What Jobs Can I Do While Pregnant

Graphics Or Web Designer

Should I Change Jobs While Pregnant?

Are you searching for a creative job while youre pregnant? If you are able to work graphics programs like Photoshop, you may be able to sell graphics to website owners.

Or, if youre skilled with WordPress and other blogging platforms, consider developing unique blog themes and selling them on Etsy or your own webstore.

Graphics and web-designing is a growing career as more people are starting up their own websites and need design services.

It can be a lucrative business if your customers are happy and refer their friends to you! And, you can design completely on your own time.Read more: 11 Contest Sites for Designers

Discussing Pregnancy During A Job Interview

If you are happy to reveal your pregnancy, consider the situation from the employers perspective. Have an action plan in place to alleviate any potential concerns they may have e.g. you not returning to work after maternity leave.

If you feel comfortable in doing so, discuss going back to work after maternity leave, how you will make the transition and the potential for things like keep in touch days.

Remember, you dont need to let your pregnancy dominate the conversation. Keep things professional. Focus on your skills, experience and why youd be an asset to the company.

Understand The Concerns That Employers Commonly Have

As a recent job seeker, you may have encountered some of the following attitudes and objections already. Research has consistently shown that mothers and pregnant women tend to experience a significant amount of discrimination throughout the hiring process. A study in the American Journal of Sociology found that, when family status was disclosed, women without children received 2.1 times more callbacks and 1.8 times more hiring recommendations than mothers with equal qualifications.

The study cited similar research that showed mothers are perceived as less competent than women who don’t have children. Visibly pregnant women have been perceived by research participants as more emotional and irrational as well as less dependable, authoritative, and committed to their jobs.

So a lot of employers share similar concerns. They may worry that you’ll have to take too much time off for medical appointments or sick days. Or they may fear that you won’t have the energy or mental sharpness to stay productive throughout your pregnancy, especially during your final trimester. And, of course, they may not want to deal with the problem of trying to find a replacement for you if you quit the job or take an extended leave after giving birth.

That said, some employers have compassion for pregnant job seekers and realize the long-term benefits of hiring somebody qualified for the job. So be careful not to paint all employers with a broad brush. Some of them may pleasantly surprise you.

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Get Up And Move If You Do Desk Or Computer Work

On the flip side, too much sitting can decrease blood flow and pregnant women are more prone to blood clots. Thicker blood is our bodys natural defense against blood loss during delivery. Secondly, our growing uterus places additional pressure on the pelvic floor, decreasing blood flow to the legs.

Unless you are on absolute bed rest by your doctor, try to get up every hour and walk around for five minutes. Regular exercise while pregnant improves your overall health and decreases the risk of developing gestational diabetes and preeclampsia.

Some women worry about the effects of radiation from sitting in front of a screen all day. In the 1980s, certain studies suggested linking video display terminals and problem pregnancies.

The media picked up the story, and it persists today. But since that time, additional studies have been conducted on working in front of a computer screen and congenital disabilities and miscarriages. So far, there seems to be no relationship between the two. The level of radiation emitted from a computer is less than the level you receive from sunshine.

However, if you are still worried about radiation from your computer, you can take some steps to make yourself feel better.

  • Reduce the amount of time you spend in front of the screen when you are not actively using the computer.
  • Put a grounded electrically conductive filter over the screen.
  • Avoid additional screen time at home.

The Health Of You And Your Baby Come First

No, You Cant Demote a Pregnant Employee If You Think Her ...


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Sell Anything You Dont Need Or Love

If youre pregnant and need money super fast, sell anything you dont need or love. You would be surprised what people will pay for. Your clothes. Your purses. Holiday decorations. Your plasma. I made over $200 last month selling stuff on Facebook that I almost just donated.

In addition to Facebook Marketplace and local buy & sell groups, you can make money while pregnant selling stuff on:

  • ThredUP An online thrift store where you can downsize your clothes and make money in three easy steps
  • Sell your books, CDs, phones, LEGOs and more to make money fast by decluttering
  • eBay Learn how to profit thousands from the flipping furniture you have or can find for cheap.
  • Craigslist Check out these 5 tips for successful selling on Craigslist.
  • Amazon Start your own FBA business and sell on Amazon
  • Etsy Crafty? Create and sell digital or craft projects on Etsy.
  • Skillshare has training on how to use your skills and make a popular Etsy shop. Take this class completely free when you Start a risk-free TWO week trial of Skillshare.

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Be An Editor Or Proofreader

I have a close friend whos constantly asked by her husband to edit or proofread for him. From texts to emails and everything in between, shes the go-to proofreader for her family, and she couldnt be happier!

If you find pure joy over the proper use of commas, spelling, prepositional phrases and every other aspect of English grammar, working from home as an editor or proofreader is the way to go.

This work-at-home job is perfect for expecting mamas because of the flexibility and brevity of each project . The only time constraint here are the deadlines set by your clients .

Be mindful of how many clients you take on and ensure that the work is completed promptly. Aside from deadlines, becoming an editor or proofreader offers the type of flexibility most pregnant mamas need!

Below are a few places to get you started on your editing and proofreading work:

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How I Landed My Dream Job While 6 Months Pregnant

I was six months pregnant when I decided it was time to find a new job closer to home and to my family who could help with child care. I took the plunge and went on an interview. My experience reaffirmed my belief that pregnancy shouldn’t hinder your career.

I sat in the car trying not to throw up. I swished a piece of candy between my tongue and teeth . I glanced at the car clock, which reminded me that my job interview was starting in just a few minutes.

It was a freezing, mid-December day in New Jersey. I took off my warm, worn out boots and squeezed my swollen feet into a pair of flats. I pushed myself out of the car, adjusted my XL sweater and shirt combo, and waddled through the front door.

I was six months pregnant, and I was applying for a new job.

I couldn’t stop asking myself, What am I thinking? But I had no choice. I was commuting a grueling four hours on a bus every day from New Jersey to get to a demanding assistant role at a fast-paced media company in New York City. Not to mention I was also about to be a single mom? Getting pregnant was a big surprise for me, and not one my ex-boyfriend was ready for. Without financial support from my babys biological father or a ton of money saved up, I knew working closer to home and to family was the best move for my baby on the way.

Yoliyy Gamboa 22 Program Assistant At Austin Sunshine Camps A Nonprofit For Low


I got pregnant at 19, 2.5 years into college at the University of New Mexico in Albuquerque. I’d never had a sex ed class. Ever. I was born and raised in a rural little town called Hatch, New Mexico, and my family is Mexican and really traditional, so they didn’t believe in talking about safe sex either.

The only options I was seeing were to have my mom take care of my baby until I graduated or quit school, which I didn’t want to do. I was majoring in psychology and education and wanted to go into education, specifically intervention for lower-income communities like Hatch.

Everybody laughs at me when I say it, but I didn’t want to be another statistic. Coming from a rural community, a lot of girls would get pregnant and give up and go back to their families. I was thinking about my daughter. If I gave up college and she went through the same situation, she would be like, “Well, my mom gave up, why can’t I?” That’s what led me to say, “I have to make this work.” I had to find a job and pay for daycare or a babysitter to help watch my daughter while I finished school. My partner, Arik, had come out of the military and was working at a warehouse, but things were tight.

After my mom saw me take care of my child and finish school and work at the same time, she says she looks at other girls back in my hometown that are thinking about giving up and tells them, “Yoliyy did it. Why can’t you?”

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Tools For A Smooth Transition Into Working At Home While Pregnant

Now that youre pregnant you may find your tolerance level for uncomfortable situations is slowly dwindling. Knowing your own tolerance levels and prepping ahead of time will ensure that your surroundings are properly staged for work-at-home success while pregnant.

Below are a few of my personal favorite go-to items that are certain to help create a comfortable work environment while youre pregnant.

These tools are:

  • Exercise ball to sit on during breaks
  • Pillows to prop my feet when my ankles were the size of balloons
  • A stash of healthy snacks by my side
  • Water, water, and MORE waterhydration was supposed to be my BFF make sure its yours!
  • Finding the right desk and chair to sit in for short periods

Having just a few of the above items ready to go will help you to manage your time, , and keep you focused on your jobs at hand.

Now that youre prepped, youre ready to dive into that work-from-home journey.

Finding The Right Job As A Pregnant Woman

Depending on which trimester youre in, just finding a comfortable position to work in can be frustrating. Whatever type of work you do, comfort is key it lets you focus on the job at hand.

Get creative with finding the best position to work in. If sitting in a regular office chair doesnt let you get close enough to your desk to work, try using an exercise ball. It allows you to sit lower and helps you strengthen your core, which is great for everyone but can also help you prepare for delivery. If youre trying to work from the couch, embrace pillows. Use pillows to support your lower back and elbows, and put your laptop on a TV tray or rolling table. You can even use a breastfeeding pillow as a makeshift laptop support.

Most comfortable on the couch but dont have a laptop? Try hooking your computer up to your TV andmaking it a big-screen monitor. Then you can work from the couch with a wireless keyboard .

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Bookkeeping Or Accounting Clerk

In this office role, you may get the chance to work flexible or part-time hours when you need to. After all, most organizations have a lot of financial records to organize and keep track of. So it’s possible to find employers that provide job opportunities for pregnant women in this field who will work hard but need the freedom to take time off as necessary.

  • Median hourly pay: $19.82

Working In Health Care While Pregnant

Being pregnant at work

Working in the healthcare industry as a doctor, nurse, dentist, veterinarian, lab or diagnostic technician, etc., puts you in constant contact with germs and diseases. While this was a risk you took on when entering the career, now that you’re pregnant, you may needed assess your exposure to determine what is safe for you and your baby.

Exposure to certain toxic chemicals used for sterilization of equipment, anesthesia gases, radiation used for diagnostic and treatment purposes, and infections can be harmful to the fetus.

Take a look at what you are exposed to daily and talk to your doctor about any concerns. If you’re worried about the health of your baby, ask to be reassigned to a safer position or consider taking an early leave of absence.

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Question 5 What Are Some Red Flags That Might Mean Im Being Discriminated Against

Though pregnancy discrimination seems like something that shouldve gone out of style with shoulder pads and secretarial pools, it still happens. In fact, nearly 31,000 pregnancy discrimination charges were filed between the 2011 and 2015 fiscal years, according to National Partnership for Women and Families data.

There arent one-size-fits-all rules in placelaws depend on specifics, such as your location, your employers location, and company sizebut there are a few universal no-nos, Aliberti says. Whether youre pregnant or not, you should never be asked questions about your family or plans to start a family in an interview.

Even if it sounds like small talk, its not allowed, Aliberti cautions.

She also warns of discrimination that sounds like someones being nice. An employer cant decide that a job is wrong for you because they think you should stay off your feet, for example.

You get to decide what you can or cant do, Aliberti says.

If the conversation starts going to inappropriate places, be prepared to pivot back to more relevant topics. Durante suggests having a few canned statements up your sleeve:

As a pregnant job searcher, youre at a potentially overwhelming point in your personal and professional life all at the same time. Ultimately, youre your own best advocate as a pregnant woman.

Our firm tells people to educate themselves so they can advocate for themselves, Aliberti says. And then maybe treat yourself to a pair of pants that actually fit.

Earn By Testing Products

One more easy job that pregnant women can do easily is testing products. Market research companies help brands and products to be successful by conducting trials and tests before they are released in the market.

For this, they send products to users asking them to test and write a genuine review. This testing and reviewing process requires just a few minutes i.e. some 15 to 25 minutes. So try signing up for these market research companies and receive products to test and review.

Some of the best websites that pay for testing products are:

The best thing about these websites is apart from the money you earn for testing a product you also get to keep the product.

Dont underrate this offer because the products you get to test range from a simple shampoo to large and expensive products like gadgets, vacuum cleaners, etc.

You can also test websites before they are launched and earn $3 to $60 per test with several platforms.

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Web Designer Or Developer

Websites continue to get more sophisticated and complex in response to factors like security issues, online shopping trends, entertainment habits, and the use of mobile devices. As a result, professionals in this field continue to be needed by organizations of every type and size. And web development jobs frequently represent some of the best opportunities for pregnant women since they can be done at home or during customized work hours.

  • Median hourly pay: $35.46

The Unofficial Rules Of Job Hunting While Youre Pregnant

Landing a Job Pregnant
  • The Unofficial Rules of Job Hunting While Youre Pregnant

Hunting for a job can be a challenging task, especially in todays economic climate.

Combine that with a pregnancy and it might seem like the odds are stacked against you.

This is especially difficult when your pregnancy has started to show, giving your prospective employers a physical indication that your availability at work is about to change in a few months time.

Actually, the number one fear for pregnant women who are job hunting is that they will get passed over even if they are qualified for the position.

In the United States, over 75 million women are work force participants, with more than 66 million of them employed.

According to a study by the Center for American Progress, about three quarters of these women will carry a pregnancy at least once while they are employed, and a significant portion of them will be expectant while hunting for a job.

The need to search for a job while pregnant might arise due to factors such as company layoffs and the need for financial stability once the child is born.

While it might seem like the odds are stacked against you, a pregnancy should not deter you from searching for and getting your dream job.

For instance, Marissa Mayer was hired as CEO of Yahoo six months into her pregnancy.

However, it is good to acknowledge that there will probably be some bias by hiring managers against pregnant women.

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