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I Was An Astrologer Here’s How It Really Works And Why I Had To Stop

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Customers marvelled at my psychic abilities but was that really what was going on when I told their fortune?

The man was agitated, with red-rimmed eyes and clammy skin.

Help me, he said. Im under a curse.

At first it was just flickering lights, he said. And then a figure, at the edge of his vision. Now something grabbed his fingers or stroked his arm. There was more and it was happening more frequently.

I saw a Catholic priest, said the man. But he couldnt help. Can you?

Yes, yes I could. I knew exactly what he needed to do.

I was a fortune teller. Every Sunday, I climbed the stairs of an old terrace house in Sydneys historic Rocks district, to sit in the attic and divine the future. I would read Tarot cards or interpret horoscopes.

As a teenager, Id devoured a book called Positive Magic. An instruction manual for witches, its central idea was that if you wanted something, and you had good intentions, you just told the universe and magic would happen. Although nothing I wanted actually arrived, one thing led to another and I taught myself to read Tarot cards. At the time I was a science student, and just considered it a fun game at parties.

That changed after I took my cards to my part-time job and read them for a colleague during the break. She picked the card for pregnancy, which we laughed about, because she wanted her tubes tied.

A week later she said, Guess what the doctor told me this morning?

She was pregnant, and I was officially psychic.

Can They Help You Talk To Your Baby

Sometimes, a psychic may be able to help you communicate with your child by connecting with its spirit. You dont need to be a psychic yourself to communicate with your baby. You just need to be open to the idea of communicating with a spirit.

While a medium can help you communicate with your intended childs spirit, there are also ways you can do so directly through:

  • Through a Birth Intuitive

How Can The Online Free Pregnant Test Tell You If You Could Be Pregnant

The quiz will provide some simple questions focusing on your pregnant symptoms and signs. You must answer truthfully so that it can give an exact conclusion for your inquiry am I pregnant?

Dont worry, the whole process is free and anonymous however, many websites also offer other free tools that help tracking your pregnancy, please create an account and start using the service.

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Integration Of Qualitative And Quantitative Analyses

In line with the quantitative analysis, and despite some inter-individual nuances, all themes and sub-themes identified were common to all fourteen interviews and did not enable differentiation between the two groups.

The description of women classified as pregnant or non-pregnant more often than would have occurred by chance is given in Table 5. Two levels of understanding could be highlighted by this analysis. The first level is that some clues in the interviews could have influenced the evaluators choices. Fluent speech, with numerous references to childhood was particularly observed in women identified as pregnant. In contrast, discourse full of professional concerns or material themes was observed in women identified as non-pregnant. This trend was obvious for the statistically significant women and was more subtle for women for whom there was a trend toward statistical significance . The second level of understanding is that the distinction between pregnant and non-pregnant women could have been confused by a psychological characteristic: their desire for a child. Indeed, it seems that P4, who was very often wrongly identified as non-pregnant, revealed that the current pregnancy was neither planned nor desired, whereas N2, who was often wrongly identified as pregnant, was questioning herself about her desire for children. Moreover, N7, often wrongly considered as pregnant, was planning to get married and to become a mother soon.

How Do I Prepare For A Fertility Reading

Pregnant Halloween Costume Fortune Teller and Crystal Ball

Choose a suitable communication method, prepare your questions in advance, and have realistic expectations. The communication method, such as video or chat, will largely depend on your schedule and comfort level. When choosing fertility questions, here are a few areas you can consider:

  • How to improve your chances of conception
  • How to approach issues and circumstances around infertility
  • How to retain equilibrium while dealing with fertility issues
  • What are the best times to conceive
  • What to do if you desperately want children but cant conceive

Fertility readings are not intended to tell you what you want to hear. The psychic may sometimes have bad news to share, so it is advisable to be prepared for it. Realize you cant control the complexity of a situation and that your fertility reader cant control their message.

For the highest quality reading possible, you should consider one of these best sites for fertility readings. Psychics on these sites are highly experienced in delivering sensitive news, and also offer a range of communication methods.

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Things To Consider Before Contacting A Pregnancy Psychic

Before making an appointment with a psychic, there are some things to take into consideration. It helps to know what to expect from a psychic who makes pregnancy predictions.

When you ask a psychic if you will get pregnant, they reach out to the spirit world to find answers to many of the questions that you might ask. So, if you want to know if youll have children, they can look to see if there are souls that are intending to be born to you.

Who Should Get a Fertility Psychic Reading

If youre frustrated like I was about not being able to conceive a child, then you should consider consulting a psychic via numerology. However, it is important to be open to the idea of the spirit realm as skepticism can make it more different for the psychic to do an accurate reading.

Before you contact a psychic, consider what you want to get out of the reading. They usually do not provide customers with exact dates and times, but they may communicate with angels, spirits, or see your intended children.

Who Should Not Get a Fertility Psychic Reading

If you do not have an open mind, you shouldnt seek a reading as you could accidentally block the psychic from getting accurate information. The best way to get accurate answers is to ask the right questions. Avoid questions, that are:

  • Passive questions that begin with Will I?
  • Doubt questions, which being with Should I?
  • Restrictive questions or who, what, when, where questions.

How Often Should You Get A Fertility Reading

I recommend getting a fertility reading every 3 to 6 months while conceiving. A fertility psychic can guide you and support your spiritual needs during the fertility process, which is constantly evolving.

Due to the recommended frequency of fertility readings, selecting an experienced fertility reader that provides affordable rates is strongly advised. By doing so, you can build a long-term relationship with your advisor at a reasonable price. The best sites for fertility readings offer introductory offers or cheap long-term rates.

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What Are Some Advantages And Disadvantages Of A Fertility Reading

A fertility readings main advantage is that it can guide and support you during your fertility journey, while the biggest con is that you might hear bad news. With the right guidance, you can learn how to improve your conception chances and implement strategies to deal with different outcomes.

Its crucial to mention that fertility readings are never intimidating. Your psychic should always deliver their messages empathetically, offering solutions and support during this vulnerable experience.

Pregnancy Tarot: Am I Pregnant Tarot Spread: Yes Or No

The Psychic’s Tragic Prediction

Do you want to know if you are pregnant or if you are going to get pregnant in the next few days? All you need to do is play the Pregnancy Tarot! Am I pregnant? With Tarot you will be able to find out!

Mind your question, choose 1 tarot card and see your answer immediately:

Before choosing a Tarot card you need to have faith. You need to trust Tarot cards and you need to be focused. Focus on your question and your pregnancy. Then you just need to click on one of the 4 cards in the deck. You need to trust the answers youll get.

After that, you can click on a card or the Random Tarot Card button. You will receive a YES or NO answer immediately. Believe in the response you will receive, as the Tarot is rarely wrong. If you want, you can play more than once.

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Select An Experienced Fertility Reader

Before getting carried away by the first person who pops up on the screen, read your psychics biography. Most of them share pertinent information about their background and overall experiences.

Keep in mind that not all fortune-tellers have experience with fertility. If the site youve picked offers the functionality to chat with them before the reading, ask for more detail on their experience with this topic.

How Do You Know If Youre Pregnant

While the only way to find out for sure is to visit your GP, this quiz will let you know the likelihood of pregnancy based on your current symptoms.

Can’t see the quiz?

If you are trying for a baby or think you might have conceived, you’ll probably be on the watch for pregnancy signs. Small changes in the way you feel both physically and emotionally can be detected as early as a week after conception and some women report ‘feeling pregnant’ long before their changing hormone levels are picked up on a test.

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Who Are Pregnancy Psychics

Psychics are of different designations as scientists also are.

Though in the past, psychics are basically tagged as just psychics, these days they have evolved in different specialties. This is a good thing as they have now given more priority to a specific field where they will practice their abilities and talent.

One of these specifics is the pregnancy psychic who is an individual who have learned, understand and mastered the art of reading and prediction making, as well as the science of pregnancy.

A pregnancy psychic at Kasamba usually practices by reading and prediction making on women who are hoping and expecting to bear babies. They may also use tools and questionnaires in the process.

Pregnancy psychics usually use tools in creating sound judgments.

These tools vary, from cards to palm reading and now, questionnaires. Here are some of the most commonly used tools of modern-day pregnancy psychics:

Where To Get Free Fortune Telling Online

Pin on Pregnant costume

Nowadays, its easy to find the free fortune telling service on the Internet. The seekers can meet a fortune teller online and ask him some questions like: I want to know my future or please predict my future.

This services main purpose is to help you make right decisions for your life path however, remember that youre the only person thats responsible for your future.

Of course, you will get much great guidance online.

No one can actually predict the future since its not set in stone, but the fortune teller has the ability to give advice regarding your future for FREE. How amazing!

Yet, its not easy to search for a trustworthy place providing free fortune telling online if youre not carefully, youll definitely fall into the psychic scams of fake psychics. Its a must to make a research before deciding to book a purchased reading.

You can take a look at top-rated spiritual communities, such as Oranum, California Psychics, KEEN, AskNow, Hollywood Psychics, etc. only legitimate diviners work at those places.

You are offered a chat box to start the conversation with your chosen fortune teller without costing money. Freely ask them any question about the issue you do want to get the answer including your pregnancy aspect.

Each fortune teller has a detailed profile containing their personal information, talent, customers reviews, etc.

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Keen Many Fertility Psychics To Choose From

  • Over 550 fortune-tellers to choose from
  • Satisfactory screening process
  • Readings via chat, video, or phone call
  • Blog featuring free fertility-related content
  • First 3 minutes free and a 100% money-back guarantee

Keen is a fantastic option with a lot of fertility readers to choose from. The site is home to over 550 life advice psychics that all offer pertinent advice on your fertility journey. Its advisors use a wide range of psychic reading tools such as crystals, pendulums, tarot cards, and more.

This site makes it easy to gauge how reliable its advisors are by offering detailed psychic profiles. On top of this, I liked that Keen has a helpful find a psychic tool to make it even easier to find the right reader.

Youll be able to connect with fortune-tellers via phone call, video, and chat. I also liked that you can request an appointment for a time slot that suits you best. I had no problem finding a suitable psychic, regardless of the time or day of the week.

In addition, Keen has a blog section featuring free fertility-related content and other helpful articles. Besides assisting me in understanding the reading process better, I gained a lot of valuable information about other interesting topics.

I had no reservations about choosing a psychic for a quick session because Keen Psychics offers a 100% money-back guarantee. As an added bonus, I also got my first 3 minutes free.

What Is A Medical Question

When speaking to a Tarot reader, it is vital to know the answer to this question. Any medical questions are the questions that would be answered by a physician. They have skills in this field to do this.

If you want to know if your pregnancy will be an easy one, if thebaby will be healthy, if you can get pregnant, these are questions that fallunder medical questions. They require testing to ensure a correct response bestleft to a doctor.

A non-medical question could be something like the following:

  • Do you think this point in time would bethe right time to try to get pregnant?
  • Do you think I will be pregnant by theend of the year?
  • Do you feel I will have a springbaby?

These questions and the answers to follow will satisfy the curious and heighten the experience.

Ive recently started working with an online psychic reading company and Ive received some great feedback. Id love it if you could try them out and let me know your experience. Receive a 5 Minute Reading For Free, click here!

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Get Your Free Pregnancy Tarot Reading

Pregnancy can be one of the greatest joys in life, and for most people, it is the scariest thing to undertake.

The Pregnancy Tarot does not substitute a real, medical or health assessment, but it can shed some light on the conditions surrounding a potential pregnancy, birth as well as the relationship between the parents, which can make life that much easier for Mom, Dad, and Baby. Whether this is your first or your tenth child, this reading can be immensely useful in helping to uncover what can be done on a proactive way to make the very best of the situation. This Free Tarot Reading can assist you in making some important .

Am I Pregnant Psychic Reading

[ROFL with gay couple] Alex fortune teller said KaiKai is pregnant with twins ð¤£

First and foremost is the pregnancy psychic reading!

In this process, the pregnancy psychic simply gets an impression of the client, the mother or the father or both, to make a reliable reading and prediction. Throughout the reading session, the psychic will get the most important information and details they need from the client where they will draw conclusions along with their very own reading.

Because all of these information and details are very important, it is a requirement that only the truth and nothing but the truth should be told to the psychic.

Besides, a great pregnancy psychic will easily notice if their client is not telling them the truth.

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Free Pregnancy Psychic Prediction: Pros And Cons

Well, having a baby is a life-changing event to many women. Not all expecting mothers find this important experience is easy to deal with in fact, lots of things surrounding pregnancy are sometimes stressful.

Especially those whove never had a child before may become anxious at the early stage of their pregnancy.

Fortunately, talking to a pregnancy psychic is a big help!

Gifted with extraordinary abilities, they are capable of assisting women in solving issues revolving around their pregnancy. A pregnant lady usually goes through a myriad of emotions however, keep in mind that you shouldnt let their predictions completely mystify or overwhelm you.

In this section, Im going to show you pros and cons of getting a free pregnancy psychic prediction using Tarot cards.

  • Gain accurate answers about your pregnancy, the connection with your baby, and the relationship with your partner
  • Ask any question related to pregnancy and childbirth
  • Gain insights and clarity into your current circumstance
  • Empower your spirituality and mentality so that you can cope with any challenge in life
  • Your reading will be done by professional Tarot experts only, plus receiving genuine advice
  • Know about the meaning of all the Tarot cards
  • Lots of free pregnancy Tarot readings available online
  • Freely read the reading transcript at any time as its saved in the chat system
  • Get a peace of mind

Guess what?

Below are a few tips for your first pregnancy Tarot prediction, additionally:

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