What To Take For Congestion While Pregnant

No Such Thing As A Safe Medication List

Sinus Relief During Pregnancy | Relieving Nasal Congestion Druring Pregnancy

The Centers for Disease Control cautions that pregnant women seeking sinus relief should first consult their doctors, because many medicines in online âsafe medication listsâ could have unknown side effects on fetuses.The CDC states, âA conversation with a healthcare provider can help ensure that you are taking only what is necessary.â The trained professionals at the American Sinus Institute can work with a pregnant patient to find the minimal medication needed to provide sinus relief.

What Type Of Mucinex Is Safe During Pregnancy

The drug diamethorphan is used to treat children with attention deficit disorder. Over-the-counter cough medicine, dextromethorphan, is generally considered safe to use during pregnancy because of its mild side effects. Dr. says that this medication suppresses coughs by affecting the brains signals that trigger coughing.

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Chest Congestion While Pregnant

Chest congestion caused during pregnancy is normal and should not cause any harm to your growing fetus. While uncomfortable at times, congestion does not usually cause any other problems during pregnancy unless it’s associated with another illness. Using remedies to relieve the congestion may offer sufficient relief to make your congestion less irritating.

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Can I Take Dayquil While Pregnant

Medications to avoid during pregnancy

Decongestants like Sudafed and DayQuil are generally cautioned against after the first trimester and only in a limited amount. Avoid non-steroidal nasal sprays containing oxymetazoline. Dont take supplemental vitamins or herbal remedies without medical approval.

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What Are Some Other Natural Remedies You Can Use To Treat Pregnancy Congestion

Can I Take Allergy Medications While Pregnant?  Maryland State Doulas
  • Try nasal irrigation: Lets face it neti pots seem gross. But also, they can be magical creations that help your nose breathe freely. Seriously, pregnancy is already gross enough, why not give it a try. Just be sure to keep that baby super clean and only use filtered water in it.
  • Use saline drops: Saline drops are basically water and salt, so theyre totally pregnancy safe. You can even make your own solution by mixing 1 cup of warm water with 1/8 tsp salt and a tiny pinch of baking soda. Oh, salty, salty relief.
  • Get some nasal strips: As mentioned above, sleep is super important. Nasal strips might not be a turn-on for your bedmate, but they will help you breathe better at night.

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Common Cold Symptoms During Pregnancy

Generally, a cold will start with a sore or scratchy throat lasting about a day or two, followed by the gradual onset of other symptoms which may include:

  • A runny, then later stuffy nose
  • A dry cough, particularly as the cold is ending which may continue for a week or more after the other symptoms have mostly subsided
  • A low-grade fever typically under 100 degrees Fahrenheit

Cold symptoms usually last between 10 to 14 days. However, if your symptoms persist longer than that time frame or seem to progressively worsen, you should talk to your primary care physician so they can ensure it hasnt turned into something more serious like an infection or the flu.

What Can You Take For Congestion While Pregnant

I would call the doctors office but they are closed and I would love to be able to breathe tonight. My LO gave me a bad cold. Not covid though so that’s good!

I am dealing with this cold too! Ive been up two nights in a row bc I cant breathe! Im using a humidifier and I did a nasal rinse and it cleared up my right nostril! Hoping to get some sleep tonight.

My husband asked the pharmacist and they said saline nasal spray and a humidifier. But if you have a Neti pot it will definitely help.

I have been using Benadryl at night to help me sleep because my congestion is so bad! My OB gave me a list of safe medications during pregnancy and Claritin and Allegra were on there, but they dont seem to help much. My allergies are killing me!

A non medication option for congestion is Breathe Right nasal strips. I started using them this week since its hard for me to breathe when Im trying to sleep. I was a little skeptical but they totally worked!

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When Do Congestion And Nosebleeds Generally Start During Pregnancy

Nasal congestion is a classic sign of pregnancy so dont be surprised if you develop a case of stuffiness and even a few nosebleeds around week 16. In fact, stopped-up noses are so commonplace that congestion affected a whopping 65 percent of pregnant women enrolled in one study.

And if you think youll get a break from the dripping and blowing in a later trimester, thats usually not the case. Congestion during pregnancy tends to stick with you to the very end. Remember keep the tissues or a few hankies handy!

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How Can I Treat It

Is it normal to have nosebleeds and congestion during pregnancy?

Because you’re pregnant, there are fewer medicinal options. However, there are several at-home treatments that can help lessen the symptoms. Just don’t expect your nose to completely clear until after baby arrives.

BabyMed.com recommends the following:

Get your steam on: Take a hot shower or put a hot cloth over your nose to help ease the symptoms and reduce swelling. This is only a temporary solution but you will feel loads better while you’re doing it. Temporary relief is better than no relief!

Invest in a humidfier: Since you probably can’t take time off to take an unplanned vacation in a hot, humid place, buy a humidifier instead. Humidity is your friend, as it can help decrease the swelling of the nasal passages and help relieve the pressure in your nose.

And Baby Center recommends drinking lots of water, elevating your head when you go to sleep, and getting mild to moderate exercise.

If you want medical intervention, Whattoexpect.com says to ask your doctor for an antihistamine or decongestant nasal spray that’s safe for short-term use, and, obviously, safe for pregnant women and the baby. The site notes that saline sprays and nasal strips are considered safe, but talk to your doctor first before making a decision.

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No Drugs If You Caught A Cold Or Flu

You should keep in mind that the immunity of a pregnant woman is lower than of a woman who isn`t pregnant and the explanation is as it follows: The product of conception has genetic and structural components from both parents, the mother`s organism perceiving it as a foreign body and seeking to reject it. Here comes into play the physiological mechanism known as immunological tolerance, which lowers the immune response and makes it in such a way for the mother not to reject the pregnancy.

Consequently, the mother becomes much more vulnerable to infections, like colds or flu . Unfortunately, colds during pregnancy cannot be treated with drugs, but there are certain tricks that you can use to combat it and tips to prevent it.

What Can I Take For Pain

Regular and extra-strength Tylenol is a good option to help with any aches or pains you might have during pregnancy. Follow the dosage instructions on the bottle to make sure you are taking a safe amount. Other medications like Advil or Aleve can have negative side effects during pregnancy and should be avoided.

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How Long Does A Cold During Pregnancy Last

Cold symptoms generally last 10 to 14 days. And yes, sorry to say, you can get a brand new cold just as the last one is ending, so if it feels like you always have the sniffles, you may be right.

However, if your symptoms persist past 10 to 14 days, or seem to be getting progressively worse, let your practitioner know. He or she will want to make sure your never-ending cold isnt evolving into something more serious, like COVID-19 or the flu.

These Surprising Safer Alternatives May Be A Better Choice

Sinus infection while pregnant: Effects and safe treatment

Mothers-to-be get headaches and upset stomachs just like everyone else. So its not surprising that most pregnant women have used over-the-counter medications. In fact, some data suggest that, overall, women are actually more likely to use certain medicationsincluding cough and cold drugs and acetaminophen after they become pregnant.

Theres a misperception that if a drug is available over-the-counter, that its approved by the Food and Drug Administration, so it must be safe for everyone, including pregnant women, Allen Mitchell, M.D. professor of pediatrics and epidemiology at the Boston University School of Public Health and Medicine, said. Even doctors may think this is the case. But some OTC drugs have been shown to pose risks to the developing fetus at different stages of pregnancy.

To help you and your doctor make more informed choices about which medications to take, weve identified 10 common ingredients used in OTC drugs that are risky for pregnant women, as well as safer alternatives.

Even then, you should use alternatives judiciously, and only as advised by your health care provider. Experts refer to safer medications because for 98 percent of prescription and OTC drugs, there simply isnt enough data to say for sure that a drug is entirely safe to take during pregnancy. Due to ethical concerns, most FDA-approved medicines have not been tested in pregnant women.

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Medications To Avoid During Pregnancy

Always check with your doctor or OBGYN before taking any medications prescription, over-the-counter, or homeopathic particularly the following.

  • Pain relievers and fever reducers like aspirin, ibuprofen, and naproxen can cause pregnancy complications, particularly if taken during the third trimester.
  • Avoid non-steroidal nasal sprays containing oxymetazoline.
  • Dont take supplemental vitamins or herbal remedies without medical approval.

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What Can I Take For Nasal Congestion While Pregnant

Nasal congestion can be a common side-effect of pregnancy, but it can also be a sign that something is wrong with the babys airway. If your nose is congested, it might be a sign that your baby is not breathing well. Nasal congestion can also be caused by a lot of things, like allergies, exercise, smoke, or drinking too much water. But in general, you can take these things into account and see a doctor if your nose is congested more than twice a month.

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The Difference Between Pregnancy Rhinitis And A Cold Or The Flu

The difference between a cold and pregnancy rhinitis is both the symptoms and the length of time the symptoms are experienced. Pregnancy rhinitis lasts six weeks or longer, while a common cold usually only lasts a week. Additionally, the only symptom of pregnancy rhinitis is congestion. The flu has other symptoms, such as a fever and a sore throat.

Pregnancy Rhinitis: Relief For Ongoing Nasal Congestion Is Possible

How To Clear Blocked Nose During Pregnancy | Stuffy Nose In Pregnancy

If youre expecting a baby, you may be dealing with a stuffy nose that doesnt seem to go away. This hassle is called pregnancy rhinitis. The cause of this condition isnt really clear. However, it may be caused by hormonal changes.Having a history of allergies or asthma does not raise your risk of getting pregnancy rhinitis.

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Choosing The Best Cold Medicine For Pregnancy

Most cold medicines contain two or more drugs to treat several symptoms, making it more likely that they may contain a drug that isn’t safe during pregnancy. To be safe, read labels and choose an option with the least number of active ingredients. During pregnancy, it’s usually best to buy the specific medications you need individually rather than a multi-symptom medication.

Always talk to your healthcare provider before taking any medication when you’re expecting. That way you can be sure you’re choosing the safest option at the recommended dosage, and that it doesn’t interfere with any other medications or supplements you’re taking.

Learn more about which medications are safe during pregnancy.

BabyCenter’s editorial team is committed to providing the most helpful and trustworthy pregnancy and parenting information in the world. When creating and updating content, we rely on credible sources: respected health organizations, professional groups of doctors and other experts, and published studies in peer-reviewed journals. We believe you should always know the source of the information you’re seeing. Learn more about our editorial and medical review policies.

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What Can I Take For Congestion While Pregnant

Vomiting, nausea, fatigue, and heartburn are some of the symptoms you might expect to happen early in your pregnancy. But there is one pregnancy symptom which you might not have been told about called pregnancy congestion, also known as pregnancy rhinitis. This condition affects 18-24% of all pregnant women, and can occur anytime while pregnant. Did I tell you the best part? It tends to last for 6 or more weeks and most pregnant women find it ridiculously irritating during the second and third trimester. The good news is that pregnancy congestion goes away a few weeks after you give birth, usually within 2 weeks postpartum when your fluid levels return to normal. Don’t have time to read this incredible pregnancy blog? That’s okay, just listen to the podcast version Pregnancy Pukeology Podcast episode 53: Pregnancy Congestion.

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Safe Constipation Remedies During Pregnancy

  • Metamucil, Citracel, Fibercon, Benefiber
  • Stool softeners colace ,1 tablet 2-3 times a day, pericolace ,1 tablet 1-3 times a day
  • Laxatives such as Milk of Magnesia, Correctal, Fleets enema and Miralax
  • Imodium liquid or capsules for diarrhea
  • Psyllium, which is the basic ingredient in Konsyl and Metamucil

Symptoms Of Nasal Congestion During Pregnancy

Pseudoephedrine Hcl 30 Mg Safe During Pregnancy

If you have nasal congestion that lasts only a week or slightly longer, its likely due to a cold. You may experience the usual symptoms that come with nasal congestion, such as ear pain, fevers, headaches, facial pain, mild body aches, bad breath, and itchy eyes, mouth, throat, or nose. Because pregnancy weakens the immune system, colds are common for people who are expecting.

However, if symptoms of congestion last longer, it may be due to a condition called pregnancy rhinitis. Signs include sneezing, painful sinuses, ear fluid buildup, and general feelings of congestion. Some people with pregnancy rhinitis experience nosebleeds from constantly blowing and scratching their nose.

This common condition can last for six weeks or longer, and it usually goes away after delivery. Pregnancy rhinitis occurs in around 39 percent of all pregnancies.

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When The Sniffles Strike During Pregnancy: Cold Meds & Your Questions Answered

The kinds of questions that counselors receive at MotherToBaby over the phone or through live online chat are heavily affected by the season sunless tanner, sunscreen, allergy medications, and air travel questions in the Spring and Summer, and cold, flu remedy and flu vaccine quesions in the Fall and Winter. Thats not to say that cold and flu disappears come Spring, its just easier to spread viruses when friends and family spend more time indoors, sharing our cold and flu bugs with one another.

A caller the other day asked the same question most pregnant women ask when sniffles, coughing and feverish symptoms start to arise: Can the cold or flu hurt my baby? Moms, breathe easier because studies have not associated the cold and flu virus with an increased risk for miscarriage or birth defects. While there are viruses that have been associated with birth defects and or congenital infection, , the viruses that cause flu and cold, have not.

Now before you stop reading and move on to another subject to Google, you should take note of one hot topic: fever. Fever is a symptom of flu, and a high fever is associated with an increased risk for birth defects. Additionally, flu in pregnant women is associated with a higher risk for complications, and even death. We have a fact sheet on influenza that explains in greater detail the issues surrounding flu in pregnancy and the importance of the flu vaccine in preventing flu.

Fever management/body aches

Cough: medication options

How To Get Rid Of A Cough During Pregnancy

Have you ever been asked yourself how to get rid of a cough during pregnancy? Maybe not! But better be safe than sorry, right?

Some women know from personal experience that in the last years alternative therapies and natural treatments have gained more and more ground. A special moment in which they focus their attention towards them is pregnancy, because during this period they try to avoid classical treatments for fear of harming the baby. Cough drops might seem harmless at first, especially if they are made from plants, but it`s recommended not to take anything without the doctor`s approval.

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What Causes Sinusitis In Pregnancy

Both sinusitis AND rhinitis are caused by the bodys overproduction of oestrogen and the pregnancy hormone progesterone.

Progesterone dilates the nasal passages, causing them to swell and partially block the airways, while oestrogen affects mucus production.

Its also thought that the increased blood supply in your body affects the mucus membranes in your nose.

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