Can You Get Pregnant While Having An Iud

How Effective Is Paragard

What can I expect after having the mirena IUD removed?

No type of birth control is 100% effective, the only 100% effective method is abstinence . IUDs, such as Paragard, have one of the highest rates of effectiveness, at over 99%.

This is because once it is inserted, it protects from pregnancy 24 hours a day for every day of the year for up to 10 years. Once an IUD is in place, a woman does not have to remember to do anything else to ensure its effectiveness. Paragard will not protect against STDs, only condoms do this to a certain extent.

Con: Your Ob/gyn Specialist Must Insert It

You cant just buy an IUD at the drugstore. You need your OB/GYN specialist to put it in place, although it takes only a few minutes. In that regard, the procedure is similar to a getting a Pap smear.

You may experience some cramping right after insertion. Regular over-the-counter painkillers should be sufficient to offer you relief. If you have continued pain, have your OB/GYN specialist remove the IUD so you can choose another method of birth control.

Is The Iud Effective As A Birth Control Method

For many, the IUD is a great option for postpartum contraception. This birth control method is considered effective after pregnancy. During the first year of use, fewer than 1 in 100 people with an IUD become pregnant.

This contraceptive device is more effective than some other forms of contraception because it eliminates the opportunity for human error that exists with pills and condoms.

The hormonal IUD can cause spotting and irregular bleeding in the first three to six months of use. Other side effects include headaches, nausea, depression, and breast tenderness.

The copper IUD can increase menstrual pain and bleeding or cause bleeding between periods, usually in the first few months of use.

IUDs provide continuous protection for 3 to 10 years, depending on the type. Once its inserted, all you have to do is make a note of the date it was inserted and when it should be removed. Then you can go about your postpartum sexual life knowing that you are protected. If you decide to get pregnant again, schedule an appointment to have the IUD removed.

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In Rare Instances Its Also Possible For Your Body To Expel The Iud

This basically means it can fall out, leaving you unprotected against pregnancy. But dont get too nervous about this. Although theres not a ton of science on the subject, the available data indicate that this doesnt happen that often. According to the ACOG, expulsion happens in anywhere from 2 to 10 percent of all IUD users. This is most likely to take place soon after insertion, which is why that follow-up and checking your strings can be so important.

So Then How Did That Woman Get Pregnant With An Iud You’re Wondering

The Truth About Getting Pregnant When You Have an IUD

Let’s reiterate the fact that the chances of getting pregnant with an IUD are very, very, very slim. According to HHS, fewer than one out of every 100 women with an IUD will get pregnant while they have one.

If theyre inserted correctly, they are 99.9 percent effectivemore effective than a vasectomy, Dr. Ross explains. And the Center for Disease Control and Prevention backs Dr. Ross up, noting that IUDs are one of the most effective forms of birth control, with a failure rate of less than 1 percent for both non-hormonal and hormonal IUDs .

But can it happen? Yes. ” IUD may not have been inserted correctly or may have displaced itself after being inserted,” Dr. Ross says. Thats why Dr. Ross uses an ultrasound to help ensure an IUD is placed in the right location. Its also why docs recommend coming back in a month after insertion to make sure the IUD is in the right place in your uterus.

You can also check that its still in place every month after your period by feeling for the strings and watching out for any irregular bleeding or pelvic pain, which can be a sign its been displaced, Dr. Ross says. Feeling for your strings can sound like work, but its actually not too hard and thus allows IUDs to continue to boast being relatively low maintenance.

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What Happens If I Get Pregnant With An Iud

The intrauterine device is one of the most popular and reliable forms of reversible birth control on the market. Its a small T-shaped device made of either copper or hormone-embedded plastic that is inserted through the cervix into the uterine cavity and designed to prevent fertilization. There are two strings attached that a doctor, advanced practice nurse, or physician assistant can use to remove the IUD when it expires , when a patient chooses to become pregnant, or, in rare cases, when a complication develops.

About 10 percent of women choose this type of birth control because the risk of pregnancy is so low less than 1 percent per year. Many women have an IUD placed right after delivery so they go home from the hospital with an established birth control method.

However, no form of birth control is 100 percent effective. While rare, its possible to become pregnant while using an IUD. Such was the case for a patient I saw in the spring of 2018. She had an IUD, and when she took a home pregnancy test, it was positive. The patient came in for an ultrasound, and the reason for the IUD failure was obvious the IUD was sitting in the cervix, not higher up in the uterus where it could have been three times as effective at preventing pregnancy.

In the rare event that pregnancy occurs when an IUD is in place, there are risks to the patient and the pregnancy. Women need to seek care from an Ob/Gyn to reduce the risk of serious complications.

You Can’t Feel The Iud Strings

Your IUD is shaped like the letter T, with thin strings at the bottom that are used to ensure that it can be removed easily when you decide you do want to get pregnant. But it can also act as a guide to show you that itâs in its proper place. Now, if you canât feel the strings, that doesnât mean that your IUD has moved it could be that theyâve curled up, Self explained. But in cases whereyour IUD has undergone expulsion or perforation, you might not be protected against pregnancy, especially if youâve had sex. If youâre unsure if your IUD is still in place, you can schedule a sonogram with your ob/gyn, who can confirm its location â and if you might be pregnant.

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Who Can Use An Iud

Most people with a womb can use an IUD.

A GP or nurse will ask about your medical history to check if an IUD is suitable for you.

The IUD may not be suitable if you:

  • think you might be pregnant
  • have an untreated STI or a pelvic infection
  • have problems with your womb or cervix
  • have unexplained bleeding between periods or after sex

People who have had an ectopic pregnancy or who have an artificial heart valve must consult their GP or clinician before having an IUD fitted.

Can Exercise Dislodge An Iud

I Got Pregnant With An IUD

No, you dont have to worry about your workout messing with your IUD either. The experts assured us that exercise cant dislodge an IUD, since its located way up in your uterus. The cervix, which is the opening to the uterus, is completely closed unless its manually dilated by a doctor, explains Dr. De-Lin.

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Though It Rarely Ever Occurs People With Iuds Can Get Pregnant For A Few Reasons

The one thats really in your control: Keeping your IUD past its removal deadline.

You may be more likely to get pregnant if you dont remove your IUD per the manufacturer-approved timeline, Jessica Shepherd, M.D., a minimally-invasive gynecologist at Baylor University Medical Center at Dallas, tells SELF. How long is too long to keep your IUD past its deadline?

Whats interesting about this is that some research shows IUDs are actually effective past their manufacturer-approved expiration dates, but only in certain populations . For instance, a 2014 review in the journal Contraception found that Mirena was actually effective for up to seven years when its only recommended up to five, but these results were specifically in people who were at least 25 with children at the time of insertion. In that same demographic, Paragard was effective for up to 12 years . But, on the other hand, no evidence showed that Skyla was effective past its three-year deadline in any group of people.

Can You Get Pregnant With An Expired Iud

Its not advisable to leave the coil beyond expiry date as this could decrease its efficiency as a contraceptive, especially if it is a hormone releasing coil. Mr Raef Faris says.

This was unfortunately the situation that many people found themselves in earlier in the year with contraception shortages and then again during the first coronavirus lockdown, as coil and implant replacement was widely affected when the NHS closed their doors to non-essential appointments.

Luckily though, as The Faculty of Sexual and Reproductive Healthcare says, Some forms of long-acting reversible contraception are very likely to be effective for contraception for a year or more longer than is usually recommended.

They do add that the studies suggesting this are confirmed and a IUD thats due for removal could still be extremely effective, but the faculty have admitted that they need bigger studies to be sure that its equally effective during this period as during the licensed time. In all cases, IUD and IUS coils dont cause health problems if they remain inside your system until after the expiry date and as suggested, might even continue to offer some form of contraception.

As with all medical issues, if you have any concerns about an IUD or IUS then its best to contact a GP or local health practitioner who will be able to advise on specific cases.

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How Effective Are Iuds When Used As Birth Control

IUDs are one of the best birth control methods out there more than 99% effective. That means fewer than 1 out of 100 people who use an IUD will get pregnant each year.

IUDs are so effective because there’s no chance of making a mistake. You cant forget to take it , or use it incorrectly . And you’re protected from pregnancy 24/7 for 3 to 12 years, depending on which kind you get. Once your IUD is in place, you can pretty much forget about it until it expires. You can keep track of your insertion and removal date using our birth control app.

How To Prevent Your Birth Control From Failing

What Happens After You Get Your IUD Out?

The best way to make sure your birth control works is to pick the method thats right for you. For example, if you dont think youll be able to remember to take a pill every day, you’d be better off using a semi-permanent option, such as an IUD or implant. These also are the most effective options.

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The Truth About Getting Pregnant When You Have An Iud

Getting pregnant with an IUD is exactly how things arent supposed to go. After all, if you decide to get an IUD, the entire point is to have an incredibly reliable form of contraception that allows you to control whenif everyou get pregnant. But getting pregnant with an IUD can happen in some extremely rare occasions.

Track athlete Sarah Brown knows this firsthand. In July 2016, just four months after giving birth, Brown was training in hopes of making the U.S. Olympic track team for the 1,500 meter run. Brown didnt plan to be pregnant while training for the Olympics, but her copper IUD failedjust as she was running her best race times ever.

I went from crushing workouts to, all of a sudden, in the second interval of a workout, I thought I was running in sand. Racing wasnt fun anymore, Brown told New York magazines The Cut in 2016 when she was training. It was really frustrating because we had concentrated so hard on doing things right, and I didnt feel like I had overtrained. It was like, Why is this happening? Whats wrong with me?

Brown eventually took an at-home pregnancy test that was negative, but a few weeks later, she went to see her doctor who determined that Brown was, in fact, pregnant. Browns IUD was removed, and her daughter was born in March 2016.

So, how likely is it that getting pregnant with an IUD will happen to you the way it happened to Brown?

Can You Get Pregnant With An Iud


Whether you’re going on birth control for the very first time or are looking to switch up your contraception, you probably have a detailed checklist of features to consider before settling on the best one for your body. You should take into account how the contraceptive would fit into your lifestyle, how often you’ll need to use it, any potential side effects, and, perhaps most importantly, how effective it is at preventing pregnancy.

For some folks, an intrauterine device is as a strong contender, thanks to its set-it-and-forget-it style and long lifespan. But what are the chances of pregnancy with an IUD, exactly? Here, an ob-gyn breaks down what you need to know about IUDs and pregnancy, including the likelihood of conceiving while using the contraceptive and the main signs of pregnancy with an IUD.

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How Common Is It For An Iud To Fall Out

When we talk about an IUD falling out, there are actually two different events to be aware of: IUD expulsion and perforation. Fortunately, both of these situations are rare, but they can happen, so lets talk about them.

IUD expulsion refers to an IUD partially or fully coming out of the uterus. This could mean that its coming into your cervix or that it comes out completely. The rate of IUD expulsion ranges from 2% to 10%, depending on the type of IUD and a variety of other factors, according to the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists.

Uterine perforation refers to a hole being poked in the uterine wall , which could provide an escape route for your IUD. This is even rarer than IUD expulsion, happening in about 1 in 1,000 cases, according to ACOG. In some of these cases the IUD can become embedded in the uterine wall, but there are rare cases of IUDs migrating through a hole in the uterine wall into the pelvis, abdomen, or even the bowel.

Again, this is super rare, so try not to worry about your IUD falling out or sneakily wandering over to your colon. If you ever have reason to believe that your IUD isnt where it’s supposed to be, check in with your ob-gyn who can perform an exam and possibly an ultrasound.

How Do You Check Your Iud

How soon can I get pregnant after being on an IUD?

Your IUD has strings attached to it that will help you ensure it’s in the proper place. The strings are one to two inches from your cervix. With clean hands, place your finger into your vagina until you’ve found your cervix. Once you’ve found your cervix, move your finger around until you’ve feel your strings. Your doctor can also provide you with a tutorial during an exam. If the strings are too long, too short, or can’t be felt, your IUD is more than likely in the wrong place, and you should immediately contact your healthcare provider.

Image Source: POPSUGAR Photography / Paul Kabata

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How Well Does An Iud Work

Both types of IUDs are very effective at preventing pregnancy. Over the course of a year, fewer than 1 out of 100 typical couples using an IUD will have an accidental pregnancy.

The IUD is effective as soon as it is put in and it lasts a long time. A copper IUD can work for 10 years. Progestin IUDs can work for 3 to 5 years, depending on the brand. This makes the IUD a good option for women who are not ready to start a family. Even though an IUD can stay in place for a long time, the doctor or nurse practitioner can remove it at any time.

Iud Cramps: Bottom Line

Cramps are a common side effect of IUD usage, especially copper IUDs. In most cases, IUD cramps can be managed with appropriate pain medication and stop after a while. In rare cases, you may feel unusually severe cramps with an IUD, which is a sign you need to consult with your doctor.

An IUD also has a number of advantages:

  • Its one of the most effective contraceptive methods available today .
  • IUDs have a very good safety profile. They pose no major health risks, including cardiovascular risks and risks of venous blood clots.
  • Its a long-lasting method that provides 37 or up to 12 years of protection from unplanned pregnancy.
  • An IUD can be easily removed, after which you can get pregnant very soon.
  • A hormonal IUD can actually help your period cramps and make your periods less heavy.

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