What Is The Best Pregnancy Test For Early Results

I Have Waited Longer Than 5 Minutes And Still There Are No Lines In The Result Window Is There Anything Wrong

The BEST Pregnancy Tests | Trying 11 Different Pregnancy Tests Early

There should be at least one pink line in the Result Window at 5 minutes. If not, the test is invalid. This could be due to insufficient urine on the Absorbent Tip, or not laying the test stick on a flat surface with the Result Window facing up. You should retest with another stick, carefully following all directions.

Best Biodegradable: Lia The Flushable Pregnancy Test

  • Biodegradable tests made from natural fibers
  • Is flushable and contains no plastic

Most pregnancy tests are made from plastic. And since each test is good for only one use, a lot of plastic ends up in landfills. Thats where the Lia Flushable Pregnancy Test comes in. These biodegradable tests are made from natural fibers.

In fact, they are the same fibers used in most toilet paper. While not as sensitive as some other tests, Lia can detect pregnancy when your hCG reaches 25 mIU/mL. The test degrades in about 10 weeks. And, these eco-friendly home pregnancy tests are made in the United States. But Lia is available only on the companys website.

Price: $13.99

  • Discreet and easy to store

When To Take A Pregnancy Test

Some early pregnancy tests can be taken five days before the expected day of your next period. However, even the most sensitive early test may give a false negative. Although there is some hCG in the urine, there is not enough for the test to pick up.

Think of it like this:

Imagine your urine is an Olympic size swimming pool full of water. Someone puts a few drops of food coloring in the pool, but you cant see it because your eyes are not sensitive enough to pick up on such a tiny amount.

Now imagine someone dumps 2,000 gallons of food coloring into the pool. Now there is enough color in the pool for you to see.

Pregnancy tests work the same way. If a home pregnancy test detects hCG in the urine, it will display positive if not, it will display negative. But there needs to be a high enough hCG level in your urine for the test to see it.

This is also why its best to take a test first thing in the morning. This is when the concentration of hCG in your urine is highest.

An early pregnancy test has to be performed with the first urine of the day. Its best to perform a test on the day of your missed period with your first pee, and this becomes less important until six weeks after your last period when you can detect hCG in urine at any time of day.

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What Does It Mean If I Get A Positive Result Followed By A Negative Result

“As many as 50 percent of positive early home pregnancy tests revert to negative when repeated a few days later,” Dr. Diaz says. This is known as a chemical pregnancy. Chemical pregnancies aren’t unusual, and while they can be extremely upsetting, they’re very common. They also don’t mean a person can’t eventually have a healthy pregnancy, according to Dr. Diaz.

If you get a positive result with a test that has a sensitivity of 25mIU/ml or higher, Dr. Diaz says, there’s a better chance the pregnancy will continue.

Best Strips: Pregmate Pregnancy Urine Test Strips

Best Pregnancy Tests
  • Each box contains 50 strips
  • Most affordable option for repeated testing

If you plan on testing a lot, you may want to skip the more expensive, plastic-encased pregnancy tests and opt for a pack of test strips instead. The Pregmate Pregnancy Urine Test Strips come in a box of 50, with each test sealed in an individual pouch, making it easy to grab and go if you need to test away from home.

Pregmate strips can detect hCG when it reaches 25 mIU/mL, which could be as soon as five days before a missed period. This is not a midstream pregnancy test. You will need to pee in a cup, dip the strip, and lay it flat for the test to work. If hCG is present in your urine, youll see two lines. Otherwise, the test will show one line indicating that it did not detect the pregnancy hormone.

Price: $15.95

  • Most affordable option for repeated testing
  • Each test strip costs $0.31

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How Do I Read Pregnancy Test Results

Always read the instruction insert that comes with the pregnancy tests you’ve purchased. With a line test, there will be a test line and a control line. The control line shows up to confirm the test is working. The test line only shows up when hCG is detected. Sometimes, these two lines are shown as two parallel lines. Other times, they may be two crossed lines.

And remember: Home pregnancy tests are qualitative. That means if the test line comes up at all even if it’s relatively faint you are currently pregnant.

Digital tests are somewhat easier to read in the sense that they’ll display the words “Pregnant” or “Not pregnant,” making interpretation simple.

When Should I See A Doctor For A Clinical Pregnancy Test

Most women who have a positive pregnancy test should wait a week or two before calling the Ob/Gyn office for a pregnancy blood test. We suggest waiting because the rate of early pregnancy loss is high, and its possible that it might have been a chemical pregnancy.

However, women with a history of ectopic pregnancy or current abdominal pain should call the doctor right away to be examined. Ectopic pregnancies implant outside of the uterus and produce hCG, resulting in positive pregnancy tests. However, these pregnancies can cause abdominal bleeding and prompt medical care is necessary. Women who have congenital heart defects or other chronic physical or mental health conditions should also see a doctor right away because treatment plans or medications might need to be altered to protect the woman and the fetus.

Advances in home pregnancy tests give women greater insight into whats going on in their bodies sooner than ever before. No matter what a womans childbearing plans might be, its essential to get quick, accurate results at home so she can plan her next steps accordingly.

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Our Pick: First Response Early Result

Similar to First Response Early Result, Clearblue Early Detection can detect pregnancy five days before an expected period 71% of the time . Unlike other Clearblue pregnancy tests, this wand test also uses pink lines rather than blue, which some people find easier to read.

Like other Clearblue tests, the Clearblue Early Detection test has a really wide absorbent tip that turns pink when it gets wet, so you can be sure you havent missed the target. The handle is thin, long, and easy to grip for midstream testing.

Clearblue tests helpfully list the accuracies relative to the day of an expected period, rather than the more confusing missed period.

What Do The Pregnancy Test Results Mean

ð¤°ð?¾ The BEST Early Detection Test On Amazon! Detect Your Pregnancy 7 Days Early!

Results may show up as a line, a color, or a symbol such as a “+” or “-” sign. Digital tests show the words “pregnant” or “not pregnant.” It’s important to know what a positive or negative result means.

If you get a positive result, youâre pregnant. This is true no matter how faint the line, color, or sign is. If you get a positive result, you may want to call your doctor to talk about what comes next.

In very rare cases, you can have a false-positive result. This means you’re not pregnant but the test says you are. You could have a false-positive result if you have blood or protein in your pee. Certain drugs, such as tranquilizers, anticonvulsants, hypnotics, and fertility drugs, could cause false-positive results.

If you get a negative result, youâre probably not pregnant. But you may be pregnant if:

  • The test is past its expiration date.
  • You took the test the wrong way.
  • You tested too soon.
  • Your pee is too diluted because you drank a lot of fluids right before the test.
  • Youâre taking certain medications, such as diuretics or antihistamines.

If you get a negative result, try retesting within about a week to double-check. Some home pregnancy tests suggest doing this no matter what your first results are.

If you take the test twice and get different results, call your doctor. A blood test is a good idea to confirm results.

If you have any other questions about the pregnancy test or the results, call your doctor or the telephone number listed with the test.

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Does It Matter If The Pregnancy Test Is Cheap

“It doesnt matter what brand or price point your test is, they will still be up to 99 per cent accurate when you use them as long as you use them correctly,” says Dr Cichi. “However, some cheaper pregnancy tests may not have as many features as the more expensive ones such as a better handle for convenient use and a shorter wait time.”

False Positive And Negative Results

When a test result is inaccurate, its either a false negative or a false positive . Several factors can cause false negative results:

  • Having too dilute urine after drinking a lot of water or testing later in the day.
  • Testing too soon when there has not been enough time for a fertilized egg to implant and start hCG production.
  • Using a pregnancy test that doesnt detect lower levels of hCG. You can check the package insert for more information about the level at which the test will be positive.

Sometimes an egg will implant briefly but will not be sustained. This is also called a chemical pregnancy hCG is produced, but the pregnancy doesnt continue. A test performed several days before an expected period can show a positive result, but the woman still gets her period soon or on time. Rarely, certain tumors can produce hCG, causing a pregnancy test to be positive even when a woman is not pregnant.

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The Sensitivity Of The Pregnancy Test

Different pregnancy tests have different sensitivities and that has an impact on how early can pregnancy be detected. The lower the sensitivity, the earlier a pregnancy test becomes positive. Sensitivities are indicated in mIU/mL, the lowest amount of hCG in the urine that tests positive. A sensitivity of 20 mIU/mL requires one-half the hCG level to be positive when compared with a 40 mIU/mL sensitivity level, and it may become positive several days earlier than the pregnancy test with a higher sensitivity. Make sure you read the package of the pregnancy test to determine your pregnancy tests sensitivity.

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How Early Can I Test If I Am Pregnant

The Best Pregnancy Test for Early Detection, First Response Early ...

The best time to carry out a pregnancy test and check whether you are pregnant is the first day after your missed period, or if you have an irregular cycle, from 21 days after you had unprotected sex.

Some brands such as First Response and Clearblue offer early testing, and can actually detect hCG in your urine before your period is due. Its important to remember, however, that the later you test, the more likely the hormone will be present, and if you test too early the results may be less accurate.

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How We Chose The Best Pregnancy Tests

With Dr. Roelands’ tips in mind, we scoured through recommendations from the millions of moms in the What to Expect community to find which pregnancy tests worked best for the largest number of people. We also made sure to pay attention to online reviews of each test to read about other users experiences.

Here are our picks for the best home pregnancy tests, including digital tests, early detection tests and more.

See registry advice and a custom baby gear checklist

Final Thoughts On The Best Pregnancy Tests

Though there are many options when it comes to narrowing what can rank as the best pregnancy tests, First Response and Clearblue tests have the most scientific backing and are likely to be accurate and easy to use. ClinicalGuard pregnancy test strips are a good affordable, buy-in-bulk option. You should also be careful to make sure that tests are sealed, not expired, and sold from a reputable source like a drug storenot a dollar store where it might be unclear how they store and handle items. Make sure to read the directions, be patient, and dont panic. If you do test positive, you should talk to an OB-GYN doctor or certified midwife, who can help you get the best possible care, no matter your plans for the pregnancy.

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Equate First Signal One Step Pregnancy Test

  • Each packages easy-to-follow directions are paired with helpful diagrams to take the stress out of the often complicated at-home testing process.
  • Women will even find a handy question and answer section to guide them once they receive their result.

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Test Accuracy And Sensitivity


Some researchers have estimated that 25 mIU/mL is the lowest amount of hCG a test must be able to measure in order to identify 99% of true positives on the day of an expected period or later. This measure of how frequently a test correctly identifies a positive or negative is a tests accuracy.

Accuracy changes depending on what day you use the test. A test that claims to be 99% accurate on the day of an expected period may claim just 50% accuracy a few days earlier. Pretty much every pregnancy test has a chart on the box or in the instructions outlining these numbers. You may notice that many tests display their claimed accuracies relative to the day of a missed period, which can be misleading. What this actually means is the day after your expected period.

All pregnancy tests detect whole hCG, which has an alpha and a beta region. As hCG degrades, other varieties appear in the urine, including the alpha and beta region on their own and a variant called the beta core fragment. Theres also hyperglycosylated hCG . Some research has suggested that detecting hCG-H could allow a pregnancy test to work earlier. But, Grenache explained, by the time hCG-H appears in urine, regular hCG is already present at measurable levels. Some tests detect several of these variants, but its not clear whether that makes them more sensitive.

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Best Pregnancy Test Strips

The Pregmate Pregnancy Test Strips are a great option if you’re on a budget and trying to conceive.

What we like: 100 tests in a pack, sensitive, results in five minutes

Pregnancy test strips are essentially the same as tests that come in plastic casing, minus the extra bulk. That makes tests like these ideal if you’re traveling, testing at work, or otherwise need a low-profile pregnancy test option. With a sensitivity of 25 mIU/mL, Pregmate’s test strips are still able to pick up hCG before your missed period.

Because you get so many tests in one package, you’ll be set for double-checking your results or testing across many cycles. In fact, if you’re just starting your TTC journey, this multipack can ensure you have enough tests to see you through many months of “trying.” Just dip the strip into collected urine for three to five seconds, then read the results in five minutes.

Q: Can You Be 5 Weeks Pregnant And Test Negative

Probably not. Interestingly, Ann Gronowski, a pathologist at the University of Washington in St. Louis, and her colleagues examined in a series of studies how some urine-based pregnancy tests used in healthcare and hospital settings can give false negative results five or more weeks into pregnancy. This is because of a flaw in some tests in which they fail to detect a degraded form of hCG, that becomes more prevalent in the body after five or six weeks of pregnancy. However, this likely isnt a concern with at-home tests. If you think you are pregnant but continuously test negative, you should talk to a healthcare provider.

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How Accurate Are Pregnancy Tests

Home pregnancy tests are about 99% accurate when used correctly. However, Lauren Demosthenes, M.D., OB-GYN and Senior Medical Director at Babyscripts, a virtual care platform for obstetrics, warns there can be variation between brands. Make sure that you read the package label so that you can see how accurate all of the tests are as you are browsing, she suggests.

Still, most store-bought pregnancy tests are just as accurate as a pregnancy test conducted at the doctors office. Its a common misconception that the urine pregnancy tests that we have in our offices are better than what you can get in a grocery store or from Amazon, says Jennifer Lincoln, M.D., author of Lets Talk About Down There: An OB-GYN Answers All Your Burning Questionswithout Making You Feel Embarrassed for Asking. They are all basically the same thing, but ours will cost you a lot more!

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