Can You Go To Urgent Care For Pregnancy Test

Providing Your Medical History

Wade Buys a Pregnancy Test

A physician at WellCare Urgent Care Center will ask additional questions about your health and sexual activity. You should have an understanding of when you had your last menstrual cycle along when sexual intercourse has occurred to determine the due date of an infant. You should give up bad habits such as smoking cigarettes to ensure that the baby is healthy.

How Do Pregnancy Tests Work

The two types of tests, blood, and urine, both measure presence of human chorionic gonadotropin . This hormone starts being produced when a fertilized egg attaches to the wall of the uterus, and production rises quickly over the first few weeks of pregnancy. Blood tests given by a doctor are able to confirm pregnancy earlier than urine tests because they can detect lower levels of hCG. Home urine tests will typically work from the first day of a missed period if administered correctly, but some home tests are more sensitive to hCG levels than others.

When Should You See A Doctor

How soon do you need to see a doctor if youre pregnant? Even if a home pregnancy test confirms youre pregnant, you still need to make an appointment with an Ob/Gyn. The American Pregnancy Association recommends you make an appointment with your doctor for your first prenatal visit within eight weeks of your last menstrual period . Even if youve been pregnant before, every pregnancy and every baby is different. Thats why starting out with the best care, and following your doctors advice for prenatal care, including regular appointments, is critical to the health of both you and your baby.

If you just found out that youre pregnant, your first will help you and your Ob/Gyn discover things like:

  • Any potential hereditary, health-related, or age-related pregnancy risk factors
  • Your family health history
  • Your best schedule of prenatal care

After that, youll set up how often youll need to see your doctor and how to recognize any potential emergencies. The typical prenatal schedule of visits often looks like this:

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Why Its Important To Talk To A Doctor If Youre Pregnant

In addition to the routine prenatal care all pregnant women should follow, such as quitting smoking, abstaining from drinking alcohol, and taking folic acid supplements, an early appointment with a doctor is the best way to detect conditions that might put you or your baby at risk.

Some issues can be discussed over the phone, and others may require an in-person appointment. Here are a few of the conditions that may affect your pregnancy:

  • Prescription medications
  • Chronic health conditions

Even over-the-counter medications and supplements can cross the placenta and reach your baby. When you come to see us, we talk to you about the best diet and exercise routines for each stage of your pregnancy and help you and your baby enjoy the time together before the birth.

Typically, we schedule appointments with pregnant women once a month during the first trimester, twice a month during the second, and once a week during the final month. This schedule may change if you or your baby begin to experience any complications, which we identify and monitor throughout your journey.

If youre pregnant, think you might be, or are getting ready to be, you can trust us to come alongside you every step of the way, from the pregnancy test to the birth of your healthy baby. Call us today at 832-680-2273 or book an appointment online.

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Can I Go To Urgent Care For A Uti

Can You Go To Urgent Care For Pregnancy Test

Urinary tract infections can happen to any woman, pregnant or not. And they are not fun. However, during pregnancy, women are more prone to UTIsdue to the expansion of the bladder and urethra, as well as the concentration of urine. All of these things can encourage bacterial growth and lead to an infection.

Untreated, a urinary tract infection can cause serious health problems for both mom and baby. You should go to urgent care if you experience any of the following symptoms of a UTI, as outlined by the Centers for Disease Control :

  • Pain or burning while urinating
  • Frequent urination
  • Feeling the need to urinate despite having an empty bladder
  • Cloudy or bloody urine
  • Pressure or cramping in the groin or lower abdomen

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Reasons Not To Go To An Urgent Care Center

If your medical concern is life-threatening, go directly to the emergency room or a hospital to get the immediate, specialized care that you need. Urgent care should only be used for minor illnesses and injuries. Anything more serious than a broken bone or a fever should be treated by doctors in the emergency room.

We highly recommend telemedicine. This service allows you to take the appointment in the comfort of your own home and is covered by most insurance plans. Check out our comprehensive list of services or call us. Well be happy to answer any of your questions.

When Do Pregnancy Symptoms First Appear

Pregnancy symptoms are variable from person to person. Some women experience symptoms exceptionally early on in their pregnancy, while others dont experience them until later into their first trimester.

Some women may begin to experience symptoms as early as a few days after conception. Most women experience them a few weeks after a missed period. If you believe you are pregnant, then taking a pregnancy test is the best way to confirm it.

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What Kinds Of Fertility Treatment Are There

There are several kinds of fertility treatment. You, your partner and your provider can decide which treatment gives you the best chance of getting pregnant and having a healthy pregnancy. Common treatments include:

  • Surgery to repair parts of your or your partners reproductive system. For example, you may need surgery on your Fallopian tubes to help your eggs travel from your ovaries to your uterus.
  • Controlled ovarian hyperstimulation

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When Should I Go To A Pregnancy Testing Clinic

Teen Pregnancy – I’m Pregnant

You should go to a pregnancy testing clinic if you notice certain signs or issues related to pregnancy. For example, if your contraception failed, you should go to a clinic. If you missed your period, this is another sign. In fact, this is one of the first and most reliable signs of pregnancy. If you suspect youre pregnant, you can pay attention to your flow. Another early sign is a feeling thats similar to menstrual cramps.

Later on in pregnancy, some womens breasts feel tender and appear larger due to increased blood flow. Some women also feel exhaustion or nausea. In other cases, women have food aversions or have the need to urinate frequently.

If youve already taken a home pregnancy test and the results were positive, then you should still go to a clinic. You should go regardless of whether you want to proceed with the pregnancy.

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Urgent Care For Pregnancy Emergency: What To Do When Your Doctors Office Is Closed

The office is closed, but that wont stop the emergency. So, can you go to urgent care or the emergency room for your issues with your pregnancy? Yes, but in this case then, it is vital to know where to go next from here based upon your symptoms and their severity. One of the most common reasons pregnant women visit the ER or urgent care is due to vaginal bleeding. If this symptom is light and you experience no other symptoms alongside it, then light vaginal bleeding or spotting during early pregnancy is actually quite normal during the first trimester of pregnancy. If, however, you experience heavy or continual vaginal bleeding during any trimester and if the office is closed, you now have good reason then to head to the emergency room or urgent care. Note, however, that even if the office is opened, there may be instances where your usual OB/GYN may even advise you to head to the ER.

The symptoms to look out for while experiencing vaginal bleeding include but not limited to:

  • Low blood pressure

Urgent Care In Early Pregnancy

I started spotting today, no cramps, but I feel like I should get it checked out cause this is what happened when I had a miscarriage before. Its not major spotting, but it worries me. Im about 8/9 weeks.

If I go to urgent care, will they have a Doppler/sonogram machine, or would that depend on the facility? Id rather not go wait in the ER if I dont have to.


I doubt theyd have an ultrasound machine. You may just need to go to the ER, or call your doctor and see if they can squeeze you in first thing in the morning.

I would call dr. If I went to ER with my ins it would cost me 125 co pay. If I called dr, and he had me come into the labor unit to get checked out it wouldnt cost me

Quoting Becky Loves Lilly +1!: I started spotting today, no cramps, but I feel like I should get it checked out cause this is what happened a Doppler/sonogram machine, or would that depend on the facility? Id rather not go wait in the ER if I dont have to. Thanks

I dont think they do. I personally think your safest move is to go to the hospital

Quoting Rebekah Garden x3: I would call dr. If I went to ER with my ins it would cost me 125 co pay. If I called dr, and he had me come into the labor unit to get checked out it wouldnt cost me

L& D wont see you until 20 weeks.

Then I would personally just go to the ER.

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Where Can I Get A Pregnancy Test

You can buy a pregnancy test at your local pharmacy, drugstore, grocery store, and some convenience or dollar stores. Pregnancy tests are usually inexpensive they can cost as little as a dollar. Sometimes you can get a free pregnancy test at certain health centers.

You can also get a pregnancy test from your nurse or doctor, community clinic, or local Planned Parenthood Health Center. Most health centers use the same urine pregnancy tests that you can buy in stores. Sometimes they use a blood test to test for pregnancy, but thats usually only under special circumstances.

But be careful when looking for a reliable health center, because there are fake clinics out there called Crisis Pregnancy Centers. Crisis Pregnancy Centers give free pregnancy tests and claim to offer information and help. But theyre run by people who may not be medical professionals, and dont believe in giving you honest facts about pregnancy and all of your options. Crisis pregnancy centers are often located very close to Planned Parenthood health centers or other real medical centers, and have similar names they do this to confuse people and trick them into visiting their center instead.

Your nearest Planned Parenthood health center can help you find a safe place to get a pregnancy test in your area.

Pregnant Women And Urgent Care: What You Need To Know

Can You Go To Urgent Care For Pregnancy Test

In the United States, urgent care facilities are required to provide care for all patients, regardless of their insurance status or ability to pay. This includes pregnant women. Urgent care facilities are equipped to handle a variety of medical needs, including pregnancy-related care. Pregnant women may visit an urgent care facility for a variety of reasons, including but not limited to: seeking care for a sudden illness or injury needing a prescription refill needing a referral to a specialist needing a laboratory test needing an X-ray Pregnant women should always consult with their regular obstetrician/gynecologist before visiting an urgent care facility. OB/GYNs can provide guidance on what type of care is needed and can coordinate care with the urgent care facility.

For pregnant women in urgent care, there can be a lot of complication. It is critical to consider both the mother and the unborn child when conducting tests and treatments. Human chorionic gonadotropin is measured in pregnancy by two types of tests: intact, nicked, free, and hyperglycosylated versions. Monitoring hCG is a reasonable first step, but it should be done in conjunction with transvaginal ultrasound. In pregnancy, the influenza vaccine appears to be safe and recommended by any standard. Antiviral medications are safe to use during pregnancy, but ACOG recommends using an antiviral chemoprophylaxis after exposure. phenylephrine does not appear to be safe to use in pregnancy .

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Make Sure Youre Using A Fertility

The kind of lubricant you use during sex can actually make conception more difficult, so much so that the Food and Drug Administration now categorizes certain lubricants as fertility friendly.

This is because the ingredients in many lubricants, such as petroleum, silicone, parabens and glycerin, can harm sperm function. A lubricants pH can also have an effect.

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Where To Get A Pregnancy Test

Your FastMed Urgent Care professionals are available every day of the week, including holidays, to provide fast, reliable urine and blood testing for pregnancy. Our caring staff will help you get accurate results in a comfortable, supportive environment.

We open early and stay open late to serve you. No appointment is ever necessary, although you can check in online first, if preferred. With FastMed Urgent Care, youll get pregnancy test results provided by our knowledgeable experts, along with sound professional medical advice. And theres no long wait for a doctors appointment, either.

* The content presented on this page is not intended to diagnose health problems or take the place of professional medical care.

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Pregnancy Tests: How Accurate Are They

If you think you might be pregnant, the first thing youll probably do is head to the drugstore to buy a home pregnancy test. You might even buy several because whether you are trying to get pregnant or not, you want to be sure. And you may wonder, how accurate are those little pink lines that show up on the stick?

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What To Expect From Urgent Care For Womens Health

So you’re pregnant, now what?! OB/GYN Advice for a safe and healthy pregnancy

We understand the special bond and ease that women often have with their primary gynecologist and we strive to make your visit as comfortable and discreet as any visit to your OB-GYN. Our urgent care medical professionals will ask you questions to make sure they fully understand your situation, perform a physical examination and send samples for lab work if necessary.

At GoHealth Urgent Care, we can treat symptoms associated with several womens health issues, including:

  • Vaginal infections, such as yeast infections
  • Morning sickness

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Reduce Your Caffeine Intake

Research shows that consuming too much caffeine while you are trying to conceive can increase the risk of miscarriage. The research shows that this applies to both women and men. Too much caffeine in pregnancy has also been shown to be harmful to the developing baby.

If youre planning to conceive, you and your partner should consider limiting your caffeine intake to 200mg a day.

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What Is Urgent Care

Urgent care centers are exactly as the name implies: a place to receive urgent care for medical conditions that arent life threatening.Many do not require appointments, which allows for quick and convenient access when you need it most.

A lesser-known fact: every year in the United States, approximately 40% of people who visit an ER could have visited an urgent care center. Urgent care centers usually have shorter wait times and less expensive medical bills. In fact, the typical copay at urgent care is anywhere between $25 and $75 depending on your insurance provider.

Almost always, doctors treat patients directly. Some urgent care centers staff physician assistants or Nurse Practitioners to conduct medical exams and consult doctors on staff for treatment options.

At Physicians Medical Urgent Care in San Jose, California, Dr. Sveltlana Burkhead and Dr. Ines Munoz De Laborde provide comprehensive urgent care services. When you need to see a doctor, Physicians Medical Urgent Care is ready to help you.

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Should I Go To Urgent Care If I Think Im Having A Miscarriage

If you suspect you are pregnant, you should consult with your doctor, your local Planned Parenthood health center, or a hospital as soon as possible. If you are pregnant, your symptoms may last for a few hours or even a few days. cramps are particularly painful for some people, while others can only tolerate a few.

You must consider the symptoms that you are experiencing when making the decision whether to go to the emergency room or the obstetricians office. Bleeding or spotting, as well as dizziness and even discharge, are common symptoms during early pregnancy. It is critical that women keep track of their symptoms, especially if they appear to become more severe. There is a significant disparity between how frequently women miscarry and how frequently they report/ reveal their pregnancy loss, which is why it is so common. For those who experience severe bleeding, clotting, dizziness, or fainting, it is critical to seek immediate medical attention. Many women who suffer a miscarriage do not have to give up hope of re-starting their lives or carrying a healthy pregnancy.

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