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You might want to see a doctor before treating hemorrhoids at home. Thatll make sure you get a perfect diagnosis and understand the proper treatment options available for the problem. During pregnancy always speak to your doctor before taking any medication, including those you can apply to your skin. Thatll make sure treatments dont pose a risk to your baby.

Your doctor might be capable to recommend a safe laxative or a suppository to relieve constipation. And witch hazel might also be a treatment for hemorrhoids but always talk to your doctor about this first.

Some prescriptions for an oral cure, like hydramine trusted source are available for treating this problem, but they might be not safe for pregnancy and breastfeeding. Tropical treatments available over the counter or by prescription might help hemorrhoids, but they might not be safe for pregnancy. Ensure to discuss them with your doctor.

These topical medications might include pain-relieving and anti-inflammatory ingredients.

Medical Hemorrhoids treatments in the third trimester:

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Why Are Hemorrhoids More Common During Pregnancy

Some people are predisposed to them, but for most women, hemorrhoids are more common during pregnancy. One reason is that moms-to-be frequently find themselves dealing with constipation. The straining causes blood vessels to become swollen, says Candice Wood, MD, an assistant clinical professor at the University of Arizona and Banner University Medical Center Phoenix. In addition, higher progesterone levels cause the vessels to relax and swell.

During pregnancy, a womans blood volume will also increase significantly, by about 50 percent. That means theres more circulating blood and fluid inside the veinsso the veins are bigger just from being pregnant. Exacerbating matters is that blood flow from the lower half of the body tends to be sluggish and obstructed because of the enlarged uterusand a growing baby puts even more pressure on the blood vessels. The weight of the baby and uterus on the rectum helps push hemorrhoids out. Thats why when moms-to-be have hemorrhoids, they tend to have the worst symptoms late in the third trimester. And guess what? Youre not the only one suffering silently back there: Almost all women have hemorrhoids during pregnancy to a greater or lesser degree, Minkin says.

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How Do You Check Your Stomach For Early Pregnancy

Walk your fingers up the side of her abdomen until you feel the top of her abdomen under the skin. It will feel like a hard ball. You can feel the top by curving your fingers gently into the abdomen. Figure 10.1 With the woman lying on her back, begin by finding the top of the uterus with your fingers.

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When Is Hemorrhoid Removal Necessary

Sometimes more invasive treatment is unavoidable. This is relatively rare, since hemorrhoid surgery is only needed for the most severe cases. However, our surgeons have the skill and experience necessary to perform a procedure for prolapse and hemorrhoids or hemorrhoidectomy during pregnancy if nothing else offers the same level of relief. This may occur if you experience no improvement after noninvasive treatments, uncontrolled bleeding, or a prolapsed hemorrhoid that cannot be replaced manually.

Will Hemorrhoids Go Away During Pregnancy

Treatments for Hemorrhoids

Hemorrhoidal conditions are unique to the person experiencing them. Your hemorrhoids are your rectal veins becoming inflamed under abnormal pressureand for pregnant women, that means a growing uterus that is constricting the blood supply to the lower rectum.

Hemorrhoids come and go. Even as your baby grows, contributing to the weight place upon the veins and arteries, you can still experience some weeks with hemorrhoids, and others without hemorrhoids. It depends on what else you are doing to prevent and manage your symptoms.

It is common for hemorrhoids to become more frequent during the third trimester when there is peak pressure from the fetus on the lower rectal area.

Hemorrhoids are also extremely common during childbirth because of the immense amount of straining and pushing, which causes stress on the sensitive network of rectal veins, arteries, and blood vessels.

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What Treatments Can You Get From Your Doctor

Treating hemorrhoids involves a combination of reducing symptoms and preventing them from coming back. If your hemorrhoids dont respond to at-home treatments and the cause is constipation-related, your doctor may recommend taking laxatives or stool softeners, which make stool easier to pass.

When youre pregnant, its always best to get the go-ahead from your doctor before taking a medication, even if its available over-the-counter.

According to the journal , there havent been many studies about the safety of laxatives in pregnancy. However, because of the way many of the treatments work , doctors usually regard them as safe.

Examples include:

  • bulk-forming agents, such as bran and psyllium
  • stool softeners, such as docusate sodium

However, its important to be aware of the side effects of any medications you may take. For example, some of the medications can cause lots of fluid losses through your stool. As a result, you may need to up your water intake to prevent dehydration and electrolyte imbalances.

While there are surgical treatments for hemorrhoids, your doctor wont usually recommend any type of surgical approach while youre pregnant. Ideally, after you have your baby, your hemorrhoid symptoms should improve.

For most expectant moms, some at-home steps can help to reduce hemorrhoids and their symptoms. Some examples include:

Always check with your doctor before upping your exercise routine to ensure you can exercise safely during your pregnancy.

Why Am I Getting Hemorrhoids

During pregnancy, constipation is often a struggle and with constipation comes hemorrhoids. All of that straining and time on the toilet puts pressure on your poor rectum, which can affect blood flow in that region and cause swelling.

During the third trimester, you are at a greater risk for hemorrhoids. Awesome! Thats because starting around week 25, pressure from your growing uterus and increased blood flow to your pelvic region can cause veins in the rectal area to swell and itch.

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When Should You See Your Healthcare Provider

Consult your provider if preventive efforts and home treatments don’t help, or if you have severe pain or rectal bleeding. In some cases, you may need professional help shrink your hemorrhoids.

Also, always check with your provider before taking any medication for hemorrhoids while you’re pregnant. There are a lot of hemorrhoid relief products available. Keep in mind that most of these products should be used for no more than a week to avoid such side effects as skin irritation or thinning.

For many women, hemorrhoid symptoms resolve after delivery. If they persist, surgical treatment might be recommended.

How Are Hemorrhoids During Pregnancy Diagnosed

What to Avoid with Hemorrhoids | Risk Factors and Ways to Reduce Risk

Hemorrhoids during pregnancy are common enough that your healthcare provider will likely know that you have hemorrhoids by how you talk about your symptoms. To be sure, your provider may:

  • Your provider can usually spot external hemorrhoids.
  • Do a digital rectal exam. Your provider may insert a gloved finger inside your rectum to feel for any internal hemorrhoids.
  • Do an anoscopy or sigmoidoscopy. Both procedures are simple and quick. They allow your provider to see inside your rectum.

None of the options sound pleasant, but getting a hemorrhoids diagnosis is more uncomfortable than painful. And dont be embarrassed. This is a routine diagnosis for your provider.

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When To Call Your Doctor

Hemorrhoids occur commonly in pregnant women. Several easily available home remedies could prevent a journey of pain and discomfort if rightly practiced. It is important for an expecting mother to be aware of hemorrhoids symptoms to administer the right preventive measures and seek the appropriate treatment in time.


  • Hemorrhoids and Varicose Veins during Pregnancy.
  • Internal Vs External Hemorrhoids Aka Thrombosed Hemorrhoid

    Internal hemorrhoids develop inside the rectal area while external hemorrhoids develop outside, around the rectums opening. While internal hemorrhoids can go undetected with a little sensation, external hemorrhoids, also known as a thrombosed hemorrhoids, are more painful and inconvenient. Among its symptoms include:

    • Painful bowel movements

    According to Dr. Folch-Hayek, A thrombosed hemorrhoid is not dangerous to the baby, but it can be uncomfortable during pregnancy.

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    External Hemorrhoids In Pregnancy

    While cleaning the area is important, rubbing or excessive cleaning can make symptoms of external hemorrhoids worse.

    Symptoms from minor external hemorrhoids tend to ease within a few days.

    External hemorrhoids, and less often internal hemorrhoids, can become thrombosed. A thrombosed hemorrhoid occurs when a blood clot forms inside the hemorrhoid. This blocks blood flow, causing a sudden and severe swelling. The swelling is painful and often causes a lump that may be bluish in color.

    Thrombosed hemorrhoids tend not to respond well to topical treatment, but the pain and swelling usually peak at 48 hours and resolve after four days.

    Other Products To Treat Hemorrhoids During Pregnancy At Home

    What you need to know about hemorrhoid treatment during pregnancy ...

    Ointments and creams arent the only solutions for how to treat hemorrhoids during pregnancy. There are numerous other solutions on the market that can bring relief while youre pregnant. In fact, if you want to avoid medicated options, there are plenty available. Lets take a look at some of these products.

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    Be Active And Exercise Regularly

    The key to good health is being active and exercising on a regular basis. The same applies to pregnancy. Kegel exercises and muscle building exercises are extremely effective in providing relief from piles during pregnancy. However, please consult your physician before practising any form of physical exercise.

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    Why Are They More Common During Pregnancy

    Although hemorrhoids can appear at any time, most moms-to-be get them in the third trimester, starting around week 28.

    Hemorrhoids can also result from constipation since pregnancy hormones cause your bowels slow down. When stool is hard, the extra straining to eliminate it can put pressure on veins in your rectal area, causing them to become inflamed and bulge. “On top of that, higher progesterone levels cause the walls of the veins to relax and allow them to swell more easily,” says Dr. Harris.

    If you had hemorrhoids before pregnancy, you’re more likely to have them during pregnancy. They can also develop postpartum because of pushing during labor.

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    What Can I Do For Hemorrhoids During Pregnancy

    • Eat a high-fiber diet and drink plenty of liquids to help avoid constipation.
    • Keep your weight gain within the limits your ob-gyn suggests.
    • Get up and move around to take weight off the veins of your pelvic area. Sitting for a long time puts pressure on these veins.
    • Apply an ice pack or witch hazel pads to hemorrhoids. Witch hazel helps relieve pain and reduce swelling.
    • Try soaking in a warm tub a few times a day.

    Add Sweet Potato To Your Diet

    Hemorrhoids in Pregnancy & Postpartum! Heal them FAST! | Sarah Lavonne

    Sweet potato is known for its laxative properties. It is rich in fibre and low in fat and cholesterol ideal for pregnant women looking for ways to prevent piles.. If you are not a diabetic, eat some sweet potato daily, to get a good dose of Vitamin C and amino acids, both of which can aid digestion. Bear in mind though, that eating more than 100 grams a day may lead to bloating, obesity and increased levels of sugar in the body.

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    Will Haemorrhoids Continue After Ive Had My Baby

    In most cases, haemorrhoids go away after your baby is born. While regular treatment of haemorrhoids is encouraged during breastfeeding, it is especially important to drink plenty of water at this time to prevent constipation. If you find that your haemorrhoids do not get better even a short time after giving birth, speak to your doctor about further treatment.

    Dermoplast Spray For Hemorrhoids While Pregnant

    While pregnancy can cause hemorrhoids, and with hemorrhoids, comes sharp pain and discomfort, pregnant women are often in search of a medication they can use safely through their pregnancy.

    There is no immediate warning listed on the official Dermoplast advising that pregnant women should not use this product.

    However, if you want to use Dermoplast for your hemorrhoids and you are pregnant, you should ask your doctor before using this medicine.

    Many women have commented and reviewed Dermoplast products on online sites such as Amazon, indicating that this product was immensely helpful in assisting them in painful external hemorrhoids caused by pregnancy.

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    Why Should Pregnant Individuals Be Mindful Of Their Toilet Habits Too

    Toilet habits

    Certain activities, like sitting in the toilet for an extended time, can cause hemorrhoids as well. You may be inclined to play mobile games or read while using the toilet, and time can pass by. This simple activity can lead to congestion and increases the likelihood of hemorrhoids. For this reason, it is best to limit the time you spend inside the restroom.


    One of the most likely reasons for having hemorrhoids while pregnant is poor eating habits. Not consuming enough fiber and eating lots of carbohydrates may lead to developing hemorrhoids, just like non-pregnant people do. Milk and dairy products contain high amounts of calcium, which is one cause of constipation.

    To avoid this chain reaction, eat right and perform regular physical activities, even minor movements .

    Effects Of Hemorrhoid Cream During Pregnancy

    18 Hemorrhoid ideas

    Witch hazel Salve hemorrhoid cream is one of the best cream to use during pregnancy on your itching hemorrhoids. This natural hemorrhoid cream helps in soothing any type of rectal itching or irritation. As it contains olive oil and other natural extracts it can be bit greasy and you might stain on your cloths, but all this negative points can be ignored looking at the relief it gives in your hemorrhoid pain.

    You can apply this hemorrhoid cream during pregnancy twice i.e during night before going to bed and in the morning so that you can have itching free day.

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    What Are The Most Common Noninvasive Treatments

    Some people try to treat their hemorrhoid symptoms on their own, but pregnant women should always talk to their obstetrician or a hemorrhoid specialist before using any topical creams or other medicated treatments. We help women get the relief they need as quickly as possible by helping them put a plan in place to reduce inflammation, lessen pain, and allow for speedy healing.

    Morning Sickness Doesn’t Only Happen In The Morning

    I didn’t have any nausea during my first pregnancy, which I was happy to report since I have a really hard time vomiting. With my twin pregnancy, it was a different story. When I was about six weeks pregnant, nausea hit me like a wall of bricks and I couldn’t do anything. I was naive to think that morning sickness only happened in the morning, as the name implies, but it turns out that you can have nausea at all hours of the day. I was so miserable that I remember calling my husband crying from the bathroom floor telling him I just couldn’t do this anymore. My midwives quickly put me on nausea medication which alleviated my symptoms and allowed me to keep food down.

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    The Level Of Tiredness During The First Trimester Doesn’t Compare To Anything Else

    The first sign for all my pregnancies, including the one that ended in a miscarriage, was exhaustion. I’m someone who can fall asleep easily, but the level of tiredness I felt during those first initial weeks is indescribable.

    My eyes would start shutting by themselves, and it felt like an impossible task to stay awake.

    During my second pregnancy, I was working from home full-time, and I would sneak little cat naps here and there, which made me more productive because I wasn’t fighting to keep my eyes open.

    How Do You Know If You Have Hemorrhoids During Pregnancy

    Can External hemorrhoids go away on their own? Does treatment matter?

    There are a few telltale symptoms to look out for. Pain and itching are the two main things, which can be there all the time and worsen during bowel movements, Wood says. Sometimes you can see the hemorrhoids, which look like skin tags sticking out. You may also feel a lump or a mass, or even a general pressure in the rectal area. Pregnancy hemorrhoids also tend to bleed, so check for spotting when you wipe.

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    So Which Hemorrhoid Cream Is Safe During Pregnancy

    Which hemorrhoid cream is safe during pregnancy? We at Doctor Butlers use Lidocaine as the main pain relieving topical anesthetic in our hemorrhoid formulas because it is a low-risk category B drug. That means it is considered to have almost no negative effect on the fetus or mother, as there are no proven risks in humans and animal studies have failed to show any risk to the fetus. Medical consensus around topical Lidocaine use during pregnancy is mixed, generally advocating for use after the first trimester of pregnancy, as we explain below.

    Most tests of Lidocaine during pregnancy were not on hemorrhoids but on other uses of Lidocaine such as epidurals during labor and dental work during pregnancy. Topical application of Lidocaine for hemorrhoids is rarely discussed in the context of pregnancy. However, because hemorrhoids are a huge problem for pregnant women, more research into solutions is needed in the area. One 2019 study testing both topical and suppository based Lidocaine prescriptions explains that Lidocaine indeed helps reduce subjective hemorrhoid symptoms in women but insists that more studies should be done, and reaffirms the safety of the drug past the first trimester.

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