. This is because the implant often makes periods lighter or more irregular, and women often find that their periods stop completely while they have the implant. However, some women find the opposite can occur, and they may have heavier, longer periods.

    However, on the very rare chance that you become pregnant while using the contraceptive implant, there are a number of signs you could look for. These may include a change in the pattern of your periods , tender breasts, tiredness, or nausea. The easiest and safest way to check if you are concerned you are pregnant is to take a pregnancy test.

    If you do become pregnant while using the implant, it is important to see your doctor as soon as you can. Equally, if you develop stomach pain, you must see your doctor urgently to rule out any chance of an ectopic pregnancy. There is good evidence to show that implants do not cause birth defects and will not cause harm to a developing pregnancy. However, it is suggested that in this situation the implant is removed as soon as possible.6

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    How Effective Is The Implant

    The implant is one of the best birth control methods out there its more than 99% effective. That means fewer than 1 out of 100 people who use Nexplanon will get pregnant each year. It doesnt get much better than that.

    The implant is so effective because there’s no chance of making a mistake. Since its in your arm, you cant forget to take it, or use it incorrectly. It protects you from pregnancy all day, every day for up to 5 years. If you decide you want to get pregnant, a nurse or doctor can take it out and you can get pregnant right away.

    The implant doesnt protect you from STDs, so use condoms along with the implant to help protect you from both pregnancy and STDs. Thats how you make sex worry-free.

    Complications Of Insertion And Removal

    Has Anyone Gotten Pregnant On Nexplanon

    Nexplanon should be inserted subdermally so that it will be palpable after insertion, and this should be confirmed by palpation immediately after insertion. Failure to insert Nexplanon properly may go unnoticed unless it is palpated immediately after insertion. Undetected failure to insert the implant may lead to an unintended pregnancy. Complications related to insertion and removal procedures, such as pain, paresthesias, bleeding, hematoma, scarring or infection, may occur.

    If Nexplanon is inserted deeply , neural or vascular injury may occur. To help reduce the risk of neural or vascular injury, Nexplanon should be inserted subdermally just under the skin at the inner side of the non-dominant upper arm overlying the triceps muscle about 8-10 cm from the medial epicondyle of the humerus and 3-5 cm posterior to the sulcus between the biceps and triceps muscles. This location is intended to avoid the large blood vessels and nerves lying within and surrounding the sulcus. Deep insertions of Nexplanon have been associated with paresthesia , migration of the implant , and intravascular insertion. If infection develops at the insertion site, start suitable treatment. If the infection persists, the implant should be removed. Incomplete insertions or infections may lead to expulsion.

    Implant removal may be difficult or impossible if the implant is not inserted correctly, is inserted too deeply, not palpable, encased in fibrous tissue, or has migrated.

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